The Law Review and Quarterly Journal of British and Foreign Jurisprudence, Volumen10

O. Richards, 1849

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Página 50 - For were it not better for a man in a fair room to set up one great light, or branching candlestick of lights, than to go about with a small watch candle into every corner...
Página 259 - Mackintosh, participated in that debate, and denounced the trial as illegal, because it did not appear that the courts of law in Demerara could not try offences, and that " when the laws can act, every other mode of punishing supposed crimes is itself an enormous crime.
Página 298 - Talbot's in support of his favourite doctrine, that whatever was an equitable, ought to be deemed a legal, execution of a power.
Página 53 - Bacon has judiciously observed that the axiomata media of every science principally constitute its value. The lowest generalizations, until explained by and resolved into the middle principles of which they are the consequences, have only the imperfect accuracy of empirical laws ; while the most general laws are too general, and include too few circumstances, to give sufficient indication of what happens in individual cases, where the circumstances are almost always immensely numerous.
Página 424 - That no widow shall be entitled to dower out of any land which shall have been absolutely disposed of by her husband in his lifetime, or by his will.
Página 303 - I am by certain prejudices that have become inveterate with those who comply with the systems they find established, I find that in these courts, proceeding by different rules, a certain combined system of jurisprudence has been framed most beneficial to the people of this country, and which I hope I may be indulged in supposing has never yet been equalled in any other country on earth. Our courts of law only consider legal rights ; our courts of equity have other rules, by which they sometimes supersede...
Página 14 - An Act for annexing certain forfeited estates to the Crown inalienably, and for making satisfaction to the lawful creditors thereupon, and to establish a method of managing the same, and applying the rents and profits thereof to the better civilizing and improving the Highlands of Scotland, and preventing disorders there for the future.
Página 256 - Martial law, such as it is described by Hale, and such also, as it is marked by Mr. Justice Blackstone, does not exist in England at all.
Página 261 - ... no man shall be excused of a trespass (for this is the nature of an excuse, and not of a justification, prout ei bene licuit), except it may be judged utterly without his fault;' as if a man by force take my hand and strike you ; or if here the defendant had said that the plaintiff ran across his piece when it was discharging; or had set forth the case with the circumstances, so as it had appeared to the court that it had been inevitable, and that the defendant had committed no negligence to...
Página 57 - A CONSIDERATION of some sort or other is so absolutely necessary to the forming of a contract, that a nudum pactum, or agreement to do or pay any thing on one side, without any compensation on the other, is totally void in law ; and a man k ff. 19. S. &. cannot be compelled to perform it...

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