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Christ's death and burial, Chap. 19 The intent of the scriptures, Ch. 13 Christ's resurrection 20 Paul's salutations

16 Christ appeareth to his disci.

21 The wisdom of God

Christ the foundation

2 Matthias chosen

1 Christians are God's temple 3 Peter's sermon

2 Distinctions are from God 4 The lame healed 3 The incestuous person

5 Peter and John imprisoned 4 Law forbid brethren

6 Annanias and Sapphira 5 Paul treateth of marriage Seven deacons chosen 6 Of meats offered to idols

8 Stephen stoned

7 Paul's zeal to gain converts 9 Philip plantenth the church in

Old examples

10 Samaria 8 Rules for divine worship

11 Saul's conversion

9 Spiritual gifts are diverse 12 Peter's vision 10 Charity commended

13 Peter's defence 11 Of strange tongues

14 Herod killeth James 12 Of Christ's resurrection

15 Paul preacheth at Antioch 13 Paul commendeth Timothy 16 Paul stoned


II. CORINTHIANS. Circumcision disputed

15 Consolation in trouble Timothy circumcised

16 Paul's success in preaching Paul persecuted 17 The excellency of the gospel .

3 Paul preacheth at Corinth 18 The christian's paradox Exorcists beaten

19 Paul assured of immortality Eutychus raised to life 20 Exhortations to purity

6 Paul goeth to Jerusalem 21 Godly sorrow profitable

7 Paul's defence 22 Liberality extolled

8 Paul imprisoned 23 Bounty praised

9 Paul accused before Felix 24 Paul's spiritual authority

10 Paul appealeth to Cæsar 25 Paul's godly boasting

11 Paul declareth his life and

Paul's wonderful revelations 12 conversion 26 Paul's charge

13 Paul shipwrecked


GALATIANS. A viper fasteneth on Paul's hand

1 Of their leaving the gospel


Peter reproved Paul greeteth the Romans

Justification by faith

1 Who are justified

Christ freeth us from the law.

2 Justification by faith

The liberty of the gospel Abraham's faith acceptable

Lenity recommended Sin and death came by Adam.


EPHESIANS. Dying to sin

Of election and adoption The law not sin 7 Christ our peace

2 Who are free from condemna- The hidden mystery tion

8 Exhortation to unity The calling of the Gentiles 9 Exhortation to love Paul's prayer for Israel

10 The christian armour All Israel are not cast off 11

PHILIPPIANS. Holiness and conformity to Paul's prayer to God God's will enjoined

12 Exhortation to humility Love the fulfilling of the law. 13 All loss for Christ How to use christian liberty 14]General exhortations



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Of faith and works

Chap 3 Christ's nature and office de- The truly wise scribed

Chap. 1 Against covetousress Exhortation to constancy

2 The trial of faith Household duties

I. PETER. Prayer recommended

Spiritual graces from God 1 I. THESSALONIANS.

Christ the corner stone History of their conversion

1 Duty of wives and husbands How the gospel was preached Of ceasing from sin to the Thessalonians

2 The duty of elders Paul s love in sending Timo

II. PETER. thy

3 Exhortation to duties Exhortation to godliness 4 False teachers foretold Description of Christ's coming.

Certainty of judgment


1 Comfort against persecution

I. JOHN. Of steadfastness in the truth .

Christ's 2

person described To avoid idleness

Christ our advocate

God's great love
Paul's charge to Timothy

Try the spirits

The three witnesses
Prayers made for all men

Of bishops and deacons
A poștacy foretold

An elect lady exhorted
Of widows and elders

III. JOHN. The gain of godliness

Gaius' piety commended

Paul's love to Timothy

Of constancy in the faith
Exhortation to Timothy


REVELATION. All scripture inspired 3 Of the coming of Christ

1 Qualification of ministers 4 Balaam's doctrine TITUS.

The key of David . Qualification for ministers 1 The vision of a throne

4 Christians' duty 2 The book with seven seals

5 Paul directs what to teach, and The seven seals opened

6 what not 3 The number of the sealed


Seven angels with trumpets Philemon's faith commended . 1 A star falleth from heaven

9 HEBREWS, The book eaten

10 Christ far above angels . 1 The two witnesses

11 Obedience due to Christ 2 The red dragon

12 Christ above Moses

3 Of the beast with seven heads The christian's rest

4 and ten horns Of Christ's priesthood

5 The harvest of the world The danger of apostacy 6 The seven angels with the seMelchisedek and Christ 7 ven last plagues

15 A new covenant

8 Of the vials of wrath The sacrifices of the law

9 The scarlet whore Christ's perfect sacrifice

10 The fall of Babylon The power of faith 11 The Lamb's marriage

19 Divers exhortations 12 The first resurrection

20 Obedience to spiritual rulers. 13 The heavenly Jerusalem deJAMES. scribed

91 Wisdom to be sought of God. '11 The tree of life


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KEY. What ANALOGIES between What INSTRUCTIONS are im. A

sensible and spiritual things may parted in this parable? or in this bere be traced?

metaphor? What is their pracWhat prophecy is here ACCOM

tical tendency? PLISHED? Where is it found? What KNOWLEDGE, or want How many years had it been k of knowledge of human nature is written?

here particularly manifested? What BLESSING is here sought; What statute, rite, service, or apor acknowledged; or promised?


pendage of the LEVITICAL How great! How durable? For DISPENSATION is here menwhom sought? By whom acknow- tioned? Why appointed ? ledged? To whom promised? On

What LOFTY FLIGHTS of dewhose account was this blessing

votional fervour?

What longpromised, or received ?


ings after intimate communion What trait of moral CHARAC- with God are here manifested ? TER is here given? Is it morally

What MIRACLE is here recordgood or evil? Does it belong to a

ed? By whom, and for what natural, or to a renewed state?


pose wrought? In whose name, What advantages or disadvan

and by whose authority? What tages attended it?

effect had it on the witnesses?
What DUTY is here enjoined?
On whom? Is it taught by pre-In { What is worthy of particular no-

tice in this NAME?
cept, by example, or by infer-
ence? How enforced?

What ORIENTAL or ancient
What DIFFICULTY attends the o

custom may here be learned ? or D exposition of this passage? How

what do you know of one which

will elucidate this passage?
can it be reconciled with some
other passages?

What PROHIBITION is here
What EVANGELICAL EX- directly or indirectly made? Why

is this deed, or word, or thought TATION, is here given?

forbidden ? What particular strain of ELO- What prophecy is here REQUENCE can you point out in

CORDED? Át what period of this paragraph?

time? Has it been fulfilled?

How? When?
What FACTS are here related?
Is any doctrine or duty connect-

What affecting SCENE is here ed with them?

exbibited? What feelings should f{What can you discover here that is

it produce? commendable or censurable in What SUBLIMITY of thought or deed, word, or motive? What ads of language is here? What invantages or evils attended ?

ference follows? What GEOGRAPHICAL infor- What doctrinal TRUTH is here mation is known of this country, inculcated? Is it directly or inprovince, city, or river, &c. ? t

directly taught? How'illustratWhat HEAVENLY DISPOSI- ed? How applied? What prach TION is here manifested?

tical influence should it have? What corresponding affections

What TYPE of Christ, or typidoes it demand?

cal transaction, can be distinctly What INSTITUTION or ordi- traced here?

was here appointed of God?

What UNJUSTIFIABLE acor was here recognized tion in a virtuous character? Or as previously appointed of him?"

what unusual excellence in one What was its nature and design? I and how was it to be observed ?

not pious, is here recorded ? Who were under obligations to

What VISION is here described? observe it? Is it still obligatory

To whom and why given? on any? Is there any connexion What wo is here denounced or or correspondence between this executed ? or warning given? and any other institution or ordi- What is its import? Against whom Dance ?

denounced, or to whom given? * Denotes the propriety of profound attention.

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