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thirds of the members elected thereto, the proposed amendment, with the yeas innd nays thereon. shall be entered on the journal, and it shall be the duty of the Legislature to provide by law, for submitting the saine to the voters of the State for ratification or rejection at the next general election thereafter, and cause the same to be published at least three months before such election in some newspaper in every county in which a newspaper is printed. And if a majority of the qualified voters, voting on the question at the polls held pursuant to such law, ratify the proposed amendment, it shall be in force from the time of such ratification, as part of the Constitution of the State. If two or more amendments be submitted at the same time the vote on the ratification or rejection shall be taken on each separately.

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THE JUDICIAL AMENDMENT. (SECTION 1.) The Supreme Court of Appeals shall consist of five judges Those judges in office when this amendment takes effect shall continue in oflice until their terms shall expire, and the Legislature shall provide for the election of an additional judge of said court at the next general election. whose term shall begin on the first day of January, one thousand nine huu dred and five, and the Governor shall, as for a vacancy, appoint a judge of said court to hold office until the first day of January, one thousand nilie hundred and five. The judges of the supreme court of appeals and of the circuit courts shall receive such silaries as shall be fixed by law, for those pot in or those hereafter to come into office.20

ARTICLE XVI.) TIE IRREDUCIBLE SCHOOL FUND AMENDMENT. (SECTION 1.) The accumulation of the school fund provided for in section four of article twelve, of the Constitution of this state, shall cease upon the adoption of this amendment, and all money to the credit of said fund over one million of dollars, together with the interest on said fund, shall be us for the support of the free schools of this State. All money and taxes bens tofore payable into the treasury under the provision of said section four. * the credit of the school fund, shall be hereafter paid into the treasury to tur (redit of the general school fund for the support of the free schools of the state.21

SCHEDULE. SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of the president of this convention, ime diately after its adjournment, to certify to the governor of the State of West Virginia an accurate transcript of the constitution and schedule adopted by the convention.

SEC. ". Upon the receipt of such certified transcript, the governor shall make proclamation of that fact, and shall annes to his proclamation it copy of this constitution and schedule, all of which shall be published, for the general infarmation of the people, in such manner as he shall deem! most expedient.

SEC. 3. The officers authorized by existing laws to conduct general elertions shall cause elections to be held at the several places of voting. established i law in each county, on the fourth Thursday of August. 1872, at which electie the votes of :1] persons qualified to vote under the existing constitution. an? offering to yote, shall be taken upon the question of ratifying or rejecting this constitution and Scherinle. Such votes shall be by ballot. The person Foto

2 [Article XVI is a new article: it was proposed by the logislature of 1901. i!! ratified on Nov. 4. 1902. No trticle or section number was assigned to this amenn: hy the joint resolution by which it was proposed and it has been designated as [Setiš 1] of [Article XV).

21 [ Article XVI) is a new article; it was proposed by the legislature of 131 D ratified on Nov. 1, 1902. No article or section number was assigned to this amında by the joint resolution by which it wils proposed and it has been designated as a 11 of [Article XVI).

the ratification of the constitution and schedule shall have written or printeil i his ballot the words "For ratification;" and the person voting against ratiion shall have written or printed upon his ballot the words “For rejection." SEC. 4. The said election sliąll be conducted in all things according to the risions of the Code of West Virginia, and the amendments thereto, governing tions, except as herein otherwise provided.

SEC. 5. The supervisors of each coumty shall assemble on the fifth day nday excepted) after the said election, and proceed to ascertain the result the same in the manner prescribed by the sixty-second section of the third pter of the Code of West Virginia : and it shall be their duty to certify the ult, without delay, to the governor, stating in their certificates the number votes given in their respective counties for ratification of the constitution schedule, and the number given for rejection. SEC. 6. It shall be the duty of the governor, upon receiving the said cercates, or a sufficient number thereof to enable him to ascertain the general ult, to declare by proclamation the aggregate vote in the State for and against. ? ratification of the constitution and schedule; and if it shall appear from the d proclamation that a majority of votes cast are in favor of their ratification, S constitution and schedule shall be operative and in full force from and ·luding the fourth Thursday of August, 1872.

SEC. 7. On the same day, and under the superintendence of the officers who all conduct the election for determining the ratification or rejection of the nstitution and schedule, elections shall be held, at the several places of voting

each county, for senators and members of the house of delegates, and all icers, executive, judicial, county, or district, required by this constitution to

elected by the people. Such elections shall be by ballot, and the results ereof shall be ascertained, determined, and certified according to the provi. ons and requirements of existing laws; except that the returns of the elections governor, State superintendent of free schools, a ulitor, treasurer, and attory general shall be transmitted to the secretary of state, sealed and addressed - the "Speaker of the House of Delegates."

SEC. 8. In elections of county officers, required to be elected by districts. e existing subdivisions, by townships in each county, shall constitute such disiets until others shall be established.

SEC. 9. Each county shall elect one assessor for each assessment district ils ow established by law; but at the election to be held under the provisions of his schedule, in comties entitled to two assessors, both shall be electer?" by the oters of the entire county.

SEC. 10. At the election to be held under this schedule there shall also be lected in each district, constitteil is hereinbefore stated, as many justices and onstables as are now authorized by law.

SEC. 11. If this constitution shall be ratified by the people, the legislature lerte under this schedule shall assemble at the seat of government, on the hird Tuesday in November, 1872; and the election of members of the legislature mder this constitution, shall vacate the seats of those elected under the pHesent constitution. The term of service of the delegates first elected to the legislature wder this constitution shall expire on the first day of November, 1874; and the term of service of the senator's shall expire as follows: The term of the first class on the first day of November, 1874, and the term of the second class on the first day of November, 1876.

SEC. 12. The terms of office of the governor, the State superintendent of free schools, the iluditor, treasurer, and attorney-general, elected under this schedule, shall commence on the fourth day of March, 1873. The governor, the State superintendent of free schools, the auditor, treasurer, attorney-general. aml secretary of state, and their successors, elected under the existing constirution :ind laws, shall continue in office until their successors, elected or appointed tinder this constitution and schedule, shall be qualified. The terms of office of the judges of the supreme court of appeals, of the judges of the circuit courts, and of all county and district officers whose election is provided for by this schedule shall commence on the 1st day of January, 1873 ; :und the present jndges of the

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supreme Court of appeals, and of the circuit courts, and their successors who may be appointed under the present constitution and laws, shall remain in office until the date last aforesaid. The recorders and supervisors of the serera! comties shall continue in office and exercise their functions under the existing constitution and laws until the first day of January, 1873. And all officers manned in this section, elected under the provisions of the existing constitutio. and laws, shall, until their terms expire, ils herein provided, receive such compensation as saiul constitution :ind laws prescribe.

SEC. 13. The municipal court of Wheeling shall continue in existente all csercise its present jurisdiction, until otherwise provided by law.

SEC. 11. All the books, records, papers, seals, and other property non in the custody and under the control of the boards of supervisors and recorders of the several counties, and records, books, papers. seals, and other property of the former county courts, now in the custody of the clerks of the circuit courts. shall be triunsferred on the first day of January, 1873, or as soon thereafter as may be, to the clerks of the county courts in their respective counties, an remain in their custoly until otherwise prescribed by law.

- SEC. 15. Justices, ilssessors, and all other county officers, except sheriffs and constables, shall, on the first day of January, 1873, or as soon thereafter as ma be, transfer to their successors in office all ofticial books, records, papers, and property in their possession; and in cases where, from the abolition of any office. or from any other cause, it doubt shall arise is to the officer entitlel to: receive them, they shall be delivered to the clerk of the county court for prever. viation, until disposition be made of them by that court.

SEC, 16. All county, township, district, and other officers connected with the existing system of free schools shall continue to perform the duties of their respective offices, ils now, prescribed by law. until their successors shall hair been elected and qualities is the legislature may provide.

SEC. 17. The records, books, papers, seals, and other property and alpurtenances of the existing supreme court of appeals shall. on the first day of Jan Hary. 1873, or as soon thereafter as may be, be transferrell to, iind remain in. the care and custody of the supreme court of isppeals established by this (uusitution, until otherwise provided by law; and all civil or criminal causes j*itions, and other proceedings then pending in the supreme court of Appeals sbs. be proceeded with in the supreme court of appeals established by this evusti. tution to final judgment. The records, bookis, papers, seals, and other property il hd ippurtenances of the existing circuit courts in this State shall then als Due transferreul to, and remain in, the care and custody of the circuit courts.estat lished by this constitution, until otherwise provided by law; to which courts i process outstanding, at the time this constitution shall go into effect. shall returned. ind by which all new process, proper in cases either pending or deter mineul in existing circuit courts, may be issued. And all indictments, prox1 tions, suits, pleas, petitions, and other proceerlings pending in the present cirent court of any county shall be prosecuted in the circuit court established in a counts by this constitution to final judgment and execution ; except thui al pending itppeals from justices may be transferred to the county (ourt organizze! in such county.

SEC. 18. Copies and transcripts of the records illnd proceedings of the line ent circuit courts shall be made and certified by the circuit courts establishe! by this constitution, or the proper officers thereof, and hall have the same fate and effect as if they had been heretofore properly made and certified by be existing courts, or their proper officers,

SEC, 19. Recognizances, bonds, obligations, and all undertakings enteral * or executed before the adoption of this constitution, to the commonwealth of Virginia, the State of West Virginia, or to any public officer, corporation, tu. ship), or county, shall remaiu binding and valid; :d all rights and liabilities growing out of them shall be umimpaired.

SEC. 201. The executive department of the government shall remain as ** present organizeil, and the governor shall continue in office until it gott 15 clected umier this constitution shall be qualitieil; and ill other persons in it

pustitution is adopted, except its herein otherwise expressly directed, le in office until their successors are qualified; and vacancies in office, efore such qualification, shall be filled in the manner now prescribed

All the courts of justice now existing shall continue with their istliction, and be held is now prescribed by law, until the judicial blished by this constitution shall go into effect, and all rights, prosecious, claims, and contracts shall remain and continue as if this conid not been adopted, except so far is the same may be atlerteil by ind provisions of this constitution, when it shall go into effect. -2. The legislature shall pass all laws necessary to carry this consti

full operation and effect. 33. At the time of the submission of this constitution to a vote of the ere shall be submitted, is it separate proposition, the following: white (itize'll entitled to vote, :und no other, may be elected or ap

any office: but the governor and judges must have attained the ilye and the itttomer-general and senators the age or twenty-five years, at ning of their respective terms of service; und must have been citizens of

for five ye:il's next preceding their election, or appointment, or citizens ne this constitution goes into operation." die mole of voting on the said proposition shall be boy ballot, on which

written or printed the word "White"; and if it majority of all the st for ratitication or rejectiou of the constitution be in fivor of the position), it shall take the place of section fourth of article fourth of stitution. The result of the said election shall be certified and its'ertained me mammer, inne by the sune officers, ils hereinbefore provided in regard lection for the ratification or rejection of this constitution. And if the ve in favor of the said proposition, the governor shall make proclamation effect thereof, as hereinbefore provided.

SAM'L PRICE, President.


We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom; in

order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure
domestie tranquility and promote the general welfare; do establish this


DECLARATION OF RIGHTS. SECTION 1. All men are born equally free and independent, and bare (ertuin inherent rights; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of hajmi ness: to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, derinis their just powers from the consent of the governel.

SEC, 2. There should be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in this state, otherwise than for the punishment of crime, whereof the party sh:I have been duly convicted.

SEC. 3. Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right, and no laws shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech, or of the press Tu all criminal prosecutions, or indictments for libel, the truth may be give] in evidence, and if it shall appear to the jury. that the matter charghi libelous be true, and was published with good motives ind for justifialde ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to deterline the litt and the fact.

SEC, 1. The right of the people peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or any department thereaf. shall never be abridged.

SEC. .5. The right of trial by jury shall remain in violate, and sball entes! to all cases at law, without regard to the amount in controversy ; but a jur trial may be waived by the parties in all cases, in the manner prescribed bus law.

SEC, 6. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor shall excessive 'fine le imposed, nor cruel and unusual punisbments he inflictel.

SEC. 7. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to love heard by himself and counsel; to demand the nature and cause of th -accusation against him; to meet the witnesses face to face; to have comoj-! sory process to compel the attendance of witnesses in his behalf; and in prosecutions by indictment, or information, to a speedy public trial bus 1 impartial jury of the county or district wherein the offeuse shall have beya, committed; which counts or district shall have been previously ascertain by law.

SEC. S. No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense witbest due process of law, and no person, for the same offense, shall be put twie I. jeopardy of punishment, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to ta witness against himself. All persons shall before conviction be bailable sufficient sureties, except for capital offenses when the proof is evident or presumption great; and the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shal si be suspended wless when in case of rebellion or invasion the publie ur? mas require it.?

SEC. 9. Every person is entitled to it certain remedy in the laws for

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* The convention which framed the constitution of Wisconsin assembled at det on Dec. 15, 1847, and adjourned on Feb. 1, 1S4S, The constitution was submitted the electors on March 13, 1848, and was ratified by a vote of 16.799 to 6,344 constitution was submitted as it whole and no proposition was submitted spina The state was admitted to the Union by an act approved on May 29, 1848.

1 Amendment proposed and adopted by the legislature of 1869, rendopilot l.gislature of 1870, iind ratified on Nov. 8, 1870.

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