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THE EARLY DRAMA, 1756–1860

By ARTHUR HOBSON QUINN, Ph.D., Dean of the College,

University of Pennsylvania.

The Origins of the Drama in College Exercises. Influence of the Early

Companies. Godfrey's Prince of Parthia, the first American Play.






P. 369, after 1. 46 add [Defoe, Daniel?] The Four Kings of Canada. Being A

Succinct Account of the Four Indian Princes lately arrived from North America. With a particular Description of their Country, their strange and remarkable Religion, Feasts, Marriages, Burials, Remedies for their Sick, Customs, Manners, Constitution, Habits, Sports, War, Peace, Policy, Hunting, Fishing, Utensils belonging to the Savages, with several other Extraordinary Things worthy Observation, as to the natural or curious Productions, Beauty or Fertility, of that part of the World. London, 1710. Reprinted,

London, 1891. P. 456, after 1. 24, add For the writings of Thomas Paine see the bibliography to

Vol. XI, Chap. II, of The Cambridge History of English Literature, P.458, after l. 21 add Humphreys, Frank Landon. Life and Times of David

Humphreys. 1917. 2 vols. P. 464, after 1, 21 odd:

The British Prison-Ship: a Poem, in four Cantoes. Philadelphia, 1781. The Poems of Philip Freneau. Written chiefly during the late war. Philadelphia, 1786.

The Miscellaneous Works of Mr. Philip Freneau containing his Essays, and additional Poems. Philadelphia, 1788.

Poems written between the Years 1768 & 1794. Monmouth (New Jersey), 1795.

Poems written and published during the American Revolutionary War, and now republished, from the original Manuscript interspersed with Translations from the Ancients, and other Pieces not heretofore in Print. Philadelphia, 1809. A Collection of Poems, on American Affairs, and a variety of other Subjects, chiefly moral and political; written between the Year 1797 and the present

Time. 1815. 2 vols. P. 498, after 1. 10 odd Coad, Oral S. William Dunlap: A. Study of his Life and

Works and of his place in Contemporary Culture. 1917. P. 499, 1. 23, after Philadelphia, 1765 add The Prince of Parthia, ed. Henderson,

A., Boston, 1917. P. 503, 1. 45, after de Barri add (Haymarket, London, 2 Aug., 1831.) P. 503, 1. 45, after Forest add (Sadler's Wells, London, 1 May, 1820.) P. 503, 1. 49, after Paoli add (Surrey Theatre, London, 27 Oct., 1823.) P. 504, 1. I, after The Rival Monarchs add (Sadler's Wells, London, 1 June, 1820.) P. 504, 1. 2, after Savage add (Surrey Theatre, London, 27 May, 1823.) P. 504, after 1. 9 add F. B. Sanborn. The Romance of Mary Wollstonecraft

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