Polymers From the Inside Out: An Introduction to Macromolecules

Wiley, 2001 M04 16 - 249 páginas
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An introduction to polymers and how they dominate our world
Polymer science is concerned with the structure, synthesis, physical properties, and utility of polymers. Polymers are macromolecular building blocks used to construct natural and man-made materials. Polymers from the Inside Out: An Introduction to Macromolecules provides an all-encompassing introduction to polymers and how they affect the world.

Offering a clear explanation of the unique properties exhibited by polymers, this book explores the detailed microstructures of polymers and their internal responses to stress and the environment. Polymers from the Inside Out appeals to a wide range of disciplines, including polymer, organic, materials, and physical chemistry, as well as textile science and engineering.

Chapters include:
* Physical properties unique to polymeric materials
* Step-growth and chain-growth polymerizations
* Microstructures of polymers
* Conformational characteristics of polymers developed with the rotational isomeric states model
* Solution and bulk properties of polymers
* Biopolymers
* Discussion questions appropriate for first- and second-semester polymer students at the end of every chapter
Polymers from the Inside Out is designed to facilitate either a one-semester or two-semester course on polymers and is an essential resource for the practicing scientist.

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ALAN E. TONELLI, PhD, is KoSa Professor of Science at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

MOHAN SRINIVASARAO, PhD, is Professor in the College of Textile & Fiber Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.

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