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In preparing these exercises, the aim has been to provide simple, abundant, and worthy material for practice in the intermediate work of English grammar. Besides a few proverbs, the extracts supplying this material have been selected from standard authors alone, with constant avoidance of difficult idioms and other irregular usages. In the presentation of the successive constructions, the strictest grading has been observed; for, in order to secure accuracy and thoroughness, not only the details of sentence-structure are to be learned in progressive order, but also every word in every sentence must be parsed, at least mentally, though not every word is necessarily recited. The exercises should be taken up in the order printed, except VII, VIII, and IX; these three can be taught more readily after the development gained by some practice in analysis of sentences. Especially is this true of Exercises VIII and IX, which, indeed, if deferred sufficiently, may be quickly familiarized in sight-work in class. Nor until the first few very

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