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Necessary for Warmth Making Pictures in the Desert Pure, rich, red blood is a necessity in The Geraldine Farrar Company of the production of animal heat. It keeps Goldwyn players in California, is on a our bodies warm.

picture-making expedition in the desert Hood's Sarsaparilla makes the blood near Oxnard and Hueneme. A vanguard good in qualtity and good in quantity, of fifteen heavily laden motor trucks with giving strength and warmth to the whole three special cars were attached to the system.

regular train. The caravan will unfold

its tents and make camp, where much Teachers — Get U. S. Govern- action in the story will take place. ment Jobs

In the equipage are a complete lighting

plant and lamps, tents, feed and housing All teachers, both men and women, for the animals, which include half a should try the Government examinations dozen camels, thirty-three horses and a to be held throughout the entire country number of donkeys. Nearly a hundred on Jan. 7. Reconstruction work necessi- people will accompany Miss Farrar. tates thousands of appointments. The There are thirty-two British cavalrymen positions pay from $1100 to $1500; have and as many shieks, besides a large number short hours, annual vacations and are of miscellaneous extras. Charles Stallpermanent. Thousands needed on 1920

ings, assistant to Mr. Barker, Camera

man Percy Hilburn and two second Those interested should write immediately to Franklin Institute, Dept. N222, to the costumes and military points, and

cameramen, Colonel McGee, who sees Rochester, N. Y., for large descriptive Syd De Conde, who has a prominent book, showing the positions open and part in the story, will accompany the star. giving many sample examination ques

This is one of the largest aggregations tions, which will be sent free of charge.

that ever fared forth from the big Goldwyn

Studios. Some very difficult scenes are BUUR EYES NEED MORE OF LOVING CARE to be made out in this “Sahara desert." than your Teeth, and with as much regularity. Don't let your Eyes grow dull and lusterless, keep them lubricated. Since the Moving Pictures came, it has become a custom among the better class of men and women to go home after the show and right away Murine their Eyes. "How We Secured Our Library”. Two drops to rest, refresh and cleanse. Those wearing glasses – or who use their eyes constantly -- will find great relief in Murine applications.

An interesting little illustrated booklet In the School-room Eyes are Irritated by Chalk Dust, giving the personal experience of a teacher and Eye Strain induced by Faulty Systems of Lighting. who wanted a school library but was con Apply Murine to School Children's Eyes to Restore Normal Conditions. Murine does not smart – is sooth-fronted with “no funds." Send for it free. ing in its action. Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago, Address, Educational Publishing ComSends Book of Eye Free on request. Your Druggist supplies you with Murine.

pany, Boston, New York, and Chicago.



For Pupils Backward in Reading

Get the

Action, Imitation and Fun Series



(From Three Little Kittens, Vol. V of Action Imitation and Fun Series)

Stories that are dear
to Childish Hearts

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Action, Imitation and Fun Series of Primers and First Readers By MARA L. PRATT CHADWICK

This series consists of one phonic reader, which is a basic text, and ten supplementary readers, based on stories dear to childish hearts. These supplementary readers are carefully graded and form an ideal series through which to develop both sight reading and sound interpretation. Each book is complete in itself and independent of the others. Each may be used with any system of teaching reading. The illustrations, in adition to being pleasing to children, are of such nature as to inspire creative imagination. BASIC PRIMER

Little People's Sound Primer (128 pp)

40 cents
The Little Red Hen

40 cents The Three Pigs


The Three Bears

40 cents Puss in Boots - Reynard the Fox

40 cents

Jack and the Beanstalk - Diamonds and Toads -
Sleeping Beauty

40 cents
Three Little Kittens — Chicken Little

40 cents Jack the Giant Killer

40 cents
Red Riding Hood — The Seven Kids

40 cents Hop O'My Thumb — Tom Thumb

40 cents
Bow-Wow and Mew Mew

40 cents
New York

Chicago San Francisco

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Knights and Ladies (curiously) How strange! Their please him. He and Mother, too, want to worship God fairy gifts are not a bit like ours. What can they mean? just as their hearts tell them to, not as the King says.

First Boy I think my boat means that we are to sail far, far away from England.

(Puritans all nod their heads gravely.) Second (nodding) Our parents do talk together of going

First Girl I've chosen my cake, and it holds a little away. Third They talk, too, with the captains of boats from

spinning-wheel. (She sits doun and spins in pantomime.)

Second I have a cap and kerchief. “ (She fuls them on.) Holland.

Third See this pretty cradle. (Ske rocks cradle in Fourth Perhaps we shall soon all leave for Holland.

pantomime.) Knights and Ladies (in amaze) Holland! That queer

Fourth I've a dear little flower, pink like dawn and little country of dykes? And storks? And windmills?

white like snow. (She puts it on.) And wooden shoes?

Fifth I have a torch. (She lifts it high.) First Lady Oh, I wouldn't like wooden shoes at all!

All What can they mean? First Knight Why would anyone want to leave England

First Puritan Girl We do not know. But Mother says for Holland?

our future holds things new and strange. First Puritan Boy I can't explain exactly. It's hard

Second But we are not afraid we trust in God! for little boys and girls to understand. But Father says things are not right in England. The Church doesn't (To slow music, all form for march or pageant: Knights

The 101 Best Songs


Music Teaching Easier

and Ladies, with King and Queen, form

Bobwhite Clocks first group; the Puritans fcim second, copying well-known picture of Puritans An Indiana clockmaker who owned So now, when the little bird pops out going to Church. At close of march, a German cuckoo clock out of which a of his tiny door, he whistles clearly, Knights and Ladies form pretty Court little bird popped on the tick of every "Bob White! Bob White!" Perhaps Scene in background about the throne; hour to sing his cuckoo song, decided the Indiana jeweller will build up a Puritans group themselves in front as he would rather listen to a more business, changing German cuckoos follows: Girl u ith spinning-wheel in familiar and more American bird call. into little American bobwhites. middle; Girl uith cap and kerchief at one side; Girl with cradle at the other; Girl looking down at mayflower a little in front; Girl holding torch high, beside her. Boys, one in front, two on each side, in attitudes of defence. All sing softly, if desired, last stanza of The

They are literally the “101 Best Songs" that it is possible to Evening Prayer." See music on page choose for school purposes. Each has

been chosen, judged and 56. Hold as tableau, while Fairies show

weighed not only by our painstaking experts, but by thousands smiling faces at one side.)

of experienced teachers to whom we have appealed for advice Note A little play on the Pilgrims in

and assistance. Holland will be given in the February issue; and one

the Pilgrims in America in March.

-Pupils Like It
A Child's Thanksgiving
Dear Father, far above the stars,

That is what makes the “101 Best Songs" so And yet so near to me,

popular-so fitting for every purpose in school How can so small a child as I

music. There are songs of the hearthside, of Give grateful thanks to Thee?

love of country, melodies of the heart, lively

ditties, simple songs for the youngsters, and a So many blessings cluster here,

Other Famous few of the easy-keyed opera selections that To name them one by one Would be impossible for me

Cable Books create a love of worth-while music. All in easy My thanks would ne'er be done.

Everyday Songs

keys, words and music complete. 101 of them

in all, for only 7c in quantity lots.

(For Primary Grades) So, Father, while my heart is full

Write for prices. Of sweet Thanksgiving thought,

Every Teacher Should Write Read there the gratitude I mean,

for a FREE Sample Copy And may my thoughts in acts be seen, 101 Famous To thank Thee as I ought.

Low Prices: 7c each in 100 lots, f. o. b. Chicago, - Frederic A. Whiting

Poems $1 per dozen, prepaid. Less than 12 at 100 each, prepaid. 150 each, in any quantity, prepaid.


No Free Copies. 1201 Cable Bldg.

Chicago, III. Where did you come from, little brook,

O sparkling silver band
God caught a tiny angel's tears,

But some escaped His hand!

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Be Well


Where did you come from, little bird,

Bright, gleaming oriole?
God brought a tune from sunset-land

And filled with song your soul!

Where did you come from, little flower

Forget-me-not so blue?
God plucked a piece from out the sky
And made it into you!

Catherine Parmenter

Teachers Wanted

$100 to $150 a Month Al teachers should try the Jan. 7 U.S. Government examinations. 1920 Census requires thousands clerks. Thousands of permanent, life positions are to be filled at from $1100 to $1800; have short hours and annual vacations, with full pay. Those interested should write immediately to Franklin Institute, Dept. N221, Rochester, N. Y., for schedule showing all examination dates and places and large descriptive book showing the positions open and giving many sample examination questions, which will be sent free of charge.

When you learn to daily build your vitality, disease germs, guippe and cold have little effect upon you. Be free from nagging ailments! Weigh what you should weigh! Have a good figure! Be happy! Enjoy life! Be a source of inspiration to your friends. In other words, LIVE. As sure as sunrise

You can weigh exactly

what you should
by following a few simple, healthful directions at home. I KNOW it, for what I
have done for 92,000 women I can do for you. Are you too fleshy? Are you too
thin? Does your figure displease you? Let me help you.

I want to help you to realize that your health lies almost entirely in
your own hands and that you can reach your ideal in figure and poise.

My work has grown in favor because results are quick, natural and permanent, and
because li appeals to COMMON SENSE.

No Drugs — No Medicines
You can free yourself from such nagging ailments as
Excess Flesh in any Incorrect Walking Indigestion Headache
part of body

Poor Complexion Dizziness Sleeplessness
Thir Bust, Chest, Lack of Reserve Rheumatism Torpid Liver
Neck or Arms Nervousness


Round Shoulders Irritability

Poor Circulation Auto-Intoxi-
Incorrect Standing Constipation

Lame Back

Our Soldiers Have Done So – Why Not You?
If you are in Chicago, come to see me, but sit down and write me NOW. Don't
wait - you may forget it. I will send you FREE my illustrated booklet showing
you how to stand and walk correctly and giving many health hints.
Susanna Cocroft, Dept. 45, 624 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, III.

Miss Cocroft is a nationally recognized authority on conditioning
women as our training camps have conditioned our men.


Here Come Three Dukes

Three boys mount three others on their backs and walk to the giris singing:

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