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A World of Opportunities

Awaits the Man Who Investigates

You can learn it all by subscribing for the Northwest Realty Review, which is a journal read by over 50,000 people annually.

Subscription price, 50c a year This journal tells you all you want to know of investments, keeps you in touch with the entire West. Send your name in at once with remittance. Sample copy for the asking.

WOODLAND SECRETS By Lilian M. Voight Cherry

Cloth, 214 pages The entrancing beauties of wood and field are here set forth in a manner which is at once delightful and satisfy!ng. He or she who enters the home of the lowly and the gaudy denizens of nature's recesses thru this book will find in Miss Cherry a competent and charming guide,

Twenty-one families of plants are treated. There is a beautiful frontispiece in colors, and the book has numerous halfton illustrations from nature, by the author. The teacher and the lover of woodland and prairie will find this book a delightful companion.

Sent postpald on receipt of 75c North-Western School Supply Co.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Northwest Realty Review

A. A. Pattrson, Gen. Mgr. Bailey Bldg. SEATTLE, WASH.

Dept. C

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This beautiful Set of Dishes consists of 6 Fruit Dishes, 6 Saucers

6 Breakfast Plates, 6 Butters, 6 Cups and i Large Meat Platter. The ware is the celebrated semiporcelain semi-vitreous, guaranteed not to craze and the colors will never fade or wear off, as they are burnt in undernea; b the glaze. The decoration consists of the beautiful American Violet reproduced in its natural colors, with shaded green leaves. A wide spray, full gold decoration on border and edges, something out of the ordinary and very beautiful, the newest and daintiest shapes and handsomely finished, a set any family might be proud to own.

You never had such an opportunity to get such a beautiful set of dishes for the home-on such easy terms-mail us $1.00 for one year's subscription to COMMON-SENSE, afterwards you pay $1.00 a month for three months, which completes the payments on both the dishes and the magazine; and mind you, they will be in your possession from the time of the first small payment.

The COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO. is back of this offer-everything is as we represent it to be. Our object in giving you this splendid bargain is to secure subscribers for COMMON-SENSE, the magazine that helps its readers to greater success. If you are already a subscriber, extend your subscription or secure someone else's subscription and get ibe dishes. COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO., 88 to 90 Wabash Ave.,

Chicago, Illinois

When writing to advertisers please mention Common Sense.

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“No sacrifice of independent workmen to "No restriction as to the use of tools, ma

the labor union. chinery or material except such as are unsafe,

"No compulsory use of the union label.

That power through organization be “No limitation of output.

placed in the hands of the people to effect"No restriction as to the number of appren

ually control the acts of all organizations when tices and helpers, when of proper age.

such acts relate to the public welfare, thus to

perpetuate the individual liberty of every No Boycott.

citizen and prevent interference with the “No sympathetic strike.

continuous operation of industries." ITS CIRCULATION extends to 43 States of the Union, the District of Columb'a and the Territories, to Canada, the Phillipines, England, Norway, Austria and o:her Countries, and is steadily and raidis increasing.

ITS SUBSCRIBERS represent all classes of society, wage-earners, professional wen, farmers, mer. chants, manufacturers, etc.

EVERYBODY is vitally interested in the Open Shop question. SUBSCRIPTION $1.00 PER YEAR.

Advertising Rates Made Known on Application.

Address: Publication Office, No.502 Marshall Street, Battle Creek, Mich; or Editorial Offices at the National Headquarters of the Association, Rooms 701-705 St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York.

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AN of

Louis F. Post, entitled "The Science of Social Servicc," has just been begun in the PUBLIC.

This is only one of the valuable and interesting features of this National Journal of Fundamental Democracy. It is the

best and most forceful review of the progress of Democracy. (fundamental, not partisan) in thought and action throughout the world.

An able force of advisory and contrtbuting editors from all sections of the Unlted States, and from abroad, co-operate with the Editor, making THE PUBLIC truly representative of thc great world movement against monopoly and special privilege. Subscription, $1.00 Yearly: 50 Cen's Half

Yearly; 25 Cents Quarterly.
Sample Copies on Application.

Each number contains the latest announcements regarding new and forthcoming_books in the United States and England, as well as in Canada. The department devoted to "Book Reviews' contains each month an interesting and analytical criticism of the

latest publications.

Annual Subscription $1.00

Sample Copy Free
Advertising Rates on Application

The Public. First National Bank Bldg.


The Ganadian Bookseller 100-102 Church St., Toronto, Canada

When writing to advertisers please mention Common Sense.

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S. A. Coolan, Representative Thomas Dixon, Representative

James Rodger, Representative
NOTE:-Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is
completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO., 88 WABASA
AVENUE, CHICAGO. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will
be supplied on application. Send money by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.

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$1.00 Will Bring This Beautiful Cut

To Glass

Your Water Set


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Set consists of 7 1-2 inch Water Bottle, capacity one at., six half-pint star cut Tumblers, and highly reflecting beveled Belgium glass

14-inch Mirror Plateau, with silver plated mountings.


HIS GENUINE RICH CUT GLASS WATER SET is unsurpassed for its distinctive

character. Its clear crystal color adds a lustrous effect to the dining table or sideboard, and gives

the home that touch of refinement so greatly appreciated by neighbors and friends. Buying cut glass is a judicious investment. Such an opportunity as this is unusual. The retailers' and jobbers profits have been eliminated—you buy at factory

prices. An appropriate gift is this handsome WATER SET which is unique, brilliant and sparkling. Brides are especially pleased when they are presented with a set of this RICH CUT GLASS and it makes a suitable gift all the year through.

Send $1.00 for one year's subscription to COMMON-SENSE, afterwards you may pay $1.00 a month for ten months, which completes the payments on both water set and magazine. Remember the publishers of COMMON-SENSE stand back of this offer. Think of it, can you find a merchant in your city who will sell anything like this set for the money in small monthly payments and give you plenty of time to pay for it?

Naturally you wonder how we can afford to make you such an unheard of offer. We are doing it in order to introduce COMMON-SENSE to a wider circle of readers. COMMON-SENSE has a mission—to help you attain your ambition, to suggest ways of increasing your earning capacity and to make your life a greater success. Write at once as the allotment is small

, first come first served. COMMON-SENSE FUBLISHING CO.

90 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO, ILL. When writing to advertisers please mention Commr on-Sense.

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