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BIG MAGAZINE OF ADVERTISING We want you to get acquainted with the ADVERTISERS MAGAZINE and if you will write us a letter or postal saying you saw this ad we will send you a copy of last issue free. You will find it the best edited advertising journal in existence. Each issue is crammed full of money-making plans and ideas that will help make your adver

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759 Commerce Building

Kansas City, Mo.


Advertisers Magazine



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These publications fill the bill completely and for the next thirty days we offer a year's subscription for both publications at the special price of $1.15. This saving of 40 per cent should interest you. Address:

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CONTAINS Modern Judical Practice a Menace to Constitutional Government-Frederic B. Esler St. Louis' Place on the Map. I Had a a Friend Poem -Henry Knott Dr. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Alex, N. DeMenil A Biblical Waif

-Anonyme Love New Translation - Guy de Maupassant Bridge Whist

-"Biritch' .... EDITORIALS.... The Six Political Conventions. Taft's Handicaps. The Philippine Islands Blunder. A Poet.

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In the Twentieth

Century Limited?

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Are you glued to antiquated theories, born of
ignorance and in darkness, or is your mind
open to the sunlight of reason?
Do you want Happiness, Health and Wealth?
Get the right combination to the safe
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Purchase a ticket over a well-ballasted, ra-
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Box 375, Denver, Colorado

The accompanying illustration shows a small outline of the cover page design of a new publication-"THE SHOW CARD WRITER" a handsome new illustrated monthly. The first number was published Sebtember first, 1907.

No Ad, Writer, Clerk, Decorator or Show Card Writer can afford
to be without it a single month. It will be a credit to the craft, an
inspiration to the worker and a delight to the eye. Every page:
every article, every illustration will be clear and distinct. It will
show you how to improve your skill, how to enlarge your field and
how to make money.
Ono Dollar per Year Ten Cents a Copy No Free Sample

Write for prospectus. Address
W. A. Thompson, Publisher, Pontiac, Mich
Headquarters for Show Card Writers Supplies, Bcoks, Eto

When writing to advertisers please mention Common-Sense.

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sent to us will bring you a copy of the latest edition of The Deskman's Manual This is a 64-page book, containing information and valuable books and bargains for Stenographers. Bookkeepers, Teachers, and other Commercial Workers. Address The Stenographer Co., 908 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Send us the names and addresses of ten others who would be interested in this Manual and we will send you a copy of "Punctuation Vagaries," absolutely free and postpaid.

Stand up for your belief.

You have told your friends that you are an optimist, now show it.

Become an optimist at once.
The reign of pessimism is closing.
The world has been oppressed long enough.

America is taking the lead in an upward movement.

This movement is not for financial gain, but for good.

The power of right thinking is becoming recognized.

Human energies are beginning to be expended in constructive action.

This means man's emancipation from the power of FEAR through the advent of FAITH.

It means life and health and peace.

It means the ushering in of an era of UNEXAMPLED PROSPERITY.

Business men are catching the spirit, as is shown in the mottoes they are hanging in their offices.

Employers are looking for young men who expect the best, as spiritless employes are a drag on enter. prise.

Women, too, are catching the spirit. By nature they are more optimistic than men, and they find this the psychological moment to thrust their sentiments on the breadwinners of the land. Good for them!

This wave of reform in thinking and acting has crystalized into the expressive motto, "I can; I will." It voices the sentiment of self-reliance constituting the esseutial basis of the movement, and should be made the slogan of a victory which everyone will be glad to help win.

Let America show the world the way to do things !

The beautiful design hereon illustrated has been made up into pins for women and buttons for men, so that every person can help swell the volume of sentiment which is sweeping the land, and they are going like hot cakes. This insignia marks those who wear it as members of the “NATIONAL OPTIMISTIC LEAGUE." Join this league at once and some day you will be proud to be known as one of the early members of a great uplifting organization. Besides, in its effect on yourself it will prove to be the best investment you ever made.

The button is beautifully made, precisely as represented, in gold and enamel. The rising sun in the center is emblematical of the New Day now dawning upon humanity. The lettering is set in a background of blue enamel, letters in gold.

With each button and pin goes a certificate of life associate membership in the League, the whole costing you but ONE DOLLAR.


Send one dollar in money-order, draft, or stamps, with your address, stating whether you wish pin or button, and you will receive the beautiful piece of jewelry by return mail.



-Absolutely No “If's” Nor “And's”— SAFETY RAZOR

THE BEST PREMIUM EVER OFFERED We will give you free a complete guaranteed Safety Razor. High class blades of wafer thin Sheffield steel, ground and honed to a microscopically perfect edge. It will shave the toughest beard easily and quickly. No honeing, no stropping. Always ready.

OUR OFFER: Simply subscribe to The Home Budget, a monthly home, family, ilustrated magazine. Only 250 a year -- worth many times that amount-and we will send you absolutely free by return mail this wonderful Safety Razor.

Safety Razor Free

THE HOME BUDGET Budget Building

Troy, N. Y.

National Optimistic League

4665 Lake Avenue, Chicago

Learn Jewelers' Engraving A high salaried and easily learned trade, taught thoroughly by rail. We wi I teach the beginner better engraving than he can pain in years of rigid apprenticeship. We will also improve the skill of any engraver, Send for our catalogue The Engraving School, Dept. 73, 86 Wabash Ave., Chicago

When writing to advertisers please mention Common Sense.

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