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New Works published by Wightman and Cramp,

24, PATERNOSTER Row. 1. A MEMOIR of Mrs. ANN JUDSON, Wife of the Rev. ADONIRAM JUDson, Missionary to Burmah; including an Account of the commencement and progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire. By JAMES D. KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. Price 5s. with a Portrait of Mrs. JUDSON, and a Map of the Burman Empire.

2. The NEW TESTAMENT, translated from the Original Greek. By G.Campbell, D.D.; P. Doddridge, and J. Macknight, D.D., to which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament. By P. Doddridge, D.D., aod an Original Preface, by the Rev. J. Gibb, of Banff. A new and corrected Edition. 12mo, bds. Price 6s.

3. MARCH's SABBATHS at HOME, or a Help to their right Improvement, founded on the 42nd and 43rd Psalms; in. tended for the ise of pious Person, when prevented froin attending the public worship of God. Third Edition, 8vo. boards. Price, 6s.

4. The HISTORY of the CRUSADES against the ALBIGENSÉS, in the Thirteenth Century. Translated from the Freach of J. C. L. Simonde de Sismondi. With an Introductory Essay by the Translator. 8vo. Price 8s.

“ Although the history of the unfortunate Albigenses has been ffrequently told, yet few writers have, we believe, bestowed so much industrious research upon it as the modern historian of France, and none have examined and canvassed it more thoroughly. We rejoice, therefore, that this great episode in the history of France has been presented to us in an English dress. The translator of the volume before us, who has executed his task in a very sa. tisfactory manner, has prefixed to it a well-written introduction.”-New Monthly Magazine.

5. The VISION of the HEAVENLY WORLD; to wbich is prefixed a Memoir of Mrs. Eliza Leslie, who died at Monghyr, Hindostan, April 8th, 1826. By Andrew Leslie. 12mo. boards. With a Portrait of Mrs. Eliza Leslie. Price 3s. Se. cond Edition; or on fine paper, with proof impressions of the Portrait. Price 4s. 6d.

The profits, if any, to be appropriated to the Baptist Mission Fund for Widows and Orphans.

“ If we may judge from our own feelings in its perusal, we should unhe. sitatingly say that it realizes all which its title promises. The Author is evidently possessed of a vigorous imagination, an acute judgment, and a feeling heart. We can cordially commend both the design and the execution of his work.”-New Baptist Miscellany.

6. SOUL PROSPERITY; or the Closet Companion. By John Dennant. 12mo, bds. new Edition, revised. Price 4s.

“We think the volume well adapted for general usefulness. The author bas compressed many important topics into a small compass; and we think his work cannot be read by any Christian without benefit, but that it is pe. cularly adapted to instruct and improve those who have neither time to read por the means to procure, larger treatises."'-Congregational Magazine.

2 Works published by Wightman & Cramp, 24, Paternoster Row

7. An ESSAY on the ATONEMENT. By the Rev. I. Mann, A.M. Second Edition. Just published, price 3s.

8. The DOCTRINE of ETERNAL REPROBATION DISPROVED. By JAMES HARGREAVES. Second Edition, enlarged. 12mo. boards. Price 3s.

“The principles of this volume are very scriptural, and the reasonings very sound and conclusive. Mr. H. is a good divine, and belongs to the best school. He is an advocate for free grace; bu he does not clog the doctrine with the perverse conceits of a barbarous and overstrained orthodoxy."Evangelical Magazine.

9. MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS, consisting of a Brief History of the Dissenters, Memoirs of Miss Ann Price, also of Daniel Cuxon, Caleb Vernon, and Charles Whitfield; and an Introductory Address on the Constitution of the Baptist Churches, now first collected into one vol. By the Rev. JOSEPH IVIMEY. 12mo, bds. Price 3s.

10. The DESOLATION of EYAM; the EMIGRANT, a Tale of the American Woods; and other Poems. By William and Mary Howitt, Authors of the Forest Minstrel, and other Poems. Foolscap 8vo. Price 8s. Second Edition.

“ We proceed with two or three specimens of the very pleasing and elegant poetry of this volume-take for our first, the spirited and delightful little Ode to Botany. The Two Voyagers, is a beautiful and pathetic story; Wordsworth could not have told it better."-Eclectic Review.

“This is a volume of Poetry such as Southey, Wordsworth, Campbell, and Moore would be proud to set their names to."- Particular Baptist.

11. PENGILLY'S SCRIPTURE GUIDE to BAPTISM, or a faithful Citation of every passage of the New Testament relating to this Ordinance, accompanied with explanatory Notes, and numerous extracts from eminent writers, to which is appended a short Examination of the Arguments commonly urged for Pædobaptism, and a brief Historical View of the Principles and Practice of the English Baptists, retraced from the Reformation to the Apostolic Age. Seventh Edition. Price Is. 6d.

12. The PROTESTANT VINDICATOR; or a Refutation of the Calumnies contained in Cobbett’s History of the Reformation ; including Remarks on the principal topics of the Popish Controversy. By ROBERT OXLAD. 12mo.bds. price4s.6d.

13. GRADATIONS in READING and SPELLING, upon an entirely new and original Plan, by which Dissyllables are rendered as easy as Monosyllables. In 3 Parts. By HENRY BUTTER. Third Edition. Price 1s. bound.

“Mr. Butter bas conferred no small favour upon the rising generation by the publication of this small bat excellent Spelling Book."-Baptist Mag.

14. The INTELLECTUAL ARITHMETIC, upon the Inductive Method of Instruction. With Plates. By a Teacher of Youth. Price 2s. bound.

“ The Intellectual Arithmetic is certainly an excellent method of teaching a most useful art."-Gentlemen's Magazine.

Printed by J. S.Hodson, Cross Street, Hatton Garden.

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THE great advantages arising from the catechetical method of instruc

tion are abundantly obvious in the present day, when it has been applied to almost every branch of learning; but in no case is it more evident than in its application to Religion, especially in Sunday-schools. Our Lord has taught us to "search the Scriptures," as the mine of eternal truth; and by no method can we so effectually extract the golden ore, as by the application of pertinent and practical questions to the most important parts of the Bible, and especially of the New Testament.

In this edition, our readers will find sundry italic letters prefixed to certain verses, the import and design of which will be found explained in the Key page at the end of the Tables. But the nature and design of these letters will be more fully understood by attending to the following illustration of some select passages to which they are prefixed. Thus, for instance, in the third chapter of Matthew, a small f preceding the first verse, directs our attention to certain Facts, from which such questions as the fol. lowing may be raised. Where did John Baptist begin his ministry? In the wilderness of Judea. What do you know of the wilderness of Judea? The pupil will be prepared to answer this question by consulting the 14th page of the Tables and the Maps. What was the object of John's ministry? To prepare the way for the Messiah's advent.

Before the 2nd verse d is inserted, which directs the attention to DUTY. On the Key page it is asked, What duty is here enjoined? Repentance. On whom? On all mankind. Can you repeat any other passage which will confirm this answer ? “ God now commandeth ALL MEN EVERY WHERE to repent.” Is it taught by precept, by example, or by inference ? Here John Baptist taught it by direct precept ; other ministers are bound to preach like him ; like all the prophets, apostles, and the Master himself. All their hearers are bound to obey these messages. Therefore precept and inference both teach this duty. How enforced? It was then enforced by the near approach of the Gospel dispensation, there called the kingdom of heaven. It may now be enforced by the reasonableness of the duty, its necessity, and the near approach of death and eternity. Here let the instructer enforce the subject on the consciences of the pupils. You have said that repentance is binding on ALL ; then it is binding on each one of you. Have you done your duty? We have seen that it is a reasonable duty; Are you not acting a most unreasonable part if you are neglecting it? It is a necessary duty; for," except ye repent, ye shall all likewise

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