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The ruins of this city are now G. ; 60 N. J. In the vicinity is seen about 60 miles S. of Bag- the mount on which our Saviour dad.

delivered his memorable serBe-ræ'a, now Veria, t. Mac.; 48 mon. W. Thessalonica.

Cap-pa-do'ci-a, country, in the east Beth-ab'a-ra, t. Pal., on the east

part of A. M. side of the Jordan.

Ce'dron, or Kidron, rivulet, Jud. Beth'a-ny, t. Jud.; 2 E. J.

passing by J., and flowing into Be-thes'da, pool, north of the tem

the Dead sea. ple at J.

Cen'chre-a, s-p. Gr., a little distance Beth'le-hem, t. Jud.; 6 S. J. It is from Corinth, being the eastern

memorable on account of being port of that city, the birth-place of our Saviour. Charran, Ha'ran, or Char , It was styled Bethlehem of Ju- now Heren, t. Mesopotamia, 70 dah, or Bethlehem Eph'ra-ta, to miles from the Euphrates, 150 distinguish it from another Beth- ENE. Antioch. lehem in Zebulun, near Naza- Chi'os, now Scio, island in the reth. The country to the south Ægæan sea. of Bethlehem is called in the Cho-ra'zin, t. Pal., in Galilee, New Testament, the Hill-coun- at the north end of the lake of try of Judea.

G.; a little to the east of Ca. Beth'pha-ge, v. Jud. ; on the mount pernaum. of Olives; 2 E. J.

Ci-li'ci-a, country in the SE. Beth-sa'i-da, t. Galilee, on NW.

part of A. M. side of the lake of G. SW. of Clau'da, a little island on the S. Capernaum.

W. side of Crete. Bi-thyn'i-a, country, A. M., in the Cni'dus, now Crio, t. A. M.; in

NW. part, bordering on the SW. corner; 70 S. Ephesus. Euxine sea and the Propontis. Co-los'se, t. A. M. in Phrygia, on

the Meander, near Laodicea. C.

Coos, or Cos, now Stanchio,

island in the Ægæan sea. Cæs-a-rea, city and s-p. Pal., in Cor’inth, city, Gr. in the north

Samaria ; 25 N Joppa. This part of the Peloponnesus, on the was the seat of the Roman go- isthmus of Corinth; 46 WN vernours of Pal.

W. Athens. It was celebrated Coes-a-re'a Phi-lippi ; now Pa- for wealth, commerce, arts, and

neas, t. Pal., in Galilee; 24 E. magnificence. by S. Tyre. This town was Crete, now Candia, the largest of first called Laish, afterwards the Grecian islands, situated to Dan. It was situated on the the south of the Ægæan sea. north border of the land of Is- Cy'prus, a large and fertile island rael, as Beer sheba was on the in the eastern part of the Med. south. Hence the phrase, to Cy-re'ne, now Curen, city & s-p. express the limits of the coun- Africa, in Libya, on the Med. try, “From Dan to Beer-sheba.” Calva-ry, a hill on the NW. side

D. of J.; where our Lord was crucified.

Dal ma-nu'tha, t. Pal., on SE. Ca'na, t. Pal. in Galilee ; a few part of the lake of G. miles N. of Nazareth.

Dal-ma'ti-a, the southeyn part of Ca-per'na-um, t. Pal. in Galilee; Illyricum, on the east side of

on the north end of the lake of the Adriatic sea.

part of Gr.

Da-mas'cus, city, Syria, 50 miles, E-pi'rus, country in the NW.

from the Med., 120 NNE. J. It is one of the most ancient E-thi-o'pi-a, country, Africa, lying cities in the world, famous both S. of Egypt, now consisting of in sacred and profane history. Nubia, Abyssinia, &c. It is now populous and commer. Eu-phra'tes, one of the largest and cial.

most celebrated rivers of Asia. Dead Sea, Sea of Sodom, Salt Sea, It rises in the mountains of Ar

or Lake As-phal-ti'tes, salt lake, menia, and after a course of Pal., 70 miles long, and 10 or 15 1500 miles, flows into the Per. broad. It occupies the spot

sian gulf. where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are supposed to have

F. stood. The water is clear and limpid, but very salt and bitter, Fair Ha'vens, s-p. on the east and of greater specific gravity end of Crete. than that of any other lake that

is known. De-cap'o-lis, a district of country

in Pal. comprising ten cities, lying chiefly to the east of the Gad'a-ra, t. Pal., to the east of Jordan and the lake of G.

the lake of G. Deribe, t. A. M., in Lycaonia; Ga-la'ti-a, country, A. M., N. of 40 S. Iconium.

Galli-lee, the northern division of

Pal., divided into Upper and
Lower. Upper Galilee, the

northern part, was called GaliEgypt, country, in NE. part of Lee of the Gentiles.

Africa, watered by the Nile, and Garza, t. Pal., in the country of celebrated as the cradle of the the Philistines ; 44 SW. J. sciences.

Gennesareth, Lake of, or Sea of E'lam, an ancient name of Persia. Galilee, or Sea of Tiberias, Em'ma-us, t. Jud., 7 miles from J. lake, Pal.; 50 N. J. It is 17

Here our Saviour appeared to miles long, and 6 broad. It is his disciples after

a beautiful lake, surrounded by tion. There were two other finé scenery, and was much freplaces of the same name ; one quented by our Saviour and his 22 NW. of J.; the other near disciples. the south end of the lake of G. Ger-ge-senes', a people so called E'non, t. Pal., on W. side of the from Gergesa, a town situated Jordan, near Salim.

to the east of the lake of G. Eph'e-sus, city, A. M., capital of Geth-sem'a-ne, v. and garden on the province of Asia, on the the east side of J. between mt. Cayster ; 35 S. by E. Smyrna. It Olivet and the brook Cedron. was one of the most splendid Golgo-tha, a part of Calvary cities in the world, and had a ce- where our Saviour was cruci lebrated temple of Diana, which fied. was accounted one of the seven Go-morrah, one of the five cities wonders of the world.

which were situated on the E'phra-im, t. Pal. in the country plain of Sodom, and were de

belonging to the tribe of Ephra- stroyed by fire from heaven. im: 8 NĚ. J.

Greece, a country comprising the

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port of J.

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S. E. part of Europe and cele- and is chiefly noted for pilgrim-
brated for arts and sciences. age. It contains about 20,000
The Romans divided Gr. into inhabitants.
two parts, Mac., in the north, Jew'ry, another name for Jud.
comprehending Mac., Epirus, Joppa, now Jaffa, s-p. Jud. ; 34
and Thessaly; and Achaia in WNW. J. It is noted as the
the south, comprising Gr. Pro-
per, and the Peloponnesus. The Jor'dan, river, Pal., the only con-
Greeks established various colo- siderable one in the country.
nies in A. M., the inhabitants of It rises in Mt. Hermon, passes
which spoke the Greek language, through lakes Merom and G.
and were also called Greeks. and after a course of 150 miles,

flows into the Dead sea.-
The country beyond the Jor.

dan" comprised Peræa, BataHi-e-rap'o-lis, t. A. M., in Phry- nea, Trachonitis, Ituræa, Ga

gia, on the Mæander, near Co- laaditis, Gaulonitis, and Deca. losse.


Ju-de'a, the south part of Pal. I.

often applied to the whole

country I-co'ni-um, city, A. M., capital of

L. Lycaonia ; 150 WNW. Tarsus. I-du-ma'a, country, lying in the La-od-i-ce'a, now Eski-hissar, t.

north of Arabia, and south of A. M. in Phrygia ; 120 E. by S. Jud.

Smyrna. Il-lyr'i-cum, country, lying on the La-se'a, t. near the east end of

east side of the Adriatic sea, Crete. north of Epirus.

Lib'y-a, country, Africa, to the It'a-ly, country, Europe, com- west of Egypt.

prising a peninsula, in a form Ly-ca-o'ni-a, country, A. M., W. resembling that of a boot. of Cappadocia.

Lyc'i-a, country, A. M., near the S. J.

W. corner, on the Med.

Lyd'da, or Lod, or Diospolis, t. Jer'i-cho, city, Jud.; 5 miles W. of Jud.; 12 E. of Joppa.

the river Jordan, 17 ENE. J. Lys'tra, t. A. M.; 38 S. Iconium. It was noted for palm trees, and

M. was once a large city, but now à mean village.

Mac-e-do'ni-a, country, in the Je-ru'sa-lem, celebrated city of north of Gr. The Roman pro

Asia, capital of ancient Jud. and vince of Mac. included Mac. of modern Pal.; 34 ESE. Joppa. Proper, Epirus, and Thessaly. It is memorable for its ancient Mag'da-la, t. Pal., at the south temple, for the death and resur- end of the lake of G. rection of our Saviour, and for Me'di-a, country, Asia, lying N. its signal destruction by Titus, of Persia, and S. of the Caspian the Roman emperour. It was built on four hills, Zion, or Sion, Mel'i-ta, island, on which St. Paul Moriah, Acra, and Bezeta. The was shipwrecked, generally supaame Zion is often applied to posed to be Malta, S. of Sicily, the whole city. The modern but by some supposed to corres city is built on Mount Moriah, pond to Meleda, in the Adriatic.



Mes-o-po-ta'mi-a, country, Asia,, Paph-la-go'ni-a, country, A. M.,

between the rivers Euphrates bordering on the Euxine sea. and Tigris.

Pa'phos, t. Cyprus, at the west Mi-le'tus, city & s-p. A. M. ; 35 S.

end. Ephesus. "It was anciently fa- Parthi-a, country, Asia, E. of mous for its wealth and com- Media.

Pat'a-ra, s-p. A. M., in Lycia; Mi-le'tum, t. in Crete.

160 SE. Ephesus. Mit-y-le'ne, t. in Lesbos, an island Patmos, now Patino or Palmosa,

on the coast of A. M., NW. of small rocky island in the Ægæan Smyrna.

sea; 16 SW. Samos. A grotto My'ra, city, A. M. capital of Ly- in a rock, now converted into cia; 40 ÉNE. Patara.

a monastery, called the MonasMys'i-a, country comprehending tery of the Apocalypse, or of the N. W. part of A. M.

St. John, is pointed out as the

spot where that apostle wrote N.

the book of Revelation.

Per'ga, now Karahissan, city, Na'in, t. Galilee; 8 SE. Naza- A. M., capital of Pamphylia; reth.

90 $. W. Iconium. Naz'a-reth, t. Galilee ; 50 N. J. Per'ga-mus, now Pergamo, city,

It is memorable for having been A. M., in Mysia, on the Caicus; the residence of our Saviour for 50 N. Smyrna. It was once a about 30 years. It contains large city, the capital of a king2,000 or 3,000 inhabitants, and dom, and had a famous library. is frequently visited by pilgrims, It now contains about 5,000 who are conducted to many inhabitants.

places that are reputed holy. Per'si-a, great empire, Asia, east Ne-ap'o-lis, now Cavala, t. Mac., of the Tigris. SE. of Philippi.

Phoe-ni'ce, or Phoe-ni'cia, country Neph'tha-li,or Neph'tha-lim, Land in the north of Pal., on the Med., of, district, in the north part of containing the cities of Tyre Galilee.

and Sidon. Ni-cop'o-lis, now Prevesa, t. Epi- Phæ'nix, or Phe-ni'ce, t. in SW. rus; NW. of Actium.

part of Crete. Nin'e-veh, city and capital of As- Phil-a-del'phi-a, now Allah-Shehr,

syria, on the Tigris. In ancient city, A. M., in Lydia, on the times it was one of the largest Hermus; 65 E. Smyrna. It was cities in the world. Some re- once a large city; but now conmains of it are now seen on the tains only about 3,000 inhabiTigris, opposite to Mosul.


Phi-lip'pi, now Datos, city, Mac.; 0.

70 ENE. Thessalonica. It was

once a large city; now a mean Ol'ives, Mount of, or Olivet, mt. village.

Jud., to the east of J., from which Phryg'i-a, country, in the cenit was separated by the brook tral


of A. M. Cedron.

Pi-sid'i-a, country, A. M. S. of


Pon'tus, country, comprehending

the NE. part of A M., and Pam-phyl'i-a, country, A. M., bor- bordering on the Euxine sea. dering on the Med.

Ptole-ma'is, now Acre, s-p. Pal.

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24 S. Tyre. It is famous for its Ægæan sea, separated from siege by the Crusaders. It is A. M. by a narrow strait. now the principal port of Pal., Sa-mo-thra'ce, or Sa-mo-thra'ci-a, and contains about 10,000 in- now Samotraki, small island in habitants.

the north part of the Ægæan Pu-te'o-li, now Pozzuolo, t. Italy; sea. 6 W. Naples.

Sar'dis, now Sart, city, A. M. Rama, t. Jud., between Bethle- capital of Lydia, on the Pacto

hem and J.; also another a few lus; 30 ENE. Smyrna. It miles N. J.

was once a splendid city, but Red Sea, or Arabian Gulf, a gulf now a mean village.

about 1400 miles long, dividing Sa-rep'ta, or Sar' e-phath, now SarArabia from the opposite coast fend, city, Phænicia; 8 S. Sidon. of Africa.

Sa'ron, or Sha'ron, t. Samaria, to Rhe'gi-um, now Reggio, s-p. at the north of Lydda, and south

the southern point of Italy, on of Antipatris. the strait of Messina.

Sel-eu'ci-a, s-p. Syria; 12 W. An Rhodes, island near

the SW. tioch. corner of A. M. celebrated in She'ba, country, bordering on the ancient history for commerce, Red Sea, supposed by some to and for a colossal statue, which correspond to a part of Arabia. was reckoned one of the seven by others to a part of Abyssinia. wonders of the world.

Sidon, or Zi'don, now Saida, Rome, city, Italy, on the Tiber, s-p. Phænicia; 20 N. Tyre, 55

12 miles from the sea. It was W. Damascus. It was once a built on 7 hills, was the capital great commercial city, but is of the Roman empire, the mis- now reduced to a meanly built tress of the world, and the seat town, yet is the port of Damasof arts and arms. It has long cus, and has considerable trade. been the residence of the Pope, Sil'o-am, a fountain and tower and the seat of ecclesiastical near the walls of J. power. It contains St. Peter's Si'nai, mt. Arabia, in the midst of church, the most magnificent edi- a desert, between the two northfice in the world, and has many ern arms of the Red sea. It monuments of its ancient gran- is composed of red granite, in deur. Though greatly reduced, which steps have been cut, in it nevertheless contains about order to facilitate the ascent. 136,000 inhabitants.

Immediately to the west of SiSala-mis, t. on the SE. part of nai, is Mount Horeb, which is Cyprus.

a summit of the same range. Sa'lim, t. Samaria ; 40 N. by Si'on, or Zi'on, see J. E. J.

Smyr'na, city and s-p. A. M. in loSal-mo ne, a promontory near the nia, 35 N. by W. Ephesus. It was east end of Crete.

anciently large and powerful, Sa-ma'ri-a, the middle division of and is now the most populous

Pal., bounded N. by Galilee, E. and commercial city in A. M. by the Jordan, S. by Jud., and Sod'om, one of the cities which W. by the Med.

were destroyed by fire from Sa-ma'ri-a, now Sebaste, the capi- heaven, and which stood in the

tal of the kingdom of Israel, situation now occupied by the and of the province of Sama- Dead Sea. ria; 36 N. J.

Spain, a country in the SW. of Sa'mos, a fertile island in the Europe.

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