Letters from Geneva and France: Written During a Residence of Between Two and Three Years, Volumen2

Wells and Lilly, 1819

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Página 151 - It is now sixteen or seventeen years since I saw the queen of France, then the dauphiness, at Versailles; and surely never lighted on this orb, which she hardly seemed to touch, a more delightful vision.
Página 214 - ... and of sorrow very strongly marked upon his countenance. I do not think that in the whole course of my life I ever saw a countenance which held out less encouragement to any one who might be disposed to ask a favour from, or throw himself upon the mercy of another. I now felt more forcibly than I had yet done in France, the blessing of being born in a free country, and as we looked down upon the...
Página 232 - Lacretelle than one would suppose the present time admitted of; the Abbe de Lisle has distinguished himself by a translation of Milton, and by another of Virgil ; and the author of the Studies of Nature, and of Paul and Virginia is still alive.
Página 198 - April, 1796, which terminated with these words : " Nations of Italy ! the French army is come to break your chains ; the French are the friends of the people in every country; your religion, your property, your customs shall be respected.
Página 199 - The gallant remr nant of his army, who might with justice have upbraided him for the waste which had been made of their strength, and the distress they had been so unprofitably exposed to, seemed rather disposed to solicit his forgiveness for not having done more. His last exploit in Egypt was the attack of the Turkish post at Aboukir, and here Fortune, whom he has almost converted into a goddess, seems indeed to have befriended him. Miot, one of his warmest admirers, asserts, that if the Turks,...
Página 193 - To them the will, the wish, the want, the liberty, the toil, the blood of individuals, is as nothing. Individuality is left out of their scheme of government. The state is all in all.
Página 145 - Sevre where the manufactory is carried on, which produces the beautiful procelain, commonly called Seve china. It is equal to all that has been said of it, and after declining, as every other great national establishment did, during the revolution, now flourishes again under the peculiar patronage of the emperour.
Página 97 - ... for myself, and in its most adverse moments I never lost my hopes. These words, which have infinitely more grace in the original than in the translation I have been able to give of them, might, with the strictest regard to truth, be engraven upon the tomb-stone of general Gadsden, of South-Carolina; of whom it may also be said, that having been one of the first to raise the standard of revolt against the parent government, he was the first to advise an act of oblivion in favour of those who had...
Página 208 - ... other children. Had he lived some centuries ago, his flatterers might easily have persuaded him, that the name he had borne before his exaltation was by no means that which belonged to him. They would have traced his lineage to a much higher source, and have made him the son of Hercules or of Jupiter Ammon.
Página 52 - ... Beauharnois, is among the number, though he perished by the guillotine, and is placed next to the door at which the Empress enters, when she attends as usual, to the opening of the sessions. Such a figure must, I should think, excite some strange ideas in her mind, when she passes so close to it; he was a man of fashion and quality, and lived a great deal at court, which accounts for the facility with which his widow has been able to accommodate herself to the etiquette of her new situation....

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