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Lansing, Wednesday, January 3, 1877. Pursuant to the requirements of the Constitution, the members elect to the House of Representatives of the Legislature of the State of Michigan, for the year 1877, assembled in the Representative Hall of the Capitol, at Lansing, on Wednesday, the third day of January, at 11 o'clock, and were called to order by Daniel L. Crossman, Clerk of the last House.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Prudden, of Lansing.

Upon examining the credentials of members it was ascertained that the several counties were fully represented except the following:

James M. Turner, of the first district of Ingham county ; 0. 0. Stanchfield, of Lake county; Ben. L. Laubach, of the second district of Ottawa county; and Paul Gies, of the first district of Wayne county. On motion of Mr. Rich,

Hon. Nathaniel A. Hamilton, of Berrien county, was chosen temporary Speaker.

On inotion of Mr. Howland.

The temporary Speaker was authorized to appoint a Sergeant-at-Arins temporarily.

The temporary Speaker appointed William K. Childs, of Washtenaw county, as Sergeant-at-Arms temporarily.

Mr. Van Raalte moved that a committee of two be appointed to wait on Lieutenant Governor Sessions, and invite him to administer the oath of office to the several members elect. Which motion prevailed.

The temporary Speaker appointed Mr. Van Raalte of Ottawa county, and Mr. Hoyt of Saginaw county, as such committee.

After a short absence, the committee reported Lieutenant Governor Sessions in attendance.

The roll of the members was then called by counties and districts, when the following members answered to their names, and, having taken and subscribed to the oath of office, were admitted to seats as Representatives in the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

Allegan1st District, Crosby Eatou ; 2d District, Jerome Winchell.
AlpenaRobt. J. Kelley.
Antrim-Geo. E. Steele.
Barry-1st District, Joseph W. Stinchcomb; 2d District, Asa D. Rork.
Bay-1st District, Michael A. Dowling; 2d District, Nathan Knight.

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