Women & Guns: Politics and the Culture of Firearms in America

M.E. Sharpe, 2000 M11 17 - 256 páginas
This timely and provocative book looks at contemporary American women and their experiences with guns. Scrupulously balanced, this new paperback edition features a new appendix containing a wealth of primary source documents that help illuminate both the dangers and attractions of guns in our society.

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Crítica de los usuarios  - d.homsher - LibraryThing

Study of the gun debates that skewed American politics in the 1990s, interwoven with interviews of women who have very different opinions about guns, gun safety, gun self-defense. This book is about ... Leer comentario completo

Women & guns: politics and the culture of firearms in America

Crítica de los usuarios  - Not Available - Book Verdict

"This book," declares Homsher (From Blood to Verdict: Three Women on Trial), "is about American women in the 1990's, their experiences with guns, and their responses to the national public debates ... Leer comentario completo

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