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rty theretofore included in another county, like municipality or other K districts, no greater amount of taxes shall be levied in the first year ther the old or the new county, municipality or other taxing district any property included therein than the amount levied thereon in the ling year by the county, municipality or district in which it was then lexi plus. six per centum thereof; provided, further, that the amount of ncrease in levy specifically iluthorized by the legal voters of the State, a county, municipality, or other district, shall be excluded in determining fuount of taxes which may be levied in any subsequent year. he prohibition against the creation of debts by counties prescribed in h 10 of Article XI of this Constitution shall apply and extend to debts, fter created in the performance of any duties or obligations imposed ounties by the Constitution or Jaws of the State, and any indebtedness i by any county in violation of such prohibition and any warrants for er evidences of any such indebtedness and any part of any lery of taxes by the State or any county, municipality, or other taxing district or which shall exceed the limitations fixed hereby shall be void.26

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(RURAL CREDITS.) CTION 1. Votwithstanding the limitations contained in Section 7 of

XI of this ('onstitution, the credit of the State may be loaned and inress incurred to an amount not exceeding two per cent of the assessed on of all the property in the State for the purpose of providing funds Joaned upon the security of farm lands within the State, subject to the ons herein contained.

2. The Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer shall conthe State Land Board, which Board is hereby authorized and directed

and sell or pledge bonis in the name of the State to be known as farm credit bonds in an amount not to exceed said two per cent of lessed valuation of all the property in the State, and to place the s in the State Treasury in it fund to be known as the “Rural Credits und."

3. Said bonds shall be issued in denominations of $25.00, $100.00, and $1,000.00, and shall be issued in series of $50,000.00 or multiples drawn to mature in not more than thirty-six years.' They shali bear

at the rate of four per cent per annum iind shall be exempt from s levied by the State of Oregon, or any of its subdivisions.

1. Said State Land Board is authorized and directed to loan the in said Rural Credits Loan Fund to owners of farm lands in Oregon tes secured by mortgilges or deeds of trust constituting first liens

farm lands in amounts which shall not exceed fifty per cent of the

such lands, nor $50.00 per acre on such lands, nor less than $200.00 le than $3,000.00 to :my individual. If pending applications shall it e exceed the funds irailable, preference shall be given to loans not

$2,000.00 in amount. 5. Such loans shall not be made except to owners who operate and he lands mortgaged, und shal be made only for the following pur(a) The payment for lands purchased; (b) the purchase of livestock or equipment, and the making of improvements which, in the judg.

said Board, will increase the productivity of such lands or add to lue as a farm home in il degree to justify such expenditure: ini the Satisfaction of incumbrances upon such lands which, in the judg.

said Board, were incurred or assumed by said applicant for the

purposes. 6. Every applicant for a farm loan shall state clearly in liis applie:purposes for which such loan is desired, and upon its approval by the iis statement shall be deemed a part of the note or contract under

ion 11 is a new section: it was proposed by initiative petition filed July 6, ipd on November 7, 1916, and declared effective on December 5, 1916.

which the loan is grauted. But no failure to apply such funds to the le poses stated in such application or enumerated herein shall invalidate a !. when once made, nor shall anything hereiir contained be deemeil to pin ally farm owner from selling or leasing lands subject to such incumbre but if he shall violate his said contract by applying the moneys borta to purposes other than those stated in his application or enuniertel bi or if lie shall lease such lands or sell them to any person not fulfillin: conditions and purposes provided for herein, said Board is iluthorize} | directed to require the repayment of said loan upon six months' notice, said note or contract shall contain a clause providing therefor.

SEC. 7. Such loans shall be repaid with interest aceruing in semi-ane or annual installments on the amortization plann, suclı installments being ta at such sims as will cover the interest rate and will liquidate the delic it period to be agreed on between said Board and the applicant, such jen to be not less than ten nor more than thirty-six years; but any delstor in liquidate any part or all of his indebtedness in amounts of $70.00 or more thereof upon any amortization payment (late.

SEC. S. The rate of interest on loans shall be five per cent per a no provided that in case any series of said farm credit bonds is sold at : ar of less than par, the Board may charge upon such farm loans as are from the proceeds of the series so sold below par a rate of interest in e of five per cent, but which shall not exceed by more than one per (tli rate which the State must pay for the funds actually obtained from disposal of its said bouds. The Boards, howerer, shall require each a to pay an initial charge of one per cent of the loan granted, the mic charge to be $10.00, to cover the cost of ill praisal and examination of

SEC. 9. Jul surplus funds accruing from the operation of the sync rural credits herein provided for, after paying interest ateruing on the pa said bonds, and all operating and other expenses atrising from the tration of said system of rural credits, shall be placed in the State TN and become a part of it fund to be known as the "Rural Credits line Fund." Said Rural Credits Reserve Fund shall be loaned on farm lanks the manner herein provided for the Rural Credits Loan Fund, and the inte aceruing from loans made from said Rural Credits Reserve Fund sini ildded to it and become part of it. The Said Rural Credits Reserve shall be irreducible except that it may be drawn upon to reimburse the for loss incurred in the administration of said system of rural credits

SEC. 10. The Legislative Assembly shall provide in such detail as it (leen advisable for the carrying out and administering of the provisio this amendment and shall provide ad quate safeguards against the such loans as an aid to the purchasing and holding of lands for prur of speculation. Such safeguards shall include clear definitions of the 77 “operate" and "OCE'upy" used herein. In the absence of such legislatiu subject to the same after its enactment, the State Land Board shall por to administer said system of rural credits under rules and regulation vided by itself, but subject to the provisions herein contained.

SEC. 11. The provisions of the Constitution and laws of Oregon in cas with this amendment il le hereby repealed in so far only as they conflict a with. The provisions of this imeniment shall be self-executing, and take effect and be in operation sixty days after tlreir approval and by by the people of Oregon.27


STATE PRINTER. SECTION 1. Laws may be enacted providing for the State printing binding, and for the election or appointment of a State Printer. who have had not less than ten years' experience in the art of printing 1 State Printer shall receive such compensation as may from time to tim

22 Article Xla is a new article; it was proposed by initiative petition filed Jais I 1916, ratified on November 7, 1916, and declared effective on December 5, 1916.

vided by law. Until such laws shall be enacted the State Printer shall elected and the printing done as heretofore provided by this Constitution the general laws. 28


SALARIES. SECTION 1. The Governor shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hundred ars. The Secretary of Stite shall receive an annual salary of fifteen hunI dollars. The Tre:surer of State shall receive an annual salary of eight

red dollars. The Judges of the Supreme Court shall each receive an ual salary of two thousand dollars. They shall receive no fees or periten 'whatever for the performance of any duties connected with their ective offices; and the compensation of officers, if not fixed by this Conition, shall be provided by law.29

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SEAT OF GOVERNMENT. SECTION 1. The Legislative Assembly shall not have power to establish örmanent seat of government for this State. But at the first regular on after the adoption of this Constitution, the Legislative Issembly shall ide by law for the subinission to the electors of this state at the next ral electiou there:ifter, the matter of the selection of a place for lanent seat of government; and no place shall ever be the seat of govern

under such law, which shall not receive a majority of all the votes on the matter of such election.30 SEC, 2. No tax shall be levied, or money of the State expended, or debt acted for the erection of it State House prior to the year eighteen hundred sixty-five. SEC. 3. The seat of government, when established as provided in Section vall not be removed for a term of twenty (20) years from the time of

establishment, nor in any other manner than as provided in the first om of this article. All the public institutions of the State not located where prior to January 1, 1917, shall be located in the county where the

of government is, excepting when otherwise ordered by an act of the lative Assembly and is ratified by the electors of the State at the next ral election following such act, by a majority of all the votes cast on question of whether or not such act shall be ratified.31


MISCELLANEOUS. SECTION 1. Il officers except members of the Legislative Assembly shall their offices util their successors are elected and qualified. SEC. 2. When the duration of any office is not provided for by this Contion, it may be declared by law; and if not so declared, such office shall eld during the pleasure of the authority making the appointment. But - Amendment proposed by initiative petition filed February 3, 1906, ratified on

4, 1906, and declared in force on June 25, 1906. - By an act of the session of 1905, the salary of the governor was fixed at $5,000 ngum: the salary of the secretary of state at $4,500; the salary of the state irer at $4,500; and the salary of the attorney general at $3,600. In 1907 the es of the judges of the supreme court were fixed at $4,500 per annum, and in the salary of the state printer was fixed at $1,800. - By virtue of an act approved November 19, 1860, the question of the location of Eat of government was submitted to the electors at the general election of June,

and at every general election thereafter until "some one point should receive a City of all the votes cast on the question." At the election of 1862 no point reE a majority of the votes cast. At the election of 1864, Salem received 6,108 : Portland, 3,864: Eugene, 1,588 ; and all other points 577 votes. Salem having fed a majority of 79 votes of the whole vote cast was declared the permanent of government.

Amendment proposed by the legislative assembly of 1907, ratified on June 1, and declared adopted on June 23. 1998.

the Legislative Assembly shall not create any office the tenure of which shall be longer than four years.

Sec. 3. Every person elected or appointed to my othce under this Constitution shall, before entering on the duties thereof, take an oath or affirmation · to support the Constitution of the United States :und of this state, and als ith oath of office.

SEC. t. Lotteries, and the sale of lottery tickets, for zwy purpose whatever iure prohibited, and the Legislative Assembly shall prevent the same by piena laws,

SEC. 5. The property and perwiary rights of every married woman : the time of marriage, or afterw:rels acquired by gift, devise or inheritance shall not be subject to the debts or contracts of the husband; and laws shark be passed providing for the registration of the wife's separate property.

SEC. 6. No county shall be reduced to an :rea of less than four hundre? square miles; Nor shall any new county be established in this state containis: at less area, nor inless such new county shall contain a population of a least twelve humdred inhabitants.

SEC. 7. Vo State officers or members of the Legislative Assembly sli:|| directly or indirectly receive il fee, or be engaged is comsel, agent or attor. ney in the prosecution of any claim against the State.

SEC. S. So (hin man not resident of the State at the adoption this ('onstitution, shall ever hold my real estate or mining claim, or illy mining claim therein. The Legislative Assembly shall provide by late the most effectual mamer for carrying out the above provisions: 39

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BOUNDARIES. SECTION 1. In order that the boundaries of the State may be known established, it is hereby ordained and derlared that the State of Oregon be bounded as follow's, to-wit:

Beginning one marine league at sea, due west from the point where forty-second parallel of north latitude intersects the sune; thence norton it the same distance from the line of the coast 'lping west

and apps the State, including all islands within the jurisaliction of the United States to il point due vest and opposite the middle of the north strip channel the ('olumbia River; thence easterly to und up the middle channel of said river, and wlien it is divided by islands, up the middle of the widest cha thereof, and in like mammer up the middle of the main channel of Snake Rive the mouth of the Owyhee River; thence due south to the parallel of latitude tot two degrees north: thence west along saill parallel to the place of begin including jurisliction in civil tuo criminal cases upon the Columbia River Snake River. concurrently with states and territories of which those ti form it bowdary in common with this State. But the Congress of the t'; States, in providing for the :dmission of this state into the Union, may e the said northern boundary conform to the act creating the Territory Washington.


AMENDMENTS. SECTION. 1. Any :mendment or amendments to this constitution mi proposed in either branch of the Legislative Assembly, and if the im be agreed to by il majority of all the members elected to each of the houses, such proposed amendment or amendments shall, with the yeas nars thereon, be entered in their journals and referred by the Secrets State to the people for their approval or rejection, at the next regular election, exrept when the Legislative Assembly shall order a special electie

52 The supreme court in Chapman v. Toy Long, 4 Saw. 36, intimates that * the treaty of 1868, Article 6, a mining regulation which forbids Chinamen from 5. ing mining claims for themselves or others, as well as this clause of the constra are in direct conflict with that treaty, but the question was not judicially passed Hence the provisions of this section have never been enforced.

at purpose. If a majority of the electors voting on any such amendment shall te in favor thereof, it shall thereby become a part of the Constitution. The tes for and against such amendment or amendments, severally, whether prosed by the Legislative Assembly or by initiative petition, shall be canvassed

the Secretary of State in the presence of the Governor, and if it shall pear to the Governor that the majority of the votes cast at said election

said amendment or amendments, severally, are cast in favor thereof, it all be his duty forthwith after such canvass, by his proclamation, to declare e said amendment or amendments, severally, having receiver said majority

votes, to have been adopted by the people of Oregon as part of the Constition thereof, and the same shall be in effect as a part of the Constitution om the date of such proclamation. When two or more amendments shall

submitted in the manner aforesaid to the voters of this State, at the me election, they shall be so submitted that each amendment shall be voted separately. No convention shall be called to amend or propose amendments this Constitution, or to propose a new Constitution, unless the law providing • such convention shall first be approved by the people on a referendum te at a regular general election. This article shall not be construed to pair the rights of the people to amend this. ('onstitution by vote upon an tiative petition therefor. 33



SECTION 1. For the purpose of taking the vote of the electors of the State the acceptance or rejection of this Constitution, an election shall be held the second Monday of November, in the year 1857, to be conducted according existing laws regulating the election of Delegate in Congress, so far as plicable, except as herein otherwise provided.

SEC. 2. Each elector who offers to vote upon this Constitution shall le sed by the judges of election this question :

Do you vote for the Constitution--yes or no?
And also this question :
Do you vote for slavery in Oregon-yes or no?
And also this question :
Do you vote for free negroes in Oregon--yes or no?

And in the poll books shall be columns headeil respectively, "Constitu.. 1), yes"; "Constitution," 10"; "free negroes, yes"; "free negroes, no"; "slavery, >"; "slavery, no.”

And the names of the elector's shall be entered in the poll books, together th their answers to said questions, under their appropriate heads.

The stracts of the votes transmitted to the Secretary of the Territory shall be blicly opened and canvassed by the Governor and Secretary, or by either.

them in the absence of the other; and the Governor, or, in his absence, · Secretary, shall forth with issue his proclamation, and publish the same in ? several newspilpers printed in this State, declaring the result of the sud. ution upon each of said questions.

SEC. 3. If a majority of all the votes given for ind ilgainst the Constitue · in shall be given for the Constitution, then this. Constitution shall be deemed be approved and accepted by the electors of the State, iind shall take effect cordingly; and if a majority of such votes shall be given against the Contution, then this ('onstitution shall be deemed to be rejected by the electors the State, and shall be void.

SEC, 4. If this constitution shall be accepted by the electors, and a ma; rity of all the votes given for and against slavery shall be given for slavery, en the following section shall be added to the bill of rights iud shall be rt of this constitution :

“Section Persons lawfully held as slaves in any State, Territory or

33 Amendment proposed by initiative petition filed February 3, 1906, ratified June 1906, and declared in effect on June 25, 1906. This amendment takes the place of Eginal sections 1 and 2.

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