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of, neglected, 179. Should be few the Albany convention, II. 18. Aids
and strong, 186, 187, 220.

Braddock, 78, 469. Vote of thanks to,
Fouche, DE LA, Captain, VII. 47. by the Pennsylvania Assembly, 79;
Fox, Henry, one of his Majesty's sec- 109. On the Proprietaries' conduct,
retaries of state, directs the Virginia 122. Drafts a bill for a voluntary
colony to pay masters for enlisted ser- militia, and superintends the building
vants, Il. 163.

of forts on the Pennsylvania frontiers,
France, IV. 396, V. 22, 169. Treaty of, 123. Originates the idea of a General
with the United States, 324, 325, 330, Congress, 396. A proprietor of Wal-
365 ; communicated to the British pole's Grant; replies to Lord Hillsbo-
ministry, 330, 342, 549. News there- rough's Report, 465. On total eman-
of, and consequent rejoicings in Amer- cipation or independence, 496; III.
ica, 353. Proclamation of it, to the 35. Visits the army on a committee,
army, 355. Anticipated consequences 123, 133. Letters of, found by Howe
thereof, 357, 359, 387. War with and sent to England, 186. Commis-
Great Britain inevitable, 365, 366, 376, sioner to Canada, 390. His ingenious
400. Change in the ministry of, VII. mode of distributing papers among
324, 339, 429. Colonel Laurens sent the Hessian troops, IV. 67. On a
to solicit succours from, 340. Fur- committee to conter with Howe on
nishes a loan, 379, 380. Money and Staten Island, 88. Commissioner in
despatches arrive from, in the frigate France; his recommendation of Cenis,
Astrée, 429. Grants six millions of V. 32, 447. Cited respecting Count
livres to the United States, VIII. 150, Pulaski, 49. His letter recommend.
525. Money solicited from, 224. Six ing Baron Steuben, 528; VI. 107; 335.
millions of livres loaned by, to the Presents Lafayette with the sword
United States, 230, 273. Annunciation voted by Congress, 506, 507. Pur-
of the birth of the Dauphin of, 299. chases a fifty-gun ship, 543; 551,
Celebration of the anniversary of the 552. On the opinions as to Washing-
treaty with, 381. On the trade with, ton's operations, VII. 377. Party
IX. 192, 338, 413, 415. Birth of the against, in Congress ; Vergennes's
Dauphin of, noticed in America, 337. opinion of; solicits and obtains a loan,
Change in the administration of, 466. 379. Letter to, and his reply, after
Death of the Dauphin of, X. 36. The the capitulation of Lord Cornwallis,
Revolution in ; apprehensions for the VIII. 183. Directs a medal to be
consequences of it, 38, 39, 46, 89. On struck in relation to Burgoyne and
the proceedings and government of, Cornwallis, 189. Cited respecting
71. Assumes a favorable aspect, in French officers on their return to
1790, 90, 106. Excesses in, 118. Part France, 277. Commended by Count
of the American debt to, paid, 194. de Vergennes for his conduct in rela-
War with Great Britain; measures tion to the proposed treaty, 298. Dis.
taken in the United States to effect charges Lord Cornwallis from parole,
neutrality, 336, 337, 342, 533. Con- 334. His laconic description of the
duct of, toward the United States, temper of the British nation, 349.
XI. 186, 196, 213, 232, 234, 275, 350, Cited respecting Broglie, 358; 372.
442. The prospect of a war with, His return to America, IX. 131, 149.
235, 242, 32). Willing to receive a Reëngages in public business, 144,
minister from the United States to

A speech of, published
put an end to difficulties, 403. Mis- with alterations, 289. His “ Informa-
sion to, 572. Acceptance of the con- tion for those who would wish to re-
stitution of, by the King ; message to move to America,' 386. On the can-
Congress respecting Genet, and the didate for the presidency, 556. His
relations with; trade suffers from the letter to the President, X. 33. His
cruisers and agents of, XII. 73, 94, 96, death, 133, 497 ; letter from the Na-
117. Desire of a good understanding tional Assembly of France thereupon,
with the Republic of, 73, 118. Urged 497.
to make compensation, 105. Repub- FRANKLIN, William, Governor of
lic of, presents colors to the United New Jersey, and others, propose the
States, 110.

Ministers to, during settlement of a colony on the Ohio,
Washington's administration, 433. II. 483. Written to, by Brook Wat-
See LAFAYETTE, Louis THE Six- son, III. 142. Guarded as a prisoner

to Connecticut, 446. Designs to es-
FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, draws up the

Decision of Congress
celebrated Plan of Union, adopted by respecting, 448. Requested to give

149, 539.

cape, 447.



publicity to a declaration by Howe, 35. Under Ternay; equipment of, at
ÎV. 3. Confined in Litchfield jail, Brest, VII. 32, 33, 493, 500. Measures
V. 6. His request to see his wife, and plans preparatory to its arrival on
denied, 7. President of the Board of the coast, 32 – 51, 59, 71, 73, 80, 105 –
Directors of the Associated Loyalists, 108. Compared with the English, 59,
VIII, 218, 337.

113, 127. Its arrival at Newport, 107 -
Franks, David S., Colonel, aid to Ar- 113, 137, 500, 505.

Plans and pro-
nold, ignorant of Arnold's treasonable ceedings for coöperating with, and
designs, VII. 217, 220, 533. His trial with the French army, 107 - 109, 113,
and acquittal, 267.

114, 120, 135, 136. Blockaded at
Frauncis, Samuel, XII. 273.

Newport, 131, 196, 239, 290. Conti-
Frazier, GEORGE, Lieutenant, absent nental frigates to join the, 145. Sails
at the time of Ensign Ward's capitu- for the Chesapeake, 447, 449, 457.
lation, II. 7. Court-martial ordered To remain at Newport after Rocham-
respecting, 46. His conduct excusa- beau's departure, VIII, 64, 65. Sails
ble, 47. Recommended for promo- from Boston for the West Indies, 367.
tion, 62.

See Barras, Estaing, GRASSE, Or-
Frederic, Fort, built, II. 166. Com- derly Book, ROCHAMBEAU, and TER-
manded by Captain Beale, 243. Un-
advisable place of rendezvous in French fleet, second division, expected,
Forbes's expedition, 277. British VII. 131, 135, 136, 143, 146, 148, 154.
prisoners at, VI. 205.

Blockaded at Brest, 176, 178, 182, 196,
Frederic County, Virginia, address to 319. Never comes to America, 319,
the citizens of, XII. 213.

Fredericktown, Washington's reception French officers, how to be provided for,
at, IX. 118.

IV. 146. Difficulty of employing, in
FREEMAN, Thomas, superintendent of the service, 328, 446, 450. Decis-

Washington's affairs on the Western ions of Congress respecting, 329, 452.
waters, directions to, XII. 275.

Embarrassments from, VI. 33. Their
Free-masonry, XI. 314, 337.

differences with the American offi-
Free-masons, address to King David's cers, 37, 47, 58.

Lodge, at Newport, XII. 190; to the Foreign officers, and MALMEDY,
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, 200. Frenchmen, an attempt to raise a corps
VII. 381 ; 561.

FRESTEL, Felix, tutor to George
French, Christopher, a British offi. Washington Lafayette, arrives with
cer on parole, III, 105 – 108, 131, IV. him in America, X1. 64, 96. Invited
33. Exchange of, proposed for Major to Philadelphia, 118. Goes to Mount
Meigs, 52.

Vernon, 197, 208. His care of his
French army, arrives at Newport; protégé ; sails for France, 215, 223.
numbers of the, VII. 113. Disposi- Frigates, Continental, employment of,
tion of, for the winter, 319. De- in 1780, VII. 145, 154. See Vessels.
tachment from, against Arnold, 426. Frog's Point, the enemy land at, IV.
Its junction with the American ar- 151, 154. British troops embark at,
my, with a view to an attack on VII. 131, 137.
New York, VIII. 48, 50, 63 – 74, 81 Fry, Joshua, appointed to command
86. Reinforced by an arrival at Bos- the expedition to the Ohio, in 1754,
ton, 74, 82.

Movements of, towards II. 4. Death of; facts respecting, 27.
the south, 130, 134, 139, 140. Recep Virginia commissioner at the Logs-
tion of, at Philadelphia, 154. Pro- town treaty, in 1752, 480.
gress of, to Virginia, 155, 161. It FRYE, JOSEPH, appointed brigadier-
arrives before Yorktown, 168, 516. general, III. 73, 310, 319. His resig-
Remains in Virginia through the nation, 329, 389.
winter of 1781 - 2, 198. Its junc. Fue, scarcity of, in the American
tion with the American army on the camp; a committee appointed by the
North River, 332, 340, 345. Ordered Massachusetts General Court respect-
to Boston, and sails to the West In- ing, III. 164, 165. Want of, in Boston,
dies, 365, 367.

186. Howe's order respecting, 187.
French fleet under Count d'Estaing, Fur trade, queries concerning, IX. 302,
arrival of, from Toulon, with Gerard, 327. Two vessels fitted out to the
V. 437, 439, 440, VI. 1-6. Brings Northwest Coast for the, X. 91.
French troops, 7. Various circum- Furloughs, suggestions respecting de-
stances injuring the operation of the, fects in, VII. 396, 397.

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faires from Spain, IX. 215; X. 73.

His return to Spain, 74.
GACHRADOpow, an Indian sachem, Garte, a British general, his expedi-
extracts from his speech to the Vir- tion to New Haven, VI. 291.
ginia commissioners at Lancaster, II. Gates, Horatio, a captain in Brad-

dock's expedition, II. 469. Appoint-
Gage, Thomas, Lieutenant-Colonel in ed adjutant-general; arrives in Cam-
Braddock's expedition, commands the bridge ; facts respecting, III, 6, 7, 481.
advanced party at his defeat, and is Sent to Congress on affairs pertaining
wounded, II. 82, 470, 471. His letter to Canada; appointed major-general,
to Washington, in 1755, 116. His 394, 395. Ordered to Canada; in:
conduct and proclamation at Boston, structions to, 433, 435. Popularity
in 1771, 393. Disconcerted at the of, in Congress, 4:36. His misunder-
quiet and steady conduct of the colo- standing with Schuyler about com-
nists, 399. His official return of the mand, 402. Supersedes Sullivan, IV.
loss at Bunker's Hill; extracts from 4. Cited respecting the evacuation
his correspondence with Lord Dart- of Crown Point, sickness in the ar-
mouth, III. 25, 113, 506, 511. His my, fitting out the fleet on the Lake;
official report of the affair at Concord animadverts on officers, 12. Mis-
and Lexington reaches England, and take of, corrected, 47. Joins the main
is replied to, 35, 512. Dismisses army, on the Delaware, 241. Urged
Hancock from the command of the to become adjutant-general, 355. Or-
Boston Cadets ; further remarks in dered to Ticonderoga, 356. Returns
connexion with his proclamations, 37, to Philadelphia, V. 7. Recommended
507, 509, 510. Correspondence with by the New England delegates in
the American Commander-in-chief Congress ; takes command of the
about the treatment of prisoners ; his Northern Department, 14, 16, 23, 37.
reason for not penetrating the coun- His conduct about sending Morgan to
try, 59, 65, 67, 127, 500. Writes to the main army, 74. Favorable pros-
Lord Dartmouth about taking posses- pects of, in relation to Burgoyne, 74 -
sion of New York and Rhode Island, 76. Despatches Wilkinson to Con-
113,513. Is recalled, 113, 118, 511. gress, 114. To aid the main army,
GALLOWAY, JOSEPH, IV. 205, 522. 121 - 125, 127. His communication
Galphinston, treaty at, in 1785, XII. to Washington of the capture of Bur-

To secure the North
Galvan, Major, VI. 457. Despatched River, 178. Chosen member of the
to Cape Henry in anticipation of the new Board of War, 194, 213. Pro-
arrival of the French fleet, VII, 35, jects an expedition into Canada under
36, 41.

Sent to Virginia ; conse- Lafayette, 22%, 5:30. Ordered to re-
quences thereof, 454, 471, VIII. 23, sume the cominand of the Northern

Department; is invested with exten-
Galvez, Don BERNARDO DE, General, sive powers, 333, 334, 338; to call
governor of Louisiana, captures the at camp for consultation in regard to
British forts at Natchez and Baton the campaign, 338, 345, 360 ; to re-
Rouge, VI. 476, 478. His offer to tain all the eastern recruits on the
concert operations against the com- North River, 374, 381. Wants rein-
mon enemy, VIII. 176.

forcements, 385, 386. See Conway's
GAMBLE, Captain, letters of, intercept- Cabal. Transmits letters about sus-
ed, III. 113. Captured, 245. State- pected persons in Vermont, VI. 7, 8.
ment of, respecting the ill usage of Marches to Danbury, 61; 87. Goes
American prisoners, IV. 274; Lord to Boston, 95, 100. Declines the
Howe's reply thereupon, 552.

command of the western expedition
Gaming in the camp condemned, II. against the Indians, 189. Takes com-
130, 132, 141, III. 296, IV. 436, VIII. mand at Providence, 189, 190, 274.

Cited in regard to the Canada ex-
GANNO, John, officiates on occasion pedition and his unfriendly feelings
of the proclamation of the cessation towards Washington; remarks there.
of hostilities, VIII. 425.

on and treatment of, by Congress,

214-224. His proposition to attack
Gardiner's Bay, British fleet blockad- New York, 273. Directions to, upon
ing Newport, sustains damage there, Estaing's return from the West In-
VIl. 403.

dies, 369. Cited respecting the evac-
GARDOQUI, Don Diego, Chargé d'af- uation of Newport, 388. To march


goyne, 123.

to Peekskill or King's Ferry, 395, Address to the General Assembly of,
400. Ordered to halt at Danbury, 179. Extract from their address;
401. Declines the command at West exposed and embarrassed situation of,
Point and goes to Virginia, 409. Ap- 180. Slaves of, cross the Spanish
pointed to the command in the South- line, 181. Address to Edward Tel-
ern Department, VII. 72. Defeated

fair, governor of, 199. Soil and cli-
near Camden, 125, 186, 189, 191, 197, mate of, 325. Chief magistrates of,
201, 205, 237, 555. Court of inquiry 416. Members of the Continental
ordered respecting, 258, 259, 271. Congress from, 425; and during Wash-
Retires to Berkeley County in Vir- ington's administration, 432.
ginia, 275. Delay and final omission GÉRARD, Minister Plenipotentiary from
of a decision respecting, VIII. 69, France to the United States, V. 440,
331. On his rejoining the army, 330. VI. 9, 16. Discourages the applica-
Presides at a meeting occasioned by tions of French officers, 33 Made
the Newburg Addresses, 560, 565. acquainted with the protest to Es-
Visits the Maryland Assembly re- taing, 46.

Interprets the French
specting the western internal naviga- treaty as to the proposed expedition
tion, IX. 82.

against Georgia, 179 – 181; 228. His
Genealogy of the Washington family, visit to head-quarters, 229, 239, 249,
I. 552.

259, His opinion of Washington,
General Orders. See Orderly Book. 241, 259. On the effects of Spain's
GENET, minister of the French Repub- declaration of war, 341. His visit to
lic, his proceedings in regard to the the camp before his departure, 347,
Little Sarah, X. 355, 536 Proceed-

378, 383

His return to France, 347,
ings in relation to, 360, 368, 387. His 348, 383, 469. His agency in forming
recall, 400, 548.

Conduct of, con- the French treaty, 348. Cited re-
demned by Fauchet, 401. The first specting the election of Adams and
mover of the Democratic Societies, Jay as ministers to Europe, 365. His
430, 438, 440. Message to Congress opinion of Lafayette, 506.
respecting, XII. 96.

GERMAIN, GEORGE, Lord, cited respect-
Genera, on the transplanting of the ing trying General Lee as a deserter,
university of, to the United States, and expected assistance from the Pro-
XI. 1, 19, 473.

vincials, IV. 276, 277; respecting the
George, Fort, III. 43. Threatened, IV. loyalists, 520. Justifies in Parlia-
492. Propriety of its evacuation con- ment the employment of Indians, V.
sidered, and approved, 494,504. Ca- 275. On the conciliatory propositions,
pitulation of, VII. 269.

341, 551. His instructions to General
George, Lake, fort at, finished, II. 117. Clinton, 548. Cited, about harassing
GEORGE THE Turd, his proclamation; the seacoast, VI. 207; on the in-
proceedings of Congress thereupon, gratitude of the Americans, 258; on
III. 204. His speech sent out from Tryon's expedition into Connecticut,
Boston ; its consequences, 223 – 225. 293; on bringing the American war
His address to Parliament respecting to a conclusion, 327 ; on the meeting
the French treaty, V. 363, 400. Ex- of the commissioners at Amboy for
tracts from his letters to Lord North exchange of prisoners, 513; on the
in relation to the American war, VI. condition of affairs in America in
531. Warlike character of his speech May, 1780, VII. 30. Writes about
at the opening of Parliament, VIII. the destination of the French arma-
243, 254, 214. Character of his pro- ment at Brest, 33. Extracts from his
roguing speech, 344. Effects of the intercepted letters to Sir Henry Clin-
order of, respecting neutral vessels, ton, VIII. 112, 519.
X. 406, 408. See British Ministry, German Flats, treaty with the Six Na-
and Great Britain.

tions and other Indians at, IV. 62.
Georgetown, surprised by Lieutenant- Stores removed to, from Fort Schuy.
Colonel Lee, VII. 439. British treaty ler, VIII. 56. See Herkimer.
disapproved at, XII. 213.

German Lutheran Congregation in and
Georgia, accedes to the measures of near Philadelphia, address to the min-
Congress, III. 55. Project of Con- isters, church-wardens, and vestry-
gress for recovering, VI. 179. Its men of the, XII. 147.
defenceless condition ; measures for German Reformed Congregations, ad.
its security, 411. Land relinquished dress to the ministers and elders of
to, by the Creek Indians, XII. 86. the, XII. 156.

German troops, III. 389. Resolve of raise a body of five hundred Indians,
Congress for raising, in Pennsylvania 272. Bringing forward Maryland mi-
and Maryland, ill. 444. See flessians. litia, V. 52, 61, 60. Skirmishes with
Germanic Confederacy, abstract of the, the enemy near Chesnut Hill, 181.
IX. 533.

Sent to enlist Indians, 274. Informs
Germantown, battle at, V. 78, 82, 102, the Commander-in-chief of the arrival
118, 403. Loss at, 82, 83, 90, 103. of Count de Grasse, VIII. 154. De-
Letter of approbation and thanks from tached against the British at Com-
Congress thereupon, 83, 470.

bahee River, 357.
Germany, the Emperor of, written to Gloucester, troops stationed near, VIII.
about Lafayette, XI. 125, 123. Meas- 168. Surrender of, 182. See Yorktown.
ures for procuring laborers from, for GLOVER, John, Colonel, commands a
the Federal District, XII. 305.

regiment at Boston, III. 456. Ap-
Gerry, ELBRIDGE, III. 20, 463. Cited pointed brigadier-general, IV. 329.
respecting the choice of a commander- Declines the appointinent, 399. Ac-
in-chief, 479. Deciphers Church's cepts it, 400. To reinforce Schuyler,
letter and sends it to Congress, 504. 503; V. 163, 167. Detached to join
Cited, IV. 117; VI. 455 ; VIII. 569. Sullivan in Rhode Island, VI. 8, 11,
Declines signing the Constitution, IX. 190, 286. To coöperate with the mili-
270, 541. Appointed minister to the tia, 286; 305. To superintend the for-

French Republic, XI. 203, 208; 325. warding of the Massachusetts drafts,
GETCHELL, NEHEMIAH, reconnoitres VII. 83; 336.

on the Kennebec and Dead Rivers, GODDARD, William, publishes “Que-
and reports, III, 112.

ries," by General Lee, and afterwards
Gibbons, Lieutenant, commands a for- a recantation, VI. 309. Proposes to
lorn hope, at Stony Point, VI. 303, publish the manuscript papers of Lee,

IX. 108.
Gibbs, CALEB, Major, the case of, in Goodwin, SAMUEL, a surveyor, assists
connexion with the Provisional army, Arnold by plans and a journal, III. 90.
XI. 410, 420.

Gordon, JAMES, a British major, an
Gibson, Colonel, VI. 205, X. 184. attendant on Captain Asgill," VIII.
Gill, Moses, on a committee of the 303, IX, 170, 196.
Massachusetts Provincial Congress for Gordon, William, the historian, his
the reception of the Commander-in- account of a conversation between
chief, III. 484.

Franklin and Pratt respecting inde-
Gomar, Chevalier, V. 171. Detached

pendence, II. 496. In error respect-
to the south, VII. 454, 471, VIII. 23, ing advance pay for riflemen, III.
26. Leads the van in the attack on a 101. On the Commander-in-chief's
redoubt at Yorktown, 179. His return conduct at the flight of the troops
to France, 224.

from New York, IV. 95. Mistake of,
Ginnings, Sergeant, to be promoted respecting Lafayette's orders at York-
for his bravery in Meigs's expedition, town, VIII. 180. His application for
IV. 441.

papers for a history of the revolution,
Gist, CHRISTOPHER, cited about a re- IX. 29. Information sent to, respect-
quest of an Indian to know where the ing Fort Washington, 100. Memoir
Indians' land lay, II. 15; respecting of Lafayette transmitted to, 121. His
the Twigtwee Indians, 37. Council publication of his “ History of the
of war at the house of, decides upon a Revolution," 295, 467.
retreat, 51, 456. Goes agent to Phila- GORDON, a British brigadier-general,
delphia, 108. His remarks on the wantonly shot by an American scout,
estimation of Washington in Penn- IV. 56, 59.
sylvania, 109. His qualifications, and Gore, ChrisTOPHER, XI. 130.
appointment to manage Indian affairs, GorHAM, NATHANIEL, president of
and his embarrassments, 236, 251, Congress, XII. 420.
260, 282 - 284. Attends Washington to Gouvion, from France, appointed ma-
the Ohio, in 1753, 432. The remnant jor of engineers, IV. 491." "Commend-
of Braddock's army reaches the plan. ed; measures for retaining, in the ser-
tation of, 476. His agency for the vice, VI. 430. To repair to the main
Ohio Company, 479, 482. At the

army, VII. 26; 204."

Logstown Treaty, 480. His settle- the Commander-in-chief to Hartford,
ment beyond the Alleganies, 182. 208. Despatched to arrest Joshua H.
Gist, NATHANIEL, Colonel, receives Smith, 214. To join Greene at West
instructions, IV. 271. Is directed to Point, 233. Required at head-quar-

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