Principles and Applications of Chemistry

Ivison, Phinney & Company, 1860 - 506 páginas

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Página 326 - This is strikingly shown in an alloy called the " fusible metal," which is composed of 8 parts of bismuth, 5 of lead, and 3 of tin, and melts at 203° F.
Página 169 - ... them; and that these primitive particles being solids, are incomparably harder than any porous bodies compounded of them; even so very hard, as never to wear or break in pieces: no ordinary power being ' able to divide what God himself made One, in the first creation.
Página 431 - Prussia acid, strychnia, etc., no very satisfactory explanation can be given. In addition to the poisons noticed, " there is a class of substances generated during certain processes of decomposition, which act upon the animal economy as deadly poisons, not by entering into combination with it, or by reason of their containing a poisonous principle, but solely by virtue of their peculiar condition...
Página 95 - ... point of a liquid will undergo a corresponding change. The pressure of the atmosphere at the level of the sea is about fifteen pounds upon each square inch of surface. It varies occasionally at the same place sufficiently to affect the boiling point to the extent of 4J degrees.
Página 152 - ... example, sulphate of copper. Two wires, one connected with the positive, and the other with the negative pole of a battery, Q, are extended along the top of the trough, and supported on rods of dry wood, B and D. The medal, or other article to be coated, is attached to the...
Página 410 - Creosote diluted with alcohol is often employed for relieving toothache arising from putrefactive decay in the substance of the tooth, and as a styptic for checking hemorrhage. When taken internally in any quantity it is a corrosive poison, but a very dilute solution is sometimes given in medicine. It is also extensively employed by liquor manufacturers for imparting the peculiar smoky flavor to what is called
Página 396 - The properties and preparation of spongy platinum have been already described (§§ 48, 296). Platinum black is the metal in a state of such fine subdivision, that it has the appearance of soot. It is easily prepared by slowly heating to 212° F., with frequent agitation, a solution of chloride of platinum, to which an excess of carbonate of soda and a quantity of sugar have been added. The precipitated black powder is collected on a filter, washed and dried. Platinum black possesses the power, in...
Página 225 - Combustion. greater in summer than in winter, and during night than during day. It is also rather more abundant in elevated situations, as on the summits of high mountains, than in plains ; this is probably owing to an absorption of the gas near the surface of the earth by plants and moist surfaces.
Página 204 - The experiment can be shown by adapting to the cork of a flask from which hyFia. 98, drogen is evolved, a piece of pipe-stem, or a small glass tube drawn out to a point. (See Fig. 98.) If a dry, cold tumbler be held over a jet of burning hydrogen, its interior will rapidly become covered with a copious deposition of moisture. This results from a condensation of the vapor of water produced by the union of the hydrogen with the oxygen of the atmosphere. 296. Explosion of Mixed Oxygen and Hydrogen ....
Página 26 - The specific gravity, or specific weight of a body, is its weight as compared with the weight of an equal bulk of some other substance, assumed as the standard of comparison.

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