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TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Accredited by State Department of Registration and Education 3 year course

Práctical Experience
Applicants must meet the requirements of good health,
of age (19-35), good moral character, having two years,
High School education or its equivalent.

Separate Home for Nurses
For Catalog and application blanks, address
Dr. J. C. COBB, 2814 Ellis Avenue, Chicago.

(Continued from page 86) As Often Acquired as Inherited Q: What does she give baby so that he will It is generally and chiefly indicated grow big and strong?

Ans. Air, water and food. by eruptions and sores, but in many

Q. What kind? cases it enlarges the glands of the Ans. Pure. neck, affects the internal organs, es Q. If the little plant and the little baby pecially the lungs, and if neglected did not have air, water and food, what would

happen? may develop into consumption.

Ans. They would not grow. Hood's Sarsparilla, the medicine that Q. If we have pure air, pure water, pure has been used with so much satisfaction food, what will we grow to be? by three generations, is wonderfully suc

Ans. Healthy. cessful in the treatment of scrofula. Give

Q. If we are healthy, how will we look?

Ans. Beautiful. it a trial.

Q. What can we all have that is better than

money? The Palmer Method of Business Writing

Ans. Health.

0. What is the finest treasure to have? PLUS

Ans. Health. The Palmer Method Organization Plant marks the difference between uniformly suc. Parts of plant — roots, stem, blossoms, cessful results in teaching Penmanship and leaves. indifferent, temporary results. Investigate a Compare with a healthy child — feet, body, school system where the Palmer Method Plan head, lungs, trunk, face. bas really been followed. You will want the General conversation or comparison of plant same results in YOUR schools. A postal and child by class. card of inquiry to our nearest office is the first step in the right direction. Now is the

Aim time!

To see the beauty of the plant expressed by
THE A. N. PALMER COMPANY the blossoms.
New York Boston Chicago Philadelphia

To see the beauty of the child expressed by
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Portland, Oregon

the face.

A beautiful blossom expresses a beautiful

A beautiful face expresses a beautiful body.
Give exercise for relaxation whenever needed


Founded 1880 Offers a broad course of theory and practice to women interested in the nursing profession and allied forms of public service.

Theoretical instruction extended in accordance with the standard curriculum for Schools of Nursing.

Practical experience in Cook County Hospital, 2400 beds, under supervision.

Special opportunities offered to those
who quality in 3rd year, either in

Cook County Hospital or by affiliation.
Accredited by the Minois State Department of Registra.
tion and Education.
ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Physical fitness; a ligh
School education or its educational equivalent; minimum
age, 20 years. For further information, address
Illinois Training School For Nurses
509 S. Honore St., Box“P".

Chicago, Illinois


PASSAVANT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Accredited by Illinois State Department of Registration and Education. Offers a three year course in nursing to women between 19 and 35. Minimum educational requirement, two years High School. For information address

Superintendent, 149 W, Superior Street, Chicago, III.



THE GRACE HOSPITAL – DETROIT Three-year course. Eight-hour day. Registered by the State of Michigan. Theoretical and practical class work throughout. Modern nurses' home; includes summer vacation home for nurses. Minimum entrance require ment, two years' High School work or its equivalent. For free catalog, address Superintendent of Nurses, Box 20, The Grace Hospital, John R. Street and Willis Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.

Big prices paid. You can write them. We show
you how. Res Publishers, Box 175, C-27, Chicago. Wanted— Men Women

$100 to $150 a Month
All teachers should try the coming U. S.

Government examinations. 1920 Census re-
Argument at this distance

quires thousands of clerks. Thousands of might be unconvincing - but

permanent, life positions are to be filled at

from $1100 to $1800; have short hours and send for samples of Dixon's

annual vacations, with full pay. Those inter

ested should write immediately to Franklin Beginners No.386 for writ Institutc, Dept. 0222, Rochester, N. Y., for

schedule showing all examination dates and ing in the first grade, and be places and large descriptive book, showing the

positions open and giving many sample quesconvinced thereby.

tions, which will be sent free of charge.

[blocks in formation]

Made By
Jersey City

New Jersey
Established 1827


(28th Year)
Courses for High-School Teacher of English, History, Mathematics,
the Industrial Arts, and for those interested in the study of academic
subjects are given by correspondence. All courses command credit.

Address The University of Chicago

(Div.12) Chicago, Illinois


PLAYS How to Stage thom, Dialogs, Recitations, Drills,

Speakers, Monologs, Folk Dances, Operettas,
Pageants, Musical Readings, Finger Plays, Motion & Pantomimo

Songs, Shadow Plays, Tableaux, Special Entertainments for
all Holidays, Minstrel Jokes,
Hand Books, Make-Up Goods, NewCommoncomont Manual
etc. For all ages and occasions. full of new ideas for teach-
Large catalog Fros. Every ors and students, 870 pages
Teacher should have one.

of plans, helps and suggorT. S. DENISON CO.

tons ILLUSTRATED. Departaont 57 CHICAGO

Price $1.60. Postpaid.


Superintendent of Schools, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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None of the most clever, compact, and clearly written

books ever printed in the Engilsh language Supt. Zimmers

has not only struck the key note of instructional discord, but he has brought home to the teacher the

real remedy for the exislingosins of false pedagogical methods all too prevalent in the schoolroom to-day.

And the real merit of his story lies in the fact that he has applied these remedies to his own system of schools with such success that Manitowoc has become a Mecca for visiting teachers and supervisors from far and near.

Teach the child how to study - how to get the "meat” out of the printed page and discard the “ch aft" - then you are a teacher in the true sense of the word. Zimmers tells how in this book.

Bound in full cloth, 72 pages. Fourth edition. Introduction by State Superintendent Cary, of Wiscousin. Price, 8.75; postrge .06; discount in lots of one dozen or over to schools.

No. N907. No. N894 | No. N825 10. Gold 31.ook. Gold

32.65/10. Gold $6.60 Beer. Silvez Tbc 14k Gold 13.39 14k. Gold $7.95

Buy Direct from the Manufacturers.
Our method of selling direct to Schools and
Colleges enables us to guote lowest prices
on highest quality goods. Send postal to-
Inglateatest leadaiclashing like king. Med.

No. N936

10k. Gold $2 50 als, Loving Cups and Trophies. We do engravster. Silver $1.45 Safe delivery guaranteed. Send for samples of Engraved Commencernent Invitations, Calling Cards, Etc.



THE PARKER COMPANY 2 South Carroll Street

Madison, Wisconsin

(Continued from page 131)

The Pied Piper



(Continued from page 101) OF LEADING TEACHERS' AGENCIES

There was a rustling that seemed like a

bustling Could the teachers throughout the country be informed

Of merry crowds justling at pitching and

hustling; as to the great force exerted by teachers' agencies in bet

Small feet were pattering, wooden shoes clattering their conditions by bringing the school boards who

tering, are willing to pay larger salaries to teachers who'are com

Little hands clapping and little tongues

petent, they would hasten to enroll with a good agency And, like fowls in a farm-yard when barley is
and get in line for promotion.

Out came the children running.

All the little boys and girls, .

With rosy cheeks and flaxen curls,

And sparkling eyes and teeth like pearls, EDMANDS EDUCATORS' EXCHANGE Tripping and skipping, ran merrily after

The wonderful music with shouting and 101 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON

laughter; Founded in 1897, by a School Superintendent, its recommendations give

3 Dramatic dance. Piper leading PERSONAL Service Worth Paying For. MANUAL FREE the children.

IV Conclusion. The conclusion, which

has given rise to the adage, "AlTEACHERS, PRINCIPALS, SUPERINTENDENTS ways remember to pay the piper," We Can Place You in Better Positions

may be recited by the narrator, Write us TO-DAY for a Free Booklet, “The Road to Good Positions."

or the lesson may end with the

dramatic dance. Conclusion:

ROCKYME TEACHERS Portland, Ore. Minneapolis, Minn. So, Willy, let me and you be wipers

Chicago, III.

Kansas City, Mo.. Of scores out with all men - especially pipers! WM. PUFFER, A. M., Manager

Los Angeles, Calif.

And, whether they pipe us free from rais or


If we promised them aught, let us keep our The Largest and most widely Patrooized Teachers Agency in the West ENROLLMENT FEE NOT NECESSARY

Directions for The Shepherdess
TEACHERS' 25 E. Jackson

25 E. Jackson Bld., Chicago (See Music on page 87.)
Our booklet "Teaching as a Busi- First VERSE

1 Hands loosely clasped at waist,
34 th YEAR ness" with timely chapters on Peace lean forward smiling.
437 Fifth Avenue

2 Point and look upward ;. DENVER

Symes Building

Salaries, Prospects, Critical Letters
Peyton Building

of Application, etc., sent FREE SECOND VERSE

3 Finger on lip. 6534 Western Reference Teachers Wanted!

4 Move feet as though walking very

slowly. During 1918-19 we received official requests from employers in forty-three States and four

5 Action of opening a door wide. foreign countries for 6534 teachers for Schools and Colleges from Kindergarten to University.

6 Point upwards. VUR EIGHTH YEAR OF RECOMMENDING ONLY WHEN ASKED TO DO SO BY EMPLOYERS DIRECT. This is why OUR MEMBERS are usually chosen. They are Third VERSE wanted. No enrollment fee necessary. If you want a position with the Progressive Employers 7 Point downwards, moving fingers who depend upon our Professional Service for teachers you must use the same service they use. levelly from left to right. THE WESTERN REFERENCE & BOND ASSOCIATION, 387 Journal Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 8 Same as 4, but droop head and THE YATES-FISHER TEACHERS' AGENCIES

FOURTH VERSE CHICAGO OFFICE: Paul Yates, 624 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

9 Look over left shoulder. WESTERN OFFICE: John D. Stout, 911 Broadway Bldg., Portland, Oregon 10 Look down at crossed arms, as SOUTHERN OFFICE: H. D. Yates, Stahlman Bldg., Nashville, Tennessee though carrying a lamb. An up to date Eastern Agency for teachers. Try it.


11 Drop head on right arm as though

asleep, shut eyes. A

12 Move hand upwards from waist


13 Move hand across very slowly for calls from all parts of the Northwest NO ADVANCED FEE REQUIRED

above head, looking up, from left to



11 Same as 1.







[blocks in formation]


than your Teeth, and with as much regularity. Don't let your Eyes grow dull and lusterless, keep them lubricated. Since the Moving Pictures came, it has become a custom among the better class of men and women to go home after the show and right away Murine their Eyes. Two drops to rest, refresh and cleanse. Those wearing glasses -- or who use their eyes constantly - will find great relief in Murine applications.

*Ia the School-room Eyes are Irritated by Chalk Dust, and Eye Strain induced by Faulty Systems of Lighting. Apply Murine to School Children's Eyes to Restore Nornal Conditions. Murine does not smart-is soothng in its action. Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago, Sends Book of Eye Free on request. "Your Druggist supplies you with Murine.

continued on Opposite Page

(Continued from Page Opposite)

Art Appreciation

(Continued from page 88)

PRIMARY EDUCATION DIRECTORY little bridges, up the hills, past the great oak forests, to visit them in their own quaint


The teachers' agency is a legitimate and helpful institution. The Story of the Artist

Some of the very best and very successful educators The artist who painted “A Primary School

in public schools, colleges and private schools have in Brittany” was named Jean Geoffroy (zhon

been put there by means of teachers' agencies. zho'frwa). He is still living in a little village in Brittany, France, near the little school pictured in so many of his paintings. He is very fond of children, painting many pictures of WESTERN

Teachers holding four year High School Course, one year State Normal, salaries $90 to $100 per friends. It is his especial delight to paint TEACHERS' Engagements a commencing February March, April and May continue till Christmas. Write pictures of the poor but hard-working fisher

to-day for particulars. State qualifications. folk or peasants in this little village. His


WINNIPEG, CANADA pictures always tell a story, often so plainly they hardly need a title. The original of this oil painting is privately THE



COLUMBIA, MISSOURI The Ninth Annual Convention of the NEEDS

Has Hundreds of Calls For Rural, Grade, High School and · National League of Compulsory Education

College Teachers. Salaries
Officials was held in Philadelphia, on

High. Enroll Free

December 3, 4, 5, 6, 1919, Charles A Mac-
Call, of Newark, the President, being in
the chair.

The proceedings opened with an inspiring address by Mr. P. P. Claxton,

Our Employment Department has a great demand for Primary and Rural School United States Commissioner of Education. Teachers of all kinds, at salaries up to $1500, and for supervisors at larger salaries. Many of

Papers were read by Dr. John W. Davis, these teachers are wanted for emergency vacancies, and some of them are for next September. Director of Attendance. New York City, Through our afiliated interests we cover the entire country. Whether available (East, West, Mrs. Helen T. Wooley, of Cincinnati, North, South) now or not until next fall, come to the Bureau offering the largest opportunities. W. S. Deffenbaugh, of the United States

Our endeavor is to render service of every kind to teachers. Let us hear from you. Bureau of Education, Arthur F. Lederle, AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SERVICE BUREAU of Detroit, Henry J. Gideon, of Philadelphia, James D. Sullivan, of the N. Y.

850, 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago State Department of Education, and Mrs. Cora M. Bain, of Miami, Florida.

Mr. Henry J. Gideon, of Philadelphia, was elected President for the ensuing year.





Warm Your Blood Some people, for all their wraps, are a-cold whenever they are out-of-doors, even in normal winter weather.

It is plain that they need the warmth there is in pure, rich, red blood. They could be told by many people, from experience, that to have this good blood they should take Hood's Sarsaparilla. This great medicine has really made it possible for many men and women, boys and girls, to enjoy cold weather and resist the attacks of disease. It gives the right kind of warmth, stimulates and strengthens at the same time.

EVERY Office WORKS for Every Registrant

No Advance Fee-We Take the Risk

64 East Van Buren Street

Flatiron Building

110-112 E. Lexington Street KANSAS CITY, MO. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. SPOKANE, WASH. N. Y. Life Building

Globe Building

Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

Teachers Wanted $100 to $150 a Month All teachers should try the Spring U. S. Government examinations. 1920 Census requires thousands of clerks within a few months. Thousands of permanent, life positions are to be filled at from $1100 to $1800; have short hours and annual vacations, with full pay. Those interested should write immediately to Franklin Institute, Dept. 0220, Rochester, N. Y., for schedule showing all examination dates and places and large descriptive book, showing the positions open and giving many sample examination questions, which will be sent free of charge.

Who is Searching for Teachers
ARE you satisfied with your present position? Would a more

congenial atmosphere, in a more progressive school system please you better? Especially if the salary were larger so as to help you meet the High Cost of Living?

I am searching for teachers. I have many good openings waiting. I feel sure that I can locate you in exactly what you want. No interference with your own efforts to locate a place. The small fee is usually offset by the increased salary

secured for you.

Write for booklet: “Betty's Awakening.It's free.
A. P. GODDARD, Pres. Educators-Agency, 1452 Y. M. CIA CHICAGO


An agency is your medium for a better salary. Take advantage of it.

Miss Mary E. FitzGerald 148 N. Humphrey Avenue

As recent city superintendente,
COLLECIATE we know school employers and

their needs. We also have broad
acquaintance among teachers.
Both will receive personal and

discriminating service. Mgrs.
Gerard T. Smith, J. Porter Adams



Oak Park, III.
Will resume her European Tours. Sails via Canadian Pacific Steamship Line, late in June. Returns early in
September. Visits England, France (battlefields), Belgium, Switzerland, Italy.
COST $755.


[blocks in formation]


European Tours
A New Book on This Interesting Miss FitzGerald says her success as å
New Craft

European conductor is due to the friends she

made when a contributor to POPULAR EDUThe whole country is interested in the CATOR and PRIMARY EDUCATION. Subscribers Oriental art known as “Batik." For two from Maine to California have furnished a thousand years the Javanese women have large part of her traveling family. been painting their gowns, scarfs, and other

Her itineraries are planned to insure the textile articles in beautiful designs and brilliant greatest profit and pleasure to the traveler. colors.

No walking from point to point of interest, At the present time there is no practical however short the distance, is done by her working manual giving instructions for making parties. “Batik." For this reason Art workers and

No hit-or-miss meals. Good food eaten Art teachers will be interested in the announce- regularly and good beds make happy travelers ment of a new volume entitled “First Lessons and to make happy travelers is her chief aim. in Batik," by Mary C. Scovel, formerly prin

Mrs. Eva Kellogg, formerly editor of cipal of the Handicraft Guild of Minneapolis, PRIMARY EDUCATION, said of her: Minnesota, which is to be published shortly

“People are born not made who know how by THE PRANG COMPANY. The book will to take you on a summer trip. Miss Fitzcontain several chapters on the history of Gerald is a natural leader.” "Batik," but the body of the book will be devoted to detailed instructions for all kinds of “Batik” work with specific problems, such

Annual Meeting as the making of blouses, scarfs, handkerchiefs,

The School Garden Association of table throws, draperics, etc. The book will be profusely illustrated with drawings, showing America holds its annual meeting all day the handling of the frame, the molten wax Monday, February 23, 1920, in the Lattice and the dyes, as well as the numerous illustra-Room of the Hotel Statler, Cleveland, tions of “Batik” work by both Javanese and Ohio. All teachers interested in school American artists.

supervised gardening should attend. This volume promises to answer questions,

Anyone interested in this Association “What is Batik?” and “How to Make Batik.' It is stated that it does not require a great annual membership fee of $1.00 to the

may become a member by paying the technical ability to produce very beautiful “Batik” work, if one follows the directions Secretary, E. F. Murphy, Richmond, Ind, carefully. Published by Prang & Company, Chicago, Ill. GO TO EUROPE AT OUR EXPENSE. Dare to be true; nothing can Organizers of small parties wanted. Univer

need a lie; sity Tours, Box M426, Wilmington, Delaware. A fault which needs it most,

grows two thereby.

-George Herbert

[blocks in formation]

Blackboard Stencils for Special Days

The above is ONE of the


In using these stencils you merely place the stencil against
the blackboard and rub your ordinary blackboard eraser over
it, and the outline appears on the blackboard so you can
readily and easily fill in the lines as much heavier as you wish.

For Primary Grades contained in the set of


For Little Folks

Price, 20 cents each. Size 24 x 36
New Year Welcome" (Angels)

Price, 15 cents each, 6 for 75 cents “Welcome” (large fancy letters)

No. 1. Holly Leaves and Berries. No. 2. Ivy Leaf Happy New Year to you all."

Pattern. No. 3. Oak Leaves and Acorns. No. 4.

Dogwood Leaves and Blossoms. No. 5. Anthemion

Pattern. No. 6. Blackberry Pattern No. 7. Grape
Portrait of Lincoln, 10 cents.

Vine Pattern. No. 8. Olive Branch Pattern.
Large Portrait of Lincoln, 15 cents.
Lincoln, the Railsplitter, 15 cents.
Log Cabin, 15 cents.

Statue of Lincoln, 15 cents.

Portrait of Washington, 10 cents.
Boyhood of Lincoln, 15 cents.

Portrait of Martha Washington, 20 cents.

Large Portrait of Washington, 20 cents. 18 x 23 inches. Price, 75 cents per set

Large Washington on Horseback, 20 cents.

Mount Vernon, 15 cents. Wigwam

Red Deer Hiawatha in Cradle Hiawatha

Washington and His Mother, 15 cents.

Washington Crossing the Delaware, 15 cents
Forest Scene

Hiawatha Fishing
24 x 36 inches
24 x 36 inches


U. S. Flag, 10 cents. Large Spread Eagle with
Price, 15 cents each, 6 for 75 cents National Emblem, very handsome, 24 x 36, price,
No. 1. U.S. Coat-of Arms. No. 2. Storks with 20 cents. Liberty Bell, 10 cents. Washington on
Scroll and Flowers. No. 3. Laurel Wreath Pattern. Horseback, 10 cents.
No. 4. Scroll and Birds with Gothic Letters. No. 5.

Extra large portrait of Washington, Lincoln, Grant,
Word “Meritorious" with Scroll.

Longfellow and Columbus, price, 20 cents each.

These maps are on paper, 24 x 36 inches, showing the Latitude and Longitude, location of the principal
Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Cities and Political Divisions. Price of each, 20 cents, 6 for $1.00.
1 Eastern Hemisphere 9 British Isles

17 Central States, W. Division 2 Western Hemisphere 10 West Indies

18 Pacific States and Territories 3 North America 11 United States

19 Boston Harbor 4 South America 12 New England States.

20 Massachusetts 5 Europe 13 Middle Atlantic States

21 Canada 6 Asia

14 Southern States, E. Division 22 Palestine 7 Africa

15 Southern States, W. Division 23 Map showing acquisition of Terri8 Australia 16 Central States, E. Division

[blocks in formation]



tory to the Thirteen Original
States, when acquired and how.



Caso Mahogany finish, enamelod parts, no motor to get out of order, excellent reproducer, enjoyment for all. Soll 12 boxes Mentho-Nova Salve great for cuts, burns, influenza, etc., Return $3 and the machine is yours, Guaranteed. Racords free. Order today. Address. U. S. Co., Box 419 Greenville, Pee.

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Bradley's Straight-Line Picture

Combining Paper Cutting, Coloring and Con-

Poster Patterns
struction Busy Work

BY LULA MAUD CHANCE Boy Blue, Simple Simon, Jack and Jill, Alice of “Wonderland" fame and her friends, The Gryphon, 8210. This poster work provides interesting occuThe Dodo and other characters beloved by children pation lessons through which the child's mind is all with movable arms, legs and heads — are made receiving information while, at the same time, his from these Cut-Outs.

hand and eye are being trained. The posters are

designed to illustrate the subject-matter of Chance's Six Different Sets

"Little Folks in Many Lands,” and by their use the No. 8212. Fairy Tale

child becomes familiar with children of many race No. 8213. The Family

types and develops an interest in people of other No. 8214. Alice in Wonderland

countries. Eight plates, sixe 9 x 12, in artistic portNo. 8215. Mother Goose

No. 8216. Toyland.

Price, per set, $0.35; mailing weight, 8 oz.
No. 8300. Playtime Circus
Twelve Cut-Outs to a Set.

Embeco Perception Cards for Number
Price, each set, $0.25; Postage, $0.06.

8290. Made in the form of dominoes. Strong When ordering, state series wanted.

manila cards size 68 x 10 inches; domino dots printed Bradley's Phonetic Desk Card

in dark green ink, one inch in diameter. Twenty

four cards, containing all number combinations from 8291. Designed for review work in phonetics. 1 to 10. In a durable box. The teacher can determine at a glance the individual

Price, per box, $0.60; mailing weight, 1lb. 3oz child's knowledge of phonetics by noting the results of his efforts to make complete words on this card. Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz

Economo Number Builder No. 1

8281. Printed on heavy manila tag stock, with large Economo Word Builder No. 1

numerals in bold type. It contains a large quantity 8271. A new, large type word builder. Printed

of numerals from 1 to 10 and supply of mathematical on high-grade tag stock. Extra strong box to with

denominations. Strong box. An exceptionally fine stand the constant handling and hard usage to which

builder. Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. the "builder” box is subjected. Contains an extra large quantity of tablets.

Bradley's Number Work for Beginners Price, per box, $0.20; mailing weight, 7 oz. 8265. A unique number matching device including

a card on the edge of which square notches are cut, Embeco Sentence Builder

the sections between the notches bearing answers to 8011. A selection of words for expression sentence problems printed on small tablets, which fit into building, printed on heavy manila tablets, in large the notched squares. By reversing the card, the type, with each word duplicated in medial seript on pupil has the answer to each problem. the reverse side. When properly put together the

All addition, subtraction, multiplication, division words form the first basal story in Book I, “Progressive and factoring combinations from one to ten, are Road in Reading

provided for. Put up in a durable box. Price, per box, $0.15; mailing weight, 6 oz.

Price, $0.20; mailing weight, 5 oz.

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