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ENTERED, according to the Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, by GEORGE W. BURNAP, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Maryland.

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Since the commencement of our connection you must be aware, that I have abstained almost entirely from the introduction of subjects of a purely controversial nature into the public instructions accompanying our social worship. It has been my first object to promote in you the great end of religion, a pure heart and a pure life, rather than to make you able advocates of sectarian peculiarities. The Lectures, to which you have been listening the past winter, are a deviation from this course. They were designed to meet the wants of the rising generation, who justly demand to know the reason of the faith of their fathers. To demonstrate to them that this faith is the religion of the New Testament, and not as it is represented "another Gospel;” that it is a sure foundation of hope, and a sufficient guide of life, was the object of those discourses. For the same pur


pose and in compliance with your desire, they are now given to you through the press.

That they may contribute something to “stablish, strengthen and settle you,” to give you "all joy and peace in believing," is the humble wish and prayer of your friend and pastor,


JUNE, 1835.

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