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shall then not approve, shall transmit the same to the United States. The rote of each house shall be by uue the names of the members voting for and against shall he journal. If the President of the United States approve Il sign it, and it shall become il law. If he shall not aphall return it to the governor so stating, and it shall not

Provided. That the President of the l'nited States shall approve

act submitted to him under the provisions of this ninety. (lays from and after its submission for his approval; prored within such time it shall become a law the same as

Specifically provedl. If itny bill presented to the governor Eu items of appropriation of money, he may object to one or

items, or any part or parts, portion or portions thereof, while the other portion of the bill. · In such case he shall append t the time of signing it, a statement of the items, parts or of to which he objects, and the appropriation so objected to · effect. If any bill shall not be returned by the governor within way's excepted) after it shall bave been presentert to him, it Win like manier as if he had signed it, unless the legislature wat prevents its return, in which case it shall be a law if signed nor within thirty days after receipt by him; otherwise it shall

Al laws enacted by the Legislature of Porto Rico shall be the ('ongress of the United States, as provided in section twentyis iet, which hereby reserves the power and authority to annul If :t the termination of any tiscal year the appropriations necessupport of the government for the ensuing fiscal year shall not have the several sums appropriated in the last appropriation bills for

und purposes therein specified, so far as the same may be appliill be deemed to be reappropriatedl item by item; and until the

Shaul :lct in such behalf the treasurer may, with the advice of lor. mike the paymeuts necessary for the purposes aforesaid. house shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and may, in its discom time to tiine publish the same, and the yeas and nays on any shall, on the demand of one-fifth of the members present, be enthe journal. Sessions of col house and of the committees of the whole shall


her house sball, without the consent of the other, idjourn for more op dinysnor to illiy other place than that in which the two houses

sitting . 1:1W shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall be so ultered or I on its passage through either house its to change its original pur

:l('t of Vie legislature except the general ippropriation bills for the ne of the government shall take offert until ninety days after its pasmess in (ase of emergency (which shall be expressed in the preamble

of the ict) the legislature shall boy vote of two-thirds of all the r's elected to cach house otherwise direct. So bill, except the general rition bill for the expenses of the goverument only, introduced in house of the legislature after the first forty days of the session, shall le il law. No bill shall be considereul or become at lawumless referred to a come returned therefrom, and printed for the use of the members: Provided,

cither house Day by all majority vote discharge it committee from the ideration of it measure and bring it before the body for consideration. So bill, except general appropriation bills shall be passed containing

than one subjert, which shall be clearly expressed in its title; but if subject shall be embraced in illy act which shall not be expressed in title, such act shall be void only is to so much thereof as shall not be expressed. No law shall be revived, or amended, or the provisions thereof extended

department, with the consent of th

of quasi public nature shall be me ing of the heads of executive depa


or conferred by reference to its title only, but so much thereof as is revived. mended, extended, or conferred shall be reenacted and published at length.

The presiding officer of each house shall, in the presence of the house over which he presides, sign all bills and joint resolutions passed by the legislature, after their titles shall have been publicly read, immediately before signing; and the fact of signing shall be entered on the journal.

The legislature shall prescribe by law the number, duties, and compensation of the officers and employees of each house; and no payment shall be made for services to the legislature from the treasury, or be in any way authorized to any person, except to in acting officer or employee elected or appointed in pursuance of law.

No bill shall be passeil giving any extra compensation to any public officer, servant or employee, agent or contractor, after services shall have been rendered or contract made.

Except as otherwise provided in this act, no law shall extend the term of any public officer, or increase or diminish his salary or emoluments after his election or appointment, nor permit any officer or employee to draw compensation for more than one office or position,

All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives, but the senate may propose or concur with amendments, as in case of other bills,

The general appropriation bill shall embrace nothing but appropriations for the ordinary expenses of the executive, legislative, and judicial departments, interest on the public debt, and for public schools. All other appropriations shall be made by separate bills, each embracing but one subject.

Every order, resolution, or vote to which the concurrence of both houses may be necessary, except on the question of adjournment, or relating solely to the transaction of business of the two houses, shall be presented to the onernor, and before it shall take effect be approved by him, or, being disapproved. shall be repassed by two-thirds of both houses, incl'ording to the rules and limitations prescribed in case of a bill.

Any person who shall, directly or indirectly, offer, give. or promise any money or thing of value, testimonial, privilege, or personal advantage to aby executive or judicial oflicer or member of the legislature to influence him in the performance of any of his public or official duties, shall be deemed guilty of bribery, and be punished by il fine not exceeding $5.00), or imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both.

The offense of corrupt solicitation of members of the legislature, or of public officers of Porto Rico, or of any municipal division thereof, and any Occupation or practice of solicitation of such members or otheers to influeur their official action, shall be defined by law, and shall be punished by fine amil imprisonment.

In case the available revenues of Porto Rico for any fiscal year, inelu ing : Vailable surplus in the insular treasury, are insutficient to meet all the il ppropriations made by the legislature for such year, such appropriation shall be paid in the following order, umless otherwise directed by the governor

First class. The ordinary expenses of the legislative. executive, and jodi cial departments of the State government. ind interest on any publie debt. shall first be paid in full.

Second class. Appropriations for all institutions, such as the penitentiary. insame asylum, inclustrial school, and the like, where the inmates are confine! involuntarily, shall next be paid in full.

Third class. Appropriations for education in educational and charitable institutions shall be paid in full.

Fourth ass. Appropriations for iny other officer or officers bureats or boards, shall next be paid in full.

Fifth class. Appropriations for all other purposes shall next be paid.

That in case there are not sufficient revenues for any fiscal year. inelul ing available surplus in the insular treasury, to meet in full the appropristions of said year for :ul of the said classes of appropriations, then som revenues shall be applied to the classes in the order above nimed. :ind if, after

the payment of the prior cla any fiscal year to pay in fu class, then, in that event, wha priations for said class shał rata according as the amoun to the total amount of all of year.

No appropriation shall be legislature, whereby the expert any fiscal year shall exceed t applicable for such appropriat plus in the treasury, unless provide for levying a sufficien within such fiscal year.

SEC. 35. That at the first
electors shall be those having
law. Thereafter roters shall be
of age or over and have such a
the legislature of Porto Rico:
erer be imposed upon or requis

SEC. 36. That the qualitied
tral election choose a Resident
of office shall begin on the dat
and shall continue until the fo
ane. At each subsequent electi
and twenty, the qualified elector
suissioner to the l'nited States,
ibe fourth of March following su
to receive official recognition as
of the Government of the Unite
fartment of State, of a certifica
The Resident Commissioner shai
I nited States, of $7.50 per ann
sa me sum for stationery and for
allowed to members, of the Hou
and he shall be allowed the sum
House of Representatives and the

No person shall be eligibl is not a bona fide citizen of the ikenty-five years of age, and wh zuage.

In case of vacancy in th resignation, or otherwise, the gove The senate, shall appoint a Resic shall serve until the next genera and qualified.

SEC. 37. That the legislative ill matters of a legislative charac te (reate. consolidate, and reorgani kry, and to provide and repeal li in alter. a mend, modify, or repea haracter now in force in Porto I far as such alteration, amendmen with the provisions of this act.

So executive department not the legislature, but the legislature

SEC. 38. That all grants of f.

to be elected by the qualified vote under this act, and at each subsequ

of the prior classes in full, there are not sufficient revenues for ear to pay in full the appropriations for that year for the next in that event, whatever there may be to apply on account of appro»r: said class shall be distributed -among said appropriations pro ring as the amount of each appropriation of that class shall bear l amount of all of said appropriations for that class for such fiscal propriation shall be made, nor any expenditure authorized by the , whereby the expenditure of the Government of Porto Rico during year shall exceed the total revenue then provided for by law and for such appropriation or expenditure, including any available surhe treasury, unless the legislature making such appropriation shall or levying a sufficient tax to pay such appropriation or expenditure Ich fiscal year.

35. That at the first election held pursuant to this act the qualified shall be those having the qualifications of voters under the present nereafter voters shall be citizens of the United States twenty-one years or over and have such additional qualifications as may be prescribed by islature of Porto Rico: Provided, That no property qualification shall e imposed upon or required of any voter. C. 36. That the qualified electors of Porto Rico shall at the next gelPction choose a Resident Commissioner to the United States, whose term ce shall begin on the date of the issuance of his certificate of election hall continue until the fourth of March, nineteen hundred and twenty

Alt each subsequent election, beginning with the year nineteen hundred wenty, the qualified electors of Porto Rico shall choose a Resident Comoner to the l'nited States, whose term of office shall be four years froni ourth of Mirch following such general election, and who shall be entitled eceive official recognition as such commissioner by all of the departments he Government of the United States, upon presentation, through the Dement of State of a certificate of election of the Governor of Porto Rico.

Resident Commissioner shall receive a salary, payable monthly by the ited States, of $7.500 per annum. Such commissioner shall be allowed the ne sum for stationery and for the pay of necessary clerk hire as is now owed to members, of the House of Representatives of the United States: d he shall be allowed the sum of $500 as mileage for each session of the ouse of Representatives and the franking privilege granted members of Con

No person shall be eligible to election as Resident Commissioner who not a bona fide citizen of the United States and who is not more than wenty-five years of age, and who does not read and write the English lanxuage. In case of vacancy in the office of Resident Commissioner by death. resignation, or otherwise, the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the sepate, shall appoint a Resident Commissioner to fill the vacancy, who shall serve until the next general election and until his successor is elected and qualified.

SEC. 37. That the legislative authority herein provided shall extend to all matters of a legislative character not Jocally inapplicable, including power to create, consolidate, and reorganize the municipalities so far as may be necessury, and to provide and repeal laws and ordinances therefor; also the power to alter, amend, modify, or repeal any or all laws and ordinances of every character now in force in Porto Rico or municipality or district thereof in so far as such alteration, amendment. modification, or repeal may be consistent with the provisions of this act.

So executive department not provided for in this act shall be created by the legislature, but the legislature may consolidate departments, or abolish any department, with the consent of the President of the United States.

SEC. 38. That all grants of franchises, rights, and privileges of a public or quasi public nature shall be made by a public-service commission, consisting of the heads of executive departments, the auditor, and two commissioners to be elected by the qualified voters at the first general election to be held under this act, and at each subsequent general election thereafter. The terms


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years and not over sixty-five ye

of said elective commissioners elected at the first general election shall come inence on the twenty-eighth day following the said general election, and the

said district, whose sal terms of the said elective commissioners elected at each subsequent general

years unless sooner ret election shall commence on the second day of January following their election ;

trict shall be called "t they shall serve for four years and until their successors are elected and quali and shall have power fied. Their compensation shall be $8 for each day's attendance on the sessions ing the clerk, interprete of the commission, but in no case shall they receive more than $100 each dur shall be entitled to the ing any one year. The said commission is also empowered and directed to cisel and performed by discharge all the executive functions relating to public-service corporations here

have jurisdiction of all

States, and shall proceed tofore conferred by law upon the executive council. Franchises, rights, and privileges granted by the said commission shall not be effective until approved shall have jurisdiction f by the governor and shall be reported to Congress, which hereby reserves the for this purpose residenc power to annul or modify the same.

Els residence elsewhere in

jurisdiction of all contra The interstate-commerce act and the several amendments made or to be made thereto, the safety-appliance acts and the several amendments made or the controversy are citize to be made thereto, and the aet of Congress entitled "An Act to amend an

zens of a State, Territor. Act entitled 'An Act to regulate commerce,' approved February fourth, eighteen Porto Rico, wherein the hundred and eighty-seven, and all Acts amendatory thereof, by providing for a cost, the sum or value of valuation of the several classes of property of carriers subject thereto and secur separable controversy iny ing information concerning their stocks, bonds, and other securities." approvei of the parties on either si March first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, shall not apply to Porto Rico.

jects of tbe character afo The Legislative Assembly of Porto Rico is hereby authorized to enact laws «leemed to impair the juri relating to the regulation of the rates, tariffs, and service of public carriers by for Porto Rico to hear an

at the date of the approva rail in Porto Rico, and the Public Service Commission hereby created shall have power to enforce such laws under appropriate regulation.

the salaries of the judge Sec. 39. That all grants of franchises and privileges under the section last States for Porto Rico, toget

United States revenues in t preceding shall provide that the same shall be subject to amendment, alteration,

courts. In case of vacancy or repeal, and shall forbid the issue of stocks or bonds except in exchange for actual cash or property at a fair valuation to be determined by the publie on the part of the judge of service commissioner equal in amount to the par value of the stocks or bonds Porto Rico, the President of issued, and shall forbid the declaring of stocks or bond dividends, and in the of the judges of the Suprem «ase of public service corporations shall provide for the effective regulation of judge of said court until s charges thereof and for the purchase or taking of their property by the author thereupon such judge so des ities at a fair and reasonable valuation.

and empowered to perform That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to abrogate or (lisability of such regular jud in any manner impair or affect the provision contained in section three of the as the acting judge of said co joint resolution approved May first, nineteen hundred, with respect to the bar

SEC. 12. That the lars ing, selling, or holding of real estate. That the Governor of Porto Rico shall error and certiorari, removal

between the courts of the l'il cause to have made and submitted to Congress at the session beginning the first Monday in December, nineteen hundred and seventeen, a report of all the shall govern in such matters

of the United States and the real estate used for the purposes of agriculture and held either directly of indirectly by corporations. partnerships, or individuals in holdings in excess of

United States district court

the first Monday in May and tive hundred acres. JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT.

the second Monday in Februar

Mayaguez at such stated time SEC. 40. That the judicial power shall be rested in the courts and tribunas

ings and proceedings in said co of Porto Rico now established and in operation under and by virtue of exist

The said district court shall be ing laws. The jurisdiction of said courts and the form of procedure in then.

the United States, with the ri and the various officers and attaches thereof, shall also continue to be as nom

of appeals in all cases where t provided until otherwise provided by law: Provided, however, that the chief

circuit court of appeals of the justice and associate justices of the supreme court shall be appointed by the

and review directly by the Su. President, hy ind with the advice and consent of the Senate of the United State

where a direct appeal would be and the Legislature of Porto Rico shall have authority. from time to time is

SEC. 43. That writs of er it may see fit, not inconsistent with this act, to organize, modify, or rearrane

decrees of the Supreme Court the courts and their jurisdiction and procedure, exrept the District (pourt i

the Circuit Court of Appeals fo the United States for l'orto Rico.

of the United States, as now pa SEC. 41. That Porto Rico shall constitute a judicial district to be (als

SEC. 44. That the qualifica "the district of Porto Rico." The President, his and with the advice and con

Porto Rico shall not apply to jo sent of the Senate, shall appoint one district judge. who shall serre for s

the United States for Porto Rie term of four years and until his successor is appointed and qualifiel and mus salary shall be $5,000 per annum. There shall be appointed in like manner :

said court shall be that each sh district attorney, whose salary shall be $4,000 per annum, and a marshal for

One year, and bave il sufficient

ose salary shall be $3,500 per annum, each for a term of four ner removed by the President. The district court for said disUleil "the District Court of the United States for Porto Rico,"

power to itppoint all necessary officials and assistants, includinterpreter, and such commissioners as may be necessary, who it to the same fees and have like powers and duties as are exerormed by United States commissioners. Such district court shall ion of all cases cognizable in the district courts of the United ilall proceed in the same manner. In addition said district court risdiction for the naturalization of aliens and Porto Ricans, and ose residence in Porto Rico shall be counted in the same manner

elsewhere in the United States. Said district court shall have of l controversies where all of the parties on either side of Psy are citizens or subjects of a foreign State or States, or citistate, Territory, br District of the United States not domiciled in

wherein the matter in dispute exceeds, exclusive of interest or um or value of $3,000 and of all controversies in which there is a controversy involving such jurisdictional amount and in which all ties on either side of such separable controversy are citizens or subhe character aforesaid: Provided, That nothing in this act shall be o impair the jurisdiction of the District Court of the United States » Rico to bear and determine all controversies pending in said court ate of the approval of this art. l'pon the taking effect of this act ries of the judge and officials of the District Court of the United or Porto Rico, together with the court expenses, shall be paid from the States revenues in the same manner as in other United States district

In case of vacancy or of the death, absence, or other legal disability part of the judge of the said District Court of the United States for Rico, the President of the United States is authorized to designate one e judges of the Supreme Court of Porto Rico to discharge the duties of

of said court until such absence or disability shall be removed and upon such judge so designated for said service shall be fully authorized empowered to perform the duties of said office during such absence or bility of such regular judge, and to sign all necessary papers and records the acting judge of said court, without extra compensation.

SEC. 12. That the laws of the United States relating to appeals, writs of or and certiorari, removal of causes, and other matters or proceedings as tween the courts of the United States and the courts of the several States all govern in such matters and proceedings is between the district court

the United States and the courts of Porto Rico. Regular terms of saial nited States district court shall be held it San Jual), commencing on he first Monday in May and November of each year, and also at Ponçe on he second Monday in February of each year, and special terms may be held at Mayaguez at such statel times as said judge may deem expedient. All pleadings and proceedings in said court shall be conducted in the English language. The said district court shall be attached to and included in the first circuit of the United States, with the right of appeal and review by said circuit court of appeals in all cases where the same would lie from any district court to it (ircuit court of appeals of the United States, and with the right of appeal ind review directly by the Supreme Court of the United Stat in all cases where a direct appeal would be from such district courts.

SEC. 13. That writs of error and appeals from the final judgments and decrees of the Supreme Court of l'orto Rico may be taken and prosecuted to the Circuit Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and to the Supreme Court of the United States, as now provided by law.

SEC. 44. That the qualifications of jurors ils fixed by the local laws of Porto Rico shall not apply to jurors selected to serve in the District Court of the United States for Porto Rico; but the qualifications required of jurors in sail court shall be that each shall be of the age of not less than twenty-one years and not over sixty-five years, a resident of Porto Rico for not less than one year, and have il sufficient knowledge of the English language to enable

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