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the property against which they are issued, or so much thereof as may be essary to pay the amount due, such sale to be first duly advertised daily for

week in some newspaper published in the city of Washington, and to be at le auction to the highest bidder. When street railways cross any street or me, the pavement between the tracks of such railway shall conform to the ement used upon such street or ávenue, and the companies owning these r'secting railroads shall pay for such pavenients in the same manner and portion as required of other railway comrpanies under the provisions of this ion. It shall be the duty of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to that all water and gas mains, service pipes, and sewer connections are laid n any street or a renue proposed to be paved or otherwise improved before

such pavement or other permanent works are put down;' and the Washon Gas-Light ('ompany, under the direction of said Commissioners, shall, at wn expense take up, lay, and replace all gas mains on any street or avenue de paved, at such time and place as said Commissioners shall direct. The sident of the United States may detail from the Engineer Corps of the y not more than two officers, of rank subordinate to that of the Engineer er belonging to the Board of Commissioners of said District to act as asuts to said Engineer ('ommissioner, in the discharge of the special duties osed upon him by the provisions of this act. SEC. 6. That from and after the first day of July; eighteen hundred and enty-eight, the board of metropolitan police and the board of school trustees 1 be abolished: and all the powers and duties now exercised by them shall ransferred to the said Commissioners of the District of Columbia, who shall e authority to employ such officers and agents and to adopt such provisions may be necessiry to carry into execution the powers and duties devolved n them by this aet. And the Commissioners of the District of Columbia I from time to time appoint nineteen persons, actual residents of said Dist of Columbia, to constitute the trustees of public schools of said District,

shall serve without compensation and for such ternis as said Commissioners I fix. Said trustees shall have the powers and perform the duties in relation he care and management of the public schools which are now authorized a. SEC. 7. That the offices of sinking-fund commissioners are hereby abold; and all duties and powers possessed by said commissioners are transed to, and shall be exercised by, the Treasurer of the United States, who Il perform the same in accordance with the provisions of existing laws.

SEC, 8. That in lieu of the board of health now authorized by law, the mmissioners of the District of Columbia shall appoint a physician as health er, whose duty its shall be, under the direction of the said Commissioners, execute and enforce all laws and regulations relating to the public health

rital statistics, and to perform all such duties as may be assigned to him said Commissioners; and the board of health now existing shall, from the 2 of the appointment of said health officer, be abolished.

SEC. 9. That there may be appointed by the Commissioners of the District Columbia, on the recommendation of the health officer, a reasonable number sanitary inspectors for said District, not exceeding six, to hold such appointat at any one time, of whom two may be physicians, and one shall be a son skilled in the matters of drainage and ventilation; and said Commisers may remove any of the subordinates, and from time to time may prebe the duties of each; and said inspectors shall be respectively required to ke, at least once in two weeks, a report to said health officer, in writing, of r inspections, which shall be preserved on file; and said health officer shall ort in writing annually to said Commissioners of the District of Columbia.

so much oftener as they shall require, SEC. 10. That the Commissioners may appoint, on the like recommendation the health officer, a reasonable number of clerks, but no greater number shall appointed, and no more persons shall be employed under said heath officer, n the public interests demand and the appropriation shall justify. SEC. 11. That the salary of the health officer shall be three thousand dol



18 Act to provide a government

Be it enacted by the Senat States of America in Congress


lars per annum; and the salary of the sanitary inspectors shall not exceed the sum of one thousand two hundred dollars per annum each; and the salary of the clerks and other assistants of the health officer shall not exceed in the aggregate the amount of seven thousand dollars, to be apportioned as the Com missioners of the District of Columbia may deem best.

SEC. 12. That it shall be the duty of the said Commissioners to report to Congress at the next session succeeding their appointment a draft of such additional laws or amendments to existing laws as in their opinion are necessary for the harmonious working of the system hereby adopted. and for the effectual and proper government of the District of Columbia ; and said Commissioners shall annually report their official doings in detail to Congress on or before the first Monday of December.

Sec. 13. That there shall be no increase of the present amount of the total indebtedness of the District of Columbia ; and any officer or person who shall knowingly increase, or aid or abet in increasing, such total indebtedness, except to the amount of the two hundred thousand dollars, as authorized by this act, shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding ten years, and by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars.

Sec. 14. That the term "school houses" in the act of June seventeenth. eighteen hundred and seventy, chapter thirty, was intended to embrace all colle giate establishments actually used for educational purposes, and not for private gain; and that all taxes heretofore imposed upon such establishments, in the District of Columbia, since the date of said act are hereby remitted, and where the same or any part thereof has been paid, the sum so paid shall be refunded. But if any portion of any said building, house, or grounds in terms excepted is used to secure a rent or income, or for any business purpose, such portion of the same, or a sum equal in value to such portion, shall be taxed.

SEC. 15. That all laws inconsistent with the provisions of this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

Approved June 11, 1878.

SECTION 1. That the phras without qualifying words, shall of Hawaii, in force on the twelf eight, at the time of the transf to the United States of America

The constitution and statute set forth in a compilation made the legislature, and published in laws,” respectively, and in the of eighteen hundred and ninety Laws," "Penal Laws," and "Ses


SEC. 2. That the islands ac an Act of Congress entitled Hawaiian Islands to the United dired and ninety-eight, shall be

GOVERNMENT Sec. 3. That a Territorial Territory, with its capital at H

SEC. 4. That all persons w August twelfth, eighteen hundr citizens of the United States ar

And all citizens of the Ur who were resident there ono ninety-eight, and all the citizens in the Territory of Hawaii for Hawaii,

APPLICATION OF I SEC. 5. That the Constitut laws of the United States, in which are not locally inapplical the said Territory as elsewhere eighteen hundred and forty-one nineteen hundred and ten and Statutes, and the amendments hibit the passage of local or specto limit territorial indebtedness, eighteen hundred and eighty-six to Hawaii. (As amended by act

• The Hawaiian Islands were = approved July 7, 1898, and the forr the act of April 30, 1900, the Island government was established. The is still the

fundamental law of the braced in Sections 3644-3746, inclus United States Statutes at Large, Ve


t to provide a government for the Territory of Hawaii. e it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

of America in Congress assembled,


DEFINITIONS. ECTION 1. That the phrase "the laws of Hawaii," as used in this Act ut qualifying words, shall mean the constitution and laws of the Republic iwaii, in force on the twelfth day of August, eighteen hundred and ninety- at time of the transfer of the sou eignty of the Hawaiian Islands e United States of America. The constitution and statute laws of the Republic of Hawaii then in force, orth in a compilation made by Sidney M. Ballou under the authority of egislature, and published in two volumes entitled “Civil Laws" and “Penal 4,” respectively, and in the Session Laws of the Legislature for the session ighteen hundred and ninety-eight, are referred to in this Act as "Civil s," "Penal Laws," and "Session Laws."

TERRITORY OF HAWAII. SEC, 2. That the islands acquired by the United States of America under Act of Congress entitled “Joint resolution to provide for annexing the Vaiia Islands to the United States;" approved July seventh, eighteen hund und ninety-eight, shall be known as the Territory of Hawaii.

; GOVERNMENT OF THE TERRITORY OF HAWAII, SEC. 3. That a Territorial government is hereby established over the said ritory, with its capital at Honolulu, on the island of Oahn.

CITIZENSHIP. SEC. 4. That all persons who were citizens of the Republic of Hawaii on igust twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, are hereby declared to be izens of the United States and citizens of the Territory of Hawaii.

And all citizens of the United States resident in the Hawaiian Islands bo were resident there on or since August twelfth, eighteen hundred and nety-eight, and all the citizens of the United States who shall hereafter reside

the Territory of Hawaii for one year shall be citizens of the Territory of awaii.

APPLICATION OF THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES. Sec. 5. That the Constitution, and, except as otherwise provided, all the ws of the United States, including laws carrying general appropriations, which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the same force and effect within he said Territory as elsewhere in the United States; Provided, That sections ighteen hundred and forty-one to eighteen hundred and ninety-one, inclusive, rineteen hundred and ten and nineteen hundred and twelve, of the Revised Statutes, and the amendments thereto, and an Act entitled "An Act to prohibit the passage of local or special laws in the Territories of the l'nited States, to limit territorial indebtedness, and for other purposes," approved July thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and the amendments thereto shall not apply to Hawaii. (As amended by act of May 27, 1910.]

* The Hawaiian Islands were annexed to the United States by a joint resolution approved July 7, 1898, and the formal cession was completed on August 12, 1898. By the act of April 30, 1900, the Islands were made a fully organized territory and a civil government was established. The organic act of 1900, with amendments since made, is still the fundamental law of the territory. The fundamental laws of Hawaii are embraced in Sections 3644-3746, inclusive, of the United States Compiled Statutes of 1913. United States Statutes at Large, Vol. 31.


person shall be subject to impris the Territory of Hawaii: alls euity, and other proceedings te Hawaii shall be carried on to fi ing courts of the Territory of imposed before this Act takes ef in the name of the Territory of shall be maintained for the spec hereafter entered into for person or be enforced for breach of an ceeding instituted solely to recor That the provisions of this sectic United States applicable to merel

That all contracts made since


hundred and twelve, Peddling fore Sec. 6. That the laws of Hawaii not inconsistent with the Constitution or

to eight bundred and fifteen, inclu

hundred and nineteen, Imports; subject to repeate organen drethe provisions of this Act shall continue in force, by the legislature of Hawait or the Congress

hundred and six, inclusive, Qua seren, Consuls and consular agen

elereu hundred and forty-five to sec. 7. That the constitution of the Republic of Hawaii and the laws of

and twelve hundred and four toHawaii, as set forth in the following acts, chapters, and sections of the civil

entry, and departure of vessels; laws, penal laws, and session laws, and relating to the following subjects, are

Savigation and other matters w hereby repealed : CIVIL LAWS: Sections two and three, Promulgation of laws; chapter five,

States; sections thirteen hundre Flag and seal; sections thirty to thirty-three, inclusive, Tenders for supplies:

forty-eight, Fraudulent exportati

Tants; chapter ninety-three, Im chapter seven, Minister of foreign affairs, chapter eight, Diplomatic and con

sixteen hundred and eight, and sular agents; sections one hundred and thirty-four and one hundred and thirty

forestry ; chapter ninety-six, Sed fiye, National museum; chapter twelve, Education of Hawaiian youths abroad;

ing regulations. sectious one hundred and fifty to one hundred and fifty-six, inclusive, Aid to

SESSION LAW'S: Act fifteen, board of education; chapter fourteen, Minister of the Interior; sections one

Seren, Exemptions from duties; seventy-four and one hundred and seventy-five, Government "lands ; section

of act thirty-eight, Importation

det sixty-five, Consolidation of p one hundred and ninety, Board of commissioners of public lands; section four

jet sixty-eight, Chinese inmigra hundred and twenty-four, Bureau of agriculture and forestry; chapter thirtyone, Agriculture and manufactures; chapter thirty-two, Ramie; chapter thirtythree, Taro flour; chapter thirty-four, Development of resources; chapter thirty


SEC. S. That the offices of five, Agriculture; section four hundred and seventy-seven, Brands; chapter

of the interior, minister of finai thirty-seven, Patents; chapter thirty-eight, Copyrights; sections five hundred and fifty-six and five hundred and fifty-seven, Railroad subsidy, chapter forty

eral, deputy auditor general, suiseven, Pacific cable: chapter forty-eight, Hospitals; chapter fifty-one, Coins and

the Republic of Hawaii are here currency; chapter fifty-four, Consolidation of public debt: chapter fifty-six, Post-office; chapter fifty-seven, Exemptions from postage; chapter fifty-eight, Postal savings banks; chapter Sixty-five, Import duties; chapter sixty-six, Im

SEC. 9. That wherever the ports; chapter Sixty-seven, Ports of entry and collection districts; chapter sixty

or “Republic of Hawaii," or "Go eight. Collectors: chapter, sixty-nine, Registry of vessels; section one thousand

eguiralents, ecur in the laws and eleven, Custom-house charges; section eleven hundred and two, Elections:

hereby amended to read “Goveri section eleven hundred and thirty-two, Appointment of magistrate; last clause

of Hawaii," or "Government of of first subdivision and fifth subdivision of section eleven hundred and forty

as the context requires. four first subdivision of section eleven hundred and forty-five, Jurisdiction: sections eleven bundred and seventy-three, to eleven hundred and seventy-eight. inclusive. Translation of decisions section eleven hundred and eighty-eight. Clerks of court; sections thirteen hundred and twenty-nine, thirteen hundred and thirty-one, thirteen hundred and thirty-two, thirteen hundred and fortyseven to thirteen hundred and fifty-four. 1 inclusive. Juries; sections fifteen hundred and nine to fifteen hundred and fourteen, inclusive, Maritime matters; chapter one hundred and two, Naturalization; section sixteen hundred and seventy-eight. Habeas corpus; chapter one hundred and eight, Arrest of punishable debtors; subdivisions, six, seren, ten, twelve to fourteen of section seventeen hundred and thirty-six, Garnishment; sections seventeen hundred and fifty-five , to seventeen hundred and fifty-eight, inclusive, Liens on vessels: chapter one hundred and sixteen. Bankruptcy, and sections eighteen hundred and twentyeight to eighteen hundred and thirty-two, inclusive, Water rights.

PENAL LAW'S: Chapter Six, Treason, section sixty-five to sixty-seren, in clusive. Foot binding; chapter seventeen, Violation of postal laws; section three hundred and fourteen, Blasphemy; sections three hundred and seventy-one to three hundred and seventy-two, inclusive, Vagrants; sections four hundred and eleven to four hundred and thirteen, inclusive, Manufacture of liquors; chapter forty-three, Offenses on the high seas and other waters : sections five hundred and ninety-five and six hundred and two to six hundred and five, inclusive. Jurisdiction; section six hundred and twenty-three, Procedure; sections seren Inundred and seven hundred and one, Imports; section seven hundred and fifteen, Auction license; section seven hundred and forty-five. Commercial trarelers; sections seven hundred and forty-eight to seven hundred and fifty-fire. inclusive, Firearms; sections seven hundred and ninety-six to eight hundred and nine, inclusive. Coasting trade; sections eight hundred and eleven and eight



CONSTRUCTIC SEC. 10. That all rights of and judgments existing prior to be as effectual as if this Act ha against the Republic of Hawaii Tnitel States, shall be equally the Territory of Hawaii. All

as offeuses against offenses against the government is inconsistent with this Act, o All criminal and penal proceedin of Hawaii shall be prosecuted to

and twelve, Peddling foreign goods; sections eight hundred and thirteen hundred and fifteen, inclusive, Importation of live stock; section eight I and nineteen, Imports; sections eight hundred and eighty-six to nine 1 and six. inclusive, Quarantine'; section eleven hundred and thirtyConsuls and consular agents; chapter sixty-seven, Whale ships; sections hundred and forty-five to eleven hundred and seventy-nine, inclusive, elve hundred and four to twelve hundred and nine, inclusive, Arrival, and departure of vessels; chapters sixty-nine to seventy-six, inclusive, tion and other matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of the United

sections thirteen hundred and forty-seven and thirteen hundred and ight, Fraudulent exportation; chapter seventy-eight. Masters' and serchapter ninety-three, Immigration; sections sixteen hundred and one,

hundred and eight, and sixteen hundred and twelve, Agriculture and »'; chapter ninety-six, Seditious offenses; and chapter ninety-nine, Sailgulations. ESSION LAWS: A fifteen, Elections; Act twenty-six, Du es; ct twenty

Exemptions from duties; Act thirty-two, Registry of vessels; section four t thirty-eight, Importation of live stock; Act forty-eight, Pacific cable ; ixty-five, Consolidation of public debt; Act sixty-six, Ports of entry; and ixty-eight, Chinese immigration.

CERTAIN OFFICES ABOLISHED. EC, 8. That the offices of President, minister of foreign affairs, minister e interior, minister of finance, minister of public instruction, auditor-gendeputy auditor general, surveyor-general, marshal, and deputy marshal of Republic of Hawaii are hereby abolished.

AMENDMENT OF OFFICIAL TITLES. SEC. 9. 'That wherever the words "President of the Republic of Hawaii," Republic of Hawaii," or "Government of the Republic of Hawaii,” or their valents, (xcur in the laws of Hawaii not repealed by this Act, they are by amended to read “Governor of the Territory of Hawaii," or "Territory lawaii," or "Government of the Territory of Hawaii,” or their equivalents, he context requires.

CONSTRUCTION OF EXISTING STATUTES, SEC. 10. That all rights of action, suits at law and in equity, prosecutions,

judgments existing prior to the taking effect of this Act shall continue to as effectual as if this Act had not been passed ; and those in favor of or inst the Republic of Hawaii, and not assumed by or transferred to the ited States, shall be equally valid in favor of or against the government of - Territory of Hawaii. All offenses which by statute then in force were nishable as offenses against the Republic of Hawaii shall be punishable as euses against the government of the Territory of Hawaii, unless such statute

inconsistent with this Act, or shall be repealed or changed by law. No rson shall be subject to imprisonment for nonpayment of taxes nor for debt. I criminal and penal proceedings then pending in the courts of the Republic

Hawaii shall be prosecuted to final judgment and execution in the name of e Territory of Hawaii; al such proceedings, all actions at law, suits in lity, and other proceedings then pending in the courts of the Republic of fawaii shall be carried on to final judgment and execution in the correspond1g courts of the Territory of Hawaii; and all process issued and sentences mposed before this Act takes effect shall be as valid as if issued or imposed

the name of the Territory of Hawaii: Provided, That no suit or proceedings ball be maintained for the specific performance of any contract heretofore or ereafter entered into for personal labor or service, nor shall any remedy exist I be enforced for breach of any such contract, except in a civil suit or proeeding instituted solely to recover damages for such breach: Provided further, That the provisions of this section shall not modify or change the laws of the l'nited States applicable to merchant seamen.

That all contracts made since August twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety

, (101)

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