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the star; and some came out from the long rows in which they stood, and fell upon the people's necks, and kissed them tenderly, and went away with them down avenues of light, and were so happy in their company, that, lying in his bed, he wept for joy.

8. But there were many angels who did not go with them, and among them one he knew. The patient face that once had lain upon the bed was glorified' and radiant ®; but his heart found out his sister among all the host.

9. His sister's angel lingered near the entrance of the star, and said to the leader among those who had brought the people thither, “ Is my brother come ?”

10. And he said, “ No.”

11. She was turning hopefully away, when the child stretched out his arms, and cried, “O sister, I am here! Take me!” And then she turned her beaming eyes upon bim, and it was night; and the star was shining into the room, making long rays down towards him as he saw it through his tears.

12. From that hour forth, the child looked ont upon the star as on the home he was to go to, when his time should come; and he thought that he did not belong to the earth alone, but to the star too, because of his sister's angel gone before.

13. There was a baby born to be a brother to the child; and while he was so little that he never yet had spoken a word, he stretched his tiny form out on his bed, and died.

14. Again the child dreamed of the opened star, and of the company of angels, and the train of people, and the rows of angels, with their beaming eyes all turned upon those people's faces.

15. Said his sister's angel to the leader, “Is my brother come ? ”

16. And he said, “Not that one, but another."

17. As the child beheld his brother's angel in her arms, he cried, “O sister, I am here! Take me!” And she turned and smiled upon him, and the star was shining.

18. He grew to be a young man, and was busy at his books, when an old servant came to him, and said, “ Thy mother is no more. I bring her blessing on her darling


19. Again at night he saw the star, and all that former company. Said his sister's angel to the leader, “Is my brother come ?”

20. And he said, “Thy mother!”

21. A mighty cry of joy went forth through all the star, because the mother was reunited to her two children. And he stretched out his arms, and cried, “O mother, sister, and brother, I am here! Take me!” And they answered him, “ Not yet.” And the star was shining.

22. He grew to be a man whose hair was turning gray, and he was sitting in his chair by the fireside, heavy with grief, and with his face bedewed " with tears, when the star opened once again.

23. Said his sister's angel to the leader, “Is my brother

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come ? »

24. And he said, “ Nay, but his maiden daughter."

25. And the man who had been the child saw his daughter, newly lost to him, a celestial” creature among those three, and he said, “My daughter's head is on my sister's bosom, and her arm is round my mother's neck, and at her feet there is the baby of old time, and I can bear the parting from her, God be praised !” And the star was shining.

26. Thus the child came to be an old man, and his once smooth face was wrinkled, and his steps were slow and feeble, and his back was bent. And one night, as he lay upon his bed, his children standing round, he cried, as he had cried so long ago, “I see the star!”

27. They whispered one another, “ He is dying."

28. And he said, “I am. My age is falling from me like a garment, and I move towards the star as a child. And 0, my Father, now I thank thee that it has so often opened to receive those dear ones who await me!”

29. And the star was shining; and it shines upon his grave.

1 STROLLED. Wandered ; strayed. 1 6 BĒAM'ING. Shining ; emitting rays 2 Spire. A structure which tapers to or beams of light.

a point at the top; a steeple. 7 GLO'RI-FIED. Made glorious. 3 TRĀIN. A number of objects in a 8 RĀ'D!ẠNT. Shining ; effulgent.

line; a number of persons in a 9 BLESS'ING. Prayer imploring hap. line; a procession.

piness for another. 1 SPÄRK'LỊNG. Glittering ; bright, as 10 BE-DEWED' (be-dūd'). Wet with if emitting sparks.

dew or as with dew; moistened. SĀN'GEL. An inhabitant of heaven; 11 CE-LĚST'IAL (-yal). Of heaven; a good spirit.



1. One by one the sands are flowing,

One by one the moments fall;
Some are coming, some are going;

Do not strive to catch them all.
2. One by one thy duties wait thee;

Let thy whole strength go to each;
Let no future dreams elate' thee;

Learn thou first what these can teach.

3. One by one (bright gifts from heaven)

Joys are sent thee here below;
Take them readily when given,-

Ready, too, to let them go.

4 One by one thy griefs shall meet thee;

Do not fear an arméd band;
One will fade as others greet thee,

Shadows passing through the land.
5. Do not look at life's long sorrow;

See how small each moment's pain:
God will help thee for to-morrow;

Every day begin again.
6. Every hour, that fleets? so slowly,

Has its task to do or bear;
Luminous: the crown", and holy,

If thou set each gem with care.

7. Hours are golden links — God's token

Reaching heaven; but one by one,
Take them, lest the chain be broken

Ere thy pilgrimage' be done. 1 E-LĀTE'. Elevate as with success ; | 4 Crown. Reward ; recompense. puff up.

| 5 PİL'GRIM-ẠGE. A long journey, par. · FLEETS. Passes away.

ticularly, a journey to a place 3 LÜ'MA-NOUS. Emitting light; bright. deemed sacred ; journey of life,


COLLINS. [William Collins was an English poet, born in 1720, and died in 1756. These lines were written in honor of the men who fell at the battle of Culloden, April 16, 1746, in which the Scottish rebels, under Prince Charles, were defeated by the English, under the Duke of Cumberland ]

1. How sleep the Brave, who sink to rest,

By all their country's wishes blest!
When Spring, with dewy fingers cold,
Returns to deck their hallowed' mould,
She there shall dress a sweeter sod
Than Fancy's feet have ever trod.

2. By fairy? hands their knell is rung;

By forms unseen their dirge is sung:
There Honor comes, a pilgrim* gray,
To bless the turf that wraps their clay;
And Freedom shall a while repair,
To dwell, a weeping hermit', there!

1 HXL LOWED. Holy ; sacred. 14 PIL'GRIM. One who leaves his home 9 FÀIR'Y. A fabled small being in or country on account of religion. human form.

5 HËR'MIT. One who retires from so 8 DIRĢE, A funeral song.

ciety and lives in solitude.


L. M. SARGENT. (Lucius Manlius Sargent was born June 25, 1786, and died June 2, 1867. He was a frequent contributor to the newspaper press of Boston, and was the author of a well-known series of temperance tales, which are of marked merit, and have been widely read.]

1. About the beginning of the present century', a Boston merchant, who had been extensively engaged in commerce?, died at a good old age, without leaving any will. He had been for many years largely interested in the fishing business, and his name was familiar to all the hardy fishermen of Cape Cod. His eldest son administered upon the estate.

2. Among his papers, a package of considerable size was found, after his death, carefully tied up, and labeiled as follows: “ Notes, due bills, and accounts against sundry persons down along-shore". Some of these may be got by a suit or severe dunning. But the people are poor; most of them have had fisherman's luck. My children will do as they think best. Perhaps they will think, with me, that it is best to burn this package entire.”

3. “ About a month,” said my informant, “after our father died, the sons met together, and, after some general

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