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nec, 526.

land who befriended American pris- HEARD, Sir Isaac, Garter King of
oners, VIII. 4533.

Arms, his researches to ascertain the
HASKELL, E., Major, IX. 459.

pedigree of the Washington family,
HASLET, Joun, Colonel, killed at I. 539, 546.
Princeton, IV. 239. His account of HEARD, NATHANIEL, General, III. 446.
the battle of Long Island, 516. Ilis Ordered to apprehend Tories, 452.
attack on a British party at Mamaro. Moves towards Aquackanoc, IV. 432.

His account of the battle HEATH, William, appointed brigadier-
at Chatterton's Hill, 527.

general, III. 23. Stationed at Cam.
HATFIELD, Joris Suith, complaint bridge, 54. Detached to New York,
made of his being detained by the 333. Appointed major-general, IV.
Americans, and inquired into, VIII. 32. Opposes the evacuation of New
232, 291, 313, 537.

York, 92. Commands at the posts in
Hawkins, BENJAMIN, procures a spe- the Highlands, 172. To move toward
cimen of the language of the southern New York after the battle of Prince.
Indians, IX. 305; X. 479.

ton, 263, 265, 270. Summons Fort
HAWLEY, JOSEPH, Major, first uses the Independence to surrender, and re-
words, “ We must fight," 11. 405. treats, 230, 310. His conduct cen-
Spirited letters of, cited, III. 437,438, sured, 307, 308. Justifies himself,

308. To countermand troops from
HAY, UDNEY, Colonel, to detain ship. Ticonderoga to Peekskill, 301 ; V.
carpenters in his employ, VII. 75); 221. To hasten forward troops to the
147. Provides wood for the garrison, North River, 358, 359. To send the
148. His exertions to obtain flour, 205. Convention troops to Charlottesville,
Hayes, a British major, permitted to VI. 94. Resumes the command at
go to New York, VII. 291.

Boston, 274. Ordered to head-quar-
HAYNE, ISAAC, Colonel, proposition to ters, 276. Moves toward the enemy
retaliate for the treatment of, VIII. in Connecticut, 292, 293. Commands
217, 218.

the left wing of the army on the
HAYNIE, ELIZABETII, to have a tene- North River, 304. Takes command
ment, rent-free, XII. 263.

at West Point, 409, 425. Directed to
Hazarn, EBENEZER, postmaster-gen- concert signals with Governor Clin.
eral, IX. 393.

ton, 426; to superintend the recruit-
Hazelwood, John, Commodore, his ing service, VII. 16; to procure
unsuccessful enterprise against the information about Halifax, 36; to
British batteries in Philadelphia, V. repair to Providence in anticipation
77. Commands the shipping in the of the arrival of the French fleet, in
Delaware, 87. Silences a redoubt at 1780, 71. Cited upon its arrival at
the inouth of the Schuylkill, 90; 101. Newport, 108, 113. Endeavours to
His account of the naval part of the secure the French there against the
action in the attack on Red Bank, British, 127. Wishes to join the ar.
113. Misunderstood by Smith, 121 ; my, but desired to continue with Ro-
132. Sword voted to, by Congress, 155. chambeau, 155. Ordered to dismiss
Hazen, Moses, appointed colonel of a militia, 174; to join the main army,
second Canadian regiment, III. 250. 216, 218; to take the command at
Commands at Montreal ; cited about West Point, 258, 259. Directions to,
the Canadians, 361. His account of 268. To detach regiments to the
the Indians, 364. Colonel of the regi- north, 283. To command a foraging
ment called Congress's Own, IV. 267. party which was to operate as a feint,
Ordered from Wilmington towards 2:03. Selects and arranges troops to
Albany, V. 223, 292. In the battle of quell the mutiny in the Pennsylvania
Germantown, 469. Despatched to line, 363.

Directions to, 365, 426.
Congress respecting the proposed Can- To march to Morristown, 410, 417.
ada expedition of, 1778, VI. 64, 66. Commands the army while Washing.
Marches to join Irvine, 443, 444, 453, ton is gone to Newport, 446. His
454 ; VIII. 68. Receives orders and dissatisfaction about the detachment
designates by lot an officer for retalia- of field-officers to the south, 453 – 456.
tion in the case of Huddy, 280, 297, Despatched to the Eastern States to
301. His success in intercepting illi- represent the distresses of the army,
cit intercourse between New York ViN. 36, 39. Takes command of the
and New Jersey, 386. Memorial from troops that remain after the army
his officers, sent to Congress, 466 ; marches to Virginia, 136. Appointed
IX. 197.

to meet an officer to receive papers

relating to Lippencot's trial, 324. A HERTBURN, WILLIAM DE, proprietor of
commissioner at the meeting at Tap- the Washington manor in the county
pan in regard to a general cartel, 342. of Durham, 1. 540.
Describes the ceremony of the procla- Hessian prisoners, to be cantoned in
mation for the cessation of hostilities, the German counties, IV. 257. Safe
425. Letter to, upon his departure conduct granted to their stores and
from the army, 454, 457. Publishes medicines, 208. Necessaries sent to,
his Memoirs, XI. 200.

llebrew Congregation of Savannah, ad. Blessians, III. 382. Measures adopted
dress to the, XII. 185.

to entice, from the enemy, IV. 66.
Hedges, the raising of, XII. 332, 356. Their humanity to prisoners, 309.
HEINAKEN, a Dutch consul, XI. 26-29. Reinforce the British at New York,
HEINTZ, JEAN DE, IX. 14, 16.

in 1781, 127, 133. See German troops.
Heister, commander-in-chief of the Hetu, William, Colonel, XI. 299.
Hessian troops, IV. 418.

Hickey, Thomas, execution of, III.
Helvetic Confederacy, abstract of the, 441.
IX. 524.

Highlanders. See Scotch Highlanders.
Hemp, on the encouragement of the Highlanıls, importance of the passes of,

growth of, X. 197. Inquiries respect- IV. 154, 178, 426, 441 ; V. 4,7. Im-
ing; bounty received on, XII. 263. portance of keeping the enemy from
HENDRICKS, John and Baker, V. 211, getting possession of, 11, 89. Meas-

ures for securing, 73. Posts there,
HENLY, THOMAS, Major, aid-de-camp threatened, 89. See Montgomery and
to General lleath, killed in the attack North Rirer.
on Montresor's Island; his character, Hillegas, Mrs., VII. 408.
IV. 136.

HILLSBOROUG11, Lord, his conduct in
HENRY, PATRICK, member of the Wil- relation to Walpole's Grant, II. 484,
liamsburg Convention, and of the 485.
first General Congress, II. 396. Pro- Hinman, Colonel, III. 43. Commands
poses a state of defence, 405. One of the Connecticut troops at Ticonde-
ihe first to speak of independence,


497. His opinion of Rutledge and Hippopotamus, a machine for raising
Washington in Congress, 506. Ap- mud, XII. 274.
pointed colonel, III. 152; 309. Gov- Hispaniola, insurrection there, and sup-
ernor of Virginia, IV. 135. Sends plies sent to, X. 194, 195. Money
Walker to head-quarters on secret bu. voted by Congress for the relief of,
siness, 329. His letters respecting XII. 105.
Conway's Cabal, V. 495, 512, 513. HOAKESLEY, Robert, cited respect-
Chairman of a committee of the Vir- ing the treatment of the Convention
ginia legislature to receive Washing-

troops, VII. 124.
ton, IX. 72; 85, 142. Favors Lady HogG, PETER, Captain, II. 98, 116,
Huntington's Plan, 92, 111. On the 164. Ordered to the Upper Tract,
Federal Constitution, 266, 273, 356, 179. Builds a fort at Vass's place,
370, 373, 378, 392. His influence in 190, 191. Is deserted by Captain
the Virginia Assembly, 433, 446. Daniel, 192; 193. Joins Lewis and
Will not accept a senatorship, X. 96. Woodward, 251 ; 260.
Opposed to the constitution, 430, 562. Hogs at Mount Vernon, XII. 314.
Reasons for not appointing, to oflice, Hints in regard to, 364.
431. The offering of the secretary- HOLKER, agent of the French marine,
ship of State to, X1. 78–81, 83. His and consul from France, V1. 104, VII.
election to the Virginia Assembly, 47.
390, 391. His letter to Mr. Blair, 30), HOLLAND, Lord, furnishes to the Editor
557. Declines the appointment of curious extracts from the letters of
minister to France, 404. His decease, George the Third to Lord North, re.
4:37. His political opinions, 556; XII. specting the American war, VI. 531.

Holland, loans in, XII. 13, 22, 33, 107.
Heraldry, observations on, XII. 297. Ministers to, during Washington's ad-
Herior, GEORGE, written to, about the ministration, 434.
British treaty, XII. 212.

Tollund emigrants. See Palatines.
Herkimer, Fort, new fortifications to HOLMAN, Colonel, arrives at New York,

be erected at, VIII. 57. Magazine to IV. 27.
be formed at, 471. See German Flats. Honey-locusts, directions about, XII.
Herringtoron, skirmislı at, VI. 75, 76. 338.

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Hopewell, Fort, on the South Branch; a committee respecting peace, 88.
engagement at, II. 148.

With General Howe, issues a procla-
Hopkins, Esek, Commodore, Howe mation, offering pardon, 205. On the
gets knowledge of the fitting out of treatment of prisoners, 550. Joined
the fleet of, 111. 226 ; 275. Is warned with Lord North's commissioners, V.
of the intentions of the British fleet to 397. Sails from the Hook with his
blockade him; makes a descent on fleet, VI. 26. Is seen off Point Ju-
Providence Island; ordered to appear dith and pursued by Estaing, 29.
before Congress, and censured, 353. Comes round again to Newport, 63.
His engagement with the Glasgow, Howe, Robert, appointed brigadier-
354. Aided by troops from Washing- general, and ordered to the Southern
ton, 367.

Departinent, III. 294, 319. Com.
Hopkinson, Francis, of the Navy mands in Georgia ; consulted respect-
Board, V. 116. His letter to Duché, ing an expedition to St. Augustine,

IV. 366. At Charleston, V. 451.
Hopkinson, Joseph, IX. 106.

Ordered against Verplanck's Point,
Horses, III. 16. Price of, IV. 270. and retreats, VI. 299, 300. Ordered
Removed from the neighbourhood of to Ridgefield, 305 ; to make West
the enemy's lines, 311. Price of, VI. Point the capital object of his at-
80. At Mount Vernon, XII. 314. tention, VII. 74, 78, 84, 88; to divert
Directions in regard to, 364.

the enemy, 77 ; to dismiss all the
Horse-hoe invented by Poellnitz, X. militia at his garrison, 92. His quali-

fications to command at West Point,
Hospital, complaints against the, on 94. To forward the New Hampshire
Hudson's River, IV. 2:9. Wants, V. and Massachusetts militia, 121. Com-
207. On the location of a marine, at mands troops to quell a mutiny in the
the seat of government, XII. 322. Pennsylvania line, 363, 366. Ordered
Hospitality, directions respecting, at to march against the Jersey line, 380,
Mount Vernon, III. 171.

382. Subsequent directions to, 389,
Hostilities, cessation of, ordered, VIII. 563. Thanks to, and to the officers
116, 421, 425, 542, 567.

and men under his command, 565 ;
Houdon, M., employed to execute a VIII. 109. Marches to Philadelphia

statue of Washington, IX. 51, 131 - to suppress a mutiny of the Pennsyl-
133, 138, 144, 185.

vania troops, 457 – 459.
Hounds sent from Europe to Mount Howe, Sir William, British lieuten-
Vernon, IX. 124, 129, 164.

ant-general, commands the British
Household steward, inquiries, qualifica- troops on Bunker's Hill, III. 17. Com-
tions, and compensation for a, XII. plains of firing on officers sent for

parley, 67. Succeeds General Gage
HOWARD, JOHN EAGER, Colonel, his at Boston, 113, 118, 511. Answers
account of the battle of Germantown, Lord Dartmouth's letter to Gage re-
V. 463. Declines being Secretary of specting abandoning Boston ; dis-
War, XI. 94, 97, 106. Recoinmend- courages the dividing of the forces;
ed for brigadier-general in the Pro- approves repairing to Rhode Island,
visional Army, 265.

114. His proclamations and associa-
HowE, GEORGE, Lord, killed at Ticon- tion, 140, 159.

Obtains intelligence
deroga, in 1758, Il. 298, III. 202. of the state of the American army,
His popularity ; inonument erected to, 157, 176. Organizes the Loyal Ameri-
in Westminster Abbey, by the Prov- can Associators in Boston, 162. On
ince of Massachusetts, 202.

the state of affairs December 3d, 1775,
Howe, RICHARD, Lord, Admiral, III. 186. His order respecting the de-
449, 453, 463. Sends the Phænir struction of houses and fences for
and Rose up the North River, 468. fuel, 187. His letter respecting Ethan
His letter directed “ To George Wash- Allen; writes to Lord Dartmouth re-
ington, Esq.,” 473. His intercourse specting retaliation, and exchange of
with Lord Drummond, 527. Declares prisoners, 203. Withholds aid from
himself and his brother commission- Governor Tryon, and gives him ad-
ers for granting pardons, IV. 2. Let- vice how to proceed, 224. Obtains
ters to, respecting the exchange and full knowledge of the proceedings of
treatment of prisoners, 50, 273. Or- Congress, 226. His orders respecting
derly Book cited respecting, 52. Sends the habits and appearance of the ar-
General Sullivan with a message to my, 236. His opinion of the Ameri-
Congress, 71. His conference with

can army, 248; 208, 281 ; 290. Writes

respecting the Refugees from Boston, satisfied at not being reinforced, and
325. Extract from his proclamation asks a resignation, 160, 161. Within
before evacuating Boston, 350; 530. his lines, 1799. His excursion to Ches-
His plans; his readiness to yield the nut Hill, 180, 102. Declines grant-
command to Carleton, 415. Leaves ing passports to vessels for supplying
Halifax, 441. Head-quarters of, on the Convention Troops with fuel and
Staten Island ; his prospect of assist- provisions, 188, 189, 521. On the
ance from the Tories, 452. On the American army at Valley Forge, 291.
destruction of Falmouth, 520, 521. His Written to, concerning Éthan Allen's
letter to “ George Washington, Esq. rank and the seizure of a deserter
&c. &c. &c.," and his account of the with a flag of truce, 293. His resig-
affair, IV. 4,509. Writes concerning nation accepted, 337, 548. Joined
prisoners, 5, 142, 512, 52), 555 – 500. to British commissioners ; returns to
Letters to, respecting exchanges and England, 395, 397. See British Ar-
treatment of prisoners, 23, 52, 105, my and BURGOYNE.
107, 14:3, 166, 1:18, 214, 227, 232, 275, Howell, David, IX. 47. Commis-
237, 380, 454, 496, 557. His return sioner to ascertain the eastern boun.
of American prisoners and the British dary, XI. 120.
loss on Long Island, 71. On the burn. Hundy, Joshua, Captain, particulars
ing of New York, 100. On a ball cut of his apprehension and execution,
and fixed to the end of a nail; his let- VIII. 202, 203. Retaliation demand-
ter to Lord Germain cited, proposing ed for the treatment of, 263, 296. The
ships and troops for the campaign of selection of a subject for retaliation
1777. His expectation of recruits from for, 280 – 283, 291, 297, 301 – 303.
the Americans, and disappointment, See Asgill.
107, 108,519. Complains that the trea. Hudson's Rirer. See North Rirer.
ty between Foster and Arnold was not HugER, Francis K., his attempt to
ratified, 106, 141, 142; 143. Is made effect Lafayette's escape from prison
a knight of the Bath ; festivities there. at Olmutz, XI. 111, 492.
upon in New York, 143. His plan for Huger, Major, his house the first en-
the campaign of 1777, 195. Returns tered by Lafayette in America, V.451,
an intercepted letter unopened, 198, 452.
529. His proclamation offering par. Hull, William, Major, his rank restor-
don, 205.

Corresponds with Lord ed to, VI 467. At the storming of Stony
Germain about trying General Lee Point, 538. Colonel, in the expedition
as a deserter, 276, 277. Lands in against Delancey's corps at Morrisa-
New Jersey in February, 1777, 325. nia, VII. 356, 357, 385, 392. Endeav.
Probabilities weighed, that he will oured to dissuade Hale from going as
march to Philadelphia, 339. Changes a spy to Long Island, VII. 550. Sent
his plan for the campaign of 1777, to Rochainbeau, VIII. 94.
3.12. Offers a bounty to deserters, Humane Society of Massachusetts, IX.
409. His advance to Somerset Court. 388.
House, 402. Retreats without loss to HUMPHREYS, David, Lieutenant-Colo-
Brunswic, 46!), 479. His expected

nel, his enterprise against York Isl.
junction with Burgoyne, 475, 470, and, VII. 306. His unsuccessful at-
481. Embarrasses Washington by bis tempt to surprise Knyphausen or Clin-
movements, 501, 502, 505. Disap- ton, 333. Aid to the Commander-in-
proves the ill treatment of prisoners, chief, VIII. 193. Despatched to Sir
510, 512. Writes about the exchange Guy Carleton, with a proclamation
of Skene and Lovell, and regrets the and resolves of Congress, 427. Rec-
want of a personal communication, ommended, IX. 6-8, 46, 48. Chosen
512. Cited respecting the raising of secretary to the commission for nego-
loyalists, 522. His intercepted letter tiating treaties of commerce with
to Burgoyne, V. 4, 5. Issues his foreign powers, 8, 45, 46. Goes to
“ Declaration" near the Head of Elk, France, 46. His qualifications for a
51. Writes concerning prisoners, 54, work connected with the Revolution,
518 – 521,5:35 - 539. Written to, about 113; 135. His return to the United
prisoners, 54, 136, 147, 163, 175, 218, States, 196. His publication respect-
230, 234, 263, 272. His humanity to ing Asgill, 196, 221. On Washing.
the Americans wounded at the battle ton's attending the Convention, 222,
of the Brandywine, 62, 63. His letter 238. Accompanies the President elect
on the destruction of mills, 80. Cour- to New York, 487. Appointed a com-
tesy to, in returning a dog, 82. Dis- missioner to make a treaty with the
southern Indians, X. 29. Goes to Dartmouth cited, respecting, 513. Fa-
Europe, 105, 108. His appointment vored by a small party in Parliament,
to the court of Lisbon ; citation from, V. 324 ; 327, 350. Expectations of,
138. Takes charge of the public pro- from the French treaty, 357, 366 ;
perty at Gibraltar, 333. Sent to Spain VIII. 298, 371. Means necessary for
with instructions, XII, 92; to Por- the support of, 443.
tugal, 93.

Independence, Fort, taken possession of
Hunt, Captain, at Vass's, II. 191. by the British, IV. 158. Summoned
Hunter's genealogy of the Washing. to surrender by General Heath, 281.

ton family of Adwick-le-Street, 1.554. His explanation of the affair, 308.
Hunting shirts. See Indian dress. Independence, Mount, opposite Ticon-
HUNTINGTON, JEDEDIAH, Colonel, at deroga, IV. 6. Evacuated, 493.
Danbury, IV. 405. Cited respecting Independent companies, in Virginia, II.
General Wooster's bravery, 406. De- 4, 506. To act separately from the
tached to join Varnum and Greene, colonial, 65; 405. Their spirited
V. 163, 167. Cited respecting the conduct, and letters, upon Lord Dun-
destitution of provisions among the more's removing the powder from
troops, 193. Appointed on a court of Williamsburg, in 1775, 507. Address
inquiry, 280 ; 302. Ordered to take to, by the Cominander-in-chief, III, 4.
post at Suffern's, VII. 88; 336 ; VIII. Indian affairs, badly managed, II. 235.

French policy, and a special agent
Huntington, SAMUEL, President of recommended for, 235, 236. Vicissi-
Congress, VI. 380. His resignation, tudes in the, 237. Managed by Gist,
VIII. 112, 114. Governor of Con- 251, 269. Sole management of, left
necticut; death of, XI. 107.

to Atkin and Gist, 284. Commis-
Huntington, Countess of, her project sioners of, V. 273, 414.
in relation to the Indians, IX. 86, 91, Indian dress and shirts, recommended,
996, 111.

II. 292, 293. Adopted in part, 294.
Huntington, a letter respecting the Recommended, III. 21, 46, IV. 462.
appointment of, to a lieutenancy, III. Indian language, a vocabulary of, re-

quested, IX. 165, 195, 213, 249, 301,
HUSBAND, HERMAN, apprehended as a 306. Remarks on, by Zeisberger,

fomenter of the insurrection in Penn- 364.
sylvania, X. 449.

Indian Prophecy, a drama, the founda-
Hutchins, Thomas, IX. 195.

tion of, 11. 476.
Hutting troops, directions respecting, Indian war-dance, described, II. 417.
V. 525, XI. 460.

Indians, treaty with the, at Lancaster,
HYDE, West, Colonel, British com- in 1744, II. 14, 480. Expect presents
missioner to effect an exchange of and pay, 21, 23, 59. Their custom of
prisoners, VI. 213, 509.

giving names, 47. Should be kept in
favor, 110. A good agent should be
sent to the, 111.

Their great power
of annoyance, 134.

Should be en-

gaged, 135, 147; 235. Enraged with
Illuminati, Society of the, XI. 314, 337. Atkin for imprisoning ten of their
IMLAY, J: H., speaker of the House of number, 245. Must be furnished with
Assembly of New Jersey, XII. 236. provisions, 253. Cannot be guarded
Importations, Washington's practice against by troops, 267, Their im-
respecting, II. 331, XII. 253.

portance, 276, 318. Are mercenary,
Impost, opposition to, and prospects of 276. Seven hundred join Forbes's ex-
an, ix. 36, 157. Acceded to, 162, pedition, 279. Accompanied in their

excursions by whites ; small parties
Independence, American, Horace Wal. of, more effectual than whites, 294.
pole's remark concerning, JI. 41. Neglected by Braddock, 475; 480. In
Said to be aimed at by the people of the western parts of New York begin
Massachusetts, and denied, 399, 401. to be restless, III. 41. Favorably in.
When first designed by the principal clined to the colonies, 54, 55, 60,
persons in America, 402, 496.' Parties 119. Intention of Congress in regard
in Congress respecting, III. 347, 357. to employing them, 63, 407. Instruc-
Declared by Congress, 455. Decla- tions to Arnold respecting them, 90.
ration of, proclaimed to the army, British ministry's intention to engage,
457 ; not signed by Clinton and Live 210. Effect of the taking of Montreal
ingston, 469. Gage's letters to Lord upon them; should be engaged, 363,



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