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VICE-PRESIDENT OF HIBERNIA SECURI Mr. George H. Nusloch, heretofore sales TIES CO.

manager, and Mr. J. Albert Baudean, until R. S. Hecht, president of the Hibernia Se recently assistant sales manager of the Securities Company, Incorporated, of New Or curities Company, were promoted to the asleans, announces that the vacancy caused by sistant treasurership and assistant secretarythe death of Vice-President P. H. Wilkinson ship, respectively. has been filled by the promotion of Mr. Al Mr. Willis G. Wilmot was also elected an vin P. Howard, heretofore treasurer of the assistant secretary, and will have charge of company, to the first vice-presidency.

the commercial paper department. Mr. Howard joined the staff of the Hibernia Bank & Trust Company when the New Orleans National Bank was consoli The Lincoln Trust Company of Spokane, dated with it about three years ago, and Wash., has evolved a plan to place all forms has since that time served as vice-president of old line life insurance policies relieving and as a member of its executive committee. the assured from all payments after ten When the Hibernia Securities Company was years at a great saving. organized he also became treasurer of that

"Your Wife and Your Insurance” is the company. Mr. Howard will devote most of his time to the management of the Hibernia

title of a booklet issued by the Union Trust Securities Company, but he will continue to

Company of Spokane, Wash., in which is serve as one of the vice-presidents and mem

described the advantage of having life inber of the executive committee of the Hi

surance made payable to a trust company bernia Bank & Trust Company.

as trustee for specific purposes. Mr. Joseph J. Farrell, who has been con Plans are in progress to bring about the nected with the Hibernia Securities Com absorption of the American Exchange Bank pany since its organization, and before that by the First Wisconsin National Bank of was connected with the bond department of Milwaukee. The American Exchange has the Hibernia Bank for many years, was three branches, and deposits of $8,500,000, elected treasurer of the Hibernia Securities which will increase the deposits of the First Company to succeed Mr. Howard.

Wisconsin National to over $81,000,000.

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PANY SECTION Charles J. Lamb, treasurer of the Utica Trust and Deposit Company of Utica, N. Y., who was recently elected president of the Trust Company Section of the New York State Bankers' Association, began his association with the Utica Trust and Deposit Company in 1900. He was made assistant treasurer in 1910, and treasurer in 1916. In 1915 he was made secretary of Group IV of the New York State Bankers' Association and in 1916 was honored with the chairmanship of the group. Mr. Lamb was chosen secretary to the Trust Company Section in 1920 and vice-president iii 1921.

For 2 years Mr. Lamb commanded Company M of the National Guard, serving for 19 months during the World War. He was promoted to the rank of major and commanded the force guarding the water supply of New York City.



Joseph W. Goodin has accepted appointment as secretary and treasurer of the Central Bank & Trust Co. of Parkersburg, W. Va.

Trust Officer Joseph T. Maltz, of the Security Storage & Trust Company of Baltimore is distributing replicas of the last will and testament of Mars Washington.


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Established 1888


Over thirty-three years of reliable fiduciary service have given
this institution a well-earned reputation for “Trustworthiness.”

115 South Fifth Street, Minneapolis, Minn.

Affiliated with the First National Bank in Minneapolis


June 16th was a memorable day at the higence, the directors arranging that holders National City Bank of New York. It marked of stock of the Bank of the United States the 110th anniversary of the founding of might exchange their stock upon equitable the bank which is today the largest banking terms for stock in the City Bank. The City institution in the United States. On the Bank was chartered two days before war evening of that day the officers and em with Great Britain was declared, the bank ployees of the bank and its affiliated organi rendering valuable financial assistance to zations, 2,700 strong, assembled at the Com the conduct of this war as it did in the modore Hotel to celebrate the occasion in a Civil War and again recently in the World democratic way. The fact that it was an War. The roster of presidents and executive event of national importance also was indi officers included some of the most brilliant cated by the reading of a letter of congratu banking talent in American financial history, lation from President Harding, the Governor including Samuel Osgood, William Few, of New York and the presence of Comptrol Isaac H. Wright, Moses Taylor, Percy R: ler of the Currency D, R. Crissinger as the Pyne and James Stillman, under whose adspeaker of the evening.

ministration the bank attained its premier President Harding in his letter of felicita- position among American banks. The monution paid this tribute to The National City mental building on Wall street which the Bank:

"The National City Bank and its affiliated interests have been potent factors in efforts for extension of American financial and commercial influence throughout the world. . They have been inspired, I am convinced, quite as much by patriotic consideration as by motives of enterprise and profit. There are multiplying and gratifying evidences that we are entering upon a new

era in our own commercial affairs and in our relations with the rest of the world, in which very proper rewards will come to those who have thus devoted themselves to the national interest."

Precisely as the financial growth of the National City Bank has kept pace with the banking and economic development of the country, so is the career of the institution related to the history of the country. It may be properly stated that the bank was the direct offspring of Alexander Hamilton's First Bank of the United States. Soon after the closing of the New York branch of the HOME OF THE NATIONAL CITY BANK OF First Bank the City Bank came into exist



New Business for the Trust Department

The Bankers Service Corporation announces a specialized service for the

development of trust relations through

Customer Cultivation
Mailing List Building
Educational Booklets

Newspaper Copy This department is under the supervision tion offers developmental facilities for of G. Prather Knapp, author of "Public Savings Departments, Commercial DepartRelations of the Trust Department" and ments, Safe Deposit Departments and Informer member of the Publicity Committee vestment Departments. Banks and Trust Trust Company Division, A. B. A.

Companies all over the United States and

Canada have been testing this CorporaIn addition to this new service for Trust tion's abilities for more than thirteen years, Departments, the Bankers Service Corpora and every customer is a reference.

The Bankers Service Corporation

19 & 21 Warren St., New York City Write for “Public Relations of the Trust Department.”

bank today occupies was formerly the Cus GAINS BY BANKERS TRUST COMPANY tom House building, and was completely re

OF NEW YORK modeled.

During the brief period from Varch 10th The National City' Bank has been fore to June 30th of the present year the aggremost in extending foreign banking facilities, gate resources of the Bankers Trust Comhaving more than 70 branches in 22 foreign pany of New York have increased from $328,countries. The National City Company, 165,000 to $391,882,000 and deposits . inwhich took over the bond department in 1916, creased from $273,0-19,000 to $314,353,000. has more than 50 offices in leading cities in These gains are among the largest recorded this and other countries. Today the capital by any bank or trust company in New York of the National City Bank is $40,000,000; City during this period. Among the resources surplus and undivided profits, $61,082,000 ; of the Bankers Trust Company are cash on deposits, $648,000,000, and total resources, hand and in banks, $50,477,000; exchanges, $821,000,000. Under the administration of $30,706,000; demand loans, $70,726,000; time C. E. Mitchell, who was elected president loans and bills discounted, $103,971,000; May 3, 1921, the bank and its affiliated or U. S. Government securities, $7:2,863,000; ganization has steadily increased its pres New York State and municipal bonds, $10,tige as America's leading banking organiza 913,000; other bonds, $28,086,000; accepttion.

ances, $7,176,000. The capital is $20,000,000;

surplus, $15,000,000, and undivided profits, Frank A. Hagarty, former mayor of Hart $9,083,000. ford, Conn., has been elected vice-president and general counsel of the City Bank & Trust Augustus S. Cobb has been elected a viceCompany, Hartford.

president of the Bankers Trust Company. W. I. Bailey has been elected governor of Mr. Cobb was born in Brookline, Mass., and the Kansas C y Federal Reserve Bank, to was graduated from Harvard in the class of succeed J. Z. Miller, Jr., resigned. Mr. Bailey 1907 and came to the Bankers Trust Comformerly was Governor of Kansas.

pany in 1919. George W. Carrington, of the The National Trust Company of Toronto, Fifty-seventh Street office of the Bankers Canada, has been appointed trustee under a Trust Company, was appointed assistant secbond issue of $500,000 for Mercury Mills, Ltd. retary.

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