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BETTER RESULTS If you are a buyer of clothing let us reason a little profit on them, sells them to people who together. We have a store in which to do appreciate buying splendid merchandise for albusiness—we advertise to get business and we most nothing, and guarantees every sale as give honest value to keep business. We've been above. It buys from manufacturers, importers here for about twenty years, and we expect to

and wholesalers in every part of the country, the be right here for twenty years to come. How best, newest and brightest goods in every seaare we going to do it? We've got to depend on son, at the lowest prices cash will command, you—we've got to please you. We plan by day and brings them here and sells them at the lowand dream by night to do this. When we have est prices that are to be found in any market. thoroughly satisfied you, then we have made a These things are a part of the short history of friend, and you know that friends count. Our this store. They are the foundations on which it customers leave the store only to return again rests. They form the mortar, steel, cement and Last fall's customers are with us this fall, and granite that compose the edifice of this big white we're going to serve them and serve you so that store. you will all be with us next fall and each suc- How much agony has been occasioned by putceeding fall.

ting a foot in the wrong shoe; the foot was all Some Advertising Cannot Be Bought by the right but the shoe was all wrong. Some people Inch. We mean the kind of advertising which think a customer should fit the foot to the shoe. keeps a store busy with customers right through That order of things is reversed here. We fit the

A newspaper advertisement attracts shoe to the foot. Your feet were not made to the attention of a few people who are in need order. Our shoes are. of the article advertised just at the time. But Everybody is welcome. Nobody's enjoyment is if their impression of the advertised goods after to be marred by importunity to purchase. examination is not favorable and they do not Malapert attendants will not demand a statebuy, or having bought, are dissatisfied with their ment of your wants—a reason for your presence. purchase, then the newspaper “ad” is lost, and But the careful attention of everybody here is their friends are apt to get the benefit of their subject to your command. experience.

Our Refrigerators are Cool Articles, but Hot But if the goods are good-as good as adver- Bargains! Finest line in the city. They embody tised or a little better then the few who first all the latest improvements. Are economical in respond to the newspaper "ad" are pleased, and the use of ice and freeze like a January blizzard. they tell their friends about the good values and Vanity always finds a mirror. Our vanity is the friends go and buy, and are pleased and tell

our workmanship and our wheels are the mirtheir friends---so the news spreads-a kind of ror.

Where's your mirror? Perhaps we can advertising which can only be secured through

make you see the real thing right. fair, honest treatment of all and selling good, Swinging in the grape vine swing can't comreliable merchandise at the lowest prices. We pare to swinging in one of

Hammocks strive to secure this kind of advertising. We be- for comfort, rest and luxury. lieve it is the best.

We are fertilizing and cultivating the clothing This is not a "regular" store. It's not a store field thoroughly. We do not allow things to wilt that conforms to the creed of any leader, in or thistles to take root. Old methods of the “old the field of "regular" merchandising. It has a timers" are fast falling into disrepute and disbusiness creed and method of its own. It never favor, leaving them in the darkness of their own has and never will belong to any combination little commercial world, while ours grows brightor monopoly to hold up prices. It buys its goods

er and larger every day. where they are to be found at the lowest prices.

This department reminds us somewhat of a It sells its goods at the narrowest margins of

baited field. Every time you throw out bait the profit for spot cash. It puts a guarantee on every sale that is backed by every dollar it owns,

birds are drawn from a greater distance, and each and that guarantee says, “If the goods don't suit

time in greater numbers. Every time we adverfor any reason, bring them back and get your

tise millinery the crowd grows larger and larger,

because the hats come prettier and prettier, and cash.” It buys the stocks of merchants who have failed and sells those stocks to needy peo

the price comes lower and lower. These hats and ple at less than cost of making. It buys the sa!- these prices will more than double the attendance vage of stocks that have been in a fire, places of any former sale.



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A Beautiful Christmas Gift

This Seven-Piece, Three-Color, Gold Decorated Game Set will make a most tasty and exquisite gift. The decoration consists of game birds in their natural colors and surroundings. A beautiful full gold decoration on border and edges. This set is something new, just out, very exquisite and hand

somely finished. Initial put on each piece free

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You never had such an opportunity to get such beautiful dishes for the home on such easy terms mail us $1.00 for one year's subscription to COMMON. SENSE, afterwards you pay $1.00 a month for five months, which completes the payments on both the dishes and the magazine; and mind you, they will be in your possession from the time of the first small payment.

The COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO. is back of this offer-everything is as we represent it to be. Our object in giving you this splendid bargain is to secure subscribers for COMMON-SENSE, the magazine that helps its readers to greater success. If you are already a subscriber, renew your subscription or secure someone else's subscription and get the dishes.

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Newsdealers return but few SHORT STORIES, because its selling power is not gone when the dated month is passed. You receive the entire value of the whole circulation. SHORT STORIES is a Silent Salesman long after the current issues of most magazines have been forgotten.

A gradual, steady growth past two years in circulation.

Correspondence and advertising rates from your agent.

The Short Stories

Company Ltd.

34 West 26th Street

New York

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One hundred and twelve of the world's master business men have written ten books—2,193 pages :-1,497 vital business secrets. In them is the best of all that they have been able to squeeze from their own costly experience about -Purchasing



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-Time-Keeping -Real Estate

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--Cost-Keeping - Public Utilities

-Competition Fighting
- Advertising

and hundreds and hun.
---Correspondence --Organization dreds of other vital busi-

-Salesmanship -Systematizing ness subjects. A 9,059-word booklet has been published describing, explaining. picturing the work. Pages 2 and 3 tell about managing businesses great and small; pages 4 and 5 deal with credits, collections and with rock-bottoin purchasing; pages 6 and 7 with handling an I training men ; pages 7 to 12 with salesmanship, with advertising, with the marketing of goods through salesmen, dealers and by mail; pages 12 to 15 with the great problem of securing the highest market price for your services -no matter what your line; and the last page tells how you may get a complete set-bound in handsome half morocco, contents in col. ors-for less than your daily smoke or shave, almost as little as your daily rewspaper.

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EVERY YOUNG MAN Should Read Modern Methods

How to Advertise a

Retail Store

Because in every issue it gives ideas concerning business and office methods in use in the best offices in all the cities.

The articles published in Modern Metbods are by men who are themselves successful in business and office management and they are the men wbuse ways you must emula te if you aspire for promotion to an executive position.

Don't be a Clerk


TEACHES How to lay out advertising copy. How much space to ase. How to design an attractive space-saving, name plate. What a head lice should accomplish. How to get and use proper illustrations. How to write your advertising introductory. How to describe an article so as to make sales. What style and method of pricing you need. The preparation of effective, free advertising: How to find and properly use selling points. The making of story papers, booklets, leaflets, folders, advertising letters and mailing cards. The organization of a follow-up system. The uses of calendars, blotters, post-cards, advertising novelties, package enclosure and hand-bills. Proper methods of wiudow advertising. Correct outdoor advertising. Spring, fall and other openings advertising. Two-hundred-fifty selling helps, guessing and voting contests, drawings, schemes to attract boys and girls, premium schemes. The son-ible advertising of special sales and clearance sales. The uses of leaders and bargains. Many novel sales plans. The promotion of business in a number of specific retail lines-this department alone occupies about 100 pages. Mail order advertising and general advertising. Points about tyne, borders, ornaments and cuts. Nearly 20 pages of practical and helpful hints on how to lay out advertising copy. How to read prouf and technical terms.

How this is done is demonstrated by the use of 641 ILLUSTRATIONS AS MODELS

Showing bow all these things are accomplished by the
highly paid ad managers and the cross-road storekeepers

BUT LEARN HOW TO PROGRESS by reading Modern Methods. It will tell you more in one issue than you can learn in two years otherwise. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 50 Cents A YEAR. FOREIGN POSTAGE 50 CENTS EXTRA.

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The Outing Press, Depcrit New York, U.S.A.

A New Monthly Magazine

The Balance


Published at Denver


Is growing brighter and attaining to greater measure of excellence with every issue. Its contributors are representative of the most practical and scientific thought of this progressive time. You can not afford to miss the opportunity to attune yourselves to the vibrations of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY by coming

in touch with those whose lives show forth the actual scientific value, of the adaptation to everyday living, of a knowledge of the laws of being. Some of our regular contributors are


Sher Card Lettering and Designing

WAT Ed and liste

Pri Mici

Deo Pata

la Cos Cor

Rem A. Johnston Grace M. Brown
J. Howard Cashmere Dr. Goe W. Carey
Eugene Del Mar Henry Harrison Brown

Julia Seton Sears Fredric W. Bury



The accompanying illustration shows a small outline of the cover page design of alnew publication-"THE SHOW CARD WRITER" a handsome new illustrated monthly. The first number was published Sebtember first, 1907.

No Ad, Writer, Clerk, Decorator or Show Card Writer can afford
to be without il a single month. It will be a credit to the craft, an
Inspiration to the worker and a delight to the eye. Every page,
every article, every illustration will be clear and distinct. It will
show you how to improve your skill, how to enlarge your field and
how to make money.
Ono Dollar per Year Ten Cents a Copy No Free Sample

Write for prospectus. Address
W. A. Thompson, Publisher, Pontiac, Mich
Headquarters for Show Card Writers Supplies, Books, Eto

Price $1.00 per year Foreign $1.25

10 cents per copy

Address: Denver, COLORADO

When writing to advertisers please mention Common-sanse.

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