Parliamentary Papers, Volumen3


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Página 1 - to facilitate the Performance of the Duties of Justices of the Peace " out of Sessions within England and Wales with respect to Summary
Página 2 - ... by warrant under the hand and seal of any Justice of the Peace...
Página 5 - Court in which the action is brought, at any time pay into Court such sum of money as he thinks fit, whereupon such proceeding and order shall be had and made in and by the Court as may be had and made on the payment of money into Court in an ordinary action ; and if the plaintiff does not succeed in the action, the defendant shall receive such full and reasonable indemnity as to all costs. charges, and expenses incurred in and about the action as may be taxed and allowed by the proper officer...
Página 2 - Goods, giving such Particulars relating thereto as may be in his Power, and shall truly answer all Questions concerning such Ship or Goods asked by any such Officer, and in default shall forfeit a Sum not exceeding One hundred Pounds, such Forfeiture to be enforced as Forfeitures for Offences against the Laws relating to the Customs are enforced, and every such...
Página 4 - In any such Action the Defendant may plead generally that the Act or Thing complained of was done or omitted by him when acting...
Página 31 - ... one of the chief officers of the capturing ship, or some other person who was present at the capture, and saw the ship papers delivered up or found on board, shall make oath that they are brought in as they were taken, without fraud, addition, subduction, or alteration, or else shall account on oath to the satisfaction of the court for the absence or altered condition of the ship papers or any of them.
Página 11 - States, or of any state, upon application made to him by or on behalf of the person so committed, and upon proof made to him that reasonable notice of the intention to make such application has been given to the secretary of state, to order the person so committed to be discharged out of custody, unless sufficient cause is shown to such judge why such discharge ought not to be ordered.

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