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EVERY YOUNG MAN Should Read Modern Methods

The Stellar Ray

Because in every issue it gives ideas concerning business and office methods in use in the best offices in all the cities.

The articles published in Modern Methods are by men who are themselves successful in business and office management and they are the men whose ways you must emula te if you aspire for promotion to an executive position.

Don't be a Clerk BUT LEARN HOW TO PROGRESS by reading Modern Methods. It will tell you more in one issue than you can learn in two years otherwise. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 50 CENTS A YEAR. FOREIGN POSTAGE 50 CENTS EXTRA.

Is a practical New Thought Journal, which deals with Individual problems and the Success of Individual lives. It helps its readers to obtain and maintain Good Health and Success.

Its thousands of subscribers enjoy it, for it is not a prosy publication but is full of modern vim and live interest.

A department is devoted to Psychical Research and the unfoldment of Psychic Powers.

Published monthly, price $1 oo per year.


Detroit, Michigan

Published by Modern Methods Publishing Co.

Dotroit, Mich.



Do yog

Do you like live articles? Do you like good printing?

“A Periodical That's Different."

like good stories ?

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We ask ourselves :


DO IT?" Then we go and do the opposite. That's why “SAXBY’S” is perenially interesting to the intelligently curious. You WANT IT BADLY, and don't know

$1.00 per year

15c. por copy

No Free Samples



This Book is a Herald of the New Learning
The First Gun in a Revolt Against Leisure Class Ideals

of Education

Editor To-Morrow Magazine
"Expert breeders and trainers of horses permit
their own children to fade and die for want of ap-
plying the knowledge they have but do not use."

"Owners of Angora cats who know how their pets have become beautiful as the result of but a few generations of intelligent selection, do not dream of the wondrous results, were the same law applied to their own race."

"The world, thoughtleşsly overlooks the principles employed by Burbank and other successful hybridists, not realizing that each discovery has its corresponding application to the human species."

"Man has not yet started to live a mind-directed, reasoned-out life." Our Entire System of Education is Wrong

Dear Mr. Sercombe:

“Correct Thinking' is to me the most universal and unsectarian book I have ever read. "Correct Thinking'' is extending in all directions the gospel taught by Darwin, Huxley, Tyndal, Haeckel, Spencer and Whitman, for the enlightenment and general benefit of the masses. It is the Savior promised.

Respectfully yours,

GEORGE B. WILLIAMS. Twenty-five cents the copy. Five copies, $1

$15 the hundred. FREE with one year's subscription to To

Morrow Magazine şi TO-MORROW PUBLISHING COMPANY 139 E. 56th Street

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Mlinois

in Genuine Leather Deeply tufteu diamond back, large pillow roll top, steel spring construction, large claw feet, fully guaranteed. Order Chair No. 1561

88 Wabash Avenue

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Published the Fifth of Each Month by


Copyright 1909 by Common-Sense Publishing Co. (Not Incorporated)
Entered at Chicago Post-Office as second-class matter, April 2, 1902, at the Post-Office at Chicago, Illinois,

under act of March 3rd, 1879.

OFFICES: MICHIGAN BLVD. AN ) 40rh Street, CHICAGO 150 NASSAU St., New YORK 15 OXFORD ST., W., LONDON, Esg. 131 CASHEL ST., CHRISTCHURCH, N. Z: S. A. Conlan, Representative James Black. Representative

James Rodger, Representative Note:—Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING Co., MICHIGAN BLVD. AND 10TH ST., CHICAGO. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will be supplied on application. Seud money by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.





Tells all about the MAIL ORDER BUSINESS from A to Z. It tells you how to start with little capital and make money from the very beginning and get hundreds of cash orders per day; how others do it; it tells you where to get free circulars of fast selling goods with your name and address printed on as dealer; where to get illustrated catalogues, advertising fast sellers, with your name and address printed on as manufacturer and dealer; where to get the goods at lowest rates; where to get all kinds of fast selling merchandise at lowest wholesale prices and fast selling books for 2 to 5 cents each that retail at 25 and 50 cents; where to get all kinds of books at wholesale and circulars with your imprint on as publisher; where to get all kinds of jewelry and watches direct from the factory; where to get cuts and electrotypes advertising same; where to get paper boxes and labels; where to get dry goods, clothing, groceries, notions, etc., at wholesale prices; where to get a complete set of small and large circulars containing your name and address as manufacturer or dealer, at 250 to 75c per 1,000, goods at less than 16 price to the trade; will tell you how to sell your neighbors names and addresses, and how to get big prices for different kinds of names; gives you advice about advertising agents that can save and make you money; tells WHAT. WHEN and WHERE to ADVERTISE; how to make your ads TAKE WELL, CHARM YOUR READERS, etc.; how to do a Manufacturing Business in your own home, what to manufacture and how to put it on the market; it gives the best methods and secrets known by which you can make thousands of dollars without leaving your own home; we tell you where to get wooden and tin boxes and bottles, drugs of all kinds, and many articles not mentioned here. This department alone will be worth hundreds of dollars to YOU. We tell you how to start on small capital, at your own home, and make money. This business is suited to women as well as men, and quite often they do better. Any one who can read and write and has some common sense can do a Mail Order Business' by consulting MODERN ADVERTISING, Subscribe today and become wise in the Mail Order Business, sit in your chair and make money rain or shine. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.


Return this advertisement with 50 CENTS and receive the next twelve issues of MODERN ADVERTISING, and also a copy of our great book, entitled FIVE HUNDRED MODERN ADVERTISING SECRETS. The best published. All for only 50 CENTS. Send now.

H. W. BURGES, Publisher, 234 C. B., Grand Rapids, Mịch.

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Copyrighted 1909 by Common Sense Publishing Co., (Not Inc)


JUNE, 1909

Subscription price $1.00 per year in advance. Foreign subscription $1.50; Canadian subscription $1.25.

Turn the full power and effort of your life into the building of your character and everything in your life will unconsciously in time promote that purpose; your very actions and thoughts will move in one direction, and the more pressure that is brought to bear the greater will be your success.

diffiffes its off its affilis ifte af afts of its off afts of its afts of its of its afts of saft off ffs off ffs afts of 25 25 25 25

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Take each day as it comes, let the events, the To be a good advertising man is to first learn experiences perform its duty, impart its lesson, give the fundamental principles of advertising and then all the pleasure and benefit it can and then let it apply those principles so perfectly that he who reads sink into oblivion, to make room for the more glorious believes that your product or merchandise is as gocd to-morrow.

as they really are. This is honest advertising.

A powerful mind can be acquired by thought, effort and study, and by turning in one direction ail the power and energy at your command for the promotion of a worthy purpose; it will not take long to change conditions, because you are master of yourself; all the powers of life work with you and for you.

Don't stop if your success thermometer registers one degree higher today than it did yesterday. Keep on pushing and more will be sure to follow. Don't be satisfied to be an average man.

When you give up the struggle your more ambitious associates will surpass you.

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