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tures a store-ship, III. 183; two 424, 42). His account of the recep-
prizes. 194: the 'sloop Betsey, de- tion of Washington at Trenton, in
spatched to Boston by Lord Dunmore, 1789, XII. 148.
203; two transports, 266, 271. Is MARSHALL, THOMAS, written to, on
appointed commodore, 267, 519. Nar. the affairs of Kentucky, IX. 485, X.
rowly escapes from the enemy, 237. 137.
Ordered to watch the enemy upon MARSTELLER, Lieutenant, in the west-
their evacuating Boston, 307. His ern expedition, recommended for the
success, 520.

Provisional army, XI. 273.
Mansion-House Farm, XII. 310. Di- Martin, JOSEPH, governor of North
rections respecting the, 316, 354. A Carolina, III. 223. Embarks on board
weekly report of the, 351.

the British fleet for the southern
Manufactures, domestic, the increase States, VI. 477.
of, IX. 464, 470. On the encourage- MARTIN, Colonel, wounded on Long
ment of, XII. 69. Address to the Island, IV. 66.
Delaware Society for promoting, 141. MARTINDALE, Lion, a naval officer;
Manure, on the procuring of. from the captured. III. 219. 518, 519.
bed of the Potomac River, XII. 274, Maryland, exertions made by ladies in,
310. Plaster of Paris used for, 292. to favor the army, VII. 403. Accedes
Buckwheat, 320, 331, 340, 342. Din to the confederation, 400; XII. 237.
rections respecting, 336, 302 - 364, Soil and climate, and value of land in,

325, 326. List of chief magistrates
MARBOIS, BARBÉ, secretary of legation of, 418. Members of the Continental
from France, VII. 29, 3:25. Chargé Congress from, 423. Of Congress
d'affaires from France, IX.50. Leaves from, during Washington's presiden-
the United States, 130. See Long- cy, 430.

Maryland Assembly, 11. 11. Votes six
MARCHANT, HENRY, member of Con- thousand pounds for the desence of

gress, recommends Gates, V. 14. the frontiers, and authorizes the rais-
Maréchaussée, a company of cavalry, ing of a military force, in 1755, 112.
duties of, VI. 462. Put upon ordi- Has a temporary reconciliation with
nary field duty, VII. 83.

the governor, and raises money and
Marinc Committee, irregularities and men, in 1756, 165. Appropriates
want of systein in the, VI. 228. money for the Royal Regiment, and
Marine department, established, and a raises men, 168. Refuses means for
minister appointed, VII. 399, 400. supporting Fort Cumberland; denies
Marine hospital, at the seat of govern- Lord Loudoun's authority over the Ma-
ment, XII. 392.

ryland forces, 233. Disagrees with the
Marine operations, III. 516. See Navy. governor about troops for Forbes's ex-
Marines, not furnished from the army, pedition, 289. Passes a vote of thanks

III. 77. Resolves of Congress about to the Commander-in-chief after the
raising two battalions of, from the ar capitulation at Yorktown, VIII. 210.
my, 163, 175, 206; 260.

Appoints an intendant, 254. On west-
Marion, Francis, General, VIII. 62. ern inland navigation, IX. 80, 82, 91,
Marriage, letter respecting, II. 370. 99, 291. Naturalizes Lafayette, 82.
Advice respecting, VIII. 486; IX. 190. Agitated by the question of a paper
Humorous remarks in connexion with, emission, 226, 232, 234. Declaration

of, respecting the President, XI. 96,
Marshal, error in the application of the 97, 98. Resolutions passed' by, after
title of, IX. 89.

the publication of the President's
Marshall, John, cited in relation to Farewell Address, 176.

Jay's treaty, XI. 32. Declines the Maryland line, in the army, attention
office of attorney-general, 62. Favors to the raising and equipping of the,
Patrick Henry, 80. Declines the office urged, IV. 386. Success in filling
of minister to France, 143, 148, 487. the, V. 399. March of, to the south-
Consulted about persons for a sur- ward, VII. 7, 10, 15, 19, 20. Com-
veyor-general, 148. Cited respecting manded by Baron de Kalb, 8, 15, 19.
the inauguration of John Adams, and Countermanded from the main army,
the banquet given to the ex-president and ordered to the southward, after
by the merchants of Philadelphia, 194. the battle of Camden, 186. Declen-
Appointed minister to France, 202, sion of the, VIII. 23.
208. His arrival in Europe, 224. His Maryland militia, called out to sup-
return, 293. Elected to Congress, press the Pennsylvania insurrection,


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XII. 48. See CADWALADER, Gist, in February, 1797, 243. See Massa-

chusetts Provincial Congress.
MASON, GEORGE, II. 271. Facts re- Massachusetts Humane Society, IX. 388.
specting, 351. On non-importation, Massachusetts line, in the army, order-
354. Drafts the non-importation agree ed to Ticonderoga, IV. 426. Delay
ment called an Association, in 1776, of the, 468. Troops recruited in the,
356. Probably drafts the Fairfax to be forwarded, without being inocu.
County Resolves, in 1774, 488. His lated, V. 297. Complaint of field-
account of the factions and doings of officers in the, VII. 453.
the Virginia convention, III. 152. Massachusctts militia, ordered out, III.
Favors a taxation of the colonists, 153. 184, 189. Called out, at the taking
On a paper emission, IX. 120. His possession of Dorchester Heights, 304.
sentiments about the Constitution, IX. To go to New York, 416. Nearly
267, 271, 287, 289, 542, 544. Declines one fifth of the, drafted for New York,
signing the Constitution, 270, 541. IV. 125. Six thousand to be raised,
His opposition to it, in the Virginia 227. A regiment of, arrives at Mor-
convention, 356, 370, 373; X. 230; ristown, 322. One third of the west-
XII. 400.

ern ordered to Saratoga to prevent
Massachusetts, charter of, proposed as the junction of the British, 500.
a model, for a colony on the Ohio Called out, to coöperate with Count
River, II. 484. Furnishes one fifth d'Estaing, and dismissed, VI. 368,
of the whole army, in 1779, VI. 197. 409. Turn out with alacrity to op.
Insurrection in, and its progress, IX. pose Clinton ; dismissed, VII. 138.
204, 207, 221, 225, 228, 234, 241, 263. At West Point, 139, 147, 222. To be
Disfranchisement of citizens in, 235, dismissed with thanks, 233.
236, 240, 241, 249. Parties in, about Massachusetts Prorincial Congress, re-
the adoption of the Constitution, 310, solves on measures of defence, and
312, 32). State of the public mind appoints General Ward commander
there, in 1790, X. 94. Address to the

ddress to the

of all its forces UL 6 ARC

of all its forces, III. 6, 486. Its his-
governor and council of, XII. 170; tory; its reception of the Commander-
to the Grand Lodge of, 200. List of in-chief, 14, 44, 484. Government
the chief magistrates of, during Wash- by the, ceases; and the General Court
ington's public life, 416. Members of convenes, 16, 44. Despatches a ves-
the Continental Congress from, 420; sel to England with intelligence of
of Congress from, during Washing- the Lexington battle, 35. John Han.
ton's presidency, 428.

cock president of the, and Joseph
Massachusetts Committee of Safety, III. Warren, president pro tempore, 37.
20, 44.

Their letter to Kirkland respecting
Massachusetts General Assembly, sum- the Indians, 495. See Massachusetts
moned by Gage, organize themselves General Court.
into a Provincial Congress, and at MASSEY, a British general, arrives at
tend to the affairs of the Colony, III. Halifax with regiments from Ireland,
16, 44.

III. 202.
Massachusetts General Court, convenes MATHEW, Edward, a British general,
at Watertown, III. 16, 44. Acts in his expedition against Virginia, VI.
two branches, 44. Applies for a de- 261, 262. Makes an excursion against
tachment to protect the seacoast, 45, Springfield, VII. 87.
53. Fits out vessels of marque and MATHEWS, JOHN, in Congress, VI. 456,
reprisal, and establishes a court to try 496. On a committee to effect reforms
captures, 154 ; 238; 246. Desired to and changes in the army, VII. 15.
furnish reinforcements for Canada, Recommended for the committee of
253. Answer to an address from the, cooperation and chosen, 34, 80. Let.
335. Solicited to coöperate in engagé ters of, show high party spirit in Con-
ing Indians, 460. Sends commis- gress, 226. Favors General Greene's
sioners to the army, IV. 172. Votes appointment to the command of the
an adyance pay, 173. Its order that southern army, 258, 277. His request
the soldiers pay for public arms, 410. respecting his wife, VII. 276, 277.
Votes a gratuity to its troops after Cited about the state and prospect of
the revolt in the Pennsylvania line, affairs, 277. On a committee to sup.
VII. 356. Feelings in the, towards press a revolt in the Pennsylvania
the Society of the Cincinnati, IX. 26. line, 359.
Spirit of insurrection in the, 363. Ad- MATTHEWS, GEORGE, Colonel, wound-
dress to the, in July, 1789, XII. 158; ed, and, with his regiment, captured
at Germantown, V. 466. Comes out Mémoire, &-c., published by the French
of New York on parole with proposi- government, II. 22.
tions for exchange of prisoners, VI. MERCER, GEORGE, II. 45. Appointed
435 ; VII. 2.

aid-de-camp, 110; 119. Accompanies
Matson's Ford, skirmish at, V. 185. Washington to Boston, in 1756, 132.
Lafayette's retreat from, 377.

Requests an exchange of the officers
MAU BOURG, LATOUR, imprisoned with of the Virginia regiments, 2:0. Opens
Lafayette at Olmutz, XI. 492.

a road from Fort Cumberland to Rays-

town, 206. Comunissioner for the
Mauroy, a French officer, V.449. Ohio Company, 482. Extract from
MAXWELL, William, Colonel, remon. his letter respecting lands for the Vir-
strates against leaving Crown Point, ginia troops, 485.
IV. 6. General ; ordered to harass MERCER, Hugh, II. 507, 508. Order-
the enemy after the battle at Trenton, ed to Paulus Hook, III. 449. Con-
219. Letter to, upon a refusal of peo certs with Livingston the defence of
ple at Elizabethtown to take the oath the Jerseys, 450. Commended, 452;
of alleriance, 319. Ordered to con- IV. 73, 75. Opposes the evacuation
tinue between Brunswic and Amboy, of New York, 92. Wounded at
471. Does not attack the enemy, 474. Princeton, and made prisoner, 259,
In the battle of Brandywine, V. 57, 260. Ilis death and character; mon-
53. At the battle of Germantown, 78, ument to, and the education of his
464. Trial and acquittal of, 165. Fa son, voted by Congress, 260.
vors an attack on Philadelphia, 168. MERCER, JAMES, Captain, II. 129; 205.
Despatched to defend vessels, 302, Takes command of Fort Loudoun,
305. To harass the army in crossing 210.
Jersey, 306, 307, 422, 423. To hang MERCER, John, Captain, sent to Din-
on the enemy's left flank, 417. Left widdie, II. 117, 120. Goes on a
to harass the enemy, 430. At Eliza- scouting party to the Warm Spring
bethtown, VI. 155, 176, 207, 225; 272. Mountain, skirmishes at Edwards's
On the western expedition, 264 ; VII. Fort, and is killed. 142. 157. 165.
83. Resignation of, 115. Position of Mercer, Fort, V. 113. Reinforced, 120.
his brigade, at the action at Spring. See Red Bank.
field, 507.

Mayo River, II. 164.

to a letter from, on animal magnetism,
MEADE, Richard K., Colonel, goes to IX. 72.
Virginia, VII. 267.

Messages to Congress, XII. 79.
Meadows, directions respecting, XII. Meteorological Tables, kept at Mount
362, 372. See Great Meadows and Vernon, XII. 351.
Little Meadows.

Method. See System.
MEASE, JAMES, appointed clothier-gen- Methodist Episcopal Church, address to
eral, IV. 323.

the bishops of the, XII. 153.
Measures, uniformity in, recommended, Miami village and fort, IX. 109. Ta-
XII. 9, 25.

ken possession of, by the United
Medal, in commemoration of the evacu- States, XII. 66.
ation of Boston, III. 356. Voted, 533. Michilimackinac, taken possession of,
Other medals voted, VI. 540.

by the United States, XII. 66.
Mediation of foreign powers, VIII. 71, Middlebrook, head-quarters at, IV. 440.
X. 239.

MIDDLETON, HENRY, president of Con-
Medusa, a French frigate, escapes from gress, XII. 420.
Newport with Fauchet on board, XI. MIFFLIN, Thomas, appointed quarter.

master-general, III. 63, 104. Lee
Medway, address to the Congregational cited respecting, 71. Instructions to,

church and society at, XII. 198. 332. Marches thirteen hundred men
MEEKER, John, V: 219, 231.

to Brooklyn, IV. 68. Visits Philadel.
Meigs, RETURN JONATHAN, Lieuten- phia to state to Congress the situation
ant-Colonel, his spirited enterprise to of the army, 190. Ordered to Phila-
Say Harbour, IV. 441. Sword voted delphia, 208. Marches fifteen hun-
to, by Congress, 442; V.211; 225. His dred militia from Pennsylvania to
bravery at Stony Point, VI. 538. His Trenton, 213. Crosses the Delaware,
exertions in suppressing a mutiny, 249, 251. Joins Washington at Tren-
VII. 55, 56. To go to West Point, ton, 258. On confining conscien-
216, 222. To move to the main army, tious loyalists, 321. Appointed major-

general, 329. Tenders his resigna-


tion ; is chosen member of the new Miller, Lieutenant Colonel, his exer-
Board of War, V. 194, 213. Ordered tions to suppress the mutiny in the
on a council respecting the campaign New Jersey line, VII. 564.
of 1778, 338, 339, 360. Rejoins the Miller's Run, private difficulties with
army; the consequent dissatisfaction, settlers on, XII. 287.
371 - 373, 406. Inquiry into his con- Milne, an Englishman, encourages
ductas quarter-master, 406. His cotton manufactures in America, Ix.
agency in Conway's Cabal, 485, 486, 470.
403, 434, 513, 515, 517; VI. 176. His Mingo. See Winte Mingo.
disposition towards the Commander-in- Mingo Town, II. 520, 521,522, 532.
chief, 492. Chosen president of Con- Miniature engravings of military char-
gress, VIII. 500. His address, upon acters, IX. 100.
the resignation of the Commander-in- Minisink settlement, VI. 113.
chief, 570. Forwards to Washington Ministers to foreign countries, on the
instructions for the Pennsylvania del Senate's agency in sending, X. 479.
egates in Congress, IX. 10; 539. Ap. On the President's power to appoint,
plies for aid to execute the quarantine, during the recess of Congress, XI.
XI. 135, 136.

131, 484, 486. List of, during Wash-
Mifflin, Fort, V. 71. Forces at, 74, ington's administration, XII. 433.
75, 85. Sickness and unhealthiness MNOT, GEORGE RICHARDS, his History
of, 90. Threatened, 92, 94. At- of the Insurrections in Massachusetts,
tacked by the British, 115. Rein- IX. 417, 422, XII. 297.
forced, 120, 131. Measures for guard- Mint, importance of the, XII. 24.
ing in case of an expected surprise, Measures taken respecting the, 32.
132. Attacked, 142, 143. Evacuation Coinage commenced at, 53. Further
of, 151, 154, 173, 160. See FLEURY legislative provisions for the, neces.
and Smith.

sary, 63.
Military Academy, XI. 4C9, XII. 39, 71. Minute-men, the Virginia militia exer-
Military code, defective as to degrees cised as, III. 152. In Massachusetts,
of punishment and furloughs, VII. 486.

MIRABEAU, Count de, IX. 147, 255.
Military power, jealousy respecting, Addresses the National Assembly of
III. 44, 51.

France upon the death of Franklin,
Military stores, supply of, for the cam- X. 133. Charges against, 142.
paign of 1777, IV. 338.

MIRALLES, DON JUAN DE, an unofficial
Military treatises, II. 124, III. 154. agent of the Spanish government, VI.
Militia, the power of drafting, II. 280. 186. Ordered to exert his influence
Leave the army in consequence of with Congress against Fast Florida,
the defeat at Long Island, IV. 72, 86. 424, 475. Facts respecting his au-
Not to be relied upon for a permanent thority, 477. Death of, VII. 27, 30.
defence, 72, 104, 113, 137, 204. Per- Mississippi Rirer, French fortifications
nicious influence of, on regular troops, on the, in 1753, 11. 434. Difficulties
89, 105. Wasteful habits of, 156, 203. about the navigation of the, IX. 115,
Dissatisfied, 162. Drafting of, recom- 119, 473. Emigration to the, 119.
mended for filling up the Continental The navigation of, as connected with
army, V. 97. Commendation of the, a treaty with Spain, 172, 180, 205,
119, 120, 146, 185. Evils of calling 215, 261, 340, 473, X. 74, 191, 426;
out the, VI. 200. On increasing the 483. Unfounded suspicions as to the
standing pay of the, 244. Objec. policy in regard to the, XII. 221.
tions against employing, and evils Settlement on the, not desirable, 303.
from, VII. 52, 441. Commended, 86, Mogadore, American vessel released at,
145. Dismission of, after the block X. 61.
ade of the second division of the Mohawk Rirer, V. 37. Ravages com-
French fleet at Brest, 178. How far mitted there, by Indians and Tories,
valuable, 205, 206. Employment of, VII. 281, 286. Visited by the Com-
discountenanced, VIII. 143. To be mander-in-chief; enemy's incursion
held in readiness to put down the down the, in 1782, VIII. 316.
Pennsylvania insurgents, XII. 47. MONACATOOcha, an Indian sachem, II.
March against them, 48. The devis. 24. Assists in the action with Ju-
ing and establishing of a well-regu- monville's party, 32. Goes to gain
lated, urged, 51, 60, 74, 80. To be over four tribes of Indians, 44. Visit-
called forth if necessary for the de- ed in the tour to the Ohio, in 1753,
tention of yessels, 102.

428, 433, 438.

Monarchical government, remarks on, Montgomery, Fort, on the Hudson
IX. 189, 247.

River, III. 469. To be put in a
Monckton, a British colonel, killed at strong state for defence, lv. 409.
Monmouth, V. 423, 429.

River obstructed at, by a boom ; ta-
Money, wanted for the troops, III. 21, ken, 416; V. 28. Captured with Fort

107. Entire deficiency of, 104. Delay Clinton, 91, 104, 105, 471. Vessels
in signing, 173, 178. Borrowed for lost at, 92, 475. Evacuated by the
the arıny, 283. Scarcity of, IV. 77, British, 123, 131. Called Fort Vaugh-
V. 142, 244, VII. 9, 65, 323, 325. an, 131. Inquiry respecting the loss
Want of, for secret services, VIII. of, 280, 283, 284, 413." Inconvenience
136. Solicited from France, 224. To about the command there, 234. See
tal want of, and consequent discon- Putnam.
tents in the army, 353. See Loans. MONTOUR, ANDREW, an Indian agent
Monmouth, loss of a militia guard at, and interpreter, II. 42, 43, 108, 110.
IV. 326. Position of the British army Montreal, orders to General Schuyler
at, V. 419, 424. Battle at, 421, 423, respecting the taking of, III. .41.
431, 432, 552. Loss at, 423, 429, 433, Preparations against, 60. Surrenders,

207. Hazen left with the command
Monocosy Rirer, II. 183. The country at, 361. Commissioners arrive at, 390.

above the exposed to the Indians, 107. MONTRESOR, aid to Lieutenant-General
Monongahcla, battle of the. See BRAD. Howe, IV. 105.

Montresor's Island, British troops trans-
MONROE, JAMES, Major, his letter to ported to, IV. 92, 94. Unsuccessful

Lord Stirling, cited, VI. 263. On the descent upon, by an American party,
appointment of an envoy extraordi- 136.
nary to the court of Great Britain, Moore, James, appointed brigadier-
X. 400, 557. Appointed minister to general, and ordered to the Southern
France, 406. His reception there, 449. Department, III. 294, 319. Com-
Purport of letters written to, as pre- mands at the action of Moore's Creek
pared by the President, 474. His Bridge, IV. 78.
communications to the National Con- Moore's Creek Bridge, action at, IV.78.
vention, XI. 5. Cited respecting MORGAN, DANIEL, captain of a Virginia
Madame de Lafayette, 29. Instruc- rifle company; expeditious march of,
tions to, about the Medusa, 68. His III. 100. In Arnold's expedition, 111,
recall from France, 130, 140 - 144, 163, Recommended to Congress, IV. 124.
212, 483, 485, 519, 526. His repre Colonel; ordered to take post at Van
sentations in reply to complaints of Vechten's to watch and annoy the
the French government, 157, 488. enemy, 461. Drives the Hessian
Written to, about a letter to Gouver picket at Brunswic; bravery of, com-
neur Morris, 164; 212. Remarks on mended, 471. Ordered to hang on
his - View of the Conduct of the Ex the flank of the enemy, 475. To join
ecutive," 223, 504.

the Northern army, 'V. 29, 30, 37.
Montagu, British captain of the ship Joins the main army, 74, 124. Part
Mercury, V. 27.

of his corps reinforces Greene, and the
MONTGAILLARD, quoted respecting Ju remainder prevented by want of shoes,
monville, II. 448.

167. Harasses the enemy at Ches-
MONTGOMERY, RICHARD, III. 8. Brig. nut Hill, 181. Pursues the enemy
adier-general, 23. His troubles with from Philadelphia, 415. To gain the
his troops, 132, 180. Takes Montreal ; enemy's right flank, 417, 420 – 424.
exertions of, to ally Canada to the Left to harass the enemy, 428, 430.
Colonies; to enlist Canadians, 174. General ; his victory over Colonel
Complains of the want of a committee Tarleton, VII. 415. Escapes from
from Congress, 180. Inclined to quit Cornwallis, and crosses the Yadkin
the service, 2009. Joins Arnold ; troops with his prisoners, 438. Thanks to,
under, 219, 220. The death and bu. omitted, VIII. 18. Commended, X.
rial of, 248, 264. Removal of his re- 427. Goes against the Pennsylvania
mains to New York, 265. Behaviour insurgents, 439. Directions to, about
of the men under, 277. Principal the army, X1. 25. Assistance of, soli-
cause of the defeat of, 278. Succeed. cited, 427; XII. 213.
ed by Wooster, 322.

Morgan, John, Dr., director of the
MONTGOMERY, Colonel, in Forbes's ex- hospital, III, 167.

pedition, II. 318, 319. His successes Morgan, a patriotic soldier, anecdote
and defeat, 333.

of, VIII. 152.

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