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accomplishment, must come the man. What will be Advertising—the right kind— will work just as your part in the history of the twentieth century ? good profits in August as in December. But it must When the train of Destiny goes thundering into the be the right kind. It must not be "guesswork” adTerminal of Larger Accomplishments, will you be vertising. It must be legitimately planned and legition the engine or will you be kicked off at some out- mately placed otherwise it will be as much a failure of-the-way station because you were only a dead as a snowball at this season. weight, a hinderer of progress and a sponge on the The great trouble lies in planning and placing the production of others?

appropriation. The ever evident advertising fakir is There must be Edisɔns and Wrights and Roose

abroad in July and August as he is in the winter velts in every generation of the world is to go on, and, if you do not furnish any motive power, don't hang

months, and it seems that he reaps a goodlier harvest on to the brakes. Don't be satisfied to "follow the

when “business is dull” than when business is really pace,” but set a pace for others to follow. Only the

brisk. The fakir can always find enough listeners stragglers, the clowns and the howling calliope bring and takers to fill his medium—if such you can call up the rear.The Practical World.

it—with pages and pages of paid space, while the col

umns of the daily papers—the best mediums on earth Self-Reliance Better Than “Easy Money" —look as though they had been struck by a Kansas

cyclone. By Chas. G. Dawes, Ex-Comptroller of the Currency

How many schemes, for instance have you had This is a hard world in business. It always has been placed before you within the past week? How many and always will be. There are many good and gen

of them have you


in? How much reerous men in it. There are many who will lend a helping hand to you in your adversity, but in the time

turn do you expect? Perhaps you'll take it out in of need you will not find them among the men who

expectation. The fake scheme in a business sense is tried to get you to embark in speculation with your

like unto the dungeon of death, with the usual inscriplittle surplus and to sell you something which would

tion above the door, "He who enters here leaves hope help you to "easy money."

behind." It is an ulcer on the face of the advertising Be self-reliant. Make your own investigation in business and is responsible for more failures in adinvestments. When you can not, put your money in a vertising than any one thing any one man can point to. good savings bank. Distrust the financial demagogue as But how are you to know the "fake" from the real you distrust the political demagogue. Keep your hand

thing. You cannot hope to unless you devote time and on your pocketbook as you travel through life-first,

study to advertising in all its branches. You may to give always in proportion to your means to those

know dry goods or shoes or clothing or some other who are poorer; second, to hold from those who would take through force or fraud what you need for your

line of trade from a to izard, but you don't know adself and yours. You will then, writes Mr. Dawes in vertising. You have never given it enough study to the Saturday Evening Post, have your hand where learn the very rudiments, much less the basic principles. most of the other fellows have only their eyes. In

What are you to do? Depend on someone who this alone you will have the advantage of them.

does know, just as you wiuld depend on your lawyer

for legal advice. You would be looked upon as a fool Cutting Summer Advertising

in the community if you tried to plead your own case

before a court of justice. You will be looked upon as The subject of cutting newspaper advertising in a “chump" if you try to plead your own advertising summer should be shunned by the man who has some- case before the tribunal of publicity. "It's not in the thing to sell and wants to sell it, with as much vigor cards." All you've got to do is to be sensible. If as he would shun a contagious disease.

you are paying a man for his advertising knowledge How many merchants are there who will cut off and services, don't - please don't go over his head every dollar of their newspaper advertising appropria- in placing your advertising. Don't make him feel tion on the first of July or August, and keep it cut little, you'll make him angry, and that doesn't pay off until October 1. You could not begin to count dividends. If he knows his business he'll know the them on your fingers.

“fake” and show him no quarter. If he knows not his These same merchants do not close up their doors business there are others who do. At any rate, while because business is dull. These same merchants make he is in your employ treat him to the courtesy he dejust as heavy margins on what they sell in July and serves by virtue of his position, and keep well before August as in January and February. These same him the fact that when he takes up the fake advermerchants don't let their best help go just because the tiser as his medium between your wares and those volume of business is not done in midsummer.

who are to purchase them, he "leaves hope behind."

Pointed Paragraphs For Advertising

Managers and Writers


These Ideas Can Be Used To Increase The Pulling Power of Advertisements

and Follow-Up Letters The old-bargain-bringing room is at work again. We're masters of the tailoring art, and we will He sweeps specials your way and puts them before give any form a fashion-plate appearance. you in so tempting a style as to draw you to him. Cash has a leverage now that will move ponderous Walk not into temptation, the Good Book says, but furniture values. good things are always tempting. We lead you into The whole store is on the latch, and the way is temptation with values that do you more good than open for the coming of the new dress goods. harm.

While some aim to, and some claim to, we really There's not a calm, dead or dull spot in any of the give best value for least money. broad aisles where these things are assembled. Busi- It is only recognizing real merit to call our instruness is bright all around. No interval of quietness; ments the dance pianos. Their delightful vocal no relaxation, not a turgid corner anywhere. The quality and singing tone give an added charm to the early trade principles have widened and grown until ball room. they now circle the entire housefurnishing goods Are your dollars dead or alive? If you carry sphere.

them in your pocket they are dead. If you invest To do a fine thing one week and sit down idly for ten of them in one of our $10.00 suits or overcoats six months is impossible here. This store is immeasur- they will be alive and return to you big value. ably better than it was a year ago, and each to- Money makes the Mare go ! ! ! and just now it morrow will find us still better because of the mo- makes the prices fall. Five thousand dollars worth mentum of experience and determination.

of Hardware at cost for cash or secured payments. Good dress always attracts attention. It's the You can't get a better bargain than we offer now. passport into good society. Ill dressed men or women Only for comparison and the lesson it experiences are not welcome anywhere. The expense—the only may have taught us. The great present and greater stumbling block that has often prevented folks from future engross

all our attention and energies. The dressing as well as they would have liked to-need present of this store is the result of your confidence in not stand in the way any more-- -for the best of clothes our desire and ability to serve you honestly. are now sold at

This business follows its own leadership, and Important Trifles. A correct visiting card, a suita- swings in the first month of autumn with the greatest ble invitation, a stylish monogram, seem small mat- gathering of desirable merchandise we have ever sucters, but their arrangement and execution furnish ceeded in collecting for our patrons. Everything scope for the most refined taste and artistic skill. A fresh and new, sparkling with the brightest fashion man will manage a business deal with ease, but will thoughts of the new season. be seized with an attack of brain fever if compelled Fretful Children.—Maybe it's the shoes. Bad to furnish a form for an invitation. Is it a business? humor comes from discomfort. We have shoes to No. It's an art.

fit every little foot, prices to suit any purse, and more We're drawing the strings tight. Our prices for for the money than any store in the city, because we our instruments are rounding up a big part of the make a special study of children's and misses' shoepiano trade of town. There's no reason why there making and pricemaking. shouldn't be bargain specials in pianos as well as Idle hands, like idle machinery, grow rusty. One anything else. We're working on that principle of our manufacturers has been running his plant durWatch our announcements, and you'll get a piano ing the dull season just for the sake of keeping it go with a reputation at a price that probably wouldn't ing. It has been a labor of expediency rather than buy an inferior instrument.

profit. That goes mostly to you. We have bought The ebb and flow of the trade tide is like that of a goodly share of his summer's work at bare cost the Ocean. The shack water of summer business is price. no sooner reached than the flood tide of Fall sets in. A tidal wave of bargain enthusiasm sweeps the This is upon us in resistless volume. We foresaw it. shelves. Vast multitudes of Fall goods surging in We've been preparing for it for months. We are squeeze last season's remnants hard for room, and ready for it been doing some masterly buying for prices (always more fragile here than China) are the you.

All that is newest and best awaits your in- first to break. The liliputian figures linked to colossal


Hustling vs. System

when goods are bought as when they are sold. No There is a firm in Chicago where the old man"

matter if only two items are bought during an entire

month, these two purchase blanks are filed in the same gets down early in the morning, dusts off part of his desk, airs the office, breathes three minutes at the open

way as though there were a hundred.

Boss No. 2 represents SYSTEM. He seldoms window for a starter, and then pitches into his work

“hustles” because he doesn't have to. He does with like a cyclone. He opens his letters, takes out the

brains what Boss No. 1 does with his legs. orders, letter and all, hands them to the shipping clerk one at a time, leaps back to his office to dictate replies from memory, telling the customer what goods

First Aid are out of stock, jots down memorandums in his

Everybody ought to have surgical training enough pocket note book concerning goods to be ordered,

to render aid to the injured in the case of a stab or fusses around from ten to twelve phoning to freight

cut in one of the limbs. If the blood flows freely, it agents and dictating to dissatisfied customers, and

is an indication that one or more blood-vessels have then spends the entire afternoon charging around the been severed. If the flowing blood is a bright red establishment like a race-horse, clearing things up and

and comes in jets, an artery has been cut. If it is asking his office-boy such questions as:

dark red, it comes from a vein, and the importance “Did the Adams Express Co. call for a package of this fact becomes apparent when an effort is made day before yesterday, just after dinner?”

to stop the flow. Veins carry the blood to the heart, “Have you seen a small brown parcel addressed to the arteries convey it in the opposite direction, so when Jones & Co?"

a vein is severed pressure should be applied below “Has the rest of that stock come yet from the

the wound; but in the case of an artery, pressure Smith Mnfg. Co.?”

above or between the wound and the heart is necesAnd every time that neither he nor the office-boy

sary. Sometimes, in the case of an extensive cut, both

arteries and veins may be severed, and then pressure can give the answer, he fishes out his pocket note book runs out to the shipping room to get an old letter on

ought to be applied both above and below the wound. the subject in hand, and practices breaking that com

More than one man has bled to death with a crowd mandment that has to do with taking the name of

looking on, simply because none of the bystanders the Lord in vain.

knew enough to stop the flow of blood until a doctor

could arrive. A handkerchief with a knot in it tied There is another form in Chicago where the boss

around the limb will often answer the purpose. Even takes about one day off every year during a slack sea

the pressure of a thumb will sometimes hold back son, hunts up a stock record book that will serve his

the blood until a surgeon can apply more effective purposes, has order blanks printed and numbered serially with five duplicates for each order, carbons between, cleans out his letter-filing case, and gets an ex

Perseverance Conquers All press receipt book. He turns the stock record over to the head shipping clerk, with proper instructions, and

Genius, that Power that dazzles mortal eyes, then, every time an order comes in he has it copied Is oft but perseverance in disguise. once, on the order blank with five duplicates. He Continuous effort of itself implies, files one of these duplicates in special order-file, gives In spite of countless falls, the power to rise. the second to his bookkeeper, hands two of them to 'Twixt failure and success, the point's so fine the head shipping clerk, and sends the fifth to the cus- Men sometimes know not when they touch the line. tomer as an acknowledgment of order.

The ship

Just when the pearl was waiting one more plunge, ping clerk checks the two he has in duplicate, marking How many a struggler has thrown up the sponge! anything that may be out of stock, returns one to the As the tide goes clear out, it comes clear in; bookkeeper and keeps the other on file in the shipping In business, 'tis at turns the wisest vin.

Each one of the five bears the same number, And oh! how true, when shades of doubt dismay, so there is practically no danger of a record being " 'Tis often darkest just before the day." lost.

A little more persistence, courage, vim! But, better still, there is very little danger of any Success will dawn o'er fortune's cloudy rim. article being out of stock. The "old man takes Then take this honey for the bitterest cup: another day off during slack season and has a session "There is no failure save in giving up, with the stock keeper to find out how large a stock of No real fall as long as one still tries, each article should be kept on hand to meet ordinary For seeming setbacks made the strong man wise. demands, and gives instructions for the stock to be There's no defeat, in truth, save from within. replenished whenever the danger line is reached; and Unless you're beaten there, you're bound to win!" the same system of duplicate order blanks is used

-Henry Austin.





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The Following Reviews Are of the Most Popular

and Latest Books Published

THE BETTER TREASURE, by Mary. Raymond Shipman girls, is the beauty of the family. It is with her many de

Andrews. Published by Bobbs Merrill Co., Indianapolis, lightful experiences that the reader is first given an insight Ind.

to the genuine and unusual beauty of the author's style. The author presents in the fo:m of a charming story a The youngest daughler, Berthy, unlike the other members strong powerful sermon on the value of relurning good for of the family, at once holds our sympathy and compassion; evil. It is the history of Carl Maxwell, lonely, forgotten it is love and caresses she yearns but neither is given herand forsaken—the night before Christmas he overhears a not from cause of dislike, but her character is unfortunately conversation belween his cousin and the town Parson Dr. misunderstood. As the plot so uniquely unfolds, we learn Harding relative io the safe handling of a large sum of

that Berthy is an adopted daughter of Robert McDonnell's money, how the Clergyman finally hits on the idea of taking

and turns out to be the sister of a wealthy preacher. In brief, the treasure to his own home, and how the foresaken Carl

Hill-Crest, is one of those rare tales, full of hopefulness and Maxwell follows him with the intention of stealing the

youth that appeals to all lovers of romance. money, but secures instead “The Better Treasure", is picturesquely told. The following passage aken from the book

TEMPERED STEEL, by Herbert S. Mallorg. Published

by R. F. Fenno & Co., New York. is typical of the lesson it teaches:

A thrilling story of the troublesome times of King Stephen "Going into wrong doing is like going into a tunnel that leads downhill 10 darkness. At every step the walking gels

of England. A period when great nobles did what was right

in their own eyes when the crown was without authority and harder, and the air gets worse, and it's dirtier and more

the barons fought each other. uninteresting. And all the time all you have to do is to face

The romance is replete with exciting incident, the rivalry about and you see the sunlight".

when you

between cousins from the first page to the last, the action of "Of course it is not simple getting back. Sure as fate

the story rushes on with impetuosily and force which will you'll bark your shins, and stagger into holes, and fall down,

carry the reader with it to the last words. and may be get discouraged. But Heavens, man! What's that,

see daylight, and you see you're getting to it? THE LIGHT OF STARS, by Haltie Donovan. Published What's more, you'll see the faces of friends you didn't know

by R. F. Feneno & Co., New York. Price, net, $1.00. you had waiting for you—they were there all the time and The Light Of Stars by Hattie Donovan is a charming unyou wouldn't look at them-you were facing the wrong way". pretentious story of a country boy, Robert March. A tale

unfolding and developing his singular character, his many A GENTLEMAN OF QUALITY, by Frederic Van Rens- struggles with himself, his success and many failures. This lad

selaer Dey. Published by L. C. Page & Co., Boston. is an unusual compliment of youth and old age. as

A beautiful romance with many exciting adventures. The preternaturally old, as a man, bubbling over with youthful mysterious disappearance of Lord John Hertford, ninth earl enthusiasm. of Ashton, at the height of the wedding garlies; his failure Miss Donovan possesses a keen descriptive power of charlo relurn. The discovery in London of a young man, who acter portrayal, which is equaled but by few authors, and gives his name as John Cowingford Ashton. Robert, the “The Light Of Stars" is an unique specimen that affords to the faithful old servant, observing his exact likeness to Lord John reader both interest and admiration. persuades the young man to accompany him to the London Mansion.

A DRAMA IN SUNSHINE, by Horace A. Vachell. PubLady Mercy Covington, firmly believes that Robert, the lished by R. F. Fenno & Co., New York. servant, is right in his assumption that young Ashton is her The sunny land of California supplies the stage upon which missing husband, and that he is mentally unbalanced—how This wonderful drama is laid. The author has thought and fell the young man finally gels over the many complications makes deeply and writes from a full heart. From the very first page the Centleman of Quality a masterpiece of fiction.

this fascinating tale gríps and holds our interest and imagina

lion from the start. It tells of the effect of sudden wealth HILL-CREST, by Julia Colliton Flewellyn. Published by upon two comparatively simple lives. The young wife's revelaArena Publishing Co., Boston, Mass.

tion of her husband's dishonesty and fading love; her struggle For a fascinating and interesting story of the numerous to keep up her courage and to make the best of what is left trials, sorrows and joy of a young girl, Hill-Crest, is a de- lo her, is strongly drawn. Love, templation, defeat and conlightful example. Robert McDonnell, a widower, possesses quest enter the tale and complicate matters to an extensive four charming daughters, Kathey, the eldest of the McDonnell degree.

a boy,

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