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treatment and care of the insane; and the legislature may provide for the of the indigent sick in the hospitals in the State.

LOCAL LEGISLATION. SEC. 87. No special or local law shall be enacted for the benefit of indials or corporations, in cases which are, or can be provided for by a ral law, or where the relief sought can be given by any court of this State; shall the operation of any general law be suspended by the legislature the benefit of any individual or private corporation or association, and 11 cases where a general law can be made applicable, and would be adatgeous, no special law shall be enacted. SEC. 88. The legislature shall pass general laws, under which local and ite interests shall be provided for and protectel, and under which cities towns may be chartered and their charters amended, and under which cortions may be created, organized, and their acts of incorporation altered ; all such laws shall be subject to repeal or amendment. SEC, 89. There shall be appointed in each house of the legislature a ling committee on local and private legislation; the house committee to ist of seven representatives, and the senate committee, of five senators. local or private bill shall be passed by either house until it shall have

referred to said committee thereof, and shall have been reported back

a recommendation in writing that it do pass, stating affirmatively the ons therefor, and why the end to be accomplished should not be reached

general law, or by a proceeding in court; or if the recommendation of hommittee be that the bill do not pass, then it should not pass the house hich it is so reported unless it be voted for by a majority of all the memelected thereto., If a bill is passed in conformity to the requirements herether than such as are prohibited in the next section, the courts shall not, use of its local, special or private nature, refuse to enforce it. SEC. 30. The legislature shall not pass local, private or special laws ny of the following enumerated cases, but such matters shall be provided only by general laws, viz:

Granting divorces.
Changing the names of persons, places or corporations.
Providing for changes of venue in civil and criminal cases.

Regulating the rate of interest on money. le) Concerning the settlement or administration of any estate, or the or mortgage of any property, of any infant, or of a person of unsound 1, or of any deceased person. (f) The removal of the disability of infancy. 'g) Granting to any person, corporation, or association, the right to have

ferry, bridge, road or fish-trap.
1h) Exemption of property from taxation, or from levy or sale.
11) Providing for the adoption or legitimation of children.
j) Changing the law of descent and distribution.

Exempting any person from jury, road, or other civil duty (and person shall be exempted therefrom by force of any local or private

(1) Laying out, opening, altering and working roads and highways.

(i) Vacating any road or highway, town plat, street, alley or public uds.

Selecting, drawing, summoning or empaneling grand or petit juries. 10) Creating, increasing, or decreasing the fees, salary or emoluments my public officer. |p) Providing for the management or support of any private or school, incorporating the same or granting such school any privileges, 19) Relating to stock laws, water courses and fences. ir) Conferring the power to exercise the right of eminent domain, or nting to any person, corporation, or association the right to lay down road tracks, or street car tracks. in any other manner than that prebed by general law.


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(s) Regulating the practice in courts of justice.

(t) Providing for the creation of districts for the election of justices the peace and constables.

(u) Granting any lands under control of the State to any person corporation.

PROHIBITIONS. SEC. 91.' The legislature shall not enact any law for one or more countie not applicable to all the counties of the State, increasing the uniform char for the registration of deeds, or regulating costs and charges and fees officers.

SEC. 92. The legislature shall not authorize payment to any person the salary of a deceased officer beyond the date of his death,

SEC. 93. The legislature shall not retire any officer on pay, or part or make any grant to such retiring officer.

SEC. 94. The legislature shall never create by law any distinction betwe the rights of men and women to acquire, own, enjoy, and dispose of proper of all kinds, or their power to contract in reference thereto. Married wom are hereby fully emancipated from all disability on account of coverture. B this shall not prevent the legislature from regulating contracts between h band and wife; nor shall the legislature be prevented from regulating the of homesteads.

SEC. 35. Lands belonging to, or under the control of the State, sh never be donated directly, or indirectly, to private corporations or individo or to railroad companies. Vor shall such land be sold to corporations or a viations for a less price than that for which it is subject to sale to individu This, however, shall not prevent the legislature from granting a right of not exceeding one hundred feet in width, as a mere easement, to railrog ilcross State land, and the legislature shall never dispose of the land core by sail right of way so long as such easement exists.

SEC. 96. The legislature shall never grant extra compensation, fee allowance. to any public officer, agent, servant or contractor, after ser rendered, or contract made, nor authorize payment, or part payment, of

lain under any contract, not authorized by law; but appropriations may made for expenditures in repelling invasion, preventing, or suppressing ins rections.

SEC. 97. The legislature shall have no power to revive any remedy wb may have become barred by lapse of time, or by any statute of limitation this State.

SEC, 98. No lottery shall ever be allowed, or be advertised by net papers, or otherwise, or its tickets be sold in this State; and the legislato shall provide by law for the enforcement of this provision; nor shall lottery lieretofore authorized be permitted to be drawn or its tickets sold.

SEC. 99). The legislature shall not elect any other than its own officer State librarian, and United States senators; but this section shall not prohi the legislature from :ppointing presidential electors.

SEC. 100. No obligation or liability of any person, association, or a poration held or owned by this State, or levee board, or any county, city, town thereof, shall ever be remittel, released or postponed, or in any w eliminished by the legislature, nor shall such liability or obligation be extil guished except by payment thereof into the proper treasury; nor shall sue liability, or obligation be exchanged or transferred except upon payment its face value; but this shall not be construed to prevent the legislatur from providing by general law for the compromise of doubtful claims.

SEC. 101. The seat of government of the State shall be at the city Jackson, and shall not be removeil or relocated without the assent of inajority of the electors of the State.


SEC. 102. All general elections for State and county officers shall com mence and be bolden every four years, on the first Tuesday after the first


lay in November, until altered by law; and the electors, in all cases t in cases of treason, felony and breach of the peace, shall be privileged

arrest during their attendance at elections and in going to and returnherefrom. SEC. 103. In all cases not otherwise provided for in this constitution, the ature may determine the mocle of filling all vacancies, in all offices, and ses of emergency provisional appointments may be made by the governor, ntinue until the vacancy is regularly filled; and the legislature shall prosuitable compensation for all officers, and shall define their respective EC. 104. Statutes of limitation in civil causes shall not run against the

or any subdivision, or municipal corporation thereof. te. 105. The legislature shall provide for the enumeration of the whole er of inhabitants, and the qualified electors of the State, once in every ears; and the first enumeration shall be made during the two months ning on the first Monday of June, 1995, and the legislature shall provide le same by law. FEC, 106. There shall be a State librarian, to be chosen by the legis

on joint vote of the two houses, to serve for four years, whose duties compensation shall be prescribed by law. Any woman, a resident of the

four years, and who has attained the age of twenty year's, shall be le to said office. EC. 107. All stationery, printing, paper, and fuel, used by the legislature, ther departments of the government, shall be furnished, and the printing binding of the laws, journals, department reports, and other printing and ng, and the repairing and furnishing the halls and rooms used for the ng of the legislature, and its committees, shall be performed under conto be given to the lowest responsible bidder, below such maximum and

such regulations as may be prescribed by law. No member of the fiture or officer of any department shall be in any way interested in contract; and all such contracts shall be subject to the approval of the nor and State treasurer. Fr. 108. Whenever the legislature shall take away the duties pertaining 5 office, then the salary of the officer shall cease. SEC. 109. Ne public officer or member of the legislature shall be inter

directly or indirectly in any contract with the State, or any district, y city or town thereof, authorized by any law passed, or order made us board of which he may be or may have been a member, during the

for which he shall have been chosen, or within one year after the expiraof such term. SEC. 110. The legislature may provide, by general law, for condemning s of way for private roads, where necessary for ingress and egress by party applying, on due compensation being first made to the owner of property ; but such rights of way shall not be provided for in incorporated

and towns. SEC. 111. All lands comprising it single tract sold in pursuance of decree surt, or execution, shall be first offered in subdivisions not exceeding one red and sixty acres, or one-quarter section, and then offered as an ent. and the price bid for the latter shall control only when it shall exceed egregate of the bids for the same in sublivisions as aforesaid ; but the very court, in cases before it, inly decree otherwise if deemed advisable

SEC. 112. Taxation shall be uniform and equal throughout the State. erty shall be taxed in proportion to its value. The legislature may, ver, impose a tax per capita upon such domestic animals as from their re and habits are destructive of other property. Property shall be assessed taxes under general laws, and hy uniform rules, according to its true value. the legislature may provide for a special mode of valuation and assessment railroads, and railrond and other corporate property, or for particular ies of property belonging to persons, corporations or associations not


situated wholly in one county. But all such property shall be assessed at 18 true value, and no county shall be denied the right to levy county and spei taxes upon such assessment as in other cases of property situated and assesse in the county.

SEC. 113. The auditor shall, within sixty days after the adjournmet of the legislature, prepare and publish a full statement of all money expende at such session, specifying the items and amount of each item, and to whor and for what paid; and he shall also publish the amounts of all appropri tioirs.

SEC. 114. Returns of all elections by the people shall be made to secretary of state in such manner as shall be provided by law.

SEC. 115. The fiscal year of the State of Mississippi shall commence the first day of October, and end on the thirtieth day of September of year; and the auditor of public accounts and the treasurer of the State sd compile, and have published, a full and complete report, showing the tra actions of their respective offices on or before the thirty-first day of Dece, ber of each year for the preceding fiscal year.



Sec. 116. The chief executive power of the State shall be vested in a ernor, who shall hold his office for four years, and who shall be ineligible his immediate successor in office.

SEC. 117. The governor shall be at least thirty years of age, and have been a citizen of the United States twenty years, and shall have resi in this State five year's next preceding the day of his election.

SEC. 118. The governor shall receive for his services such compensat as may be fixed by law, which shall neither be increased nor diminis during his term of office.

SEC. 119. The governor shall be commander-in-chief of the army and n of the State, and of the militia, except when they shall be called into service of the United States.

SEC. 120. The governor may require information, in writing, from officers in the executive departments of the State on any subject relating the duties of their respective offices.

SEC. 121. The governor shall have power to convene the legislature extraordinary session wheuever in his judgment the public interest requi it. Should the governor deem it necessary to convene the legislature, he do so by public proclamation, in which he shall state the subjects and ters to be considered by the legislature whon so convened; and the legis ture when so contened, as aforesaid, shall have no power to consider or act in subjects or matters other than those designated in the proclamation of the ernor, by which the session is called, except impeachments, and examinations the accounts of State officers. The legislature when so convened may also act and consider such other matters as the governor may in writing submit to the while in session. The governor may convene the legislature at the seat of gore ment, or at a different place, if that shall become dangerous from an ener or from disease; and in case of a disagreement between the two houses, wl respect to time of adjournment, adjourn them to such time as he shall thil proper, not beyond the day of the next stated meeting of the legislature.

SEC. 122. The governor sball, from time to time, give the legislato information of the state of the government, and recommend for consider tion such measures as inay be deemed necessary and expedient.

SEC, 123. The governor shall see that the laws are faithfully executel

SEC. 124. In all criminal and penal cases, excepting those of treason impeachment, the governor shall have power to grant reprieves and pardon to remit fines, and in cases of forfeiture, to stay the collection, until end of the next session of the legislature, and by and with the consent the Senate to remit forfeitures. In cases of tretson), he shall have power

ht reprieves, by and with the consent of the senate, but may respite the ence until the end of the next session of the legislature; but no, pardon i be granted before conviction, and in cases of felony after conviction no lon shall be granted until the applicant therefor shall have published thirty days, in some newspaper in the county where the crime was comed, and in case there be no newspaper published in said county, then in djoining county, his petition for pardon, setting forth therein the reasons

such pardon should be granted. SEC. 125. The governor shall have the power, and it is hereby made his : to suspend alleged defaulting State and county treasurers, and defaulttax collectors, pending the investigation of their respective accounts, and hake temporary appointments of proper persons to fill the offices while such stigations are being made, and the legislature shall provide for the enpment of this provision by appropriate legislation. Sec. 126. There shall be a seal the State kept by the governor and

hy him officially, and be called the great seal of the State of Mississippi. SEC. 127. All commissions shall be in the name and by the authority of State of Mississippi, be sealed with the great seal of State, and be signed he governor, and attested by the secretary of state. SEC. 128. There shall be a lieutenant-governor, who shall be elected at same time, in the same manner, and for the same term, and who shall ess the same qualifications as required of the governor. Sec. 129. The lieutenant-governor shall, by virtue of his office, be president he senate. In committee of the whole, he may debate all questions, and hthere is an equal division in the senate, or on a joint vote of both es, he shall give the casting vote. Sec. 130. The lieutenant-governor shall receive for his services the same pensation as the speaker of the house of representatives. SEC. 131. When the office of governor shall become vacant, by death or rwise, the lieutenant-governor shall possess the powers and discharge the es of said office. When the governor shall be absent from the State, or ple from protracted illness to perform the duties of the office, the lieutenantrnor shall discharge the duties of said office until the governor be able resume his duties; but if, from disability or otherwise, the lieutenantrnor shall be incapable of performing said duties, or if he be absent · the State, the president of the senate pro tempore shall act in his stead; if there be no such president, or if he be disqualified by like disability, le absent from the State, then the speaker of the house of representatives I assume the office of governor, and perform said duties; and in case he inability of the foregoing officers to discharge the duties of governor, the etary of state shall convene the senate, to elect a president pro tempore.

offioer discharging the duties of governor shall receive the compensation uch. Should a doubt arise as to whether a vacancy has occurred in the e of governor or as to whether any one of the disabilities mentioned in section exists or shall have ended, then the secretary of state shall submit question in doubt to the judges of the supreme court, who, or a majority whom, shall investigate and determine said question; and shall furnish aid secretary of state an opinion in writing determining the question subed to them, which opinion when rendered as aforesaid shall be final and lusive. SEC. 132. In case the election for lieutenant governor shall be contested. contest shall be tried and determined in the same manner as a contest the office of governor. Sec. 133. There shall be a secretary of State, who shall be elected as ein provided. He shall be at least twenty-five years of age, a citizen of

State five years next preceding the day of his election, and he shall conje in office during the term of four years, and shall be keeper of the itol; he shall keep a correct register of all official acts and proceedings of

governor; and shall, when required, lay the same, and all papers, minutes i vouchers relative thereto, before the legislature. and he shall perform

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