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Be patient—wait and prepare yourself for the opportune moment. It is better to accomplish something worth while than to be continually plunging into this and that, at the wrong time, and never accomplish anything.

Make the start now—you have delayed long enough every day, every hour and minute that you are adopting a different plan for increasing your efficiency, you become of less value to the business world and less productive to yourself.

Are you only living, or are you alive? Activity If you are mentally clean, you will use clean exon the surface only is living, but he who is "alive” pressions—slang, abusive' and "tough” expressions is full of the power of strong purpose and continu- spring from a mind that is unclean. ally strives for the best there is to be had.

Honesty and ability is the only team that can work If people were not afraid of doing too much for

in “double harness” to the best advantage. There the remuneration received, there would be less fail- are many who believe that honesty and hard work ures in the world. When you are working try will win the crown of success, as they get along in and do all you can in every way you can.


years and not having gained the success which they you receive your salary at the week-end be able to

knew they were entitled to, they conclude that cunhonestly say that, “I know I have earned it because ning and misrepresentation are the keys, losing sight I have given value received."

of the fact that it is ability which counts.


When you have lost self-respect and your courage Confidence is acquired by falling down and then on your way up to a fortune your success is a failure.

getting up again. Children learn to walk by getting When you are gloomy and pessimistic, when you many a tumble—a lesson to those who miss once in spread discouragement and despair wherever you go, awhile, and as a recent writer has said, “Nothing and when your only ambition is piling up dollars, you really worth while is arrived at without some heartare a colossal failure no matter how great your appar- ache and some back break." . There are few miners ent success.

who didn't wear blisters on their hands and feet and endure all but starvation before they struck

pay dirt. Are you aiming at the success target? What is your policy? Have you a well-defined “lay-out," are

A well-known Chicago business man said that "it you working along success lines, or are you blundering is easier to obtain ten pounds of capital than one blindly along with no particular idea of where you are ounce of brains.” This deplorable condition is due to going? If you are, now is the oppportune moment to over production of capital—the production of Stop! Look! and Listen!

Man is prone to go brains has not kept pace with the accumulation of dolahead with apparent indifference whether they are

lars and cents.

Capitalists cannot find the men who right or wrong; they fail to realize that sooner or possess the required brain power to take charge and later they will run up against a stone wall which they continue to develop the money they have succeeded will either have to butt down, climb over or quit. in getting together. This is a condition very much to The wise man is he who lays out a plan of action--- be regretted because education has not kept up with who works along specific lines until the physiological the commercial and industrial development of this moment arrives, then he is able to grasp the opportun

country. There is plenty of raw material, but what ity that gains real success.

is lacking is the training. Many cultured, well educated men and women never succeed because they lack one vital require

The man or woman who continually soothes his ment-“stick-to-it-iveness” They set out with great

conscience with the mis-be-gotten, enervating doctrine aims in life, but losing courage they become negligent of mediocrity that "all is for the best," will never and allow their enthusiasm to cool, and quite often be the man or woman to carry to a successful conthey entirely cease to work for a special aim, and clusion a business project of any consequence.

It take up some new purpose fully resolved that they is more profitable to exalt the gospel of hard work will continue to work along these new lines until they to get Action and Result now and here than to be have succeeded. After a few months they forget their satisfied that "all is for the best." Idleness is a disgood intentions and keep going from one thing to

grace because it breeds discontent; low-aim is crimanother, not realizing that the psychological moment

inal, it does not bring out the best results, because will never come to them if they continue to work in this way. Success is the result of years of prepara

Result is the only great thing worth striving for, and tion, of effort, struggles and hardships. Therefore if

the man or woman who is continually making misour high purpose is allowed to rest the pyschological takes are those who are satisfied that "all is for the moment will never appear.


Harry Gordon Selfridge

A Merchant Prince of Business Building, Head of the Great Retail Store of

Selfridge & Co., Lmtd., London, England

By O. S. Duff The life of Harry Gordon Selfridge is a striking tained two million dollars worth of goods ready for illustration of a man who has acquired all the desirable buyers. Can you realize what it means to select things of life, but not being satisfied with the great lieutenants, assistants and employes who are capable success he made as

a co-partner in the form of of managing the credit department, merchandise deMarshall Field & Company, he has established a partment, counting house, systems, building and equipmammoth business in London, England, which will, ments, advertising managers, correspondents,, inauguno doubt, perpetuate the name of Selfridge for many rate purchasing department; to employ competent years. Mr. Selfridge has proved conclusively to buyers, window trimmers, superintendents, and to see thousands of men and women in England and Amer- that a thousand and one details were not overlooked ica that he believes in himself—that he has confidence so that this great industrial enterprise could start off in his his ability.

smoothly, evenHe knew defin

ly, and "without itely when the

a hitch.” If you idea of estab

will give this lishing this great

point some carebusiness first en

ful thought and tered his mind,

study you will that the modern

realize the enormethods of

mity of such an America could

undertaking be applied along

and get a deepstrictly British

er insight into lines and be suc

the character of cessful. Mr.

the man whose Selfridge ha a

fertile brain has proved conclu

made this possisively that he

ble. was right. . For

Twenty five two years he

years ago Mr. worked and

Selfridge came planned one by

from a country one the many

village in the problems and

States to the The New Selfridge Store in the Center of the London Shopping District. details necessary

city of Chicago. to establish a working policy that would win confi- He began his career by working in a retail store as an dence. These plans finally culminated on the first day office boy. Ten years later saw him manager of the of March in the opening of Selfridge & Co., Limited, store; and ten years after he was managing partner of the greatest retail establishment in London. The the great retail institution, the house of Marshall Field venture was a decided success. The crowds of sight- & Company. He not only built up a "stupendous retail seers and shoppers could not be accommodated, and to

institution, but at the same time built the most disquote Mr. Selfridge's statement "half a dozen English

tinctive store in existence, and there is no doubt but shopping traditions were smashed in a single day." what this enterprising gentleman intends not only to duThis is indeed gratifying to the business men in this plicate, but build a larger and better business insticountry, especially since the arguments and predic. tution in London. Mr. Selfridge has worked his way tions of some of England's "cheerful pessimists” were from the bottom to the top ring of the ladder-has smashed to smithereens when the firm of Selfridge succeeded by sheer effort plenty of hard work and & Co., Limited, was a huge success on the first day determination, and will surely profit by all his past exit opened its doors to the English public.

perience and build larger and greater as the years go This business didn't grow—it began big-a by; instructed, as he was, by the greatest merchant business which on the first day of operation occupied of them all, Marshall Field, whose rule was "ora specially constructed building—five stories—six ganize merchants to do my merchandising and I will acres of floor space—a thousand employes, and con- devote my time to other and larger ventures."




Selfridge the Man

for the love of work, and not only for the pleasure of

getting; to anticipate requirements; to develop reOutward appearances, count for little—you cannot

sources; to recognize no impediments; to master cirdetermine the value of a mine by the outcroppings;

cumstances; to act from reason rather than rule; to be you must use drill and giant powder; and so it is with satisfied with nothing short of perfection." human nature—you cannot tell what stuff a man is

In a recent interview Mr. Selfridge says further: made of by outward appearances. H. G. Selfridge “It has been a tradition among shopkeepers in looks like any other successful citizen—well dressed, London that people dislike to go above the first confident, quiet, capable. At a casual glance Mr. floor to buy. It was declared that English women Selfridge would not impress you as a great com- wouldn't use elevators. We have proved this to be mander; yet he has that

'absolute rot,' as they say ability to select generals

in England. Every de that can be depended upon HE following are Mr. Selfridge's

partment in our store, from to carry out his orders.

principles of business management: basement to top floor, has Men who can handle a

"To do the right thing at the right been well patronized since thousand clerks with skill, time, in the right way. To do some things

the day we opened, and tact and patience—men better than they were ever done before. To

nine elevators have who can keep a stream of

been so popular that it is goods coming into this eliminate errors. To know both sides of the

necessary to wait five mingreat establishment to question. To be courteous. To set an ex- utes at any hour of the day meet the

demand, and ample. To work for the love of work. To to get in one. those who, with the assistanticipate requirements. To develop re

"It was also said that ance of salespeople, can keep a stream of goods go

English women wouldn't sources. To recognize no impediments. To

act on advertisements, but ing out into the hand of master circumstances. To act from reason

we have found exactly the customers. Such is this rather than rule. To be satisfied with noth- same results from advertisman, Mr. Selfridge; full ing short of perfection."

ing here as in Chicago. of knowledge, self control,

"It was said that people and above all, a desire to

wouldn't come in unless please. A man who has incorporated into all his they wanted to buy, because they were too timid. business dealings the golden rule of the Sermon on English women have taken to shopping at our store as the Mount, “Do unto others as you would that they

a recreation. Thousands visit us daily simply to should do unto you.” A man whose mind is full

look at our goods. of big things—enthusiastic; "a merchant prince of

"It was also said the shop walker was a necessity. business building.

We have shown that the people don't want to be Value of Advertising

held up the moment they enter the door.

"It was likewise declared that show windows, in We quote Mr. Selfridge on the question of advertising, who says:

order to be effective, should be completely filled, “I should like to refer once again to the supreme

even to the top. We have shown again that an commercial value-to put it on no higher ground artificially dressed show window draws the better of honest advertisement. The man who puts in the class of customers. The claim also was made that honest advertisement and teaches the public that his if the shop workers were treated with kindness they advertisements are a little less than the goods they repaid this with undue familiarity. This has also advertise really are, puts the value of one hundred been proved a great fallacy." cents in the dollar on everything he advertises. It Mr. Selfridge expresses, what perhaps is the pivotal does not pay to lie in advertising. If one is running principle of his policy, this way: "Get the confan auction for a week, he can lie like a thief; but if his

dence of the public and vou will have no difficulty business is a permanent factor in the community, for

in getting their patronage." Inspire your whole force his own sake he must tell the truth. We do not want

with the right spirit of service; encourage every sign our customers to read our advertisements from a circus

of the true spirit. So display and advertise wares standpoint."

that customers shall buy with understanding. Treat Mr. Selfridge's moral idea of business is "to do them as guests when they come and when they go, the right thing at the right time in the right way; to whether or not they buy. Give them all that can do some things better than they were ever done be- be given fairly on the principle that to him that fore; to eliminate errors; to know both sides of the giveth shall be given. Remember always that the question; to be courteous; to be an example; to work recollection of quality remains long after the price





is forgotten. Then your business will prosper by a string bill was reduced by half. In three months natural process."

the manager


expense had saved the firm hundreds You are never expected to enter an English store of dollars.' unless you intend to buy. In this respect Selfridge It was this selection of the right man for the right service will be “the open door;" "you are entirely place that required the longest time and thought, but welcome to inspect this great establishment," and when Mr. Selfridge put his finger on a section of his "your money will be refunded if you are not entirely chart and said, “that man is the best man in his busisatisfied.”

ness in London," it meant something. It meant “Planning an organization of this kind,” says countless interviews and investigations and careful Mr. Selfridge, "is the most interesting game in the search that few employers would think necessary. world. The world is your

"I have employed Enfield; the stakes are high

glish assistants exclusiveand the results are

R. SELFRIDGE expresses his idea ly," said Mr. Selfridge, In building up my

of the part organization plays in “because they are familiar organization, I have taken

business in this way: There are with the characteristics of the big stores first, and as tvo vital things in the success of planning the people they will serve. the big men- -the foundaany business-capital and organization. If

I am running a cosmopolitions of the business

I were to give my opinion as to which I tan store in London, and have been secured, I have

intend to meet the requirethought more important of the two, I should passed on to the next, right say organization."

ments of the English peoup to the engaging of the

ple. I have not come here sales staffs for the departMerchandising has ceased to be a

to teach; in fact, there is trade; it is a science. And the most vital ments.

much that I shall have to “Many serious questions necessity of a business is the best man for

learn. We shall make must be considered in se- every position. For without the right kind

mistakes, of course, but we lecting men. Honesty is of men the best organization in the world

hope to make them help to matter, perhaps, would fail." to be decided only by rec

better service, rather than ords. Loyalty is another.

otherwise." Unlike honesty, this is easily cultivated, if as easily Mr. Selfridge has never been a

narrow retailer. sacrificed in a day. Enthusiasm is important. In He had bought and sold the products of the entire some places it is frowned upon—regarded as bad world; he had bought from people of all nationalities; form. Yet only by stirring up a man's enthusiasm he had sold to people of all classes. So first he are the fires of his energy kept alive.

If a young

studied the conditions of the field he was to enter;

the market and, most important of all, the national man feels he wants to go deeper into the business

characteristics of his prospective clientele. Every all the time, to give it additional thought, energy and intelligence, to damp his enthusiasm is to kill his city has its different business customers, its own type

of buying public. By observation, by study, the value as an employe.

merchant must grow to know what the public with "The most difficult branch of the art of selecting

which he is concerned likes in his line; what they men is to find a man for a new position. Chance

might prefer, what they have been accustomed to; sometimes helps—as when I first hit upon the idea

he must grow,

a word, to be one of the public of having a manager of expense and was seeking

himself. my pioneer economist. One day, passing through a

The achievements of Harry Gordon Selfridge work room, my eye lit upon a home-made set of pigeon holes. It transpired that one of the assistants, shows what degree of success may be attained by who was responsible for selling the clippings of clotch one who has the courage to stand by his convictions, to the ragman, bad devised the pigeon holes as a who possesses a noble aim, untiring effort and energy. means of sorting clippings according to their values, A really great man, because of the force within. One in order to gain higher prices. The idea was his who has hewed and cut his own way.

We all can own, and had been carried out on his own initiative. admire the man who from small beginnings arrives at

"From the moment that I discovered this the new great endings: Surely the examples of Mr. Selfpost of manager of expense was filled. Economies ridge, who exalts the Gospel of Hard Work to get began forthwith. Dropped pins were picked up, and Action and Result here and now, are worthy of in one department alone this resulted in a monthly emulation. saving of thirty dollars. String no longer was wasted Note.A reproduction of Mr. Selfridge's photoin the parcel-wrapping department, and the monthly graph appears on the front cover page.


A Science In Its Infancy, a Profession That Is Just Beginning; Is of the Very

Greatest Importance To All of the People

Reprinted from the New York Evening Journal Young men in the near future may make their for- is selected when the business man picks out his adtunes at advertising. Business men can multiply their vertiser. To that man he confides his business; the prosperity and usefulness a hundred fold through ad- story of its value today and its prospects in the vertising And advertising can give continuous em- future. ployment to millions of men.

Young men will be interested to know that alAdvertising is the most modern and powerful agent ready in the advertising field there are great possiin the greatest modern task, which is distribution. bilities of profit. Men are paid very large salaries-Every intelligent American must be interested in ad- $15,000, $25,000 a year, and even more—even in vertising; for be sure of this if you succeed subordinate advertising positions. And they are worth you will need to know about advertising. And if it, for intelligent advertising makes the advertiser you don't know about advertising your success will independent of his location; it enables him to reach never be more than a small fraction of what it might all of the people all of the time—something unhave been.

dreamed of in past commercial history. The science of advertising, the value of the in- It is absolutely impossible for business men to fail telligent advertising specialist lies in his ability to if they have desirable goods for sale at fair prices, make two thousand dollars worth, to his client twenty

and if they tell the public about it. or fifty or a hundred thousand dollars.

And most important, persistent, expensive adverAny man who studies the writing of advertise

t.sing increases and maintains the quality ol goods. ments is usefully employed. For there is no writing There are men that have invested in advertising more difficult than good advertisement writing. There more money than they have put into their factories is no limit to the knowledge that the specialist in ad- and offices and everything else. Their big investment vertising needs, none to that which he can usefully

is their advertising. And their reputation is their employ.

advertising Young men looking for a new field will do well

When a conscientious business man dies, leaving to think of advertising. It gives openings to many

behind him a widely advertised article of great merit, kinds of ability. A man intelligent, keen and con

his successor, even, if he were dishonest, would not vincing can be very prosperous as a solicitor of ad- dare to cheat the public and diminish the quality of vertising. A man acquainted with the English lan- that article. He might as well burn up his furniture guage, knowing the meaning of words, can be very to save fuel as reduce quality to save money. Hurtprosperous as a writer of advertising.

ing the quality of an article with millions in advertisA man understanding communities, their purchas- ing back of it would be equivalent to wrecking and ing power and their wants, may be most successful throwing away that great investment, just as much and useful in the choosing of advertising mediums. as though the man set fire to his factory. The real advertising professional, however, the big The struggle of human beings is more and more man, must have all of these qualities.

to do things in a big way, to be independent of time And the business man should recognize and be and place and distance. Wonderful progress in rapid willing to pay for the qualities that a really able ad- transit enables us to get anywhere. The telegraph, vertising specialist should possess.

the telephone and the wireless enable us to talk with Some of the biggest business men have advertis- anyone anywhere. ing men of their own, specialists, in their employ- Advertising enables a man to sell goods to anyone all very well if they get the right man and appreciate anywhere, and protects his employes against uncerhim.

tainty of employment, and gives to ile public the But no advertising man should be looked upon as economies and the perfection of product that can only an ordinary high-priced clerk. He is the man that result from enterprise on the biggest scale. talks personally to every single customer his employer The printing press has done wonders for the huhas. If the business man were picking out some one man race. Its great field, of course, is in the disrepresentative that was to receive and talk to every

tribution of thought. But it is a useful, helpful serbuyer he would want the best man in sight, and vant of men through its power to advertise, which is would gladly pay him adequately. Just such a man to tell the news of business to the world.

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