Report of the ... Annual Meeting, Tema 9


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Página 51 - The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept. Were toiling upward in the night.
Página 33 - We may know the signs, though we know not when they will come. These things will be when we look back on our dissensions in the past as brethren grown up to man's estate and dwelling in unity look back upon the bickerings of the nursery and the jealousies of the class-room ; when there is no use for the word ' foreigner ' between Cape Wrath and the Rio Grande, and the federated navies of the English-speaking nations keep the peace of the ocean under the Northern Lights and under the Southern Cross,...
Página 52 - Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life.
Página 31 - There is nothing I know of in our Constitution to prevent the House of Lords, if it should think fit, from desiring the judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, by some indirect process, if not directly, and as a matter of personal favor, to communicate their collective or individual opinions on any question of general law. Nor, I should apprehend, can there be anything in the constitution of that most honorable court or the office of its judges to prevent them from acceding to such a request...
Página 60 - But the present has a right to govern itself so far as it can; and it ought always to be remembered that historic continuity with the past is not a duty, it is only a necessity.
Página 61 - An ideal system of law should draw its postulates and its legislative justification from science. As it is now, we rely upon tradition, or vague sentiment, or the fact that we never thought of any other way of doing things, as our only warrant for rules which we enforce with as much confidence as if they embodied revealed wisdom.
Página 32 - Council, a body whose ancient powers have never grown old, and whose functions have never ceased to be expansive and elastic, to seek the like assistance. And if the thing could be done at all, I suppose it could be done reciprocally from this side with no greater trouble. Such a proceeding could not, in any event, be common. It might happen twice or thrice in a generation, in a great and dubious case touching fundamental principles, like that of Daltcm v.
Página 60 - Learning, my learned brethren, is a very good thing. I should be the last to undervalue it, having done my share of quotation from the Year Books. But it is liable to lead us astray. The law, so far as it depends on learning, is indeed, as it has been called, the government of the living by the dead.
Página 71 - In due course, and that is no long term of years, there will be produced in this country a body of men learned in the law who have never been on the bench or at the bar, but who nevertheless hold positions of great weight and influence as teachers of law, as expounders, systematizers, and historians. This, I venture to predict, is one of the most far-reaching changes in the organization of the profession that has ever been made in our country.
Página 63 - Be to their faults a little blind, Be to their virtues very kind, Let all their thoughts be unconfined, A.nd clap your padlock on the mind.

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