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1 Peter denieth Christ - Chap: # The genealogy of Christ, Chap. 1 Crucifixion of Christ

13 Christ's nativity

Resurrection of Christ

16 The preaching of John Baptist. 3

LUKE. Christ tempted 4 Christ's conception

1 Christ's sermon on the mount. 5 Christ's circumcision

2 Of alms and prayer

6 John's testimony of Christ 3 Rash judgment reproved 7 Christ tempted by Satan Christ's miracles

8( Miraculous draught of fishes Matthew called

9 The twelve apostles chosen The apostles sent forth. 10 Christ's testimony of John 1 John sendeth to Christ 11 Jairus' daughter raised

8 Blasphemy against the Holy How to attain eternal life Ghost

12 Seventy disciples sent out Parable of the sower 13 A dumb devil cast out

11 John Baptist beheaded

14 Covetousness to be avoided The scribes reproved 15 The crooked woman healed

15 The sign of Jonas 16 The great supper

14 The transfiguration of Christ. 17 The prodigal son

15 Christ teacheth humility 18 The unjust steward Christ healeth the sick 19 The power of faith

17 The labourers in the vineyard. 20 The importunate widow 18 The fig-tree cursed

21 Zaccheus called The marriage of the king's Parable of the vineyard

22 The widow's two mites The Pharisees exposed 23 Christ condemned The destruction of the temple Christ's death and burial foretold 24 Christ's resurrection

24 Parable of ten virgins


JOHN Judas betrayeth Christ 26 The divinity of Christ Christ crucified

27 Water turned into wine Christ's resurrection

28 Necessity of regeneration MARK.

The woman of Samaria Baptism of Christ .

1 The impotent man healed Matthew called

2 Five thousand fed The apostles chosen

3 Christ teacheth in the temple. Parable of the sower 4 Christ's doctrine justified

8 Christ healeth the bloody is- The blind healed

9 5 Christ the good shepherd 10 Christ walketh on the sea 6 Lazarus raised The Syrophenician woman

7 Christ foretelleth his death The multitude fed

8 Christ's humility Jesus transfigured

9 The Comforter promised Children brought to Christ 10 Christ the true vine The barren fig-tree

11 Christ warneth his disciples The widow and her two mites. 12 of their sufferings

16 The destruction of the temple

Christ's prayer

17 131 Jesus betrayed



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