The Berbers and the Islamic State

Markus Wiener Publishers, 2000 - 200 páginas
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Especially germane at a time when Arabs and Islam are reflexively equated, Schatzmiller (U. of Western Ontario) studies the Berbers' search for their place in Islamic history since their 8th century conquest. Atypically, the author points out the strengths of this North African Berber-Islamic state--larger than present-day Morocco--in the 13th-15th centuries under the rule of Islamophile Marinid tribes. Encompassing her writings from 1976- 93, she discusses the waqf endowment for the public good institution as an example of acculturation to Islamic norms and the Kitab al-ans-ab history text in terms of Berber identity issues. Appendices provides details on this text and the waqf system. Includes illustrations of texts, artifacts, and mosques. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

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The Berbers Search for Their Place in Islamic History
An Unknown Source for the History of the Berbers
The Myth of the Berbers origin
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MAYA SHATZMILLER, University of Western Ontario, is the author of L'historiographie Merinide: lbn Khaldun et ses contemporains and Labour in the Medieval Islamic World and editor of Crusaders and Muslims in 12th Century Syrla.

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