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Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin.

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Printed for C. BATHURST, in Fleetstreet.


. Of the ThirD VOLUME. i

PREFACE by Dr. Swift and Mr. Pope..

By Dr. Swift.

A Discourse of the contests and dissentions between

the nobles and the commons in Athens and Rome;

with the consequences they had upon both those


ion. p. 1

The sentiments of a church-of-England man, with

respect to religion and government. p. 86

An argument to prove, that the abolishing of chrif-

tianity in England, may, as Things now stand,
be attended with some inconveniencies, and per-
baps not produạe those many, guod'effects proposed

thereby .. . pos

P. 139
A project for the ediyáncement of religion, and the

reformation of:manners. 1.

p. 167

A letter from a member of the house of commons in

Ireland, to a member of the house of commons in

England, concerning the sacramental test p. 211

A tritical essay upon the faculties of the mind p. 245

Predictions for the year 1708. Wherein the month

and day of the month are set down, the persons

named, and the great actions and events of next

· year particularly related, as will come to pass.

Written to prevent the people of England from

being farther imposed on by vulgar almanack-

makers. By Ifaac Bickerstaff, efq; p. 256

The accomplishment of the first of Mr. Bickerstaff's


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