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Conway, 516. Regrets not having ac-

cepled the appointment of Congress,
Cabinet of the President, the first ap- VII, 230, 231; XII. 309.
pointment of the members of, X. 11. CADWALADER, LAMBERT, Colonel, IV.
Questions proposed to, in view of 180. Taken prisoner and released
the expected expedition from Canada without parole, 188.
against Louisiana, 113. The Presi. CALDWELL, JAMES, suggests the re-
dent's route for his southern tour com- moval of the Jersey troops to Morris-
municated to, with instructions, 157. town, VII. 406.
Dissensions in the, between Hamilton CALDWELL, JOSEPH, XII. 213.
and Jefferson, 280, 283, 306,515. On CaldwELL, Mrs., shot, VII. 76.
the induction of the President into Cali, Major, conduct of, X. 269, 273.
office, 321. Meeting of, called for CALLBECK, Philip, President of the
instructions to commissioners for a Council, and acting governor of St.
treaty with the Indians, 328. Ques- John's, brought away by violence;
tions sent to, relating to the proclama- presents a memorial to Washington,
tion of neutrality and the reception of and is discharged; his letter cited,
the French minister; and their opin- III. 193, 194.
ions, 337, 533. Consulted respect- CalLENDER, John, Captain, court mar-
ing vessels fitting out as privateers, tial respecting, III. 490.
345; about a British letter of marque CALVERT, BENEDICT, II. 370.
in New York, 354. Proceedings in, Cambridge, troops at, III. 6. Wash-
on the Little Sarah and M. Genet, ington arrives there and takes com-
355, 356, 360, 361, 536. Consulted on mand of the army, 14, 27, 38, 484.
the expediency of arming and equip. Determination of the first council of
ping vessels, 361 ; and on an imme- war at, 16, 18, 19. Provincial Con-
diale convocation of Congress, 362. gress at, 44. Conference there, be-
Prepares eight rules about the equip- iween a committee of Congress, dele-
ment of vessels in the ports of the gates from four colonies, and the
United States by belligerent powers, Commander-in-chief, respecting the
and favors the recall of Genet, 363,

army, 123,

Council of war there,
546. Case of the Citizen Genet, a 21.9, 251, 253. Visited by the Presi-
privateer, submitted to, 366. Con- dent in 1789, X. 47, 48, 490, 491. See
sulted on Van Berckel's request re. Army.
specting the Dutch consul Heinaken, Camden, Lord, his remarks in Parlia-
XI. 27, 28. Questions proposed to, ment respecting America, V. 247.
on the ratification of Jay's treaty, 31. Camden, Gates's defeat near, VII. 185,
Consulted on the proceedings in Bos- 186, 189, 191, 197, 201, 205, 326. Ad-
ton relating to the British treaty, dress to the inhabitants of; Baron de
35. Proceedings on the ratification Kalb buried at, XII. 200. Disappro-
of the British treaty, 57. On a call bation of the British treaty by the
for papers in relation to the British citizens of the District of, 212.
treaty, 114. On a minister to France, CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER, district attor-
and Mr. Monroe's recall, 132, 483. ney for Virginia, X. 195.
On a mission to France, 572. List of CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD, a British lieu-
the members of, during Washington's tenant-colonel, taken, III. 432. In
administration, XII. 432.

Concord gaol; writes to Washington
Cabot, GEORGE, the correspondence and Howe respecting his treatment,

with, upon the arrival of George Wash- IV. 330 – 333, 556. Resolve of Con.
ington Lafayette, XI. 64, 66, 71, 95. gress respecting; and its impolicy,
CADWALADER, John, General, direc- 334, 342, 350. Unjustifiable treat-
tions to, before the battle of Trenton, ment of, 440, 460, 556, 557, 559. To
IV. 241. Prevented by the ice from be treated with kindness, 461. Pro.
crossing the Delaware, 247. His position to exchange, V. 24, 269, 272,
movements, 248. Marches to Bor- 310, 539. Exchanged, 362.
dentown, 250. Joins the army at CAMPBELL, a British general, V. 64.
Trenton, 258. Recommended to Con- At Staten Island, 105, 174. Claims
gress, 292. Declines his appointment officers from Governor Livingston,
as brigadier-general, 329. Despatch- 183. Commissioner at the meeting at
ed to arrange the Maryland Eastern Tappan, in regard to prisoners, VIII.
Shore militia, V. 52. His aid solicited

at camp, 289. Marches against the CamPBELL, a British lieutenant-colonel,
enemy's rear, 417. His duel with

killed in the attack on Fort Mont- XII. 322. On the situation of the,
gomery, V. 105, 474.

CAMPBELL, Captain, his proposal to Carey, John, publishes Washington's

bring off prisoners on parole, from " Official Letters to Congress," XI.
Long Island, VI. 173.

185, 217.
CAMPBELL, Major, at the battle of Ger. CAREY, MATHEW, letter to, about
mantown, V. 468.

the American Museum, XII. 296.
Canada, expedition to, II. 20. Situa- CAREY, Colonel, at New York, IV. 27.
tion of affairs in, III. 143. The raising CARLETON, Sir Guy, threatens a descent
of troops for, 249. General Thomas upon Crown Point and Ticonderoga,
appointed to the command there ; ar- II. 41. Solicits the Indians' aid, 54.
tillery ordered to, 333, 348. Officers Cited respecting the disposition of the
there think themselves neglecied in Indians and Canadians, 110. His es-
the new arrangement, 349. Import- cape from Montreal, 207. Proclama-
ance of securing ; detachments sent tion by, forwarded to Congress, 219.
tn, 365, 375. Commissioners sent llis conduct to the captured and
there from Congress with instruc- wounded, 203. Transmits a copy of
tions, 390. Sad condition of affairs his orders, IV. 56 ; their remarkable
at, 390 – 393, 406, 432. Reinforce. character, 57. Made a knight of the
ments voted for, 407. Deplorable Bath, 143. Obliged to return to Can-
condition of the army there, 411. ada, 173. Succeeds Clinton as com-
American army driven out of, 423, mander of the British army, VIII.
445. Alarm and exposure in conse- 281, 536. Charged with a commis.
quence of the army's retreat from, sion of peace ; forwards papers, 294,
465. Number of prisoners taken in, 295, 2.1, 536. Allusions of, to the
IV. 548. Expedition to, proposed, in affair of Huddy, 296, 536. His request
1778; troops ordered to the High- for a passport for Morgann to go to
lands, V. 281, 285, 286, 291, 300. Congress, 296, 537. Instructions to,
Importance of its union with the

upon his leaving England, 297. His
States, 389. Expedition to, in 1778 - advances respecting peace, 312. Cor.
9, proposed, VI. 64, 72, 106 - 121, 135, respondence with, about the case of
145, 165, 214, 544. Plan of the expe- Hatfield and Badgely; a refusal to
dition to, 106, 160, 215, 342, 307, correspond with, on civil affairs, 312,
308. Objection to introducing French 317, 5:37, 539. His proposition to ex-
troops into, 107. British troops de- change American seamen for British
spatched to, from New York, 367, 372, soldiers, 317, 338, 510. Correspond-
384. A French missionary offers to ence with, respecting Lippencot's
visit, as secret emissary, 422. An- trial; asks a passport for Chief Justice
other proposition for an expedition to, Sinith, 324, 336, 537 ; on the recall
423. See LAFAYETTE and Wooster. of Cornwallis and release of Laurens ;
Canadian Refugees, land ceded to, X. his reason for not evacuating New

York; ordered to the West Indies,
Canadian Regiments, III. 174. See 325. His despatches on negotiations
Congress's Own, Hazen, and Living- for peace and exchange of prisoners,

325, 326, 540. Reprobates the con.
Canadians, seem averse to engaging in duct of Lippencot, 336, 363. On the
the war, III. 41. Friendly, 55, 60, incursions of Indians, 343. Written
119. Advice to Schuyler respecting, to, and replies, on the liquidation of
82. Instructions to Arnold respect. the accounts of prisoners, 352, 541.
ing, 86, 90. Address to the, circulat. Informed of Asgill's release, 363.
ed by Arnold, 92. Invited to send Communicates official intelligence of
delegates to Congress; exertions to peace, 415,542. Correspondence with,
raise a regiment of, 174. Il treated on plans for releasing prisoners and
and unfriendly, 362. Character of, evacuating posts, 427, 431, 543. His
425. Dispositions of, after the French interview with the Commander-in-
treaty, VI. 308. Lafayetle's procla- chief, 427, 430, 543. Correspondence
mation to, VII. 44, 72.

with, on the evacuation of Penobscot
CANNON, Colonel, agent in regard to and New York, 490, 497 - 502, 545 - -
Western lands, XII. 317.

547. His departure, 500 – 502.
CAPELLEN, VAN DER, of Holland, cor. CARLISLE, Earl of, a commissioner for
responds with Governor Livingston, carrying into effect Lord North's bills,
VI 414.

V. 397, 398. Declines Lafayette's
Capitol, Blodget's plan of the, X. 278; challenge, VI. 79.


Carlisle, fixed on, for a laboratory, IV. Rensselaer to Detroit, to prepare for

319. Address to the inhabitants of Baron Steuben's arrival, VIII. 471.
the borough of, XII. 210.

Castle William, III. 54, 114. On sur-
Carlyle, Joun, would furnish sup- prising, 162.
plies to the soldiers, II. 3. Neglect Castries, Marquis de, opinions re-
of the deputies of, 42, 43. Sent to specting, VII. 324.
the governor on business, 62. His CASWELL, RICHARD, Colonel, captures
willingness to contract for clothing, General McDonald, IV. 78. Gover-
100. A witness, 132.

nor of North Carolina, 305. Visited

AND ADAM, contract for by Lafayette, V. 454.
wheat, XII. 259.

Cataroba Creek, Fort William at the
CARMARTHEN, Lord, on the infraction head of the, attacked, and the settle-
of the treaty of peace, IX. 179. ment there broken up, II. 190. Wash-
CARMICHAEL, William, secretary to ington meets Colonel Buchanan at,
John Jay, VI. 385. Refusal of the 194.
Spanish Court to receive, as Chargé Catholics. See Roman Catholics.
d'lffaires, VIII. 413, X. 74. Neglects Cattle, price of, XII. 294. Number of,
to forward information, 278, 369. In- at Mount Vernon, 314. On penning
structions sent to, by David Hum. and feeding, 363, 364. See Stock.
phreys, XII. 92.

Cacalry, sent from Connecticut to New
Carr, a British colonel, wounded, IV. York, and cannot be kept, III. 453,

405. American army destitute of,
CARRINGTON, Epward, Lieutenant- 454. First return of, 494. Proposi-
Colonel, a commissioner for exchange tion for forming a company of, IV. 14.
of prisoners, VI. 483. Consulted A body of, equipped by the British,
about persons to fill offices, XI. 78, 152. Pulaski appointed to command
80, 83, 90. Declines the office of Seca the, V. 48, 49. Under the exclusive
retary of War, 106. On the British direction of Congress; to be credited
treaty, 121. Recominended for quar. to the quotas of States, VI. 197. Scar-
termaster-general for the Provisional city of, VII. 82. Substitute recom-
army, 265, 269, 299. His aid soli- mended for regiments of, 252. See
cited in relation to officers for the Pro- Maréchaussé and Orderly Book.
visional army, 429.

Cayenne, Lafayette's plantation at, IX.
Carroll, Charles, of Carrollton, a 163.
commissioner to Canada, III. 390. Cedars, defeat of Bedel at the, III. 408.
Visits the camp on a committee from Cowardly conduct at, 417. Ameri-
Congress, V. 71, 213. His sentiments cans taken prisoners, killed and plun-
at the time of Conway's cabal, 373. dered at; capitulation ; the conse-
Declines the appointment of Indian quent proceedings of Congress, IV.
commissioner, X. 313.

1- 3, 56, 549. Virtual refusal of
Carroll, John, a Catholic clergyman, Congress to confirm the capitulation,
accompanies the commissioners tó communicated to the British officers
Canada, III. 390. Archbishop; reply in Canada; and their conduct, 56.
to his memorial about instructing the Hostages given at, VI. 481. Meas-
Indians, X. 228.

ures for exchanging prisoners taken at,
Carrots, on raising, IX. 324, XII. 343, 512, VIII. 71, 125 – 127.

CELERON, a French officer, deposites
Carter, Charles, his statements to metallic plates near the banks of the

Captain Peachey, II. 254. The pub- Ohio River, II. 430.
lishing of a letter to, IX. 308, 313. Cements, experiments relative to, IX.
CARTER, LANDON, complains that Eng. 456.
land neglects Virginia, II. 145 ; V. Cenis, recommended by Franklin and

Turgot, V. 32.
Carthagena, unsuccessfully besieged, Census, on the first taking of the, in
II. 421.

the United States, X. 176, 185, XII.
Cary, Robert, instructions to, on bu- 22.
siness, II. 328 – 331, 337, 341 ; re- Cerberus, a British man-of-war, threat-
specting tobacco, XII. 251, 257, 260. ens Falmouth, III. 144.
Invoices sent to, 253, 262. Sends to Chain of Forts. See Forts.
Virginia for tobacco, 257, 258. His CHALMERS, George, his assertion re.
sales not approved, 258, 260.

specting the early purpose of Ameri-
CASSATY, JAMES, despatched from Fort can Independence, II. 496.



CHALMERS, raises loyalist troops, IV. 488. Humorous letter to, about his

marriage, IX. 346.
Chamblee, Fort, surrenders, JII. 142. CHASTELLUX, Madame de, her applica-
Number of prisoners taken at, IV. tion for aid, XII. 319.

Chatterton's Hill, battle at, IV. 526.
Champe, John, Sergeant, his adven. Chaudière River, III. 112.
ture to seize the person of Arnold CHEESMAN, Captain, death and burial
in New York, VII. 545 - 549.

of, at Quebec, III. 264.
Champlain, Lake, III. 41. Fleet on, Cherav Neck, action at, VIII. 357.
IV. 12. Destruction of the fleet on, Cherry Valley, attack upon, Vl. 111,

114, 122, 185.
Chaplaincy in the army, advised, II. Chesapeake Bay, threatened and desert-
188, 200, 203, 278. Dinwiddie's re- ed, III. 339. British expedition in
marks on a, 200, 201. Is provided for, the, VI. 261. Arrival of the French
278. Inadequacy of the pay; impor- fleet in the, VIII. 148, 154, 155, 156,
tance of, III. 220. Advance of the 158, 160.

French fleet leaves the,
pay of; officers ordered to fill the,

456. Number of persons allowed, IV. Chestnut Hill, Howe's expedition to,
436. Washingon's agency in regard and loss, V. 180, 182, 238.
to the, XII. 399.

Chiappe, Franco, American agent at
CHAPMAN, Major, II. 78. Left by Brad- Mogadore, X. 61.
dock, 82.

Child, Moses, III. 169, 170, 289.
Chargé d'Affaires, non-concurrence of CHIPMAN, John, Captain, detaches men
Portugal in the grade of, XII. 93. to Fort Edward; skirmish, loss, and
Charleston, Lafayette's account of, V. capitulation of, at Fort George, VII.

Apprehensions for its safety, 269, 270.
VII. 10, 19, 22, 42. Capitulation of, CHITTENDEN, THOMAS, governor of
69, 326. Gazette published at, by the Vermont, letter to, about the jurisdic-
British, 92. Inquiry into the loss of, tion of the State and its negotiations
102. Considerations about the reduc- with the enemy ; its effects, VIII.
tion of, 326, 328, 329, 408. Leslie 220, 384.

Letter respecting his re-
arrives at, 348. Importance of, to the monstrance to Congress, 382.
enemy, VIII. 130. Rutledge's propo- Choisy, a French brigadier.general,
sition for a combined attack on, 173, commands at Newport, VIII. 64, 65.
200. Proposition to Count de Grasse Arrival of, in the Chesapeake, 161.
to attack, 185. British evacuation of, Commands the American and French
340, 359. Visited by the President, troops at Gloucester, 168. Directions
X. 144, 146, 152, 157, 161. Donation to, in regard to the surrender of
to sufferers there by a fire, XI. 164. Gloucester, 182. His march with
Address and resolutions passed at, troops to Charlotte County, 259. Sent
sustaining the Executive, 236. Pres. to Governor Hancock about Vau-
ident's address to the citizens of, in dreuil's proposed expedition to Penob-
1791, XII. 196.

scot, 329. Sails for France, 369.
CHASE, SAMUEL, a commissioner to Chouin, Major, despatched by Count
Canada, III. 390. On a committee d'Estaing to Congress ; visits the
of Congress to inquire into the con- Commander-in-chief, VI. 4, 13.
duct of the British and Hessian offi- CHURCH, BENJAMIN, recommended; on
cers towards Americans, IV. 309. a committee of the Massachusetts
On a comunitice reporting a plan for Provincial Congress to accompany the
the government of the Western Ter. Commander-in-chief to Cambridge,
ritory, IX. 47. Appointed associate IIJ. 20, 484. His letter in cipher to
justice of the Supreme Court of the Major Cane ; his trial, 115, 502. Im-
United States, XI. 107; 240.

prisoned in Connecticut, 167, 505.
CHASTELLUX, a French major.general, Biographical notice of, 502.

visits head-quarters and Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Society of the, meeting of,
VII. 308, 319, 325. Commended, 336; at Philadelphia, in 1784, IX. 21, 42,
VIII. 4. To command a proposed ex- 47,495. Particulars of the institution
pedition to Penobscot, 10. Present at of the, 22, 216, 252. Jealousy of the,
the Wethersfield interview, 54. His 26, 28, 35, 216, 495. Judge Burke's
intercepted letter, 60; 87.

Has an

pamphlet, 28. The wearing of the
interview with Count de Grasse, 162. order of, not permitted in Sweden, 56.
Letter to, on leaving the country, 366; Alterations in its rules, 47, 127, 217,

256, 495. Mirabeau's " Considera- Consulted about a Peace Establishment,
tions,” 147. Washington, president, VIII. 417, 185. At the conference be-
212, 256. Meeting of, in 1787; cir- tween the Commander-in-chief and
cumstances connected with it and with Sir Guy Carleton, 427; 485. His dif-
Washington's attendance, 212, 216, ficulty with Hamilton, IX. 272. Writ-
219, 222, 229, 236, 245, 251, 253, 254. ten to, about the western posts, X.
Extract from the Encyclopédie respect.

192; about the nomination of a super-
ing, 255. Address to the State So. visor, 221 ; about Lord Dorchester's
ciety of the, in Pennsylvania, in 1789, speech, 394.
XII. 142. Address to the, in 1790, Clinton, SIR HENRY, British general,
183. Unreasonable prejudices against

III. 114. Goes to North Carolina,
it, 298.

223, 256, 301. Arrives at New York ;
Citizen Genet, a privateer, X. 360, 366. Lord Germain cited, respecting his
CLANDENEN, GEORGE, requests made expedition to the south, IV. 27. Visits

of, about western lands, XII. 301. England, is knighted; returns; claims
CLARK, GEORGE ROGERs, his spirited a spy of General Putnam, V. 27, 64.
enterprise against Fort St. Vincent's His incursion into New Jersey, 64;
and capture of Governor Hamilton, 114. Cominands the expedition against
VI. 316. His proposed expedition Fort Montgomery, 105, 475. Fails to
against Detroit, VII. 342.

join Burgoyne, 119. His letter to
CLARKE, Abraham, censures the proc. Burgoyno, taken out of a bullet, 131.

lamation imposing the oath of allegi. Plan for taking the person of, 261.
ance, IV. 298.

Succeeds Sir William Howe in the
CLAYPOOLE, printer of the Farewell command of the British army; in-
Address, XII. 235. Cited respecting structions to, 337, 395, 548. An
it, 396.

interview proposed by, 394. His re-
Clergy, Assessment Bill of Virginia, in quest of a passport for Ferguson, 397,
relation to the support of the, ix. 136. 404, 411. Takes the place of Howe
Influence of, in Massachusetts, 330. with Lord North's commissioners, 397.
Clifton, Colonel, enlists loyalists, IV. Evacuales Philadelphia, 409.


route, 420. Ordered to despatch men
Clinton, GEORGE, brigadier-general of to the West Indies, VI. 60. Writes to
the militia on Hudson's River, III. Lord Germain about the dirninution of
469. Appointed to command the his army, and detachments, 88. Gives
levies on Hudson's River, IV. 10, no passports for transporting flour and
35. Opposes the evacuation of New fuel to the convention troops, 94, 96.
York, 92. Ordered to concert with Cited respecting expeditions to St.
Lincoln and others an expedition Augustine and Savannah, 101. Pro-
against Long Island, 126. Commanda

poses a meeting of commissioners for
the New York militia attached to the an exchange of the convention troops ;
general army, 149. Ordered to fortify calls for officers on parole, 139. Let-
Fort Montgomery, 409 ; to call out ters to and froni, respecting an ex-
militia, 478, 480. Chosen governor change of prisoners, 194, 213, 507,
of New York, y. 20. Resumes the 509, 513. To keep the seacoast
command of Fort Montgomery, 27. alarmed, 208. On Long Island, 209.
Provides forces to oppose the enemy, His expedition against Stony and
28. His presence at the north ward Verplanck's Points, 269, 270, 272.
recommended ; his account of the Dissatisfied with his instructions, 270,
storming of forts Montgomery and 271. His situation, July 28th, 1779,
Clinton, 31, 472. Letter of, trans- 307. Disappointed in 'not receiving
mitted to Congress, 129. Declines reinforcements; his proposed expedi-
taking the direction of the works on tion to South Carolina and Georgia,
the Hudson, 177, 178, 281. Discoun- 327, 341, 358, 420, 486. Weary of
tenances an enterprise against New the service ; solicits a recall; recom-
York city, 303; 387; VI. 121. Re- mends Lord Cornwallis as his succes.
quested to dismiss the New York mili. sor; is commended by the King, 345,
tia, 409; to be friend Major Ballard, 346. Sends troops to Jamaica, 358.
416. Goes to Schenectady; is fur- His arrival at the southward and pro-
nished with troops, VII. 271, 281. gress to Stono, VII. 18. Number of
His safe return; inquiries made of, iroops and ships engaged in his expe-
281. Invested with powers for com- dition to Carolina, 40. Cited about
pleting the army, 283. Threatened Lafayette's proclamation to the Cana-
with capture or assassination, 472. dians, 45. His return to New York,

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