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in grand committee. Each judge shall hold his office until bis place be declar? vacant by a resolution of the general assembly to that effect; wbich resulta shall be voted for by a majority of all the members elected to the house in word it may originate, and be concurred in by the same majority of the other bije Such resolution shall not be entertained at any other than the anppal sessiou free the election of public officers, and in defaut of the passage thereof -aini session, the judge shall hold his place as is herein provided.

Buld judge of any court shall be removed from office, if, upon impeachment, l» shall be found guilty of any official misdemeanor.

SEC. 5. In any case of vacancy by death, resignation, removal from state or from office, refusal or inability to serve, of any judge of the supretir court, the office may be filled by the grand committee, until the next annual er. tion, and the judge then elected shall hold his office as before provided. In one's of impeachment or temporary absence, or inability, the governor may appuit il person to discharge the duties of the office during the vacancy caused thereby

SEC. 6. The judges of the supreme court shall receive a compensation ! their services, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in offer

SEC. 7. The towns of New Shoreham and Jamestown may continue to el their Wardens as heretofore. The other towns and the city of Providence Day elelt such number of justices of the peace, resident therein, as they may di proper. The jurisdiction of said justices and wardens shall be regulated by 57 The justices shall be commissioned by the governor.


OF IMPEACHMENTS. SECTION 1. The house of representatives shall have the sole power of me peachment. I vote of two-thirds of all the members elected shall be regu: for an impeachment of the governor. Any officer impeached shall therett suspended from office until judgment in the case shall have been pronounce

SEC. 2. All impeachments shall be tried by the senate; and when sitt for that purpose. they shall be under oath or affirmation. No person shai convicted except by vote of two-thirds of the members elected. When the ernor is impeached, the chief or presiding justice of the supreme court, for time being, shall preside, with il casting vote in all reliininary-questions.

SEC, 3. The governor and all other executive and judicial officers sha!? liable to impeachment; but julgment in such cases shall not extend further to removal from ottice. The person convicted shall, nerertheless, be liah': indictment, trial, and punishment, according to law.


OF EDUCATION, SECTION 1. The diffusion of knowledge, as well as of virtue. amotis people, being essential to the preservation of their rights and liberties, it : be the duty of the general assembly to promote public schools, and to adopt 2* means which they may deem necessary and proper to secure to the people advantages and opportunities of education.

SEC. 2. The money which now is or which may hereafter be approps by law for the establishment of a permanent fund for the support of pe schools, shall be securely invested, and remain a perpetual fund for tha: * pose.

SEC, 3. Il donations for the support of public schools, or for other jor of education, which may be received by the general assembly, shall be according to the terms prescribed by the donors.

SEC. 4. The general assembly shall make all necessary provisions by lay: carrying this article into effect. They shall not divert said money or fun fr. the aforesaid uses, nor borrow, appropriate, or use the same, or any part then for any other purpose, under any pretense whatsoever.



The general assembly may propose amendments to this constitution by the s of a majority of all the members elected to each house. Such propositions. imendments shall be published in the newspapers, and printed copies of them | be sent by the secretary of state, with the names of all the members who I have voted thereon, with the yeas and nays, to all the town and city clerks the state. The suid propositions shall be, by said clerks, inserted in the fants or notices by them issued, for warning the next annual town and 1 meetings in April; and the clerks shall read said propositions to the electors 1 thus assembled, with the names of all the representatives and senators

shall have roted thereon, with the yeas and nays, before the election of tors am representatives shall be had. If it majority of all the members ex to each house, at said, annual meeting, shall approve any proposition made, the same shall be published and submitted to the electors in the

provided in the act of approval; and if then approved by three-fifths of plectors of the state present and voting thereou in town and ward meetings, all become a part of the constitution of the state.


OF THE ADOPTION OF THIS CONSTITUTION. SECTION 1. This constitution, if adopted, shall go into operation on the Tuesday of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-three. first election of governor, lieutenant-governor, secretary of state, attorneyal and general treasurer, and of senators and representatives under said itution, shall be had on the first Wednesday of April next preceding, by lectors qualitied under said constitution. And the town and ward meetings for shall be warned and conducted as is now provided by law. All civil uilitary officers now elected, or who shall hereafter be elected, by the genassembly; or other competent authority, before the said first Wednesday pril, shall hold their offices aud may exercise their powers until the said Tuesday of May, or until their successors shall be qualified to act. All tes, public and private, not repugnant to this constitution, shall continue iu

until they expire by their own limitation, or are repealed by the general bly. All charters, contracts, judgments, actions and rights of action shall

valid as if this constitution had not been made. The present government exercise all the powers with which it is now clothed, until the said first lay of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, and until the Anment under this constitution is duly organized. KEC. 2. All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the ion of this constitution, shall be as valid against the state as if this conjou had not been adopted. EC. 3. The supreme court, established by this constitutioni, shall have a me jurisdiction as the supreme judicial court at present established, and

have jurisdiction of all causes which may be appealed to, or pending in ime; and shall be held at the same times and places, and in each county,

present supreme judicial court, until otherwise prescribed by the general


EC. 4. The towns of New Shoreham and Jamestown shall continue to enne exemptions from military duty which they now enjoy, until otherwise ribed by law. one in convention, at East Greenwich, this fifth day of November, A. D. lousand eight hymdred and forty-two.

JAMES FENNER, President.

HENRY Y. CRANSTON, Vice-President. AS A. JENCKES, ER W. UPDIKE, Secretaries.

Section 3 was annulled by Article XII of the Amendments, adopted in 1903


ARTICLE I. It shall not be necessary for the town or ward clerks to keep and transmit to the general assembly it list or register of all persons voting for general officers; but the general assembly shall have power to pass such laws on the subject as they may deem experlient. 15

ARTICLE II. The governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, shall liere after exclusively exercise the pardoning power, except in cases of impeachment, to the same extent as such power is now exercised by the general as sembly. 16

ARTICLE III. There shall be one session of the general assembly, holden annually, conmencing on the last Tuesday in May, at Newport, and an adjournment fra the same shall be holden sunnually at Providence.17


ARTICLE IV. Electors in this state who, in time of war, are absent from the state, in the actual inilitary service of the United States, being otherwise qualified, shal. have a right to vote in all elections in the state for electors of president and vice-president of the Uniteul States, representatives in congress, and general officers of the state. The general assembly shall have full power to provide law for carrying this article into effect; and until such provision shall be made by law, every such absent elector on the day of such elections, may deliver i written or printed ballot, with the names of the persons voted for thereon, ali his christian and surname, and his voting residence in the state, written a length on the back thereof, to the officer commanding the regiment or compar to which he belongs; and all such ballots, certified by such commanding other to have been given by the selector whose name is written thereon, and returir! by such commanding officer to the secretary of state within the time per scribel by law for counting the votes in such elections, shall be received afi counted with the same effect its if given by such elector in open town, wun. or distriet meeting; and the clerk of each town or city, until otherwise porn vided by law, shall, within five days after any such election, transmit to the secretary of state a certified list of the names of all such electors on bus respective voting lists. 1

ARTICLE V. The manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors to be used as a berens shall be prohibited. The general assembly shall provide by law for carrying this article into effect.19

ARTICLE VI. All soldiers and siilors of foreign birth, citizens of the United States. served in the army or nary of the United States from this state in the air civil war, sünd who were honorably discharged from such service, shall have the

14. Articles I, II and III were proposed and adopted by the general as mbt: January, 1854, re-adopted by the general assembly of June, 1854, and ratified 3 election of November, 1854. Modified by Article XI of the Amendments, adorie! # 1900.

16 See section 4 of Article VII of the Constitution; also Note No. 15.

1. See Section 3, Article IV of the Constitution, superseded by Section 1, AntiXI, of the Amendments, adopted in 1900 ; see Note No. 15.

18 Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of January. 1864, rradothe general assembly of June, 1864, and ratified at the August election, 115t. Article II of the Constitution :ind Articles VI, VII and X of the Amendments.

1Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of 1885. re-adopted by this eral assembly of 1886, and ratified at the election of April 7, 1886, Annulled v Atà VIII of the Amendments, adopted in 1889.

ht to vote on all questions in all legally organized town, district or ward etings, upon the same conditions and under and subject to the same restrictions native born citizens.20

ARTICLE VII. SECTION 1. Every male citizen of the United States of the age of twentyyears who has had his residence and home in this state for two years, I in the town or city in which he may offer to vote six months next preing the time of his voting, and whose name shall be registered in the town or ' where he resides on or before the last day of December, in the year next eding the time of his voting, shall have a right to vote in the election of civil officers and on all questions in all legally organized town or ward meet* Provided, 'that no person shall at any time be allowed to vote in the election he city council of any city, or upon any proposition to impose a tax, or for expenditure of money in any town or city, unless he shall within the year t preceding have paid a tax assessed upon his property therein, valued at least me hundred and thirty-four dollars. SEC. 2. The assessors of each town and city shall annually assess upon every on, who, if registered, would be qualified to vote, a tax of $1, or such sum vith his other taxes shall amount to $1, which tax shall be paid into the sury of such town or city and be applied to the support of the public schools ein: Provided, that such tax assessed upon any person who has performed tary duty shall be remitted for the year he shall perform such duty; and tax assessed upon any mariner for any year while he is at sea, or upon person who by reason of extreme poverty is unable to pay said tax, shall i application of such mariner or person be remitted. The general assemshall have power to provide by law for the collection and remission of suid

SEC, 3. This amendment shall take, in the constitution of the state, the e of sections 2 and 3 of article II, “Of the qualification of electors," which sections are hereby annulled.21

ARTICLE VIII. Article V of the amendments to the constitution of this state is hereby Uled.22

ARTICLE IX. SECTION 1. Hereafter the general assembly may provide by general law the creation and control of corporations: Provided, however, that no cortion shall be created with the power to exercise the right of eminent domain. » acquire franchises in the streets and highways of towns and cities, except pecial act of the general assembly upon a petition for the same, the pen. ✓ whereof shall be notified as may be required by law. SEC, 2. This amendment shall take in the constitution of the state the place ction 17 of article IV', “Of the legislative power," and shall be deemed to i amendment of said section and article.23

ARTICLE X. SECTION 1. In all elections beld by the people for state, city, town, wani, istrict officers, the person or candidate receiving the largest number of

cast shall be declared elected. SEC. 2. This amendment shall take, in the constitution of the state, the

Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of 1885, re-adopted by the genassembly of 1886, and ratified at the election of April 7, 1886. Obsolete; see le II of the Constitution and Articles IV, VII and X of the Amendments.

Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of 1887, re-adopted by the genassembly of 1888, and ratified at the election of April 4, 1888. See Articles I and X of the Amendments.

Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of March, 1889, re-adopted by eneral assembly of May, 1889. and ratified on June 20, 1889.

Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of March, 1892, re-adopted by the al assembly of June, 1892, and ratified on November 8, 1892.

place of section 10 of itrticle VIII, “Of elections," which said section is herely annulled.2+

ARTICLE XI.25 SECTION 1. There shall be a session of the general assembly at Providence commencing on the first Tuesday of January in each year. The senators and representatives shall sererally receive the sum of fire dollars, and the speaker of the house of representatives ten dollars, for erery day of actual attendance ind eight cents per mile for traveling expenses in going to and returning fron the general assembly : Provided, that no compensation or mileage shall be allowed any senator or representative for more than sixty days attendance in inny calendar year. The general assembly shall regulate the compensation of the governor and of tll other officers, subject to the limitations contained in the constitution.

SEC. 2. The governor, lieutenant-governor, secretary of state, attorney-gen. eral, general treasurer, and senators and representatives in the general assenbly shall be elected at town, ward, and district meetings on the Tuesday nest after the first Monday in November annually, commencing A. D. 1901, and shaii severally hold their offices for one year from the first Tuesday of January test succeeding their election, and until their successors are elected and qualified."

SEC. 3. When the governor elect shall die, remove from the state, refuz to serve, become insane, or be otherwise incapacitated, the lieutenant-govertner elect shall be qualified as governor at the beginning of the term for which be was elected. When both the governor and lieutenant-governor elect, or eitbet the lieutenant-governor, secretary of state, attorney-general, or general treasurer elect are so incapacitated, or when there has been a failure to elect any of or more of the officers mentioned in this section, the general assembly she i upon its organization meet in grand committee and elect some person or person to fill the office or offices, ils the case may be, for which such incapacity exe or as to which such failure to elect occurred. When the general assembly stai elect any of said officers because of the failure of any person to receive plurality of the votes cast, the election in each case shall be made from my persons who received the sume and largest number of votes.

SEC, 4. If the offices of governor and lieutenant-governor be both vacants reison of death or otherwise, they shall be filled by the general assembly il grand committee, and the acting governor shall, if the general assembly is ! then in session, call it special session thereof for that purpose within twenty clays after both of said ottices become vacant if a stated session is not sa to occur.

SEC. 5. In case of at vacancy in the office of secretary of state, attorlar general, or general treasurer from any cause, the general assembly in gibi committee shall elect some person to fill the same: Provided, that if so Vacancy occurs when the general assembly is not in session the governor sti: il ppoint some person to fill such vacancy until a successor elected by the genera assembly is qualified to act.

SEC. 6. When a senator or representative elect shall die, remore frue the state, refuse to serre, become insane, or be otherwise incapacitated, or wb

an election for any senator or representative no person shall receive in plurality of the votes cast, il new election shall be held. A vacancy in to senate or house of representatives shall be filled it a new election. The geneta itssembly shall provide by general law for the holding of such elections at cus times as to insure that each town and city shall be fully represented in the or eral Assembly during the whole of every session thereof so far as is prat table. Every person elected in alccordance with this section shall holds office for the remainder of the term or for the full term, as the case may be

24 Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of March, 1893, re-adopted the general assembly of June, 1893, and ratified on November 28, 1893.

* Proposed and adopted by the general assembly of 1899, re-adopted by the $". pral assembly of 1900, and ratified on November 6, 1900. See section 3 of Artist i of the Constitution.

29 Obsolete; see Article XVI of the Amendments, adopted in 1911,

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