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Ao long as the who write are ambitious of making Converts, and of giving to their Opinions a Maximum of

Inauesce and Celebrity, the most extenfively circulated Mifcellany will repay with the greatelt Erect the ** Curiosity of thofe who read either for Amusement or Instruction." JOHNSON,


LEY MONTAGU, addressed to MRS. prity gentleman as I hear he is. Il (NISS) ANNE JUSTICE, upon the PAVE- swear, by his letter, he seems to have MENT, YORK.

more miud to rival Mr. Crotchrode than Printed from the ORIGINALS. break his heart for Mrs. B. T'M sure, dear Nanny, you'll excuse my I shall neither see dear Mrs. Justice,

silence this boot: this last fartniylit nor any of my north country friends, this lias been wholly taken up in receiving

year. "I'm got into the west, over the visits of congratulation upon my brother's

bills and far away. Here is nothing to wedding. My new sister is to passe the

be likid that I can find; every thing in summer in the house with ine, so you the same mode and fashion as in the may be sure I shall have very little time days of king Arthur and the knights of 10 my selte. 1 T am perfectly ignorant of the round table. In the hall, a great the marriage you niean, and so dul! I shovel board table and antick suits of cau't guesse the name of the lord whose armour; the parlor furnish'd with right character you say is so good. If you are reverend turky work chairs and carpets ; not at Scoffton this summer. I must den and for books, the famous History of spair of seeing you, I fancy about the Amadis de Gaul, and the Book of MarTarter end of this month we shall be go-tyrs, with wooden cuts; and for com

ing into Nottinghamshire. I writ to Mrs. pany, not a mortal man but the parson • B. three or four posts ayo, and told her I of the parish, some fourscore or there

beard she was going to be married, and abouts : you know I was never a violent gave her good advice, to forget Mr. Vane friend to the cloth, but I must make a and take the first lover her Telations pro- virtue of necessity, and talk to him of pos'd to her-pray write ine word if she nobody. This is the present posture of follows it. I allwaies wish her very well. my affairs, which you must own very The sinall-pox races dreadfully, and has dismal. Times may mend, there is nocarry'd off several people here: that, and thing sure, but that, I am your's. che heat of the weather, makes me wish Direct for me at West-Dean, to be myselfe in the country. - My eyes are left at Mr. Foulks, a coffee house, at the something better, for I was not able to Three Lions, in Salisbury, Wiltshire... write for a good wbile; but they are still The paper I mention'd is very long, weak, and make me, sooner than I other- and I don't know whether you'I think it. wnie would, tell you, that I am, dear worth postage; but if you persist in de Nanny,

Your's to serve you, siring it, I'll send it you. in June 14.,' To Mr. Anne Justice. York on 10 Mrs. Anne Justice, York. Bunun M. Anne ve zork



NOTHING could be more obliging that Ar, ay, as you say, my dear, men are so quick a return to my letter, and send. vile inconstant tonds. Mr. Vane could ing what I enquired for. I pity your never write with the brisk air if he had poor Strephon, and guesse what effect Tipy sorrow in his heart; however, the such a letter must make on your beart. letter is realy pritty, and gives me a good I like of all things his manner of writing, opiman of his understanding, tho none and am sorry all your wishes are not sucof bis fidelity: I think they seldom gocessful. Mr. V- has been a great disforether. You are much in the right sembler if it breaks off of his side, but BK to undeceive Mr. B. I would not 'tis hard to distingnish false love from

te ber know any thing to vex her, as true. The poor lady is in a sweet pickles a piece of news necds must, Poor and I am so good-natured to be sorry for dy out that happy in being ipore all prople who have misfortunes especially h et conld be. On the other of that kind which I think die most touch thi


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