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and Colds

Wednesday to darn, to fix, to mend,

Helping to make up the bed. Plenty of sewing, you may depend.

Taking good care of the baby,

Watching her lest she should fall, Thursday — shopping or visiting we go,

We little children are busy, Then we are all dressed in our best, you Yes, there is work for us all. know.

Planting the corn and potatoes, Friday, oh, then we scrub the floor,

Helping to scatter the seeds, Sweep the rugs, and dust much more.

Feeding the pigs and the chickens,

Freeing the garden from weeds. Saturday, stir and mix and bake,

Driving the cows from the pasture,

Are removed by Vinol, our Cod So tired we can hardly keep awake.

Feeding the horse in the stall.

Liver and Iron Tonic, because

We little children are busy, Sunday, that day of all is the best,

Yes, there is work for us all.

it is a constitutional remedy. So glad it is here - now we can rest.

Work makes us cheerful and happy, Use the following with small table

Makes us grow healthy and strong; and dishes to teach even small children Play we enjoy all the better, how to properly set a table.

When we have labored so long;

Gladly we help our kind parents,
I like to help my mother

Quickly we come at their call.

Children should love to be busy,
Set the table every day,
And when the meal is over,

Yes, there is work for us all.
I help put things away.
I always wipe the knives and forks,
And lay them very straight,

Thousands Census
And put a spoon most carefully

Jobs Open to Teachers
By every person's plate.

The 1920 census opens up 5000 clerical
My mother often says tbat I'm positions which must be filled at once.

Here is Proof:
The best help ever was,

Teachers are specially fitted not only to
She smiles at me and praises me,

Manistee, Mich. — “I was in a weak,
stand well on the examinations, but to
And I am glad she does.

run-down condition as the result of a receive quick advancement after appoint

chronic cough and cold so that I often ment, Those interested can get a free had to stay at home from work. Vinol Then use the motions to illustrate list of positions obtainable and free stopped the cough, broke up my cold the activities indicated by the follow sample questions by dropping a postal at

and built me up after other medicines ing: once to Franklin Institute, Dept. N220,

had failed.” -- MARGARET DALE. Rochester, N. Y. Immediate action is It's the beef and cod liver peptones, I like to help my mother

necessary as the examinations will be held iron and manganese pertonates and Beat the rugs with loud strong whacks, everywhere January 7.

hypophosphites contained in Vinol that And I like to shake the curtains,

makes it such a successful remedy for And pull out carpet tacks.

chronic coughs, colds and bronchitits.

It is not a paliative like cough syrups, I like to dust the furniture, GO TO EUROPE AT OUR EXPENSE.

but a remedy of the cause. Try it on And clean the pantry, too,

Organizers of small parties wanted. Univer- our guarantee. And scrub the cellar stairs; I think sity Tours, Box M426, Wilmington, Delaware. For sale at the leading drug stores House cleaning's nice, don't you?


Chester Kent Co., Boston, Mass. Older children will easily find and apply the moral of the following by Cultivate Joy Allison, which may be used as a

TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES recitation in concert, or simply be Your


Accredited by Illinois State Department of Registration "I love you, mother,” said little John; Beauty

and Education. Offers a three year course in nursing to

women between 19 and 35. Then, forgetting his work, his cap went on,

requirement, two years High School. And he was off to the garden swing,

OU can have a youthful

For information address Leaving his mother the wood to bring. Y: appearance, clear complexion,

magnetic eyes,

Superintendent, 149 W, Superior Street, Chicago, III,

pretty eye“I love you, mother,” said rosy Nell;

brows and lashes, graceful neck

and chin, luxuriant hair, attrac“I love you better than tongue can tell;" tive hands, comfortable feet. You Then she teased and pouted full half the day, can remove wrinkles, lines, pim

TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Till her mother rejoiced when she went to play. ging facial muscles --- all through following our simple

THE GRACE HOSPITAL - DETROIT directions. Thousands have done so No drugs, no waste “I love you, mother,” said little Fan; of time, no big, expense and quick results. Send for

Three-year course. Eight-hour day. Registered by the “To-day I'll help you all I can; latest free booklet containing many beauty hints and

State of Michigan. Theoretical and practical class work all about the wonderful work accomplished by the

throughout. Modern nurses' home; includes summer How glad I am that school doesn't keep!”

vacation home for nurses. Minimum entrance requireGRACE MILDRED CULTURE COURSE

ment, two years' High School work or its equivalent. So she rocked the baby till it fell asleep.

Dept. 19 624 South Michigan Ave., Chicago, III, For free catalog, address Superintendent of Nurses, (A Branch of Susanna Cocroft's Work)

Box 20, The Grace Hospital, John R. Street Then, stepping softly, she took the broom

and Willis Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. And swept the floor, and dusted the room; Busy and happy all day was she,

40th year September, 1919, Helpsul and cheerful as child could be. "I love you, mother, again they said

“AS NECESSARY TO A TEACHER AS A MEDICAL JOURNAL TO A PHYSICIAN." Three little children going to bed; How do you think that mother guessed Which of them really loved her best? Use the following with appropriate

(28th Year) motions or simply to suggest ways

Courses for High-School Teacher of English, History Mathematics,

the Industrial Arts, and for those interested in the study of academic of helpfulness for both boys and girls:

mbjects are given by correspondence. All courses command credit.

Address The University of Chicago
Sweeping and washing the dishes,
Bringing the wood from the shed,

(Div.12) Chicago, Illinois Ironing and sewing and knitting,


Minimum educational


Oui Little Citizens

in the lower grades could have the names of the articles written.

Grades I and II can count their possessions and put the figures Etta V. Leighton

down; perhaps Grade II can add all the totals. It would be

a splendid demonstration of the value if the teacher could Civic Secretary, National Security League

show the children an amount in bills and coin equal to the (Book rights reserved)

value of the furnishings, and the property they are using. This January, 1920, must be more than “Happy New Year"

is a thrift lesson and if the sum were large, the teacher could month for teachers and children. There can hardly be a teacher

no doubt get some business man to show the children the amount anywhere who is not seriously impressed by the need of teaching

of money and talk to them for a few minutes of how many other even to the little tots the ideals of our government assailed now

things that money could buy if anyone did not realize that it on every hand. These children now in our classrooms are as

should be spent to help the children to become good, wise

Americans. much to be pitied as the little children in France and Belgium were while battle was raging about them. Some of the little

Teach Definition of Capital French and Belgian children will never be anything but feeble- Whether you demonstrate the value by using the actual minded, so great was the mental strain under which they lived money or not, make the children understand that this furniture and tried to grow. Some of our children will never be mentally and these materials are the tools with which they work, that normal unless we can take special pains to counteract the they are “Capital,” because through their use certain products terribly dangerous atmosphere of unrest in which they are in the way of written lessons, etc., and knowledge are produced. trying to live.

Above all, make everyone know that “Capital” is not just We have the child five hours a day, he sleeps about eight, money. It is not something that a few rich men have. It is leaving eleven hours when he is exposed to other than school not something taken away from the poor man. Capital in its influences. In his five hours with us, we must develop strong money form is accumulated savings invested in production and concepts of growth, of building, of individual ownership to negative everyone of us who has money in a savings bank or in life the doctrines of destruction and revolution that are part of insurance, everyone of us who has tools and material to work the atmosphere to-day in every community.

with, is a capitalist.

Don't say, “My children are too small to understand.” Stock-Taking

Your children are not too small to hear, and in their homes The children will know that January is "stock-taking"

and on the street they are hearing the words “capital” and month -- that business men know that they must keep track

"capitalist” used as something that menaces the lives and of what they own if they intend to do a profitable business.

that must be destroyed. If you don't try to simplify the truth By schoolroom attempts at stock-taking, by playing store.

for even small children, you are a left-handed emissary of the counteract the wicked and foolish notion now gaining currency

Reds. that there is something wrong in seeking profit. The wild

Plain Living and High Thinking agitators are demanding that all industry be run for “service Let us return to this slogan of the good old Americans. No not profit” – nine-tenths of them don't know what they mean, nation was ever more prosperous than this. If the truth were the remaining tenth know that human nature and human told about the High Cost of Living, it would be seen that profhonesty require that people shall profit by their work or by ligate spending and under production due to strikes are the their investment. The agitators want to make profits all right, cause of the greater part of the increase in prices. but they want to divide these profits among themselves and they Use stories of the Pilgrim children to teach thrift. Coare building up in the public mind an idea that makes a robber operate with the Government in all its thrift activities. Above of every man who, through saving, investment, or business, all, show how cheap and degrading, how vulgar, profligate makes a profit on what he does.

spending is. No good American is paying extravagant prices Splendid exercises in drawing, penmanship and arithmetic for luxuries. The good Americans are trying to save, to make can be made of this stock-taking in the schoolroom. Its value their earnings last as long as possible to live decently, not as civics is to build up several ideas:

extravagantly. It is the cheap, ignorant, flashy type that is

engaged in an orgy of spending. No class is suffering more 1 “Counting our blessings, remembering our joys” as

from this than the teacher. Surely we can put our hearts into counteractant of rest and discontent.

teaching a refined, cultured standard of living. 2 Creating a business sense desirability of always knowing

Let us make an inventory of where one stands financially. 3 Teaching the making of inventories and their use in

Personal Property obtaining insurance or loans.

Let the children put in everything they possess

toys and 4 Creating a sense of ownership, interest and pride in one's

all. The idea is to build up in the them concepts of possession possessions and desire to get the best use of them.

and contentment and thrift. Tell them to list damaged toys 5 Teaching the distinction between real estate and personal

and then see if these damaged toys can be repaired as a manual property and noting the community tax on real estate and the

training exercise and donated to other children or to hospitals. tax on personal property.

It is said that the aliens among us who wish to overthrow our 6 Teaching the difference between luxuries and necessities.

Government get more money in a week now than they used to Showing that books, pictures, etc., ought not be classed as

be able to save in several years. They were contented until the luxuries.

agitators preached to them against our country and now, though 7 Creating a feeling of gratitude towards parents and

some of them make over a hundred dollars a week, they call community for advantages given.

themselves wage slaves and want to take over the factories for 8 Creating a respect for property, the feeling that personal

themselves. Their discontent was artificially created by and private property must not be harmed or wasted. This

agitators. feeling is most important.

Uncle Sam's Census It has been said that no truly sane person can destroy prop

Tell the children that Uncle Sam takes stock of his people erty. The firebug, who sets fire to property, is clearly insane.

every ten years, and that 1920 is a census year. Tell them the The person who preaches destruction of property is likewise

first census bill was passed in 1790 — let them find out how mentally unbalanced. One of our greatest tasks is to prevent

many times the census has been taken. Let them take a census wanton destruction by young people. The destructive instinct

of their own family (fine opportunity for spelling, reading, can be cured by cultivating the imagina.ion so that the child

writing — fine opportunity for teacher to become better accan put himself in the owner's place, and this can be done only

quainted). when the child has himself a strong property feeling for his own Tell them that Uncle Sam wants to know everyone's name, possessions School Property

place of birth, age, occupation, whether the children are in

school or at work, and whether everyone can read and write Think of the pleasant counting and writing lessons in making English. Stress on this last part may increase interest in out a school property stock sheet. The third and fourth grades Americanization work. We don't realize our power. What we might make the inventory sheets for the entire building as a draw- put into the minds of the children reacts powerfully on their ing lesson. A triplicate set of sheets for each teacher might be parents. It is a moving and pathetic sight to see little children lettered as an upper grade drawing lesson, but the sheets used bring their mothers to evening school to learn English, because


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Accredited By the Illinois Stat Department of Registra: feeling of loyalty to this Government: ENTERTAINMENTS

some teacher has been inspired to make explain the census, especially if the chilthem want to help their parents under-dren come from foreign homes. A perstand America.

fectly accurate census has probably never It is good civic teaching to thoroughly been taken, but we can help set up a stan- Thousands Have Found Relief dard of courteous truthful co-operation

Rheumatism is a constitutional disease DOMESTIC SCIENCE with the census man.

Explain that with the census as a basis, It cannot be cured by local or external Home-Study Courses

Congress apportions the number of repre-applications. It must have constitutional Cooking, Sewing, Diet, Nursing, Housekeeping, etc. sentatives.

If we find that our population treatment. For teachers, institutional managers, dietitians, home

Take a course of Hood's Sarsaparilla, makers, etc. Which? Illustrated 100- page booklet, ""THE has increased in the last ten years, we will PROFESSION OF HOME MAKING sent on request. have a greater number of people to each which corrects the acid condition of the

the number of represen

blood on which rheumatism depends, and ing, 10c; Food Values, 10c; 'Family Finance, 10c. representative AM. SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS, 541 W.69th St., Chicago tatives may be increased. We have now gives permanent relief. 435 representatives on a basis of one for

If a cathartic or laxative is needed take each 211,677 persons. Due to the war,

Hood's Pills. Purely vegetable.

and influenza deaths, and the return to
Case Mahogany finish, enameled parts, foreign lands of a great many of our resi- The Palmer Method of Business Writing
reproducer, enjoyment for all. Sell 12 dents, the population in this census will

PLUS cinta burmspinduenza, etc. Return $3 probably be considerably lower than what Records free. Order todas. Address: might have been the expected growth of a The Palmer Method Organization 0. S. Co., Box 419 -Greenville, Pa. normal ten years.

marks the difference between uniformly suc The children can dramatize:

cessful results in teaching Penmanship and

1 A census taker. EARN $1,200 A YEAR IN SPARE TIME

indifferent, temporary results. Investigate a

2 The administrator of an estate, who school system where the Palmer Method Plan Writing one moving picture play a week.

gets three appraisers to make an inventory. bas really been followed. You will want the Greater Than Supply. You can write them.

(Watch newspaper for such items.) same results in YOUR schools. A postal show you how. Send for free booklet, valuable information and special prize offer. CHICAGO PHOTO

3 A furniture loan man - loans are card of inquiry to our nearest office is the PLAYWRIGHT COLLEGE, Box 278 Y.19, Chicago given only on part of the value. They first step in the right direction. Now is the

time! are called “chattel mortgages.”

THE A. N. PALMER COMPANY TEACHERS SOUVENIRS 4 A personal property insurance man.

New York Boston 5 An auctioneer.

Chicago Philadelphia An appropriate gift to pupils at close of school. Samples free

Cedar Rapids, Towa Portland, Oregon Seibert Ptg. ('o., Box 209, Dover, Ohio ventories as the basis of their dialogue.

Use the information gained in their in

They should be encouraged to make inILLINOIS TRAINING SCHOOL ventories of home possessions, to mend FOR NURSES

and keep in repair home furniture and Big prices paid. You can write them. We shos

tools, to get a sense of the money value you how. Rex Publishers, Box 175, C-26, Chicago Founded 1880 the family possessions represent, and a

, interested in the nursing profession and allied forms of Be sure that Grades III and IV read the

Education. in their rights. public service. Length of course, three years. Theo


How to Stage them, Dialogs, Recitations, Drills

Speakers, Monologs, Folk Dances, Operettas. retical training based on stand.urd curriculum for train (lauses of the Constitution that relate to ing schools for nurses. Practical experience in Cook the protection of private property;

Songs, Shadow Plays, Tableaux, Special Entertainments for County Hospital, 2500 beds. Requirements for enrollment: physical fitness, full High School credit or its “No person shall be deprived of life,

Hand Books, Make-Up Goods, NewCommencement Manual

etc. For all ages and occasions. full of new ideas for teacheducational equivalent. Minimum age 20 years, maxi- liberty or property without the due process mum age 35 years.

School catalog and application blanks will be sent on of law; nor shall private property be taken application to the

for public use without just compensaSuperintendent of Nurses

tion.” (Fifth Amendment.) 509 S. Honore St., (Box P) Chicago, Illinois Make them realize that schemes which take away the right to property are un


American. Create a scorn of the "kicker,"
HAIR BALSAM especially of the one who discourages work- IT EASIER FOR CHIL-
Restores Color and
ingmen by telling them lies. The real

DREN to learn to write? We
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair agitators do not work, they roam about
talking. Teach:

should be glad to send teachThere are two kinds of discontent in this

ers of primary grades a world — the discontent that wrings its hands sample, No. 134-SJ, which and ihe discontent that works. The first loses

we believe will answer this FREE CATALOG ELUS AD NUMBER IN CLASS.

what it had — and the second gets what it Either pin illustrated made with any 8 letwants. -- Graham

question. NOTE Miss Leighton will answer questions

JOSEPH DIXONCRUCIBLE CO. 34 or send references for teaching our Govern130 Bastian Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.

Jersey City

New Jersey ment as contrasted with Sovietism, Socialism,

Communism, etc., or the economic fallacies of DRESS DESIGNING LESSONS schemes like the Plumb plan, etc. Address FREE

Miss ETTA V. LEIGHTON, National Security Women-Girls-15 or over, can easily learn

League, 19 West 44th St., New York City

HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL OF CHICAGO Dress Designing during their spare moments in


Free Dress Designing Lessons Accrodited by State Department of Registration and Education Dress Designers frequently earn $40 to $100

3 year course

Practical Experieace A WEEK. WORK FASCINATING.

Teachers learn Dress Designing, during Applicants must meet the requirements of good health, Send coupon immediately for FREE SAMPLE

of age (19-35), good moral character, having two years' spare times, so

as to design and make High School education or its equivalent. LESSONS. The supply will not last long. original clothes for yourself and friends,

Separate Home for Nurses

For Catalog and application blanks, address Mail coupon to

and to increase your salary by teaching this Dr. J. C. coBB, 2814 Ellis Avenue, Chicago FRANKLIN INSTITUTE important and interesting subject. Dress Depf. 1859 Rochester, N. Y. Designers earn from $45 to $100 a week.

WASHINGTON BOULEVARD HOSPITAL Kindly send me absolutely free, book containing sample Large descriptive book, containing

SCHOOL FOR NURSES lessons in DRESS DESIGNING as taught in 10 weeks, sample lessons, can be had, without spare times.


ters and 2 figures, one or two colors enamel. Silver plste, 25€ ea., $2.50 doz Sterling silver, 604 es., $5.00 doz,


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Established 1827

Three year course. Registered by the State of Illinois, charge, by writing to Franklin Institute, Theoretical and practical class work throughout. Name. Dept. N859, Rochester, N. Y Write be- departments. Maintenance provided as well as an

allowance each month. For further information write. Address L859 fore the present edition is exhausted.

Supt. Nursing School, 2449 Washington Blvd.. Chicago, I.


Eastern Teachers' Agency

Notes from the Savings Division,

United States Treasury


Educators and school heads of Penn

sylvania have called upon the DepartAn honest, painstaking, efficient teachers' agency is

ment of Public Instruction of the state a very serviceable institution for school boards and to provide for the teaching of thrift teachers. The right teacher in the right position

as a part of the required state course

of study for schools. This action was means the highest success for both teacher and pupil. taken at the Educational Congress re

cently held at Harrisburg under the auspices of the State Department of Public Instruction.

The congress, which was composed of prominent educators of Pennsylvania,

including city and county superintendents ESTABLISHED 1890.

and high school principals, took a deMiss E. F. FOSTER, Manager.

cided stand in favor of making both Telephone Connection

Miss T. M. HASTINGS, Acting Manager teaching of thrift and a system of savings 6 Beaoon Street, Boston.

by means of government securities such

as Thrift and War Savings Stamps in The Salary your qualificatioas deserve is locreased by an agency registration.

schools, a required part of public pro

cedure in all communities. A comTHE FICKETT TEACHERS' AGENCY mittee of seven, headed by Prof. George F.

Zook of Pennsylvania State College, EDWARD W. FICKETT, Manager,

was appointed to draw up a detailed 8 Beacon Street, Boston.

program of thrift teaching for the public Teachers Wanted at Once for all Grades.


instruction for approval.

One section of the congress devoted Employ an agency to act as your business manager.

itself to thrift education and reports THE

of Boston,

made to this section indicated such 120 Boylston St. instruction already was well organized

in many of the schools of the state. RECOMMENDS TEACHERS, TUTORS AND SCHOOLS.

The Resolution adopted by the Thrift

Section stated:
Have you ever registered with an agency? It pays.

Whereas the Federal Government, POSITIONS OF ALL KINDS FOR TEACHERS CO-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTORS' ASS'N|| Department, has requested the schools

through the United States Treasury Write us what you want. Free Literature. Address


of the country to continue the sale of Government Savings Stamps and to

develop a permanent system of thrift It is always wise to have "a friend at the Court of Cæsar." Register Now!

education, and TEACHERS' AGENCY A superior agency for superior

Whereas the National Education Assopeople

. We register only reli- ciation in a resolution of July 5, 1919, 366 Fifth Ave., NEW YORK

urged that "all elementary schools, Between 34th and 35th Sts. able candidates. Services free

secondary schools and higher schools Established 1855 CHARLES W. MULFORD, Prop. to school officials.

make compulsory the teaching of thrift and savings and thereby give it a place


ALBANY TEACHERS' AGENCY of permanence in the curriculum," and

The Pratt Teachers' Agency

has good positions for good teachers with good records

Whereas Dr. Thomas E. Finegan, Harlan P. French, Pres., W. W. Andrews, Sec'y, 81 Chapel St., Albany, N.Y. State Superintendent of Public Instruc

tion for Pennsylvania, has stated in a This is an age of specialists — it's an agency's business to place teachers.

letter to Mr. E. P. Passmore, Governor

of the Third Federal Reserve District, 70 Fifth Avenue dated October 9, 1919, “I am in favor NEW YORK

of incorporating in a revised curriculum Recommends college and normal graduates, specialists, and other teachers to colleges, public and private for the public schools the subject of

schools in all parts of the country. Advises parents about schools.

Wm. 0. PRATT, Manager

thrift”: Agencies are daily helping others; they will help you.

Therefore, be it Resolved that the Thrift Session of the Educational Congress held

under the direction of the Department WESTERN

Teachers holding four year High School Course, one year State Normal, salaries $90 to $100 per

of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania, TEACHERS' Engagements commencing February March, April and May continue til Christmas! month. Engagements commencing October, November and January continue till July ist

. meeting at Harrisburg, November 20, 1919, to-day for particulars. State qualifications.

heartily endorses the approval given BUREAU WINNIPEG, CANADA

to the Government Savings Movement

by Superintendent Finegan and urges NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCY that in the proposed revision of the INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA

curriculum of the public schools of PennWe can give you promotion in lines of higher salary; better location; improved subject schedules. sylvania, the teaching of thrift and the MARY FRANCES WILSON, Proprietor

sale of Government Savings Stamps should be made compulsory and given

a definite and permanent place. THE FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES 2360 Overton Pk. Circle, Memphis, Tenn.

Determination among the school leaders 2A Park Street, Boston, Mass. 809 Citle Bldg., Birmingham, Ala. 509 Journal Bldg., Portland, Ore. of Great Britain that the lessons of 156 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill. 2161 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, Cal. 549 Union Arcade, Pittsburgh, Pa. 317 Masonic Temple, Denver, Col. 510 Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal.

thrift and careful living and spending

gained during the war and since, shall (Teachers Agencies Continued Page Opposite)

not be lost, has led to the establishment


of the Continuation Schools which will open formally in January.

PRIMARY EDUCATION DIRECTORY These schools form a part of the educational reform now being effected in OF LEADING TEACHERS' AGENCIES England as a result of post war conditions. The Continuation Schools are

(Continued from Page Opposite) meant to bridge the gap between the time when the ordinary boy leaves school

The teachers' agency is a legitimate and helpful institution. and the time when he settles down to

Some of the very best and very successful educators a life vocation. Their influence on the in public schools, colleges and private schools have life of the community, according to

been put there by means

of teachers' agencies. British officials, will not lie merely in acquirement of knowledge. Behind these scholastic advantages will be others

THE no leșs potent for the good of the nation. “There is in the present training of


EDUCATORS' EXCHANCE boyhood and youth a gap that has always

101 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON been a source of danger.” said an English school official recently. “The boy at

Founded in 1897, by a School Superintendent, its recommendations givo school is brought under very strong PERSONAL Service Worth Paying For. MANUAL FREE social influence. Leaving school, however, the boy is often too suddenly plunged into freedom unregulated by a sense of responsibility. The Continuation TEACHERS, PRINCIPALS, SUPERINTENDENTS Schools will bridge the gulf between the epoch of the schoolboy and the epoch

We Can Place You in Better Positions of the worker.

Write us TO-DAY for a Free Booklet, "The Road to Good Positions." “There are facilities for saving in a

BRANCH OFFICES: larg. number of the schools and such

Portland, Ore. facilities are being widely set up in the ROCKYME TEACHERS

Minneapolis, Minn.

Chicago, Ill.

Kansas City, Mo. factories and industrial plants of the

Los Angeles, Calif. WM. PUFFER, A. M., Manager country. But in the intermediary period there is no definite agency for the main

OUR SERVICE IS UNEXCELLED - OUR SUCCESS PHENOMENAL tenance of wise hahits that may vanish

The Largest and Most widely Patronized Teachers Agency in the West for lack of fostering. It is hoped that

ENROLLMENT FEE NOT NECESSARY in he Continuation Schools means will be found through formation of savings association of bringing the nation's PENN EDUCATIONAL BUREAU Aoth year.. First class equipment. Operates locally and nationally.

Direct recommendations. Well youth at this stage under the good in

FREE REGISTRATION prepared teachers in great demand. 305 D 7th St., Allentown, Pu. fluences provided both earlier and later.” The probl m of thrift instruction and

TEACHERS' 25 E. Jackson Bld., Chicago encouragement of saving amon; the scholars of America already is occupy

AGENCY Our booklet "Teaching as a Busiing a large place in the attention of the

34 th YEAR school leaders of America who are work

ness" with timely chapters on Peace

437 Fifth Avenue ing out definit plans for permanent

Symes Building

Salaries, Prospects, Critical Letters thrift instruction in the schools, in con- SPOKANE

Peyton Building Junction with the Savings Division of A DDR Ess

of Application, etc., sent FREE.

OFFICE the Treasury Department.






LIES IN THE BUSY BUSINESS WORLD The busy business world offers wonderful chances for big The easiest way for you to enter this opportunity-laden business success to the young man and woman of ambition and training. world is to train yourself to acquire a knowledge of the things Real opportunities are numerous. We do not mean

that will make your services useful; things that will enable you chances to obtain a job, but chances to reach the really responsible to get your first start. That's all you want, an opportunity to places, places that pay big money.

get started and to show what you are worth. That is what you want. You should not be content with You can be a success A GREAT BIG SUCCESS — if you merely a job. If you are, twenty years from now you might have faith in yourself and give yourself a fair chance. have the same job, but you will not have advanced.

Arouse yourself then. Get this business education that will What you want is an opportunity to get ahead. You want to follow a profession that has a future to it. You don't want

put more knowledge within your brain — more opportunity to be content to occupy a minor position all your life. You want

within your grasp. Get this education that will enable you to

push to the front — that will help to lift you out of the rut of a chance at the big positions.

underpaid workers and place you in the ranks of the trained It is in the active, hustling, rapidly-expanding world of busi

and the expert. ness that these chances exist by the thousand. It was the business world that gave Marshall Field his chance and enabled him to The catalogue of the school containing further information become the great merchart prince. It was the business world

about the golden opportunities a business education offers young that created opportunity for Morgan, one of the greatest of our

men and women will be mailed to you free. Mail the coupon financiers. It was the business world that paid Charles Schwab

RIGHT NOW and let us show you that your BIG CHANCE a salary of a million dollars a year.

is not really so far ahead of you as you may think.


Without cost or obligation to me, please send your free catalogue.

An accrediled school



J. R. Lowry, Vice-Pres,



Box 900

Knoxville, Tenn.

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