Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, Volumen1

Morse & Bagg, printers to the Legislature, 1877
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Includes extra sessions.

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Página 1033 - No new bill shall be introduced into either house of the legislature after the first fifty days of a session shall have expired.
Página 502 - SECTION 1. Corporations may be formed under general laws; but shall not be created by special act, except for municipal purposes, and in cases where, in the judgment of the Legislature, the objects of the corporation cannot be attained under general laws. All general laws and special acts passed pursuant to this section, may be altered from time to time or repealed.
Página 71 - To the Speaker of the House of Representatives: SIB, — I am instructed by the Senate to transmit the following concurrent resolution : Resolved (the House concurring), That the State printer be instructed to forward one copy of the daily Journal to each daily and weekly newspaper published in...
Página 503 - ... member of such a corporation against his will. It was neither expected nor intended, that they should be members of the new corporation. The act itself treats the old corporation as at an end, and going on the ground that all its functions have ceased, it provides for the first meeting and organization of the new corporation. It expressly provides, also, that the new corporation shall have and hold all the property of the old; a provision which would be quite unnecessary upon any other ground,...
Página 203 - The State reserves the right, at any time after thirty years from the passage of this act, by a vote of twothirds of each branch of the legislature, to alter, amend, or repeal the same: Provided, that said company shall be compensated by the State for all damages sustained by reason of such alteration, amendment, or repeal.
Página 17 - All specific state taxes, except those received from the mining companies of the upper peninsula, shall be applied in paying the interest upon the primary school, university and other educational funds and the interest and principal of the state debt in the order herein recited, until the extinguishment of the state debt, other than the amounts due to educational funds, when such specific taxes shall be added to, and constitute a part of the primary school interest fund.
Página 404 - Wayne, the board of county auditors, shall have the exclusive power to prescribe and fix the compensation for all services rendered for, and to adjust all claims against, their respective counties, and the sum so fixed or defined shall be subject to no appeal.
Página 547 - An Act authorizing the formation of partnership associations in which the. capital subscribed shall alone be responsible for the debts of the association, except under certain circumstances.
Página 827 - The joint resolution was referred to the committee of the whole, and placed .on the general order. By the committee on insurance : The committee on insurance, to whom was referred Senate bill No. 70, entitled A bill to amend act No. 82 of the session laws of 1873...
Página 167 - An act to amend sections 1, 3, and 5 of act No. 231 of the session laws of 1875, entitled au act to prevent the sale or delivery of intoxicating liquors, wine, and beer to minors, and to drunken persons, and to habitual drunkards, and to provide a remedy against persons selling liquor to husbands or children in certain cases...

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