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ed if a majority of said electors voting thereon shall vote for the same, it all thereupon become in full force and effect.

SEC. 4. (d) When such petition demands a referendum vote upon any linance or any other legal act other than the grant, extension, or renewal it franchise, the chief executive officer shall submit said ordinance or act the qualified electors of said corporation at the next succeeding general unicipal election, and if, at said election, majority of the electors voting ereon shall not vote for the same, it shall thereupon stand repealed.

SEX'. 4. (e) When such petition demands an amendment to a charter, * chief executive officer shall submit such amendment to the qualified electors

said municipal corporation at the next election of any officers of said juratiou, and if, at said election, a majority of said electors voting thereon ill vote for such amendment, the same shall thereupon become an amendnt to and a part of suid charter, when approved by the governor and filed the same manner and form as an original charter is required by the proions of this article to be approved and filed.

FRANCHISES, SEC. J. (il) No municipal corporation shall ever grant, extend, or renew franchise, without the approval of a majority of the qualified electors reing within its corporate limits, who shall vote thereon at a general or cial election; and the legislative body of any such corporation may submit : such matter for ipproval or disapproval to such electors at any general nicipal election, or call it special election for such purpose at any time in thirty days' notice; and no franchise shall be granted, extended, or pwed for a longer term than twenty-five years.

SEC. 5. (b) Whenever a petition signed by a number of qualified electors any municipal corporation equal to '25 per centum of the total number of es cast at the next preceding general municipal election, demanding that a nchise be granted, extended, or renewed, shall be filed with the chief execre officer of said corporation, the chief executive officer shall, within ten s thereafter, call a special election, at which he shall submit the question whether or not such fruehise shall be granted, extended, or renewel, and at said election, a majority of the said electors voting thereon shall vote

the grant, extension, or renewal of such franchise, the same shall be nted by the proper authorities at the next succeeding regular meeting of legislative body of the city. SEC. 6. Every municipal corporation within this State shall have the ht to engage in any business or enterprise which may be engaged in by a son), firm, or corporation by virtue of a franchise from said corporation.

SEC. 7. No grant, extension, or renewal of any franchise or other use the streets, lleys, or other public grounds or ways of any municipality, Il divest the State, or any of its subordinate subdivisions, of their control | regulation of such use and enjoyment.

Nor shall the power to regulate the charges for public services be surdered; and no exclusive franchise shall ever be granted.



SECTION 1. No foreign insurance company shall be granted a license or niitted to do business in this State intil it shall have complied with the is of the State, including the deposit of such collateral or indemnity for • protection of its patrons within this state as may be prescribed by law, I shall agree to pay all such taxes and fees as may at any time be imposed law or act of the legislature, on foreign insurance companies, and a refusal pay such taxes or fees shall work at forfeiture of such license,

SEC. 2. Until otherwise provided by law, all foreign insurance companies, luding surety and bond companies, doing business in the State, except fra; Tal insurance companies, shall pay to the insurance commissioner for the

of the State, an entrance fee as follows:

Each foreign life insurance company, per annum, $200 ; each foreigo ore insurance company, per annum, $100; each foreign accident and health insurance company, jointly, per annum, $100; each surety and bond company, per annum, $150; each plate glass insurance company (not accident). per annuel $25; each foreign live stock insurance company, per annum, $25.

Until otherwise provided by law, domestic companies excepted, each insurince company, including surety and bond companies, doing business in this? State, sball pay an annual tax of 2 per centum on all premiums collected in the State, after all cancellations are deducted, and a tax of $3 on each load agent.

SEC. 3. The revenue and tax provisions of this constitution shall : include, but the State shall provide for, the following classes of insurans organizations not conducted for protit, and insuring only their own meniber:

First, farm companies insuring farm property and products thereon: * ond, trades insurance companies insuring the property and interest of our line of business; third, fraternal life, health, and accident insurance in fra ternal and civic orilers, and in all of which the interests of the members each respectively shall be uniform and mutual.

SEC, 1. All fees collected by the insurance commission shall be paid the State treilsuurer monthly.


MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCE. SECTION 1. Nothing herein shall prevent the manufacture or salt denatured alcohol mder such regulations as may be prescribed by law.

SEC. 2. Until changed by the legislature, the flash test provided for use the laws of Oklahoma Territory for all kerosene oil for illuminating purze shall be 11.) Fabrenheit: : the specific gravity test for all such oil. * be 40° Baumé.


PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS SECTION 1. Educational, reformatory, and penal institutions and the for the benefit of the insane, blind, deaf, am mute, and such other instit tions as the publie good may require. "shall be established and supported the State in such manner is may be prescribed by law.



AXD' CORPORATE OWNERSHIP OF LAXDS. SECTION 1. So alien or person who is not il citizen of the United State shall acquire title to or own land in this state, and the legislature shall eta law's whereby all persous not citizens of the United States, and their bein who may hereafter acquire real estate in this state by devise, descent. otherwise, shall dispose of the same within five years upon condition escheat or forfeiture to the State: Provided, This shall not apply to Indian born within the United States, nor to aliens or persons not citizens of 10 United States who may become bona fide residents of this State: An M vided further. That this section shall not apply to lands now owned by als in this State.

SEC. 2. No corporation shall be created or licensed in this State for me purpose of buying, acquiring, trading, or dealing in real estate other thi?" real estate located in incorporated cities and towns and as additions ther, nor shall any corporation doing business in this State buy, acquire, trade, til deal in real estate for any purpose except such as may be located in s towns and cities and its additions to such towns and cities, and further echt such as shall be necessary and proper for carrying on the business for sbih it was chartered or licensed, nor shall any corporation be created or licen! to do business in this State for the purpose of acting as agent in buying an! selling land: Provided, however, that corporations shall not be precio from taking mortgages on real estate to secure loans or debts or from *yir

: title thereto upon foreclosure of such mortgages or in the collection of bts, conditioned that such corporation or corporations shall not hold such al estate for a longer period that seven years after acquiring such title: !d provided further, That this section shall not apply to trust companies king only the naked title to real estate in this State as a trustee, to be Id solely as security for indebtedness pursuant to such trust : And proled further. That no public-service corporation shall hold any land, or the le thereof, in any way whatever in this State, except as the same shall be cessary for the transaction and operation of its business as such public'vice corporation.



LABOR, SECTION 1. Eight hours shall constitute il day's work in all cases of ployment by and on behalf of the State or any county or municipality.


SEC, 2.

The contracting of convict labor is hereby prohibited.


SEC. 3. The employment of children, under the age of 15 years, in any apation, injurious to health or morals or especially hazardous to life or b, is hereby prohibited.

SEX, 4. Boys under the age of 16 years, and women and girls, shall not employed, underground, in the operation of mines; and, except in cases emergency, eight hours shall constitute a day's work underground in all es of the State. SEC. 5. The legislature shall pass laws to protect the health and safety employees in factories, in mines, and on railroads.

CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE. SEC. 6. The defense of contributory negligence or of assumption of risk I, in all cases whatsoever, be a question of fact, and shall, at all times, be to the jury.

PERSONAL INJURIE6. SEC. 7. The right of action to recover damages for injuries resulting in h shall never be abrogated, and the amount recoverable shall not be subto any statutory limitation.


SEC. S. duy provision of a contract, express or implied, made by any ion, by which any of the benefits of this constitution is sought to be ved, shall be null and void. SEC. I. Any provision of any contract or agreement, express or implied, ulating for notice or demand other than such as may be provided by law,

condition preredent to establish any claim, demand, or liability, shall be and void.

-CHANGE IN SALARY, OR EMOLUMENTS. SEC. 10. Excepit wherein otherwise provided in this constitution, in "no · shall the salary or emoluments of any public official be changed after his tion or appointment, or during his term of office, unless by operation of

enacted prior to such election or appointment; nor shall the term of any lic official de extended beyond the period for which he was elected or binted: Provirled, That all officers within this State shall continue to per

the duties of their offices until their successors shall be duly qualified.

DEFINITION OF RACES. SEC. 11. . Wherever in this constitution and laws of this State, the word words. "colored" or "colored race," “negro” or “negro race," are used, the

same shall be construed to mean or apply to all persons of African des The term "white race" shall include all other persons.


CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS. SECTION 1. · Any amendment or amendments to this constitution may be proposed in either branch of the legislature, and if the same shall be ag to by a majority of all the members elected to each of the two houses it proposel amendment or amendments shall, with the yeas and nays thei be entered in their journals and referred by the secretary of state to the people for their approval or rejection, at the next regular general elect except when the legislature, by two-thirds vote of each house, shall on), ' * special election for that purpose. If a majority of all the electors yotib such election shall vote in favor of “any : mendment thereto, it shall the loecome a part of this constitution.

If two or more amendments are proposed they shall be submitted in all manner that electors may vote for or against them separately.

SEC, 2. Yo convention shall be called by the legislature to propose : stk ations, revisions, or amendments to this constitution, or to propose a constitution, unless the law providing for such convention shall first bez proved by the people on a referendum vote at a regular or special ele ia and any amendments, alterations, revisions, or new constitution, pru by such convention, shall be submitted to the electors of the State at a time eral or special election and be approved by a majority of the electors 133 thereon, before the same shall become effective: Provided, That the que : of such proposed convention shall be submitted to the people at least in every twenty years.

Sec. 3. This article shall not impair the right of the people to 34 this constitution by a vote upon an initiative petition therefor.

SCHEDULE. In order that no inconvenience may arise by reason of a change to the forms of government now existing in the Indian Territory and in Territory of Oklahoma, it is hereby declared as follows:

SECTION 1. No existing rights, actions, suits, proceedings, contract claims shall be affected by the change in the forms of government, bu shall continue as if no change in the forms of government had taken ! And all processes which may have been issued previous to the admissio the State into the Union under the authority of the Territory of Oklal or under the authority of the laws in force in the Indian Territory sha as valid as if issued in the name of the State.

SEC. 2. All laws in force in the Territory of Oklahoma at the tin the admission of the State into the Union, which are not repugnant to the constitution, and which are not locally inapplicable, shall be extended to remain in force in the State of Oklahoma until they expire by their limitation or are altered or repealed by law.

SEC. 3. All debts, fines, penalties, and forfeitures which have accrue may hereafter accrue to the Territory of Oklahoma shall inure to the of Oklahoma, and may be sued for and recovered by the State.

SEC, 4. - This constitution shall take effect and be in full force in liately upon the admission of the State into the Union."

SEC, . Until otherwise provided by law, notaries public appointel ! the laws of the Territory of Oklahoma, or under the authority of the heretofore in force in the Indian Territory, may continue to exercie perform the duties of the office of notary public until the expiration of : + commissions: I'rovided, That any notary public appointed in the Indian ritory for any district, or in the Territory of Oklahoma for any county. after this constitution takes effect, exercise the powers, privileges, and ris of a notary public only of the county formed in whole or in part out ef

t or county for which such person is a notary public, and in which such

resides at the time the State is admitted into the Union; but before ich notary public, except notaries public for those counties in the Terrif Oklahoma. the boundaries of which have not been changed by the ution, shall exercise the powers, privileges, and rights of a notary

of such county, he shall have filed in the office of the county clerk of umty in which he resides bis commission as notary public and an affistating that he is a resident of such county, whereupon he shall become ly public for such county. k. 6. The appointments of female persons as notaries public, heretode by the Governor of Oklahoma, and by the United States courts for lian Territory, and by the judges of said courts, are hereby confirmert de valid, and all official acts of such notaries public heretofore perare hereby validated, in so far as the acts of such notaries public affected by any ineligibility of such persons to appointment as notaries Female persons possessing the other qualifications prescribed by law

eligible to the office of notary public and of county superintendent of nstruction,

7. All property, real and personal, credits, claims, and choses in belonging to the Territory of Oklahoma at the time the State is adinto the Union, shall be vested in and become the property of the

Oklahoma. 8. All judgments and records of deeds. mortgages, liens, and other nts, filed or recorded, affecting the title to real and personal prorthe Indian Territory and Osage Indian Reservation, are hereby made ual to impart notice and for all other purposes under the laws of the

of Oklahoma extended in force in the State, as they were under heretofore in force in the Indian Territory and Osage Indian Reser

9. All judgments and records of deerls, mortgages, liens, and other hts, tiled or recorded, affecting title to real and personal property in lities that have been created out of the territory of, any county or of the Territory of Oklahoma, or out of the territory of any county es of the Territory of Oklahoma and of any recording district or of the Indian Territory, are hereby made as effectual to impart o for all other purposes 'under the laws of the Territory of Oklatended in force in the State, as the same would have been if de pad been made by the provisions of this constitution in the boundbe counties as they existed in the Territory of Oklahoma, or of the s of the recording districts as they existed in the Indian Territory. 10. Until otherwise provided by law, incorporated cities and towns,

incorporated under the laws in force in the Territory of Oklahoma Indian Territory, shall continue their corporate existence under the

ed in force in the State, and all officers of such municipal corpothe time of the admission of the State into the Union shall per. duties of their respective offices under the laws extended in fore Ite. until their successors are elected and qualified in the manner may be provided by law: Provided, That all valid ordinances now

such incorporated cities and towns shall continue in force mmtil ended, or repealeal.

All taxes ilssessed or due to incorporated cities and towns in Territory, and all taxes levied by such incorporated cities and the year 1907 shall, until otherwise provided by law. be levier ed in the same manner as now provided by law in force in the ritory, and imder the laws and ordinances now in force in such korporations,

In all incorporated cities and towns in the Indian Territory, all bvements or public buildings in process of being made or der the laws in force in the Indian Territory, or for which proving been commenced under such laws at the time of the admisState into the Union, shall be completed under said laws. itnd saiol



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