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Practical Philosophy

The Correspondence School


The fellow who spends all his time figuring out Most Valuable School of Learning whether it is better to have a half loaf the whole time,

In America than to have a whole loaf half the time, is a loafer.

The correspondence schools that are established And the fellow who bets on every chance when

throughout the length and breadth of the United he gets the opportunity, instead of betting on the

States are the most valuable institutions of learning in opportunity when he gets the chance, is no better.

America. These correspondence schools really are The fellow who discussed that this world owed

institutions demanded by the exigencies of our times. him a living without working for it, is the same fellow

They eminently are suited to our wants and their who is waiting for someone to invent an apparatus growth during the last few years has been phenomefor universal artificial respiration.

nal. The window of our soul is closed when we are

There are several correspondence schools of a reblind to our neighbor's wants.

liable character which make it possible for men and The desire to get "wise" to some things only

women of all ages to learn arts, industries, profesproves how foolish we are.

sions, trades, languages and sciences of all kinds and Don't around the smile; it is better to pass the

conditions with a reasonable expenditure of time and smile around.

money, and without their being necessitated to leave Although it sounds the same, there is a vast differ

their homes. A few of the subjects successfully ence between doing something for somebody, and taught by correspondence are advertisement writing, "doing somebody" for something.

bookkeeping, stenography, short story writing, show Disappointments and danger are nature's testing card writing, jeweler's engraving, window trimming, Auids, to tell the cowards from the brave.

commercial law, illustrating, civil service, English, It would take more than the intense cold of the

journalism, business letter writing, proof reading, the frozen North to cool the desire of the man who is

many branches of engineering, surveying, architecture, determined to succeed.

mechanical and architectural drawing. The North Pole has taught men one thing at least;

Some of these correspondence schools are employthat it is like success, if you want it, you will have to

ing a very novel method of teaching languages. Corgo for it. Flattery is deceit in disguise. Deceit is robbery

rect accentuation, pronunciation and enunciation of applied. Robbery is selfishness unrestrained. Self

foreign languages is taught by means of phonoishness is lack of charity in the brain. We use flat- graphs. tery for charity to further our personal aim. No The fees charged by the correspondence schools matter where we start the circle, the result is just usually are reasonable. In many instances the paythe same.

ment is accepted on an installment basis and in some Although we know that truth is more profitable in cases the payment is deferred until the pupil has the long run, we are too impatient to wait that long. finished the course and obtained a salaried position.

Opportunity may be the man to start you on the Many of these institutions have employment bureaus scratch; but success is on the other side of the wire. which make a specialty of securing positions for their

What a different story history would tell if men pupils without making any additional charge for their could “drink" to success.

service. It is a sad thing to see a man without one friend, The chief cause of America's progress is that her not even friendly with his own conscience.

people are ready and assiduous in providing such Just remember you can't always tell; appearances opportunities for their rising generation. are the most deceiving things in the world.

There are however, only a few of these corresIf you decide to take great risks, be sure you are pondence schools that make it their constant aim and prepared to cope with the consequences of failure. effort to put hope, life, enthusiasm and enterprising

impulse into its students.

When they have been A Bad Break

graduated from the high class school they not only

have received a splendid education in their chosen She had just accepted him, and they were blissfully discussing the "might-have-beens.

profession, but they have been taught business ideas "Darling," he inquired in the tone of one who

that are an invaluable aid in entering the commercial knows what the answer will be; "darling, why didn't world. you accept that little donkey of a fop?"

These students are men and women who "pay "Because," she answered dreamily, "I loved an- their own way" and who make their own way up the other.”

"ladder of success.

Common School Education Only a Veneer


By B. M. Langland Why is it that the educators of this country do voluntarily leave school to find something to do. not awaken to the needs of practical instruction in our Equipped for nothing, they thereupon enter what has common schools? It is strange that men and women been aptly termed the "period of industrial vagawho are supposed to know what is best for the young bondage," drifting from one unskilled industry to angeneration should continue with the medieval sys- other, before eventually finding some low stratum of tem of imparting instruction that is of no practical work in which they may be permanently employed. value to the school children of this country. If our Imagine if you can, this army of boys turning away school system is efficient then why do we have busi- from the doors of our schools, in numbers five times ness colleges private institutions, known as technical

as many as the boys they leave behind of their own or industrial schools? Students in every state of the age, discouraged at the prospect before them, leaving Union are graduated from the common school with a of their own volition, and in many cases with barely smattering knowledge of everything but that which consent of their parents, and at a time of life when will fit them for life's work. They are not edu- they should be under the guardianship of the state, cated; they have no useful knowledge that is re- at a time when these elements of hope and courage, quired.or wanted in business affairs. There is a which belong of right to every boy of 14, should be remedy for this which should be applied to the school given full play and encouraged to full development. system throughout the United States.

A Serious Charge
Give Practical Instruction

The truth is, that our common schools of secondary

grade have, for the most part up to now, developed If you have given this momentous question any

away from the actual activities of life to such an exthought or consideration, you cannot but agree that

tent that the boy leaving school at from 12 to 14 is the present day school room instruction is but a side

absolutely out of harmony with the environment into show performance. If the time, devoted to flourishes

which he comes. and the application of varnish, were applied to the

Frederick Nietzsche, the great philosopher, says in laying of a good foundation, our business colleges one of his lectures that “Education, as everyone would not be necessary. There are very few com

knows, has two main objects: to impart knowledge mon school graduates that use proper language, write

and implant culture.” The educated man, in a word, fluently or grammatically. Why then is it necessary

.is one who knows a great deal more than the average to send young men and women to technical schools?

man and is constantly increasing his area of knowlBecause it is the only place where they can secure

edge in a sensible, orderly, logical fashion. The conthe necessary training to fit them for a useful pro

crete facts that a student learns at the average school fession. The education given by our school system

are few and unconnected, and instead of being led of today is but a thin veneer that hides the real

into the habit of independent thinking, he is trained ignorance of the student. The rough raw material of

to accept authority. When he takes his degree it is this country (our common school pupils) should be

usually no more than a sign that he has joined the moulded and polished into intelligent strong minded

"herd.” men and women. But our present system of instruc

Suppose these unsuccessful young men had been lion falls far short of accomplishing this result. It is

taught the art of writing a clever, convincing business far better not to know so much that is of no benefit

letter, a clear editorial, or had been trained to think than to be ignorant of those things which help us gain

along direct lines, had been taught some trade or What are the opportunities of the great

profession to give them a start in the commercial majority of students who graduate from the common

world, how much better it would be for themselves schools? Can they step into a position paying $15

and for those who will be dependent upon them in to $18 per week—the question seems absurd because we know they have not. laid the foundation for either

The parents should insist that their children be a professional or business career. We are not pre

given practical instruction; if a strenuous campaign paring the youth to win in the battle of life.

were entered into, the educators would wake up to Statistics show that, in the State of Massachusetts,

the needs of industrial training instead of being satis25 per cent of the boys continue beyond the 'grammar

hed with the impractical methods now practiced in grade; in other states their percentage dwindles to

our present school system. from 10 to 15 per cent. An investigation by one of

Parents should be educated to the fact that every the departments at Washington proves that the reason

boy and girl should be developed into an efficient why from 75 to 80 per cent of the boys, at the age economic unit, and they should begin at once to inof 14 to 16 years, leave school is because they have sist that their boys and girls be given an industrial become discouraged with what is given them and they and commercial education.


after years.



I have just read with much interest extracts from "And the towering Lincoln, majestic giant, the an address delivered by David R. Forgan of the deep waters of whose inner life were never troubled Trust National Bank, this city, in which he says: by the meddling fingers of Pedagogy—who taught “The schools cover the three R's with a lot of frills him? From what college did he take his degree of that may be all right in their place, but they have no Common Sense? Lincoln, who owed his clear intelplace in the education of a young man entering busi

lect, inflexible honesty and unwavering purpose to his ness life.

lack of educational advantages as much as to any“The boy who graduates from one of the public thing else. Could a Lincoln possibly survive the schools," said he, "cannot write a business letter, grammar and high school course of today? That cannot spell and cannot use English.

matchless intellect would as surely have been killed “Unless a young man who leaves school to enter off as God only knows how many thousands of a business house can write an intelligent letter in his Lincolns, Websters and Shakespeares are being supown hand his education has been a failure," said Mr. pressed today in the public schools. Forgan. "Unless the schools teach him to do this, “Yet in spite of this condition, which is not overthey also are failures. The schools are teaching a drawn, the school men deplore the fact that pupils are lot of fads and fancies which, while they may be all leaving school so early. But herein I think is one right in their place, certainly are out of place in the great safety check against the pernicious effects of the school room."

This statement, coming from a busi- system. If the schools, as at present conducted, were ness man who employs many young men in his bank- to have the child for twice the average time he now ing institution, should have the serious consideration spends in school, I shudder to think what kind of an of every school teacher, instructor and school super- eviscerated product we should get. Until the school intendent in the United States. If these conditions system is modified greatly, until the ideals of educado not exist, then Mr. Forgan has made a grave mis- tion are raised, and the opportunities offered the take.

growing boy are far different, we need not worry We take the liberty of quoting from an article by about his constantly increasing tendency to leave his Mr. Bruce T. Calvert, editor of The Open Road, classes at an early age. It is perhaps his self-protecwho desires to know whether or not “Education Edu- tion, and the school system must show better cates.” The common school kind of education does of his time than it is now doing before it is entitled not educate, but rather kills all desire and thirst for to any more of his life. knowledge the student may have. Mr. Calvert says: “The superintendent of schools throughout the "The American school boy is literally taught to

United States represent the best that we have inteldeath. He is given no opportunity at all to see what lectually, morally and spiritually, if not physically.

, he can do for himself. Teachers seem afraid to They are an earnest, clean, sincere body of men and trust nature. They will give labial assent to the state- women, actuated by the highest motives.

Yet so ment that man is the culmination of all the ages, that bound and hedged in are they by their own formulea he holds within himself infinite possibilities, that he is and superstitious reverence for authority, so fearful the focusing point of all the powers and forces of the of taking an initative step that we find them thinking universe, yet they are not willing to trust that boy in a circle, making very little progress. They are noi outside of the school room. They seem deluded with yet grappling with the real problems of life and presthe idea that power comes from the course of studies, ent day needs, but are still engrossed with forms and in place of from within, and so the child is taught plans, methods, courses of study, paraphernalia, apand tutored and pushed and prodded and bedeviled paratus. all day long for four to six mortal hours in the school “But our school system takes no account of phyroom, the while breathing that filthy, imprisoned air, ,

sical stamina, strength, health, vigor. Put on the and even when released, his sufferings are not over. pressure, tighten the screws; crowd them through. He goes home, and in place of being turned out to They must graduate this spring at all hazard. What play, he either has some work to prepare for the next

if Harold does collapse after the commencement exday, or else he is forced by ambitious but imbecile ercises? What if Mamie does carry home with her parents to continue his studies under some special diploma the seeds of disease? What is that to us? teacher for the balance of the day."

We graduated her, didn't we? We finished' her "Does power come from schooling and tutoring? education on time. She averaged ninety-five in all Who then taught Socrates, Galileo, Copernicus ? her exams; isn't that enough? We've done our duty, Who tutored Shakespeare, Darwin, Spencer, Whit- now let the doctors take charge of her. And it man and all the rest of the mighty host? And Edi- death claims her-one hundred thousand children of son, whose genius lighted the world, what academy school age die every year—the bereaved parents may was he graduated from? Edison, who surely owes

chisel upon her headstone 'She graduated with honors his marvelous achievements to the fact that his native on schedule time.' gifts were never sterilized by college training. No “As for initiative or spontaneity, that is the olie product of the school system today would ever evolve thing not tolerated in the school room. the electric light or the telephone.

That would upset the whole system, split the


Bless you, ing list:


-some of

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curriculum into kindling wood. What would be the The man of high ideals is never content with anyuse of books on Pedagogy if the pupils in the prac- thing but the highest place he is capable of filling. tice schools failed to answer the questions just as laid Ambition spurs him on. Nothing can hold him back. down in the plan. A natural, healthy, normal pupil It may be a long up-hill climb, but he is some day allowed any scope for originality would throw a seen at the summit waving the banner of victory. school or college course out of gear, just as a thinker, Again we say There is Room at the Top.—Sparc a non-conformist is a pariah in any community. He Moments. doesn't fit into the scheme. "It is the type we want, not individuality, but the

Some Irish Bulls type. Our school system is one huge machine with no more flexibility than a shoe factory. We grind out souls by the gross, all of standard shape and size,

In no deliberative body in the world is the mixed as the shoes which all look alike as they come froin

metaphor so much in its element as in the British the machines."

House of Commerce. As examples of its activity in We are glad of the opportunity of bringing before

that institution, London Tid-Bits submits the followour readers Mr. Calvert's articles; we know it will be read by many young men and women who are

“I will now repeat what I was about to say when

the honorable member interrupted me.' struggling along the rough road to success

“The West Indies will now have a future which: them deploring the fact that they never had a sufficient common-school training. These men and women

they never had in the past.” are fortunate that circumstances forced them into the

"A thorny subject which has long been a bone of busy working world where they can learn from ex

contention among us." perience who is a better teacher than those that are

“A slumbering volcano which at any moment a found in many school rooms. We would like very

spark might set aflame." much to receive the opinions of school teachers, super

A well-known member of Parliament informed the intendents, students and educators on this subject.

House that an "oral agreement is not worth the paper it is written on.

But a Leeds solicitor outdid his competitor when he Room At the Top

said fervidly:

“Gentlemen of the jury, it will be for you to say There are more men working in the mines than

whether this defendant shall be allowed to come into there are managers above ground. There are more

court with unblushing footsteps, with the cloak of men competing for the jobs requiring hard labor than hypocrisy in his mouth, and take three bullocks out there are for the so-called snaps in the offices where

of my client's pocket with impunity." the superintending is done.

When he was suffering from gout he rebuked his Young man, if you want to be where competition

shoemaker: “I told you to make one of my shoes is fierce and pay meager, if you expect to stay there larger than the other; instead you have made one of then just fool away time and opportunity, associate

them smaller than the other." He once sent an amus with the loafer, the "good fellow," the clock-watchering invitation to a nobleman of his acquaintance: “I and you will soon be graduated for just such a job

hope, my lord, that if ever you come within a mile throughout life. Of course it is none of your em

of my house you will stay there all night.” ployer's business how you spend your spare time when

Sir Boyle Roche wrote to a friend: off duty, but he will make it his business how you take judge of our state when I tell you that I write this hold of the work when on the job. No one can be an

with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other."

Even worse than the foregoing was the climax of Al worker all day and a number one good fellow

the honorable member's speech in the House of Comhalf the night.

“I smell a rat; I see it floating in the air; It is expected that every young fellow should be

and, by heaven, I'll nip it in the bud!" gin at the bottom, but it is not expected that he stay

A Scotchwoman said that the butcher of her town there only long enough to become proficient enough to

only killed half a beast at a time. go up higher.

A Dutchman said a pig had no marks on his ears Room at the top? Yes, lots of it. Never has

except a short tail. there been such a dearth of honest, efficient workmen

A Portuguese mayor enumerated, among the marks in all callings of life as now. In spite of the fact by which the body of a drowned man might be that the technical schools are turning out a identified when found, “a marked impediment in his practically educated manhood and womanhood than speech." ever before, the high places are not full. The cig- An American lecturer solemnly said one evening: arette and other evils are making for inefficiency as “Parents, you may have children; or, if not, your fast as the schools are equipping for service.

daughters may have."

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“You may




Pointed Paragraphs For

For Advertising Managers and Writers

These Ideas Can Be Used To Increase The Pulling Power of Advertisements

and Follow-Up Letters


Come and watch your dollars grow bigger. dressed, or wants to be. Here dollars stretch in

buying power and style sets pride a-flutter. Easy Everything, from the treacherous carpet tack, so

dressing, this, where price nudges quality so closely; needful at this season, to the safe and reliable gaso- easy buying, too-because your credit's good. line stove.

Arriving at our store and seeing our fine line of The Summer Man-As cool as a cucumber and leather belts, gold and silver tinsel belts, and belt pins, as attractive as his sisters when properly appareled in

at such low prices, you will surely quote the oldour own economical summer garb.

time saying: “This is the place I long have sought

and mourned because I found it not." Changes in underwear are now the approved order of the dress program. Light weights rule everywhere

If those who advertise bargains had to wear the --lightest prices rule here.

bargains they advertise, there would be less bargain

talk. We have none—if we had they'd be like This is moving time, and you can't do anything

other people's—goods that would not bring a good better than to make a move to buy your table supplies price--because they would not be good goods. at

Imported wash fabrics-Away back in the year The sweet perfume of fresh-cut flowers and the 450, Herodotus speaks of the trees of India bearing pleasing satisfaction of fresh-cut prices will greet fruit, the fleeces of which were more delicate than you from every nook and corner of this great store.

wool. If he could look upon the outcome of this

fruit on sale here today his comparison would be with Who's to blame if you look shabby and appear on

silk instead of wool. the street in clothes that have lost almost their claim of respectability ? We are willing to help you dress "Straws show which way the wind blows." But the well.

trade winds never piled up such straws at our doors

before. If a manufacturer makes more hats than he The Czar's head will not have as much comfort can sell, and the price goes down, it's not your lookor contentment in a million dollar crown as many an out. You must look out and buy while they are uncrowned king who finds one of our high-grade new

down. This is your opportunity. shape hard felts.

The Fair idea of pushing a good thing is to push Worried ulsters piled, repiled, carried here and it where it will do as much good to the pushee as to there about the store trying to make room for in- the pusher. When we get an exceptionally good coming Spring goods. We must sell some more before thing we always divide the good with as many perthe final packing away.

sons as we can in the shortest possible time. That's

to set those people talking. A good home for your feet is money well invested. We have a great many such homes in all styles and Bixby's good habit of having what he advertises, prices. Never before were we able to show you such and plenty of it, inspires the general public with a large and varied stock.

faith; and they respond to his announcements, know

ing that the plums won't be just sold out." What is needed more than anything else is an Xray light on newspaper advertising. Then we'd have Don't dispute with a woman when she tells you

that fun enough to discount a circus. In the meantime you Prowse Bros. is the best place to buy clothing, becan read between these lines and see the goods these cause she knows what she is talking about. Don't prices represent.

expect your wife to meet you pleasantly if you go to

another store and pay more for an overcoat or suit Now comes the time when everybody's weil than you would at

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