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Material for the Ad-Writer

The Only Ad-Rule Ever Made That Answers
the Needs of the Advertisement Writer

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" Long Primer

Brevier ............. Pica 33 - Double Gl. Primer .......Small Pics 30" Pre-line Nonpareil

....Nonpareil 16 " 6X Point.............Agate 14 Paint

a ...... Double Pics 18 " .....Great Primer





This valuable rule gives the width of

newspaper and magazine columns in inches and lines. When you wish to lay out space for single or double column newspaper or magazine width, no measuring is required, the rule will do it for you. It gives the number of words you need for the space you have to fill the various sizes of type by points and ems, Agate, Nonpareil, Breveir and inch measurments. The names of the various sizes of type is given from 5% to 36 point. It also explains how to lay out your dummy, how to give typographical directions, the use of margins, preparation of body matter

, using rules, use of capitals and lower case, how the firm name should

proper styles of type to use for display, body matter and emphasis. The 126 agate line and the nine inch rule combination is an absolute necessity in the preparation of advertisements. You can tell at a glance just how many inches or lines you have marked off without

measuring. The rule is printed in two colors, on high-grade celluloid, and will be sent to any address postage prepaid, on receipt of 50 cents in stamps or silver.

appear, and the

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gives the agate and inch rule combination, Also the comparative sizes of type by points and ems. It also and lines, and number of words that will go in given space.

ing the exact measurements of widths of columns in inches THE advertisement writer will find this rule complete in give

A very serviceable PORTFOLIO 20x12%, inches with a 1/2 inch back made of fine quality of black linen cloth, with 3/2 inch side and end flaps. The student will find this convenient holder very handy for unfinished dummies and drawings. When placed in the portfolio they can always be found. Price, 50c.

An excellent pair of PARALLEL RULES made of ebony, connected with brass bars, can be furnished in any length desired. Six inches, 50c. Nine inches, 80c. Twelve inches, 95c. Fifteen inches, $1.15.

ERASING SHIELD made of thin, flexible metal or celluloid with slots and holes of various sizes so that small erasures can be made on drawings, dummies, or on type writing, limited in size to that of the opening on the shield. The metal erasures, nickel plated, size 235x374 inches, 50c. In transparent celluloid, 272x42 inches, 45c; 3x5 inches, 55c.

STEEL ERASURE (knife), cocoa handle, double blade, fine quality steel. Imported, 90c; Domestic, 60c.



International Merchandise Co.

Room 52, 40th St. & Michigan Ave., Chicago, m.

(Not inc.)


When writing to advertisers please mention Common-Sense.

The Government Accountant




A Monthly Magazine of Interest to Accounting and Financial
Officers of Municipalities, Banks, Railways and

Other Public Service Corporations

To Be Found In All Leading Certified Public Accountants Offices

Principally Devoted To the Advocacy of Improved and Uniform Methods

of Accounting

Sample Copy 15 Cents.

Subscriptions $1.50 Per Annum.

The Great Southwest, A Magazine od Romance, Bile



tory and Progress, devoted to the laterests of the Southwest Section of the United States. Wants a subscription representative in every clty in the country; also desires State Managers experienced in handling crews. Write us at once, for Copy and Terms.

The following are some of the attractive premiums we allow our agents to give FREE with subscriptions, which enables them to earn from $5.00 to $15.00 a day: PREMIUMS.

One eight-piece Kitchen set, retalling for not less than $2.50 for $1.75 with one year's subscription, or

Six handsome pictures of Cow Boy-Girls, Mining Girls, in colors, which have retalled for $1.50, for $1.00 with one year's subscription, or

One Rollman Food Chopper, retailing for $1.00, for $1.25 with one year's subscription, or

One Hammond's Handy Atlas of the World, in book form, of 106 pages, retailing for $1.00, for $1.00 with one year's subscription, or

One Lightning Razor, made to sell for $1.00, and guaranteed, for $1.25 with one year's subscription, or FREE with two years' subscription, or

One year's subscription to “Success Magazine," one year's subscription to "The Great Southwest, and 10 vols. of English Fiction, bound in red silk cloth, good paper described in September issue of our magazine, for $3.25. This is an unusual offer, or

One Mission Lamp, for gas, ollor electricity, for $4.50 with one year's subscription. Lamp is retailing for not less than $9.00. Sent express prepaid.

We have other attractive premiums besides the above.

As our magazine is the ONLY HIGH-CLASS LITERARY MAGAZINE which is devoted clusively to the development of the Southwest, It is attractive to easterners who are contemplating locating in this section; therefore, our eastern agents have no difficulty in securing lots of subscriptions.

Subscription $1.00 a year. Send 10 cts. for copy. The GREAT SOUTHWEST MAGAZINE, 1840 California St., Denver, Col.

is the only magazine published in the attractive land of opportunity which we call the great soutnwest. Its editor has adopted the unique plan of visiting personally every section that claims promise of a future either as a mining camp or as a center for the homeseekers who are rushing westward in search of farms and business chances in the new towns. All articles printed in this magazine are written with the scenes fresh in the writer's mind and the actual conditions are vividly portrayed.

It is well for us to know more of our own land and it would seem to be essential that every person who thinks of going down to the sun-kissed land should avail himself of the information contained in these pages. The articles, both general and fiction, are written by people who know the land and who are in harmony with the spirit of it.

SOUTHWESTERN OPPORTUNITIES, "Interesting from cover to cover," is published monthly and malled anywhere at $1.00 per year.



WM. F. HUME, Publisher, El Paso, Texas

When writing to advertisers please mention Common-Sense.

World's Greatest Collectors'Paper

Makes Good Clerks

Was First Paper in U. S. to Have Card Dept.

Organ Most and Largest Card Clubs. Send ten cents to the undersigned and you will receive for three months the oldest, largest and best collectors' monthly for all kinds of Hobbies; Natural History and American Historical Discoveries; Coins, Stamps, Curios, Relics, Photography, Minerals, Sciences, Illustrated Souvenir Post Cards, Rarities and New Finds for all Kinds of Collectors. Over 15,000 Ads, in the past two years. The Philatelic West and Camera News,

Superior, Nebraska, U. S. A. Greatest of its kind in the world. Fifty cents entitles you to a year's subscription and a free fifteen-word exchange notice in the largest exchange department extant. Over 3,600 pages in two years.

This Illustrated 100-Page Monthly was established in 1895, and has the largest circulation of any collectors' monthly in the world, and in size has no rival. More ads in the WEST than in all other American Collector monthlies combined. The best paying medium for advertisers. Rates small, results large. It will pay to write us about it. OUR MOTTO: "The best and lots of it." Invest ten cents judiciously by sending it to

L. T. BRODSTONE, Publisher,

Superior, Nebraska, U. S. A. Send five cents for membership card to American Camera Souvenir Card Club Exchange-over 8,000 members in all parts of the world-or fifty cents for one year's membership to largest Souvenir Post Card Philatelic Society Collectors Union. West Souvenir Post Cars, 10 cents the dozen.

Many colors. Try them. SPECIAL OFFER-Six months' subscription and fifty beautiful post cards, 25c.

Here's a book that makes clerks worth more money to themselves and to their employers.

“The Clerks' Book" is made for clerks. It looks at things from the clerk's point of view.

We've sold thousands of them to employes who want to improve their opportunities.

Buy a copy for every clerk in the store. Big stores are doing this. Big manufacturing concerns, like the National Cash Register Co., are buying them to give to their agents.

100 pages, 16mo, blue ninth bound. A cracking good value.

Price 25c, postpaid; five for $1. In lots of 100, $15 per 100 f. o. b. Delhi.


Merchants' Helps Pub. Co.

420 Main St., Delhi, N. Y.

Alaska • Yukon · Pacific Exposition, Seattle 1909 If you want to know all If


advertisers want to about it; where to go and

reach the North-westwhat to sec; or even if you

Seattle and the Exposition"stay at home" you can

there is no way you can do

it so well as you can by visit all the buildings and see

placing your proposition beevery exhibit as well as if fore its 50,000 readers in you went by subscribing to the columns of


The Indian Medical Directory

A complete mailing list containing names and addresses of all the medical practitioners in India, Ceylon and Burma, official and private, including Indian physicians, homeopathic practitioners, dentists, etc., chemists, druggists, hospitals, dispensaries, etc., etc. A valuable work for direct advertising and indispensable for the distribution of circulars, price lists, etc. Price Rs. 30 (£2). For

specimen pages address Publishers "PRACTICAL MEDICINE”

Delhi, India

Seattle Spirit


A Monthly Magazine of Many Marvels


Managing Editor J. S. STOKES,

Advertising Manager B. R. JAEGER,

Circulation Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATES 5 Cents a Copy

50 Cents a Year Three Years for $1.00

Foreign 10 Cents a Copy

$1.00 a Year Three Years for $2.00


$1.20 per Inch Quarter Page, $4.50 Half Page, $9 Page, $18

Classified 1 Cent a Word

3 Time Rate 2 Cents Forms close on the 15th of Month Preceding Publication.

Showing how business men may raise

capital for business projects


This booklet shows how you may qualify
yourself for the profession of investment
banker, broker or promoter - the most

profitable occupation in the world. THE BUSINESS FINANCE COMPANY

115 Nassau Street, New York

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When writing to advertisers please mention Common-Sense.

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deep daisy embossed back in French Gray finish

, , consists of a beautiful crystal beveled mirror, 81 in. long, a brush of the best selected bristles, and a beautiful silver mounted celluloid tortoise shell comb, in an elegant silk lined case. g Positively the most fashionable and latest creation of the silversmith's art. The graceful harmony in design appeals to a person of refinement, and lends an artistic air to the dressing table. gCOMMON-SENSE, the magazine of inspiration, will be sent to you for one year by sending us $1.00 with your order and $1.00 a month for six months, which will complete the payments on both magazine and toilet set. This set of silver will make a very appropriate present. COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING. CO.

ORIN als


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Gentlemen:-Attached find $100. Please ship the Embossed Daisy

Silver Toilet Set; also enter my name for one year's subscription

City ......

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Published the Fifth of Fach Month by


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Entered at Chicago Pust-Office as second-class matter, April 2, 1902, at the Post-Office at Chicago, Illinois,

under act of March 3rd, 1879. OFFICES: PAGE BLDG., MICHIGAN BLVD. AND 40TH STREET, CHICAGO 150 NASSAU ST., NEW YORK 15 OXFORD ST., W., LONDON, ENG. 131 CASHEL ST., CHRISTCHURCH, N. Z S. A. Conlan, Representative James Black. Representative

James Rodger, Representative Note:—Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING Co., MICHIGAN BLVD. AND 40TH ST., Chicago. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will be supplied on application. Send money by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.

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Is a perfect mine of information relative to

Beverages and Foods. It is impossible in this LEARN CORRECT ENGLISH space to give an idea of its contents. We

might call it a “Dollars and Cents” Journal

because it treats on such subjects that are of Our course of instruction deals with the vital points of

value and informative to every manufacturer, the English Language. We will teach you thoroughly by

dealer and bottler who BUYS OR SELLS BEV.

ERAGES OR FOODS. It has a larger circulamail “How to Speak and Write Correctly." Send for full

tion than any other similar publication. Subparticulars.

scription $1.00 a year The $1.00 we ask may save you many times the amount because of

its pure food and beverage law information. SCHOOL OF CORRECT ENGLISH

THE BEVERAGE AND FOOD PUB. CO., Dept. 73. Michigan Blvd. and 40th St., Chicago, Illinois

P. 0. Box 54, 416 Elm St., Cincinnati, O. When writing to advertisers please mention Common Sense.

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