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3 Surrounded by thy power I stand,

On every side I find thy hand:
O skill for human reach too high!

Too dazzling bright sor mortal eye! 4 From thy all-seeing Spirit, LORD,

What hiding-place does earth afford ?
O where can I thy influence shun,

Or whither from thy presence run? 5 If up to heaven I take my flight,

'T is there thou dwell'st enthroned in light;
If to the world unseen, my God,

There also hast thou thine abode.
6 If I the morning's wings could gain,

And fly beyond the western main;
E’en there, in earth's remotest land,

I still should find thy guiding hand. 7 Or, should I try to shun thy sight

Beneath the sable wings of night,
One glance from thee, one piercing ray,

Would kindle darkness into day. 8 The veil of night is no disguise,

No screen from thy all-searching eyes ;
Through midnight shades thou find'st thy way,

As in the blazing noon of day.
9 Thou know'st the texture of my heart,

Mv reins and every vital part:
I'll praise thee, from whose hands I came

A work of such a wondrous frame. 10 Let me acknowledge too, O God,

That since this maze of life I trod,
Thy thoughts of love to me surmount

The power of numbers to recount. 11 Far sooner could I reckon o'er

The sands upon the ocean's shore;
Each morn, revising what I've done,

I find th' account but new begun.
12 Search, try, O God, my thoughts and heart,

If mischief lurk in any part;
Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in thy perfect way.

PSALM 114. C. M.

From the cxli. Psalm of David.
I LORD, in thy sight, O let my prayer

Like morning incense rise;
My lifted hands accepted be

As ev’ning sacrifice.
2 From hasty language curb my tongue,

And let a constant guard
Still keep the portal of my lips

With wary silence barra.

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1 LORD, hear my prayer, and to my cry

Thy wonted audience lend;
In thy accustomed faith and truth

A gracious answer send.
2 Nor at thy strict tribunal bring

Thy servant to be tried ;
For in thy sight no living man

Can e'er be justified.
3 To thee my hands in humble prayer

I servently stretch out;
My soul for thy refreshment thirsts,

Like land oppress'd with drought. 4 Hear me with speed, my spirit fails;

Thy face no longer bide,
Lest I become forlorn, like them

That in the grave reside.
5 Thy kindness early let me hear,

Whose trust on thee depends;
Teach me the way where I should go,

My soul to thee ascends.
6 Do thou, O LORD, from all my foes.

Preserve and set me free; A safe retreat, a hiding place,

My soul implores from thee.
7 Thou art my God, thy righteous will

Instruct me to obey ;
Let thy good Spirit lead and keep

My soul in thy right way.
8 0, for the sake of thy great Name,

Revive my drooping heart;
For thy truth's sake, to me distress'd

Thy saving health impart.

PSALM 116. L. M.

From the cxliv. Psalın of David. 1 LORD, what's in man, that thou should'st love

Of him such tender care to take ? What in his offspring could thee move

Such great account of him to make ?

2 The life of man does quickly fade,

His thoughts but empty are and vain,
His days are like a flying shade,

Of whose short stay no signs remain. 3 To thee, almighty King of kings,

In new-made hymns my voice I 'll raise; And instruments of many strings

Shall help me to adore and praise.

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1 THEE I will bless, my God and King,

Thy endless praise proclaim; This tribute daily I will bring,

And ever bless thy Name.
2 Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great,

And highly to be praised;
Thy majesty, with boundless height,

Above our knowledge raised.
3 Renown'd for mighty acts, thy fame

To future time extends;
From age to age thy glorious Name

Successively descends.
4 Whilst I thy glory, and renown,

And wondrous works express,
The world with me thy might shall own,

And thy great power confess.
5 The praise that to thy love belongs

They shall with joy proclaim; Thy truth of all their grateful songs

Shall be the constant theme.
6 The Lord is good; fresh acts of grace

His pity still supplies ;
His anger moves with slowest pace,

His willing mercy flies.
7 Thy love through earth extends its fame,

To all thy works express'd; These show thy praise, whilst thy great Name

Is by thy servants bless'd.
8 They, with a glorious prospect fired,

Shall of thy kingdom speak;
And thy great power, by all admired,

Their lofty subject make.
9 God's mighty works of ancient date

Shall thus to all be known;
And thus his kingdom's glorious state
In all its splendor shown.

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1 The LORD does them support that fall,

And makes the prostrate rise;
For his kind aid all creatures call,

Who timely food supplies.
2 Whate'er their various wants require

With open hand he gives;
And so fulfils the just desire

Of every thing that lives.
3 How holy is the LORD, how just,

How righteous all his ways!
How nigh to him, who with firm trust

For his assistance prays!
4 He grants the full desires of those

Who him with fear adore;
And will their troubles soon compose,

When they his aid implore.
5 The Lord preserves all those with care

Whom grateful love employs;
But sinners, who his vengeance dare,

In justice he destroys.
6 My time to come, in praises spent,

Shall still advance his fame;
And all mankind, with one consent,

For ever bless his Name.

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1 GOD, my King, thy might confessing,

Ever will I bless thy Name;
Day by day thy throne addressing,

Still will I thy praise proclaim 2 Honor great our God befitteth;

Who his majesty can reach?
Age to age his works transmitteth,

Age to age his power shall teach. 3 They shall talk of all thy glory,

On thy might and greatness dwell,
Speak of thy dread acts the story,

And thy deeds of wonder tell.
4 Nor shall fail from mem'ry's treasure

Works by love and mercy wrought;
Works of love surpassing measure,

Works of mercy passing thought.

5 Full of kindness and compassion,

Slow to anger, vast in love,
God is good to all creation ;

All his works his goodness prove. 6 All thy works, O LORD, shall bless thee,

Thee shall all thy saints adore;
King supreme shall they confess thee,

And proclaim thy sov'reign power. 7 They thy might, all might excelling,

Shall to all mankind make known;
And the brightness of thy dwelling,

And the glories of thy throne. 8 Ever, God of endless praises,

Shall thy royal might remain;
Evermore thy brightness blazes,

Ever lasts thy righteous reign.
9 Them that fall the Lord protecteth,

He sustains the bow'd and bent;
Every eye from thee expecteth,

Fix'd on thee, its nourishment. 10 Thou to all, great God of nature,

Giv'st in season due their food;
Spread'st thy hand, and every creature

Satisfiest still with good. 11 God is just in all he doeth,

Kind is he in all his ways;
He his ready presence showeth,

When a faithful servant prays. 12 Who sincerely seek and fear him,

He to them their wish will give;
When they call, the Lord will hear them,

He will hear them, and relieve. 13 From Jehovah all who prize him

Shall his saving health enjoy ;
All the wicked, who despise him,

He will in their sin destroy. 14 Still, JEHOVAH, thee confessing,

Shall my tongue thy praise proclaim; And may all mankind with blessing Ever hail thy holy Name.

PSALM 119. C. M.

From the cxlvi. Psalm of David. 1 O PRAISE the LORD, and thou, my soul,

For ever bless his Name:
His wondrous love, while life shall last,

My constant praise shall claim. 2 On princes, on the sons of men,

Let none for aid rely;
They cannot help, they turn to dust,

And all their counsels die.

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