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SECTION 1. This constitution shall be the supreme law of the state, and ny law inconsistent therewith shall be void. The general assembly shall pass II laws necessary to carry this constitution into effect.

SEC. 2. The legislative power, under this constitution, shall be vested 1 two houses, the one to be called the senate, the other the house of repreentatives; and both together the general assembly. The concurrence of the vo houses shall be necessary to the enactment of law's. The style of their t's shall be, "It is enacted by the general assembly as follows:"

SEC. 3. There shall be two sessions of the general assembly holden anually: one at Newport, on the first Tuesday of May, for the purposes of ection and other business; the other on the last Monday of October, which last

ssion shall be holden at South Kingstown once in two years, and the interediate years alternately at Bristol and East Greenwich; and an adjouruent from the October Session shall be holden annually at Providence.3

SEC. 4. No member of the general assembly shall take any fee, or be of unsel in any case pending before either house of the general assembly, under nalty of forfeiting his seat, upon proof thereof to the satisfaction of the use of which he is a member.

SEC. 5. The person of every member of the general assembly shall be kempt from :trrest, and his estate from attachment in any civil action, durg the session of the general assembly, in two days before the commenceent and two chills ifter the termination thereof, and all process served conalry bereto, shall be joil. For illy speech in debate in either house, no comber shaul be questioned any other place.

SEC. 6. Each bouse shall be the judge of the elections and qualifications its members; inil i majority shall constitute il quorum to do business; it a smaller number mar adjourn from day to day, and may compel the atndance of absent members in such manner, ind under such penalties, as may

prescribed by such house or by law. The organization of the two houses as he regulated by law, subject to the limitations contained in this conitution.

SEC. 7. Each house may determine its rules of proceeding, punish (onmpts, punish its members for disorderly 'behavior, and, with the concurnce of two-thirds, expel i member; but not il second time for the same cause. SEC. S. 'Each liouse shall keep it journal of its proceedings.

The yeas d nys, of the members of either house shall, at the desire of one-fifth of ose present, be entered on the journal.

SEC. 9. Seither house shall, during il session, without the consent of the ber, adjourn for more than two days, nor to any other place than that in hich they may be sitting.

SEC. 10. The general assembly shall continue to exercise the powers they ve heretofore exercised, unless prohibited in this constitution,

SEC. 11. The senators and representatives shall receive the sum of one llar for every day of attendance, and eight cents per mile for traveling erenses in going to and returning from the general assembly. The general sembly shall regulate the compensation of the governor, and all other officers, bjeet to the limitations contained in this constitution. 4

SEC. 12. All lotteries shall hereafter be prohibited in this state, except ose already authorized by the general assembly.

SEC. 13. The general assembly shall have no power. hereafter, without e express consent of the people, to incur state debts to an amount exceeding fty thousand dollars, except in time of war, or in case of insurrection or vasion: nor shall they in ally case, without such consent, pledge the faith the state for the payment of the obligations of others. This section shall

3 Modified by Article III of the Amendments, adopted in 1874, and by Section 1, rticle XI of the Amendments adopted in 1900.

was annulled by Article XI (Section 1) of the amendments, adopted

* Section 11

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not be construed to refer to any money that may be deposited with this state by the government of the United States.

SEC. 14. The assent of two-thirds of the members elected to each house of the general assembly shall be required to every bill appropriating the publie money or property for local or private purposes.

SEC. 15. The general assembly shall, from time to time, provide for making new valuations of property, for the assessment of taxes, in such manner ils they may deem best. A new estimate of such property shall be taken before the first direct state tax, after the adoption of this constitution, shall be assessed.

SEC. 16. The general assembly may provide by law for the continuare ia office of any officers of annual election or appointment, until other persons are qualified to take their places.

Sec. 17. Hereafter, when any bill shall be presented to eitber house of the general assembly, to create a corporation for any other than for religious literary, or charitable purposes, or for a nilitary or fire company, it shall be continued until another election of members of the general assembly shall have taken place, and such public notice of the pendency thereof shall be given as may be required by law.5

SEC. 18. It shall be the duty of the two houses, upon the request of either, to join in grand committee for the purpose of electing Senators in congress, at such times and in such manner as may be prescribed by law for said elections.


OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. SECTION 1. The house of represent:tives shall never exceed seventy-tko members, and shall be constituted on the basis of population, always allowin: one representative for a fraction exceeding half the ratio ; but each town city shall always be entitled to at least one member; and no town or city sbal have more than one-sixth of the whole number of members to which the bous is hereby limited. The present ratio shall be one representative to every fifteen hundred and thirty inhabitants, and the general assembly may, att any new census taken by the authority of the United States or of this sutr. reappointed the representation by altering, the ratio; but no town or city shall be divided into districts for the choice of relwresentatives o

SEC. 2. The house of representatives shall have authority to elect it. speaker, clerks and other officers. The senior member from the town of Ver port, if any be present, shall preside in the organization of the house.


OF THE SENATE. SECTION 1, The Senate shall consist of the lieutenant-governor and of IT senator from each town or city in the state.

SEC. 2. The governor, and in his absence the lieutenant-governor, sb. preside in the Senate and grand committee. The presiding officer of the senate and grand committee shall have it right to vote in case of equal diriski's but not otherwise.7

SEC. 3. If. by reason of death, resignation, absence, or other cause, theft be no governor or lieutenant-governor present, to preside in the senaie. tisă senate shall elect one of their own members to preside during such aliace * Vacancy; and until such election is made by the senate, the secretary of wat shall preside, 7

SEC. 1. The secretary of state shall, by virtue of his office, be *relary

* Section 17 was annulled and superseded by Article IX of the Amendments, ador. in 1892.

" Section 1 was annulled and superseded by Article XIII of the Amendments, adest ed in 1909.

. Sections 2 and 3 were annulled and superseded by Article XIV of the AT: ments, adopted in 1909.

! senate, unless otherwise provided by law, and the senate may elect such er officers as they may deem necessary.8



SECTION 1. The chief executive power of this state shall be vested in a ernor, who, together with a lieutenant-governor, shall be annually elected the people. SEC. 2. The governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. SEC, 3. He shall be captain-general and commander-in-chief of the milis and naval forces of this state, except when they shall be called into the rice of the United States. SEC. 4. He shall have power to grant reprieves after conviction, in all s except those of impeachment until the end of the next session of the genlassembly.! SEC. 5. lle may fill vacancies in office not otherwise provided for by this. stitution or by law, until the same shall be filled by the general assembly, or the people. SEC. 6. In case of disagreement between the two houses of the general mbly, respecting the time or place of adjournment, certified to him by either, nay adjourn them to such time and place as he shall think proper : Provided, t the time of :djournment shall not be extended beyond the day of the next ed session. SEC. 7. He may, on extraordinary occasions, convene the General ilssembly iny: town or city in this state, at any time not providerl -for by law; and in of danger from the prevalence of epidemic or contagious disease, in the e in which the general assembly are by law to meet, or to which they may e been adjourned, or for other urgent reasons, he may by proclamation consaid assembly at any other place within this state. SEC. $. All commissions shall be in the name and by authority of the State Rhode Island and Providence Plantations; shall be sealed with .the state , signed by the governor and attested by the secretary. SEC. 9. In case of vacancy in the office of governor, or of his inability to e, impeachment, or absence from the state, the lieutenant-governor shall the office of governor, ind exercise the powers and authority appertaining eto, until a governor is qualified to act or until the office is filled at the tannual election. SEC, 10. If the offices of governor and lieutenant-governor be both vacant. season of death, resignation, impeachment, absence, or otherwise, the person tled to preside over the senate for the time being shall in like manner he office of governor during such absence or vacancy. SEC. 11. The compensation of the governor and lieutenant-governor shall stablished by law, and shall not be (liminished during the term for which are elected. SEC. 12. The duties and powers of the secretary, attorney-general, and ral treasurer, shall be the same under this constitution as are now estabMall, or as from time to time may be prescribed by law.




SECTION 1. The governor, lieutenant-governor. senator's representatives, etary

state, attorney-general and general treasurer, shall be ied at the town, city, or ward meetings, to be holden on the first Wednes. of April, annually: and shall severally hold their offices for one year, from first Tuesday of May next succeeding, and util others are legally chosen. duly qualified to fill their places. If elected or qualitied after the said first

See Article XIV of the Amendments.
See Article II of the Amendments, adopted in 1854.

Tueslay of May, they shall hold their offices for the remainder of the proti year, and until their successors are qualified to act.10

SEC. 2. The voting for governor, lieutenant-governor, secretary of st" attorney-general, general treasurer and representative to congress, shall be is billot; senators and representatives to the general assembly, and town or officers, shall be chosen by ballot, on demand of any seven persons entitla) : vote for the same; and in all cases where an election is made by ballot or fil* vote, the manner of balloting shall be the same as is now required in roting veneral officers, until otherwise prescribed by law.

SEC. 3. The names of the persons voted for as governor, lieutenant-gorer: secretary of state, ittorney-general and general treasurer shall be placal 14 one ticket; and all rotes for these officers shall, in open town or ward 1 ings, be sealed up by the moderators and town clerks and by the wardea : Ward clerks, who shall certify the same and deliver or send them to the tury of state; whose duty it shall be securely to keep and deliver the side the grand committee, after the organization of the two houses at the abil Mary session ; and it shall be the duty of the two houses at siid session, their organization, upon the request of either house, to join in grand committent the purpose of counting :und declaring said rotes, and of electing other officer:

SEC. 4. The town and ward clerks shall also keep a correct list or te of all persons voting for general officers, and shall transmit a copy theraie the general issembly, on or before the first day of said May session. 11

SEC. 5. The ballots for senators and representatives in the sereral ti shall, in each case, after the polls are declared to be closed, be counted bs moderator, who shall announce the result, and the clerk shall give certito to the persons elected. If, in any case, there be no election, the polls ma; reopeneil, and the like proceedings shall be had until an election shail * place: Provided, however, that' an adjournment or adjournments of the en tion may be made to it time not exceeding seven days from the first met

SEC. 6. In the city of Providence, the polls for senator and representar shall be kept open during the whole time of roting for the day, and the rada in the several wards shall be sealed up at the close of the meeting by my Wardens and ward clerks in open ward meeting, and afterwards delivered to city clerk. The major and aldermen shall proceed to count said rotes will two days from the dily of election ; and if no election of senator and repre atives, or if an election of only a portion of the representatives shall hare to place, the mayor ind aldermen shall order a new election, to be held not m than ten days from the lay of the first election, and so on. until the ele shall be completel. ('ertificates of election shall be furnished by the citr + to the persons choseu.

SEC. 7. If no person shall have in majority of votes for governor, it be the duty of the grave committee to elect one big ballot from the two sons having the highest mimber of votes for the office. except when Sie result is produced by rejecting the entire vote of my town, city, or wani. informality or illegality, in which case it new election by the electors thro. out the state shall be ordereil; and in (se no person shall have a nu of votes for lieutenant-governor, it shall be the duty of the grand comut :: to elect one by ballot from the two persons having the highest number of 17** for the office.

SEC. S. In case an election of the secretary of state, attorney-general general treasurer, shoulal ful to be made by the electors at the annual elke the vacancy or vacancies shall be filled by the general assembly in granlı mittee, from the two candidates for such office having the greatest number the votes of the electors. Or, in case of it vacancy in either of said offices fri other causes, between the sessions of the general assembly. the governor appoint some person to fill the same until a successor elected by the gene assembly is quillified to act; ind in such case, and also in all other man

19 Sections 1-9 inclusive of this Article were annulled and supersedel by i XI of the Amendments, adopted in 1900.

11 Section was superseded by Article I of the Amendments, adopted in 1954: also, Article XI of the Amendments.

Jancies not otherwise provided for, the general assembly may fill the same any manner they may deem proper. SEC. 9. Vacancies from any cause in the senate or bouse of representatives be filled by a new election. SEC. 10. In all elections held by the people under this constitution, a jority of all the electors voting shall be necessary to the election of the per

voted for.12


OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE. SECTION 1. No person shall be eligible to any civil office (except the office bhool committee) unless he be a qualified elector for such office. SEC. 2. Every person shall be disqualified from holding any office to which nay have been elected, if he be convicted of having offered, or procured any pr person to offer, any bribe to secure his election, or the election of any other on. SEC. 3. All general officers shall take the following engingement before they in their respective offices, to wit : You

being by the free of the electors of this State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, teel into the place of

do solemnly swear (or affirm) to be true faithful unto this state, and to support the constitution of this state and e l'niteıl States; that you will faithfully and impartially discharge all the s of your aforesaid office to the best of your abilities, according to law: pelp you God. Or, this affirmation you make and give upon the peril of the Ity of perjury. SEC, t. The members of the general assembly, the judges of all the courts, full other officers, both civil :ind military, shall be bound by oath or affirma

to support this constitution, and the constitution of the United States. Sec. 5. The oath or affirmation shall be administered to the governor, lieunt-governor, senators and representatives, by the secretary of state, or, in his nce, by the attorney-general. The secretary of state, attorney-general, and ral treasurer shall be engaged by the governor, or by al justice of the supreme t. SEC. 6. No person holding any ottice under the government of the United •s, or of any other state or country, shall act as a general officer, or ils ber of the general assembly, unless it the time of taking his engagement hall have resigned his office under such government; and if ity general r, senator, representative or judge shall, after his election and engagement, t any appointment under any other government, his office under this shall be diately vacated; but this restriction shall not apply to :iny person ippointel ke depositions or acknowledgment of deeds, or other legal instruments, by uthority of any other state or country.


OF THE JUDICIAL POWER. SECTION 1. The judicial power of this state shall be vested in one supreme

and in such inferior courts as the general assembly may, from time to ordain and establish. EC. 2. The several courts shall have such jurisdiction is mar from time to be prescribed by law. Chancery power's may be conferred on the supreme

biit on no other court to any greater extent than is now provided by law. 13 SEC. 3. The judges of the supreme court shall, in all trials, instruct the in the law. They shall also give their written opinion upon :iny question

whenever requested by the governor, or by either house of the general


-EC. 1. The judges of the supreme court shall be elected by the two houses

Section was invulled and superseded by Article X of the Amendments.

d in 1893. Sections 2 and 3 were superseded and annulled by sections 1 and 2 of Article f the Amendments, adopted in 1903.

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