The queens of England: a series of portraits of distinguished female sovereigns, by eminent artists. With biogr. and historical sketches, from A. [and E.] Strickland


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Página 10 - And bade to form her infant mind. Stern, rugged Nurse ! thy rigid lore With patience many a year she bore ; What sorrow was, thou bad'st her know, And from her own she learn'd to melt at others
Página 275 - ... were the four evangelists and the apostle St. Paul, who had been long shut up in an unknown tongue, as it were in prison ; so as they could not converse with the common people. The queen answered very gravely, that it was best first to inquire of them, whether they would be released or no.
Página 283 - I used the best words I could to persuade her from this melancholy humour ; but I found by her it was too deep rooted in her heart, and hardly to be removed. This was upon a Saturday night...
Página 207 - Alas ! my lords," answered the queen,2 "is it now a question whether I be the king's lawful wife or no, when I have been married to him almost twenty years and no objection made before ? Divers prelates and lords, privy councillors of the king, are yet alive who then adjudged our marriage good and lawful ; and now to say it is detestable is a great marvel to me ; especially when I consider what a wise prince the king's father was, and also the natural love and affection my father, king Ferdinand,...
Página 318 - Compton's designation, and not its evaporation, being known, could not make her way between the scornful backs and elbows of her late devotees, nor could approach nearer to the Queen than the third or fourth row ; but no sooner was she descried by her Majesty than the Queen said aloud, " There, I am sure, I see a friend !" The torrent divided and shrunk to either side ; " and as I came away," said my mother, " I might have walked over their heads if I had pleased.
Página 84 - The king soon after, by the advice of his council, ordered his mother to be confined in a goodly castle, and gave her plenty of ladies to wait upon her, as well as knights and squires of honour.
Página 276 - after the death of John Basilides, his son Theodore revoked the privilege which the English enjoyed as sole possessors of the Russian trade. When the queen remonstrated against this innovation, he told her ministers, that ' princes must carry an indifferent hand as well between their subjects as between foreigners ; and not convert trade, which by the laws of nations ought to be common to all, into a monopoly for the private gain of a few.
Página 278 - I answered the fairness of them both was not their worst faults. But she was earnest with me to declare which of them I judged fairest. I said she was the fairest Queen in England, and mine the fairest Queen in Scotland.
Página 277 - The queen, my mistress, had instructed me to leave matters of gravity sometimes, and cast in merry purposes, lest otherwise I should be wearied, she being well informed of that queen's natural temper, Therefore, in declaring my observations of the customs of Dutchland, Poland, and Italy, the buskins of the women was not forgot ; and what country weed I thought best becoming gentlewomen.
Página 214 - Bapin. of virtuous instruction, they gave her teachers in playing on musical instruments, singing and dancing, insomuch that when she composed her hands to play and her voice to sing, it was joined with that sweetness of countenance that three harmonies concurred ; likewise when she danced, her rare proportions varied themselves into all the graces that belong either to rest or motion- Briefly, it seems that the most attractive perfections were eminent in her.

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