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That struck the foremost man of all this world,
But for supporting robbers, — shall we now
Contaminate our fingers with base bribes,
And sell the mighty space of our large honors,
For so much trash as may be grasped thus ?
I had rather be a dog, and bay the moon,
Than such a Roman."

3. Defiance. (Very abrupt' and loud,with long slides."

“I have returned, not as the right honorable member has said, to raise another stórm, — I have returned to protect that constitution, of which I was the parent and the founder, from the assassinàtion of such men as the honorable gentleman and his unworthy assòciates. They are corràpt — they are SEDÌTIOUS — and they, at this very mòment, are in a corSPIRACY against their coùntry! Here I stand for impeachment or trial! I dàre accusation! I DEFY the honorable gentle. man! I defy the GÒVERNMENT! I defy their whole PHALANX! Let them come fòrth! I tell the ministers I will neither give thém quarter, por tàke it!”

4. Indignation.

“Who is the man, that, in addition to the disgraces and mischiefs of the war, has dared to authorize and associate to our arms the tomahawk and scalping-knife of the savage ?to call into civilized alliance the wild and inhuman inhabitant of the woods ? - to delegate to the merciless Indian the defence of disputed rights, and to wage the horrors of his barbarous war against our brethren ? My lords, we are called upon as members of this house, as men, as Christian men, to protest against such horrible barbarity.”

SMOOTH STRESS. All pleasant and good ideas demand force, free from all abruptness.

smooth stress' OF

In joyous' pieces, when the time is fast, the stress must be given with a lively, SPRINGING suell of the voice, which throws the force smoothly on the middle of the sound. Hence it is called the 'median' stress.

Animated and joyous' examples for smooth stress.

- “His cares flew away,
And visions of hàppiness dànced o'er his mind.

“ He dreamed of his hòme, of his dear nàtive bowers,

And pleasures that waited on life's merry mòrn; While memory each scene gayly covered with flowers,

And restòred every róse, but secréted its thòrn."

In the following example of noble,' manly joy, the happy median stress swells with the same smooth, springing force as above, but with more fulness and longer quantity and pauses.

it, I see, belgive you

This antil, glowing

2. “Fellow Citizens, — I congratulate you, - I give you joy, on the return of this anniversary. I see, before and around me, a mass of faces, glowing with cheerfulness and patriotic pride. This anniversary animates and gladdens and unites all American hearts. Every man's heart swells within him, — every man's port and bearing becomes somewhat more proud and lofty, as he remembers that seventy-five years have rolled away, and that the great inheritance of liberty is still his; his, undiminished and unimpaired; his, in all its original glory ; his to enjoy, his to protect, and his to transmit to future generations.'

· Subdued' example for gentle but happy median or smooth stress.

“At last, Malibran came; and the child sat with his glance riveted upon her glorious face. Could he believe that the grand lady, all blazing with jewels, and whom every body seemed to worship, would really sing his little song? Breathless he waited;— the band, the whole band, struck up a little plaintive melody. He knew it, and clapped his hands for joy.

“And oh ! how she sung it! It was so simple, so mournful, so soul-subduing; — many a bright eye dimmed with tears; and naught could be heard but the touching words of that little song, — oh! so touching !

“ Little Pierre walked home as if he were moving on the air. What cared he for money now? The greatest singer in all Europe had sung his little song, and thousands had wept at his grief.

“ Thus she, who was the idol of England's nobility, went about doing good. And in her early, happy death, when the grave-damps gathered over her brow, and her eyes grew dim, he who stood by her bed, his bright face clothed in the mourning of sighs and tears, and smoothed her pillow, and lightened her last moments by his undying affection, was the little Pierre of former days, — now rich, accomplished, and the most talented composer of his day.”

Noble' example smooth stress.

for prolonged, full-swelling median or

“ We must forget all feelings save the one ;

We must behold no object save our country; -
And only look on death as beautiful,
So that the sacrifice ascend to Heaven,
And draw down freedom on her evermore.
• But if we fail ?' They never fail, who die
In a great cause! The block may soak their gore;
Their heads may sodden in the sun ; their limbs
Be strung to city gates and castle walls ; —
But still their spirit walks abroad. Though years
Elapse, and others share as dark a doom,
They but augment the deep and sweeping thoughts
Which overpower all others, and conduct
The world, at last, to freedom !”

Examples for the longest quantity' and fullest swell' of the median or smooth stress.

“O liberty ! O sound once delightful to every Roman ear! O sacred privilege of Roman citizenship ! once sacred, — now trampled on!”

“ Ye crags and peaks, I'm with you once again !

O sacred forms, how proud you look !
How high you lift your heads into the sky !
How huge you are ! how mighty and how free!

How high you now proud you you once again !

Ye guards of liberty, I'm with you once again.”

“ The land that bore you – 01
Do honor to her! Let her glory in
Your breeding."

6. These are Thy glorious works, Parent of Good.

Almighty! Thine this universal frame,
Thus wondrous fair! Thyself how wondrous, then !”

Example for noble' but happy.median stress.' “ The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

“ He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.”

Quality of voice is ' pure' or 'impure.'
It is pure' when all the breath uscd is vocalized.

It is impure' or aspirated when only a part of the breath is vocalized.

PRINCIPLE. Pure quality' should be used to express all pure. ideas ; that is, all good and agreeable ideas.

Impure quality,' or aspirated, should be used to express all impure ideas ; that is, all bad or disagreeable ideas.

Examples of impure quality.'

Painful earnestness or anxiety demands this • aspirated quality' with · abrupt stress.'

1. “Take care! your very life is endangered I” 2. “Oh! ’t was a fearsome sight! Ah me!

A dced to shudder at, — not to see.”

3. “While thronged the citizens with terror dumb, Or whispering with white lips, “ The foe! they come,

they come !4. “ He springs from his hammock, he flies to the deck,

Amazement confronts him with images dire, —
Wild winds and mad waves drive the vessel a wreck:

The masts fly in splinters, the shrouds are on fire !

“Like mountains the billows tremendously swell:

In vain the lost wretch calls on mercy to save; · Unseen hands of spirits are ringing his knell, And the death-angel flaps his broad wing o'er the


Extreme aspiration should mark the fear and horror in the following words of Macbeth.

I'll go no more: I am afraid to think what I have done ; !

Look on 't again I dare not.” Strong aspiration and abrupt stress.'

6. “I am astonished, shocked, to hear such principles confessed, — to hear them avowed in this house, or in this country; - principles equally unconstitutional, inhuman, and unchristian!”

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