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An Economic History and Practical
Manual of the Wheat Industry


Formerly Professor of *male in Fairmount College

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Pelatiah Perit Professor of Political and Social Science in Yale University,

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED for his guiding instruction and the encouragement received from his

friendship and sterling character link the volume with the honored name of one of the greatest lights of our generation

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In addition to individual acknowledgments made throughout the volume, I wish to express my gratitude to those who have aided in the work by many kindnesses in the way of advice and suggestion, and by the furnishing of various data. My acknowledgments are due primarily and chiefly to Professor W. G. Sumner and Dr. J. Pease Norton—to the former for that general aid and counsel that can be offered only after wide historical research, and for reading and criticising a large *. #" tion of the work; to the latter for his indefatigable kindnessio giving continuous aid in obtaining material, and in giving #. o of a technical nature. Much assistance and encouragement given by Mr. M. A. Carleton, Cerealist of the United Stateso Department of Agriculture; by Mr. Wm. Saunders, Director * the Central Experimental Farm, Canada; and by Mr. W. M. Hays, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.

One of the most important of the several institutions which are now expending considerable financial resources in economic and industrial research is the Carnegie Institution of Washington, from which financial aid has been received in some of the investigations necessitated by the preparation of this volume. Through the kind offices of Mr. P. B. Smith, President of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, material encouragement has also been received from the St. Anthony and Dakota Elevator Company and from the Washburn-Crosby Company.

For carefully reading over the typewritten manuscript of the book and suggesting many improvements in diction and phraseology, I am indebted to my former pupil, Miss Elizabeth Hodgson. She is not to be held responsible, however, for any imperfections in language that may yet remain, inasmuch as I made all final corrections and changes.—[The Author.

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