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Send Us Only One Subscription

The accompanying illustration shows a small outline of the cover page design of afnew publication-"THE SHOW CARD WRITER" a handsome new illustrated monthly. The first number was published Sebtember first, 1907.

No Ad, Writer, Clerk, Decorator or Show Card Writer can afford to be without it a single month. It will be a credit to the craft, an inspiration to the worker and a delight to the eye. Every page, every article, every illustration will be clear and distinct. It wili show you how to improve your skill, how to enlarge your field and how to make money. One Dollar per Year Ten Cents a Copy No Free Sample

Write for prospectus. Address W. A. Thompson, Publisher, Pontiac, Mich Headquarters for Show Card Writers Supplies, Books, Etc

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EVERY YOUNG MAN Should Read Modern Methods

How to Advertise a

Retail Store


you need.

Because in every issue it gives ideas concerning business and office methods in use in the best offices in all the cities.

The articles published in Modern Methods are by men who are themselves successful in business and office management and they are the men whose ways you must emula te if you aspire for promotion to an executive position.

Don't be a Clerk BUT LEARN HOW TO PROGRESS by reading Modern Methods. It will tell you more in one issue than you can learn in two years otherwise. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE 50 CENTS A YEAR. FOREIGN POSTAGE 50 CENTS EXTRA.

TEACHES How to lay out advertising copy. How much space to use. How to design an attractive space-saving name plate. What a head lice should accomplish. How to get and use proper illustrations. How to write your advertising introductory. How to describe an article so as to make sales. What style and method of pricing

The preparation of effective, free advertising: How to find and properly use selling points. The making of storypapers, booklets, leaflets, folders, advertising letters and mailing cards. The organization of a follow-up system. The uses of calendars, blotters, post-cards, advertising novelties, package enclosure and hand-bills. Proper methods of wiadow advertising. Correct outdoor advertising. Spring, fall and other openings advertising. Two-hundred-fifty .selling helps, guessing and voting contests, drawings, schemes to attract boys and girls, premium schemes. The sensible advertising of special sales and clearance sales. The uses of leaders and bargains. Many novel sales plans. The promotion of business in a number of specific retail lines-this department alone occupies about 100 pages. Mail order advertising and general advertising, Points about type, borders, ornaments and cuts. Nearly 20 pages of practical and helpful hints on how to lay out advertising copy. How to read proof and technical terms.

How this is done is demonstrated by the use of 641 ILLUSTRATIONS AS MODELS

Showing bow all these things are accomplished by the
highly paid ad managers and

the cross-road storekeepers

Pablished by Modern Methods Publishing Co.

Detroit, Mich.

The Outing Press, Deposit New York, U.S.A.

When writing to advertisers please mention Common Sense.


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Popular Electricity presents the wonders of Electricity in "Plain English."
It is non-technical, and so plain that all may understand. It is the first medi-
um to bring the general public ia familiar touch with the most wonderful
force the world has ever known.

became a necessity, because electricity is now a part of
the everyday life of the Twentieth Century and it is no
longer possible to transact business without a fairly
extended knowledge of its principles, applications and
You realize this. You are interested. But before this
you never had a medium through which you could be-
come familiar with this wonderful power.
NOW YOU HAVE it in Popular Electricity.
The subscription price is only $1.00 a year, Canada $1,50.
The magazine is bright and snappy; handsomely illus.
trated; contains serials by well known writers: Junior
Department; Household Department; Questions and
Answers-best of all, everything is written up in an
entertaining style absolutely non-technical.
Until the supply is exhausted we can furnish May, June
aud July issues, so send in your subscription now and
get the volume complete from No. 1. Simply fill in the
attached coupon and mail to us with $1.00 and you will
get the 'Livest" wire in the electrical field.
You can make money taking subscriptions for Popular Electrielty-Lots of!

Write for particulars.

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Enclosed please find $1.00 for one year's subscription to
Popular Electricity beginning....


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A high class Aggressive Monthly Magazine


Always Independent Read its Great Offer:

To secure active permanent friends in every live town it offers five shares of its full paid stock for every five annual subscriptions received $1.00 each. Become a stockholder and co-oper. ate to spread its influence.


Modern Judical Practice a Menace to
Constitutional Government-Frederic B. Esler
St. Louis' Place on the Map.
I Had a a Friend Poem - Henry Knott
Dr. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-Alex. N. DeMenil
A Biblical Waif

Love New Translation - Guy de Maupassant
Bridge Whist

The Six Political Conventions.
Taft's Handicaps.
The Philippine Islands Blunder.
A Poet.

foc, a Copy. All Newsdealers.
Annual Subscription $1.00 Send for Sample Copy.

Texas, the wild and wooly state of yesterday, is now the "largest" state in the Union. In no other section is there to be found the great wealth, the great climate, the great social, commercial and political possibilities - and the Garden Spot of Texas is the Southwest. Every feature of Southwest Texas is fully depicted in THE PASSING Show, a magazine of life and spirit. You'll find its infor. mation deeply interesting and its fiction thrilling. If you'd like a sample copy, send 4 cts. in stamps to the Passing Show, Dept. A, San Antonio, Texas.

SPECIAL OFFER $2.00 Subscription for $1.50. If your subscription is re. ceived before Oct. 31st., we will enter same for $1.50 for one year.

The Passing Show, Dept. A, San Antonio, Tex.

Enclosed find $1.50 for which enter my sub-
scription to The Passing Show for one year.
St. and No......

Please indicate if old or new subscription....


923-4-5 Century Bldg.

St. Louis, Mo.

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Published the Fifth of Each Month by


Copyright 1908 by Common-Sense Publishing Co. (Not Incorporated) Entered at Chicago Post Office as second-class matter, April 2, 1902, at the Post-Office at Chicago, Illinois,

under act of March 3rd, 1879.

OFFICES : 88 WABASH AVENUE, CHICAGO 150 NASSAU ST., New YORK 195 OXFORD ST. W., LONDON 131 "A" CASHEL ST., CHRISTCHURCH, N. Z. S. A. Conlan, Representative Thomas Dixon, Representative James Rodger, Representative

Note:-Publishers will kindly obtain permission before using any article in this publication, as it is completely protected. All communications should be addressed COMMON-SENSE PUBLISHING CO., 88 WABASH AVENUE, CHICAGO. Subscription price, $1.00 yearly; Foreign countries, $1.50 yearly. Advertising rates will be supplied on application. Send inoney by postal money order, registered letter, check or draft.

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Credit Given to

Everybody We will ship This Large, Luxurious Rocker, anywhere in the United States


Pay $1.00 Cash, $1.00 Monthly

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comfort-suit. able for parlor or library, den or sitting room - beauti. ful- durable and can't be duplicated for triple this amount.

Send us $1.00 cash and we will ship this handsome Imperial Rocker, made of choice selected, thoroughly seasoned quarter sawed golden oak, highly polished.

This strong, durable rocker is profusely carved, has roll seat, button front, diamond tufted back, upholstered with Boston leather. The broad heavy arms are supported by three strongly turned spindles, and the entire construction is of the highest order of workmanship, thereby guaranteeing a substantial rocker, one that will last a life time and descend to the next generation. It is a thoroughly comfortable chair, built with every regard for ease as well as beauty. Price Only

Pay $1.00 Cash, $1.00 Monthly
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded


International Merchandise Co.

(Not Inc.) ROOM 52, 92 92 WABASH





Copyrighted 1908, by Commun-Sense Publishing Co.. (Not Inc.)



Subscription price $1.00 per yoar in
advance. Foreign subscription
$1.50 Canadian subscription $1.25

The editorials that appear in COMMON-SENSE each issue give expressions to sound business principles picked up during years of wrestling with business problems. Many of the sayings bave become famous for their true' to virtue qualities. COMMON-SENSE is the magazine that inspires, up.ifts and stands boldly for all things on the side of morality and intelligence, that makes each succeeding generation of Americans better men and women.

The editor sball appreciate any suggestion from our readers for the improvement of COMMON-SENSE. If you have an axiom that has been forged out of your experience send it in and give others the benefit of its truth.


Some one has defined happiness as "the I krow of nothing which life has to offer so constant pursuit of an agreeable object with satisfying as the profound good understanda sense of continual progress."

ing which can subsist, after much exchange

of good offices, between two virtuous men, "As above the oyster the starfish, the por

each of whom is sure of himself, and sure of

his friend. It is a happiness which postpones poise the whale, so above all matter does the

all other gratifications, and makes politics, human being rise pre-eminent."

and commerce, and churches cheap.—EmerThe boy at an early age who faces the world alone should have a training that will

To avoid effort is laziness, and laziness is enable him to successfully withstand the hard

an inborn characteristic of the average man ships of life. A few rebuffs will only be used and woman. The American people are beas experience. Those things which work hard- ginning to lead lives of idleness; they have ships to the boy raised in affluence are lessons their servants who wait upon them"hand to the self-made boy. Boys who are com- and foot,” and in time nature drives these pelled to do without the pleasures of life know

men and women into close corners where it that they only need a few things for their

is necessary to fight their way out with the comfort, and therefore are more frugal and

assistance of pellets, drugs and the surgeon's

knife. While we do not advocate exercise as saving. When they once begin to make

a cure for all diseases, many human ills could money they see many opportunities for safe

be avoided by plenty of work. All around us investment, while the sons of rich parents in

we find men and women complaining of this vest from a gambler's viewpoint and conse- and that, and nine times out of ten these sufquently are never successful.

ferers never think of taking exercise as Hardship strengthens the character, makes method of restoring lost vitality. The women a boy strong mentally and physically, quicker of America should "wash their own dishes. of wit and more resourceful than he would be

take care of their own homes," and the men if he had been born with a "silver spoon in his

of America should “chop their own wood, mouth."

carry in the coal,” thereby getting the exercise

so greatly needed for a healthy life. By The boys of poor parents should consider

proper exercise the most lethargic can be themselves lucky, for there is a pleasure in

awakened to activity and respond to the irregaining a victory by liard work, and when the

sistible call of the hills, valleys, trees and prize is won there is a satisfaction in know- streams, where the pure, clean, invigorating ing that it was won by honest effort.

air cests nothing but the effort of inhaling it.


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