Community Development in Hyderabad State, India

International Cooperation Administration, 1956 - 48 páginas

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Página 14 - Our aim should be to help the free peoples of the world, through their own efforts, to produce more food, more clothing, more materials for housing, and more mechanical power to lighten their burdens.
Página 14 - Often, we like to sit in our chambers and decide everything according to what we consider to be good for the people. I think the people themselves should be given the opportunity to think about it and thus they will affect our thinking as we affect their thinking. In this way, something much more living and integrated is produced, something in which there is a sense of intimate partnership — intimate partnership not in the doing of the job but in the making of the job and the thinking of the job.
Página 15 - I hope will be considerable —all the additional food grown, the houses built, schools and dispensaries, better roads, tanks, wells and so on. You can make a list of them and it is pleasing to see that list but somehow my mind goes beyond to the man, woman and child. The house may be good but it is the builder of the house that counts ultimately, not the house or even the occupant of the house. Therefore, it is to the builder that my mind goes ; we want to make the people of India all builders.
Página 15 - Community Projects appear to me to be something of vital importance, not only in the material achievements that they would bring about but much more so because they seek to build up the community and the individual and to make the latter a builder of his own village centre and of India in the larger sense.
Página 16 - ... to do? That is the problem. We measure and calculate rightly and inevitably about the finances and the resources involved; one has got to do it, one cannot act irresponsibly. However, if I may say so, all these are secondary matters. The primary matter is the human being involved, the man who is going to work, the man who is going to feel it and translate that feeling into action.
Página 16 - I suppose there is hardly a country — and I mean no disrespect to other countries — which has such high ideals as India. And I may add that there is hardly a country where the gap between ideals and performance is so big as in India. So, it is a dangerous thing to talk big and then not be able to come anywhere near your objective. Nevertheless, occasionally one has even to gaze at the stars even though one may not reach them. Merely to lower your ideals because you think they are too high is...
Página 18 - Committee or as the Planning Commission and so on or is it something which will enable you to unleash forces from below among our people to do the work? Forces unleashed without definite aims and without proper co-ordination sometimes yield good results and sometimes bad. A good lead and a good organization from the top is obviously necessary and essential yet it may be completely useless unless the forces from below are released. Sometimes, I begin to suspect and become a little afraid of these...
Página 19 - ... will achieve something, of course. So the problem becomes one of how to bring about a union of these two elements. Obviously, it is necessary to plan, to direct, to organize and to co-ordinate ; but it is even more necessary to create conditions in which a spontaneous growth from below is possible. I wonder if this Community Scheme is something which is likely to bring about a union between the top and the others.
Página 17 - I am not afraid of criticizing my people. I have just called them lazy and all that. And yet I do believe quite honestly that the human material we have in India is very fine and, given the opportunity, it can achieve big things. How to give an opportunity to this vast mass of human material — that is the problem. You cannot suddenly give it to all, however much you may plan for it. Of course, you must plan for everybody. No planning which is not for all is good enough. You must always have that...
Página 16 - ... others. Do it and others will follow. Why do you think, it is your business to sit in a big office and issue orders because you are the Development Commissioner? If I may say so with all respect, you are no good if you do that. Better go somewhere else and do some other job. Let us be clear about this. Whether it is the Development Commissioner or the Administrator, he must not sit in his office and issue decrees all the time. He must take the spade and dig or do something else. No man connected...

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